Best Rv Mattress 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Rv Mattress 2021

Are you looking for the best RV mattress reviews? Then you come to the right place. In this post, we will share our list of the best mattresses for RV with you. We also provide you the information about the materials that RV was made and tips for buying the best bed for your vehicle.

If you’ve spent more than a night or two in a motorhome or trailer, you may have realized that RV mattresses are great options because they come to comfort and softness.

What’s the RV Mattress?

RVs generally include a mattress in the sleeping place. These mattresses are usually too firm, slim, and uncomfortable. To personalize the RV expertise and make it feel just like home, lots of RV owners decide to update their RV mattresses. This guarantees the mattress meets their unique requirements and tastes.

The design of every RV determines just how much space there is to get a mattress. Some have less room for a bedroom, but some contain bunks or pop-up spaces which need a more compact mattress. RV mattresses tend to be thinner or shorter than conventional mattresses to accommodate a more compact arrangement.

Traveling in an RV may change priorities. While shoppers may start looking for a high-profile, luxury mattress for their houses, an RV may demand a lower profile and more accessible construction. Not every kind of mattress will operate nicely in an RV. There are lots of aspects to remember, which we’ll cover in-depth later in this manual. These include mattress sizes, profile, weight, and general durability.

What Materials Will Be The Best RV Mattresses Made Of?

What Materials Will Be The Top-Rated RV Mattresses Made Of

Whatever size you will Wind up searching for, You’ll Probably select between the following choices:

Foam mattresses

These are the least expensive and easiest to change. I mean, often, when a mattress does not match, it is possible just to cut it using an electric knife to adapt to the measurements of the mattress frame.

But there is one significant disadvantage:

Most models are produced from oil, or so the airflow is inadequate. This usually means a cooling mattress topper is a must-have, and it costs money. In any case, inadequate airflow promotes mold growth, which contributes to allergies.

Now, RV Foam mattresses are somewhat different from other kinds of foam mattresses. Although having the same thermoregulation problem, they are stronger and resilient. Plus, they provide you that “sinking” feeling, which many users love and others despise.

Innerspring mattress

A tufted mattress includes a coil support foundation. The comfortable process is thinner than that of a bunk mattress and is frequently made out of the fiber, foam, or other cushioning. These mattresses usually have a very simple construction and reduced profile, which are valuable for RVs. The coils include warmth during the mattress.

Innerspring mattresses are frequently accessible. This traditiional mattress design is often cheap, so they’re attractive to value-minded shoppers who might not need to purchase a more expensive mattress.

Latex mattress

Concerning texture, these would be contrary to foam mattresses. Latex has a faster reaction time and is extremely bouncy. Thus, if you are not fond of the hugging memory foam texture, this is the choice. Some latex versions are 100% organic. Since latex generally has an open-cell arrangement that can help withdraw body warmth evenly, mattresses made from the substance sleep cooler.

The most critical downsides of latex beds for RVers are high cost and hefty weight.

Hybrid mattresses

These models combine various substances, e.g., memory, latex foam, and coils. This allows for more excellent performance in most respects, beginning from thermoregulation and pressure and pain relief. Thus, a hybrid will be a worthy option regarding the amount of relaxation on the street, particularly if you’re traveling a long distance. Remember, however, and it will also be more expensive.

Additionally, to provide you with the very best features of each substance used, hybrid mattresses are usually comprised of 4 layers (as well as 8!). This implies they are very thick and heavy.

Air mattresses

This choice will satisfy occasional travelers. Automobile air mattresses may be deflated if not being used so that they won’t occupy much room in your RV. They usually are firmer and not too comfy, so be ready for a sore back along with other minor inconveniences the morning after. But if you are an occasional baby, this may be a mattress of option for you. They are significantly less costly than other mattresses.

