Best Pressure Assist Toilet 2020: Top Brands Review

Best Pressure Assist Toilet

Many people have few expectations when it has to do with a toilet. But fighting with solid waste, which simply will not go down the drain, can be hugely frustrating, and it is much more prevalent than we want it had been using conventional gravity models.

One method of solving the problem is by simply installing the best pressure assist toilet. The expression refers to components that appear like the normal gravity-flush ones using a bowl and a water tank but operate otherwise under the hood or, instead, within the tank.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Pressure Assist Toilet

Flush Evaluation

So just how challenging and quickly would you like to have that shit (sorry to be blunt) flushed down the drain? Immediate right? Yes, anything horrible has to be coped with pronto, and that is why you want to pay attention to wash evaluations.

Every pressure assist toilet has a flush evaluation that indicates how quickly it works. But because flush evaluation is contingent upon the flushing technologies, you have to pay a great deal of focus on the latter. A number of the very best flushing technology to consider are siphon jet and electricity flush.

The ideal pressure assist toilet is going to have a flush evaluation of between 1.1 and 1.3. Some do move around 1.6 gpf, which falls within the ADA water-saving requirements.


There are just a few items that improve the experience you receive from a toilet kit. Just take the soft-closing direct as an example. It closes behind you gradually to get around the bang, giving children and older people a heart attack. The occurrence of a dual flush mechanism additionally can help you to conserve water.

Some toilets come as one unit. To a point, it gets the purchasing going in case you need to keep surfing in search of a bowl or tank. But when a kit comes as a complete collection, the hassle becomes. In addition to that, it is worth it to consider a scratch-proof and stain-proof vitreous bowl. In this manner, the toilet stays pristine as soon as you flush it.


So many toilet brands are still catching on with the concept of pressure-assist toilets. So it is very much possible to state that a few are still in their original units. Therefore, first-timer manufacturers are still learning how to repair their errors, and it wouldn’t be right to invest in an experimental product.

Noise level

While stress string toilets get the work done efficiently, they do rant a lot from the process. That sound is that the small price you’ll cover a strong performance. Thus, it will be a struggle to have a model that’s as silent as the typical gravity-feed toilets.

Yet, some versions are somewhat quieter than others. Firms like Kohler and American Standard are forward in designing relatively silent components. However, as technology advances, we ought to be watching less noisy versions roll out.


It may be frustrating to observe around $500 go down the drain. Understanding that high-pressure toilets are still a newcomer technology for several businesses, it pays to consider people who have a very long warranty duration. In addition to that, the coverages in the record must refer to you. In this manner, you will not need to be concerned if something breaks or goes wrong.

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Top Rated Best Pressure Assist Toilet Reviews

Kohler K-3493-96 Highline Classic Pressure Toilet

The loud functionality of high-pressure toilets will be a hassle for many people. But at precisely the same time, they can not stomach the wishy-washy functionality of conventional gravity flow toilets. Should you belong to the group, the ideal alternative for you is Kohler K-3493-96 Highline Classic Stress Elongated Toilet.

Being a lite version, this toilet functions less exceptional than full-blast high-pressure models. But it will surpass the operation of conventional toilets. What does this mean? This means you eventually receive a high-pressure toilet that provides you improved performance with no loud “Kapow Roosh” sound.

There’s a regulator within the tank that helps it to operate in a pressure of 30 psi-not more. By flushing in 1.4 if, Kohler K-3493-96 Highline Classic Stress Elongated Toilet helps keep the monthly water bills reduced. It boasts of an ultra-shiny Vitreous ceramic that’s stain proof and simple to wash. Having a normal rough-in of 12,” this kit may match in almost any toilet.

Top features

  • Comfort height elongated toilet
  • 12’’rough-in
  • Flush rate: 1.4 gpf
  • Pressure requirements: 20-30 psi
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • One year limited warranty


  • It comes complete with two pieces
  • High-quality ceramics that remain clean throughout the years
  • Comfortable height for easy on and off
  • Conserves up to 2000 gallons per year
  • A very economical model


  • The less powerful flush means it’s not meant for commercial places

American Standard 2462.016.020 Cadet Elongated Toilet

On the lookout for an economical yet powerful American benchmark pressure assist toilet? In that case, then test American Standard 2462.016.020 Elongated 2-piece Toilets. This is a Vitreous-made toilet with an elongated bowl, which makes for a cozy bathroom session.

The outside ceramics boast of branded EverClean technology that smoothens the bowl for simple cleaning. The slick surface also does not allow waste to adhere to the surface. If you have got children or your home is always full, you have to consider Everclean toilets. However much splashing occurs, all slides down the drain.

As a result of this powerful siphon jet flushing, one flush is sufficient to push waste down the drain. In a flush evaluation of 1.6 gpf, this unit goes easy on the water too. There are just two shortcomings which you need to bear. Primarily, you are going to need to purchase the chair individually. Second, it does not sport noise-canceling features, and so you want to gut the flushing buzz.