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Things To Search For An RV Mattress

Things To Search For In An RV Mattress

These points are the essential items to look for when buying an RV mattress. Mattress companies will occasionally use deceptive terminology or exaggerated advertising claims to market mattresses. This may be overwhelming and confusing for clients searching for an RV mattress. Focusing on this mattress’s fundamental particulars and the way it plays will help shoppers select a high-quality mattress that most suits their requirements and RV lifestyles.


Many shoppers will want to spend less on an RV mattress than they want a mattress to your house, particularly if they don’t intend to utilize the RV full-time. RV mattresses are offered in a broad range of price points, from funding choices to luxury options.

Placing a budget ahead will help shoppers narrow their choices, but remember that a high-quality mattress is an investment. Beds made out of quality materials will last longer and won’t have to be replaced as frequently.


The RV mattress should fit in the allotted space from the RV. For many, the RV has a bunk bed or pop-up trailer which demands a low-profile mattress. Taking dimensions of the mattress frame and distance ahead will allow shoppers to know what profile will match comfortably. Most RV mattresses include a six- or – eight-inch profile, although some spaces may accommodate a ten- or – twelve-inch mattress.


All RVs have a weight limitation that needs to be kept in mind while looking for a mattress. When driving an RV, a lighter is better. Where the mattress has been put should likewise be considered. For bunk beds and pop-up trailers, the mattress might want to be lifted overhead. Foam is frequently the most lightweight mattress choice. Hybrid and latex mattresses may be heavy.

RV mattresses are created for smaller distances, so their savings are somewhat different than a. Don’t be tricked by precisely the same title: for instance, an RV King is five inches shorter than a normal King.

The following size manual will prepare you for what to expect. Don’t forget to take sizes of your mattress’s planned space before browsing for you to ensure a decent fit.


28 x 75 Inches
30 x 75 Inches
30 x 80 Inches
34 x 75 Inches


38 x 75 Inches
38 x 80 Inches
40 x 80 Inches

Total :

53 x 75 Inches
55 x 75 Inches

48 x 75 Inches
48 x 80 Inches
Short Queen:

60 x 75 Inches


60 x 80 Inches
Olympic Queen:

66 x 80 Inches


72 x 75 Inches
72 x 80 Inches

Eastern King:

76 x 80 Inches

California King:

72 x 80 Inches
72 x 84 Inches


Just how well a mattress conforms to the body’s form decides how much strain aid it provides. For busy RV owners, a contouring mattress may alleviate aches and pains from trekking and other tasks. Also, it can decrease tension for people who were driving for extended intervals. Most RV mattresses are made with memory foam, which cushions the shoulders and buttocks to keep the spine aligned.


An RV is frequently a shared area for families who wish to stop sleep disturbances during the evening. For people prone to throwing and turning, a mattress that’s quiet when bearing weight is best. This lowers the odds of waking others that are sleeping. Latex and foam mattresses are generally silent, whereas mattresses with coils tend to make the sound when bearing weight.

Sleep Position

Sleep position impacts which mattress kind and stability will be perfect for you. Side sleepers frequently require ample cushioning due to their shoulders and buttocks, while side sleepers benefit from extra lumbar support. On the other hand, stomach sleepers need a firm surface that retains their buttocks and abdomens from thumping in. Blend sleepers should start looking for a mattress that enables ease of motion to change places as required.


An RV mattress will have to resist the elements. People who use their RVs for diversion and street trips will come across different climates, weather, and components. They might also utilize the mattress or year-round. This diverse usage implies the mattress ought to be durable and manufactured out of substances offering consistent comfort and encouragement.

Firmness Level

Most RV mattresses can be found in medium-soft to business levels. Personal tastes, sleeping posture and body weight will frequently dictate what hardness level to pick. Negative sleepers and people who weigh less than 130 pounds frequently decide on a gentle to medium soft mattress.

Side sleepers and individuals who weigh between 130 lbs and 230 pounds might prefer a moderate to medium-firm mattress. Stomach sleepers and people who weigh greater than 230 pounds frequently gain from a firm mattress.

Pressure Relief

After a day on the trekking paths or researching a new location, RV owners might anticipate a mattress that alleviates pressure points and reduces strain through the body. A mattress that cushions the buttocks, back, and shoulders may alleviate aches and pains. Memory foam and latex mattresses are equally known for their pressure-relieving properties.

Temperature Regulation

As an RV is frequently used for traveling, particularly in the summer months, the temperature law is a vital consideration. A mattress that regulates temperature prevents overheating and keeps hot sleepers comfy. Some mattresses include cooling graphite, gel, or phase-change substances. Breathable covers slough off moisture and heat for extra relaxation.

Last Items to Consider Using an RV Mattress

There are loads of elements to consider when searching for an RV mattress. Everybody has unique requirements and tastes. Furthermore, RVs vary in usage and configuration. Keep these considerations in mind when searching for a new RV mattress.


Consider how long will be invested from the RV since this can determine how significant this mattress’s sturdiness will probably be. How frequently a mattress is utilized impacts its lifespan. People using this RV as the primary residence and people who travel inside most of the year may wish to purchase a lasting mattress. A lasting mattress will have the ability to defy the elements, particularly in an RV that isn’t weather-tight.

Quantity of Sleep Surfaces

How many mattresses that the RV needs ought to be taken under consideration. Some RVs have one sleeping place, but some have bunks or numerous beds. Solo travelers and people who share a mattress could have the ability to purchase a more expensive mattress. Those replacing numerous mattresses within an RV may want to budget so, particularly when purchasing all of them at one time.

Mattress Toppers

Many RVs include a mattress in place. A mattress topper is well worth considering to get pull-out beds and mattresses that cannot be eliminated or readily put.

A mattress topper is a reasonable way to personalize the present mattress. It functions as another relaxation layer that affects the stability and texture of the mattress. These are usually made from latex, foam down, or wool. Remember, a cigar will add elevation to the mattress profile.

Comfort Preferences

While this RV sleeping place’s setup will find out the mattress dimensions and profile desired, relaxation tastes should also be considered when buying a mattress.

Every individual is unique and will have different requirements and tastes. Sleep posture and body kind frequently affect which stability and mattress kind will be beneficial. Hot sleepers will require breathable substances that prevent overheating. People who have allergies will want to search for a mattress that resists dust mites and other allergens.

Top Rated 8 Best Mattress For RV Brands

Top Rated 8 Best Mattress For RV Brands

Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 10 Inch Mattress

Zinus is a top-rated RV mattress. It’s by a new that thinks in creating stability. Because of this, they are seriously interested in engineering and fabricating fluffy beds fitted nicely into boxes. Also, they strive hard in creating bed frames and couches, which are simple to build and will provide comfort to you and your nearest and dearest so they can easily fall asleep.

The queen short memory foam mattresses to get RV is a fantastic option if you’re searching for one which is adapting to the entire body to provide it with comfort and support, providing you with a great night’s sleep.

Additionally, I enjoyed the mattress comprised of three layers, such as memory foam, comfortable foam, and foundation service foam. All of these come together for this cushiony and cozy bed to sleep in. This mattress can offer you that fantastic sleep after a tiring day of biking, hiking, or camping.

I have to say it’s an essential addition to anyone’s RV, not forgetting its high-quality CertiPur foam. This foam is certified high quality in the USA because of its content, durability, and functionality. These things create the Zinus Ultima, a top pick for many RV owners who wish to get more from their paying on a new or replacement mattress.

Additionally, I discovered the Ultima is revolutionary. It is made from the most current in engineering in memory foams. This version is constructed from Bio-Foam replaces other standard petroleum with plant oil, keeping the mattress fresh.

This version includes a 10-inch memory foam that could provide relaxation since it’s adapting to your body contour. Its foundation coating is constructed from high-density foam, which makes this version more secure and durable. At length, that the Zinus Ultima includes a 10-year limited guarantee.

Therefore, if you’re searching for a queen short mattress for your recreational vehicle, camper, or travel trailer, then you shouldn’t miss this mattress. It’s a top-rated, high-performance mattress to rely on for ages.


  • Three layers of mattresses are comprised.
  • Produced with Bio-Foam using organic plant oil
  • Licensed lasting because of its CertiPur foam
  • Best functionality to last for a Long Time.
  • Conforming and encouraging the body to get an Excellent sleep


  • Less breathable than a routine mattress is.

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Serenia Sleep – Outstanding General RV Mattress

The Serenia Sleep mattress features well in most of the essential elements of a fantastic RV mattress. It’s a high 2-inch layer of open-cell memory foam that absorbs the strain of your stress points. The upper layer is of moderate firmness (2.5-pound density), and this also lies above a 6-inch coating of high-density service foam. The cover and foams are sterile, meaning they protect from allergens like dust mites.

The cover was created utilizing a 4-way stretch knit fabric that lies easily over the mattress field. The open-cell memory foam makes it possible to sleep without becoming too hot during the evening. This is near some lavish regular bed as you get with a kayak mattress. This is the ideal option if you would like to travel. Its brief sizes are best for campervans and other sorts of RV.


  • Memory Foam top layer supports your shoulders and buttocks, along with your pelvic region should you sleep on your back. It’s acceptable for all sorts of sleepers.
  • They are offered in brief sizes for RVs.
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.
  • CertiPUR-US accredited.
  • Made in the United States
  • Limited manufacturer’s guarantee against workmanship and material defects.


  • The cover cannot be removed: you have to obtain a mattress cover if you would like to protect it using a removable cover that can be cleaned.
  • Warrant details can be found only on request by the vendor.
  • Otherwise, none clear.

DynastyMattress 12-Inch GEL Foam Mattress

The Dynasty RV mattress is just another high-rated mattress selected by camper owners seeking to have a genuinely comfortable and straightforward to build mattress aboard their car or truck. I’d love to urge this gel foam due to the comfort and service by which it could provide users.

For one, it’s a 3-inch gel foam, which can be so soft and comfy for your own body. The gel part of the mattress also provides cool temperatures to your own body due to its Sleep Cool Technology.

The Cool-Breeze is among my preferred RV mattresses since its memory foam is currently carrying the relaxation provided by memory foam to a different degree. It’s unlike the initial mattresses in precisely the same category since it’s adapting to the entire body, providing it the support it needs after a tiring day.

This version is produced from a durable and advanced four-layer construction that provides additional comfort and service. I also want to note this mattress provides improved airflow, which can be marginally where other manufacturers neglect it.

Another noteworthy thing is that it is created using 5″ high-density foam onto its foundation, making it more durable for harsh RV conditions. Therefore, if you’re searching for an RV mattress that could maintain recreational vehicle requirements and regular usage, you shouldn’t think twice but take a peek at the 12-Inch GEL Foam.

The mattress is made from a dual two-inch cool airflow foam which makes it reliable for this excellent comfort we are searching for. Additionally, you may like it comes using a 30-yr limited guarantee.

It’s made with three layers of construction, making it more durable than many other brands and models in the marketplace. Additionally, I liked that it’s a white cover and brown suede on its corners. The cover can be washable so that mattress is essentially simple to keep. Additionally, it has a fire barrier and a zipper. Finally, I love the maker is considerate enough to add free two parts of memory foam mattresses that we will not have the ability to detect in different mattresses on the market.


  • Designed with all the Sleep Cool Technology
  • Much better with four-layer construction than other versions do
  • Can provide pressure relief and Improved airflow
  • Offers only the Correct kind of stability
  • Durable and Higher performance construction


  • The odor is unpleasant.

LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam

It includes two layers: a high 2.5″ layer of gel-infused memory foam plus a support base coating of 7.5″ of high-density polyfoam. The outcome is a medium-firm mattress, among the very best camper mattresses we’ve reviewed.

The memory foam isn’t just infused with heat-absorbing gel particles but can also be ventilated for optimum airflow. The result is a very reassuring yet supportive mattress that keeps you cool throughout the evening. The memory foam layer possibly only 2.5 inches thick, but it’s sufficient to alleviate the strain in the shoulders, hips, pelvis, and other stress points (elbows, knees, etc.). It’s been designed especially for cyclists and RVs to provide maximum comfort, whether in the home or your RV from home.


  • Gel-infused ventilated memory foam absorbs your body heat and provides a fantastic stream of air to keep you cool throughout the evening.
  • The mattress arrangement helps it be last and preserve its properties without even departing long-lasting indentations or body opinions.
  • Designed mainly as a camper or RV mattress.
  • Fitted with a soft cover of 10 percent Tinsel lyocell and 90% polyester. This is a pure cellulose fiber made from tree bark.
  • CertiPUR-US licensed to be free of toxic substances and substances harmful to the environment. It includes no latex, CFCs, ozone depleters, phthalates, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or VOCs.
  • Hypoallergenic and secure for the ones that suffer from common allergens like dust mites.
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturing flaws.


  • Some regard it as being an overly business for them.
  • Otherwise, we’ve found no downsides.

Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea

The very greatest RV mattress queen short ought to have the features that may make it a fantastic investment for RV owners seeking to have the most of their paying.

Among the highest selections which I want to notice is your Zinus memory foam, which can be revolutionary and feature-packed to comprise green tea onto its mattress. It merely suggests that people sleeping it may feel and feel stress-relief.

This sleeping master foam is just one of these convenient for RV owners looking for a queen short mattress that may offer them adapting comfort, providing help to your system to get restful sleep.

I also enjoyed the memory foam mattress because it may also conform or adapt to the form of its human body, translating to some cozy sleep for many users.

The 6-inch also supplies a long-lasting firmness and durability for all those years of support. This version can be backed by a 10-year limited guarantee, offering reassurance to RV owners.

Therefore, if you’re trying to find the best memory foam mattress for a recreational vehicle, you shouldn’t overlook this one. It’s also made infused with green tea extract also Castor organic seed oil, which could naturally remove odor and germs.

This product is constructed from CertiPur foam, famous for its durability, functionality durability, and material. I

This advanced foam that’s a top-of-the-line product and can be among the things that individuals are investing in the fresh foam is searching to guarantee the standard of the memory foam mattress they’re purchasing.


  • Produced with CertiPur foam
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Engineered and designed with advanced and heavy-duty materials
  • Body conforming and supportive memory foam mattress


  • Pricey

Live & Sleep Resort Classic Memory Foam Mattress

This memory foam mattress is a 10-inch bed in a box, and it will be just another top pick for those trying to find a fantastic mattress besides quality queen short mattress sheets.

This brief queen mattress is excellent for the recreational vehicle, motorhome, trailer, camper, and truck. It’s a versatile option that satisfies individuals who love outdoor experiences aboard their automobiles.

The 10-inch mattress is also a top selection for its cooling invention. The design can also be made from premium quality, plush, and cushioned elements.

It’s also among the very best in terms of assisting in relaxing and cool your entire body. It is possible to count on it for lowering your anxiety with a profound sleep after a difficult day ahead.

The queen short mattress includes a durable and moderate firm center, which may help alleviate pressure points, providing you with relaxed sleep. With this product, you can stop pitching and turning at night.

Additionally, it’s a 2.5-inch infused foam on a high-density support base for added durability. This memory foam mattress is excellent for motorhomes, trucks, and recreational vehicles.

This version also has a knit cover, which can be made from a fabric textile that may work and fit any bedroom and frame collection. The exceptional cloth also allows the air to flow freely in and about it.


  • CertiPur foam for quality and durability
  • Cooling innovations – such as breathable components
  • Includes a duvet cover and Unique cloths permitting air to flow freely
  • It gives a mild shape, which cradles and supports the human entire body.


  • It might be too firm for some Clients.

Dreamfoam Bedding Doze 11″ Plush Pillow Top Mattress

Besides comparing the RV mattress sizes graph to work out what best mattress is suitable for your automobile, you also need to check in the quality you would be paying for, so consider excellent brands such as the Dreamfoam. It’s among the most reliable brands around designing and manufacturing excellent mattresses, which homeowners and RV owners may rely on to continue for ages.

Among the best offerings so much is that the Dreamfoam Bedding Doze 11″ Plush Pillow Top Mattress. The produced the united states’ product is a brief queen-size high mattress produced out of heavy-duty and durable substances that could provide you peace of mind concerning years of usage.

Additionally, I enjoyed the mattress constructed with three degrees of depth, offering varying relaxation to reassure. It merely suggests it may provide that good night of sleep for your nearest and dearest, who will feel like they are sleeping in their bed.

The stability is just right, not too soft. With it, you can anticipate a cozy sleep every moment. Additionally, I discovered its foam construction that’s zoned. So, where the body needs support, the zoned construction could do the job.

The mattress can be backed with a 10-year warranty, making it one of RV owners’ most excellent options that need peace of mind that they can get help when they want it.

All in all, the Dreamfoam is a superb choice if you’re on the lookout for joint features, such as a fantastic layout and durable construction. Indeed, this product deserves another look.


  • Relieves pressure points and provides relaxation
  • Perfect for campers, cottages, campsites, and recreational vehicles
  • Made with zoned foam to provide support where Required
  • Made from heavy-duty foam and substances
  • Engineered to provide a different comfort level


  • Unpleasant odor

Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Memory Foam

Aside from assessing the RV king mattress toppers available on the internet, you may also need to have a look at a king-size RV mattress that could accommodate your entire loved ones to get its enormous size. It’s another leading seller in its class because of its lasting construction.

Among the things that I enjoyed about the Serenia Sleep 8-Inch Foam RV Mattress is its enormous dimensions, 72 inches x 80 inches. While being more significant than other versions, it fits most RV models. This product can also be perfect for cottages, campers, trucks and yachts, and buses.

The memory foam mattress is temperature-sensitive in open cell construction. It merely suggests it can disperse weight while at precisely the same time providing you an excellent sleeping encounter compared to some other closed-cell foam in the marketplace can.

Additionally, I enjoyed the memory foam mattress provides a medium-firm feel and a service under. Another thing I want to notice about the product is that it may adapt to our entire body profile, such as on our shoulders and buttocks. This said, we might have peace of mind which may provide us with a company and sleeping surface. Also, it includes a supportive foundation layer which makes it more lasting.

I would also like to advocate the Serenia Sleep since it enables us to travel in comfort and cause us to feel like we are home. It provides us with all the comfort, durability, and lightness. More so, I detect the best memory foam mattress is available in sizes which you could pick from, for example, Short Queen or Full. It provides us the flexibility to choose the ideal size to fit your requirements.

You might also have peace of mind. It is possible to sleep cooler with this mattress as it enables our bodies to dissipate heat more evenly to stop perspiration, particularly people who don’t go a lot.

Another thing I discovered is it includes a stretch-knit cover which provides that European design end. It matches regardless of the decoration of the motor vehicle is. The mattress can be well made for its 2-inch layer of a 2.5-pound density of memory foam on a 6-inch coating company base foam, including support and durability for your mattress.


  • Has a medium-firm feel for relaxation
  • Environmental-friendly innovative foam
  • Stretch-knit, Higher Excellent cover
  • It gives a cooler sleeping encounter.
  • Temperature-sensitive memory


  • Unpleasant odor

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress

There is not any particular about The Very Best Cost Mattress Memory Foam Mattress. Frankly, it is about as run-of-the-mill as an RV mattress could get. Now, you’re probably wondering, whether it is so run of the mill, why it’d make this record then?

Well, it is effortless: it is a deal. I understand that this particular product review department has been exceptionally cruel to you deal buyers for you deal buyers. After all, most mattresses on this listing are relatively costly and outside of the purchase price range for folks just like you and me.

But this one is right up our wheelhouse and provides that the individual sleeping on it using a reasonably wonderful place to have a nice long rest. And although it’s an entirely run-of-a-mill product, it will have many features that the other mattress have on this listing.

As an example, the memory foam does isolate the movement transfer between spouses. To put it differently, if your spouse gets up, the mattress will be particular that you don’t feel it on your side of their mattress.

As stated earlier, this attribute is essential for me since I am a light sleeper, and also, to have it contained at this low cost is a godsend. This mattress also includes a 5-year guarantee if it has been ruined or damaged for whatever motive.

With my proclivity for inducing catastrophic scenarios, I could see how this guarantees to come in handy. Overall, Best Price Mattress did a fantastic job cultivating a strong. Yet, the unspectacular mattress I have to consider purchasing since it doesn’t do its job without producing any crap or complications.

Best Short Queen RV Mattress: Signature Sleep

The Signature Sleep comes in four Depth profiles along with Many Different sizes, providing Choices for RV owners That Desire them.

While maybe not the most inexpensive RV mattress available from, Signature Sleep provides among the very popular and highly-rated RV mattresses online retailer’s website. That can be due in part to the absolute choice of dimensions and profiles that the mattress is provided in, that range from Twin to King dimensions and 6″ to 12″ profiles of both charcoal-gel or memory foam.

Whatever the profile depth, memory foam and high-density foam are all united for improved comfort and durability in most versions. The mattress includes a soft cloth cover and weighs between 40 and 79 lbs, based upon the dimensions and profile you pick.


RV Mattresses FAQs

Are RV Mattresses Any Different from Regular Mattresses?

This might be a question you’re asking yourself as you search through the thousands of mattress possibilities available to purchase. Though some assert that RV owners have the luxury of choosing between conventional mattresses and specialization RV mattresses, an RV sleeping area that will fit a regular mattress is a rarity.

RV sleeping places are usually more compact than beds and sit somewhat low. The typical RV mattress measures approximately 5″ to 9″ thick, though some RV mattresses step around 10″ or 11″ thick.

Beyond dimensions, RV mattresses and conventional mattresses vary in several ways. RV mattresses are significantly lighter than their regular counterparts. This is a vital consideration in case your gross trailer weight is relatively low, for instance. Many RV mattress frames also quantify differently compared to standard mattresses.

A twin or queen-size RV mattress, as an instance, may measure a couple of inches shorter and thinner than a conventional queen or double mattress. Generally, RV mattresses are somewhat thinner, more elastic, and more lightweight than conventional household mattresses.

What depth should I select for the RV mattress?

It depends on your physique, tastes, and RV (some can not accommodate thicker mattresses). As an example, a conventional 8-inch mattress may not be inviting enough to get heavier sleepers. Perhaps it doesn’t work for petite people either (as such models generally do not utilize thick-enough relaxation layers).

Ordinarily, 10- or 12-inch RV mattresses may provide a fantastic mix of support and support, so they’re among the most well-known ones.

What’s the ideal RV mattress kind?

Most consumers select memory foam RV mattresses since they could mold to someone’s body and usually help rapid relaxation and stress relief. But if you want bouncier assistance, you can consider a hybrid RV mattress. Latex versions are rather elastic, too but provide far better stress relief compared to innerspring beds.

How do I create my RV mattress more comfortable?

You can add a topper or even a pad to adjust the texture of your RV mattress. But, generally, that is a temporary solution. In case your RV mattress is older and can not support your body correctly (or feels lumpy), it may be advisable to purchase a brand new one.


There are many things you should consider before buying an RV mattress. You have to know why there are special mattresses for RV beds because of the size and fit difference. Also, consider things like brand, weight, and size material before buying and taking necessary steps like researching and testing the product before buying.

We hope this list of the finest RV mattress available in 2021 and our buying guide will help your search.

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