Top features

  • Everclean surface
  • Elongated bowl
  • Siphon jet flush
  • 12’’ rough-in
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Flush rate: 1.6 gpf
  • One year limited warranty


  • Comes complete with tank and bowl
  • Everclean exterior that is shiny, easy to clean, and bacteria proof
  • Powerful siphon jet flushing to flush anything
  • Almost as affordable as standard models albeit being of advanced performance
  • WaterSense certified for water conservation
  • Comfort height and an elongated bowl for a hassle-free experience


  • You need to purchase the seat separately
  • A bit noisy flush

Toto MS920CEMFG#01 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet

You have got a smartphone, smart TV, smart speakers, along with other smart gadgets. Guess what, you may have a wise toilet too! Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet Toilet mechanically opens the lid once you get shut and closes it. Pretty neat, don’t you believe?

If you sit your buttocks on it, don’t hesitate to reach the five temperature setting to adjust how hot or cold the chair is before unloading your intestines. In the middle of your company, the deodorizer auto activates to suffocate the disagreeable odor.

Do you intend to wrap up your small business? Take good care of this remote and begin the cleaning process. You will find five cleaning choices to select from; gentle back cleansing, leading cleansing, back cleansing, pulsating cleansing, and oscillating cleansing. Next, you will have to correct the temperature and pressure of the spray. Should you desire to, you can save any settings for another semester.

When you remove the chair, there’s no need to pull on the flushing handle. Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet Toilet’s automobile flushing Double Max flush do this for you. It assesses your waste and layout what flush choice would be perfect.

As a result of the 3D Tornado flush, all of the proof of your time at the toilet gets whipped to oblivion. Following that, the self-cleaning wand impacts your preferences by leaping into the cleanup action. The drier eventually takes over to wash any moisture after washing. How cool is that?

Top features

  • Dual flush design
  • 3D Tornado flush
  • Washlet bidet seat
  • Adjustable pressure and temperature
  • CEFIOTECT glazing
  • Heated seat
  • Warm air dryer
  • Universal height
  • Air deodorizer
  • Auto open and close seat
  • ADA Compliant
  • WaterSense certified


  • Exceptionally comfy with heated seat
  • Universal height to meet the needs of kids, adults, and disabled members
  • Extremely fast and effective
  • Certified by both ADA and CAL Green
  • A convenient dual flush mechanism
  • Prestigious design made for those with a sophisticated taste
  • Lasts many decades


  • The price is high indeed, but all its many high-end features justify it

American Standard Yorkville El Pa 1.6Gpf Toilet

So, your pocket restricts you from spending far over $500? No problem. A Trusted supply to choose would-be American Standard Yorkville El Pa. Like its nearest sisters, this toilet comes outfitted with a powerful siphon jet flushing program to get clog-free functionality.

On the exterior, it boasts of Vitreous China using Everclean surface, which self-cleanses with every flush. This type of layout reduces the development of germs, which further contributes to nasty odors. Within the bowl, it’s a two-inch fully-glazed trapway to stop waste from sticking onto it.

American Standard Yorkville El Pa includes four attachment points rather than 2. This makes it somewhat challenging to set up for a lot of men and women. But that is not a deal-breaker if you’re going to use a specialist.

Top features

  • Elongated bowl
  • Flush rate: 1.6 gpf
  • Fully-glazed trapway
  • Siphon jet action
  • Pressure requirements: 25-80 psi
  • Everclean surface


  • Boasts of a powerful flush mechanism that leaves the bowl sparkling
  • Commercial-grade performance
  • Secured with a one year warranty
  • An Everclean exterior that is not only easy to clean but bacteria proof as well
  • An affordable high-pressure toilet


  • Seat cover not include

TOTO Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

If you’re somebody who can buy a product that’s been highly recommended not by you, not by 2, but by countless people, then you will love TOTO CST744SL Toilet. Produced of durable Vitreous China (like most toilets in many houses), you can trust this unit to endure for a long time with minimal fixes.

This toilet takes dimensions that match all family members, from children, the older to the disabled. You won’t require extra adaptation or anything. Its high-profile layout not only makes for simple cleanup but improves the appearance of your toilet too. In addition to this, the lid shuts softly to prevent spooking users since they exit.

TOTO CST744SL’s impeccable performance springs out of its ownership of TOTO’s proprietary Gmax flushing system plus a 3-inch broad flush valve. Usually, standard units possess a 2-inch available valve. The excess wideness, together with the highly effective flushing system that leaves the bowl glowing. This occurs at a flush speed of 1.6 gpf.

The Gmax flushing technologies are quick, effective, and, most importantly, silent. This is only one of the reasons most men and women pick it. It pops up in five exciting colors that fit distinct toilet decors.

Top features

  • G-max flushing system
  • 12’’ rough-in
  • Elongated bowl
  • Flush rate/water usage: 1.6 gpf
  • Material: vitreous china
  • 3-inch flushing valves
  • Universal height
  • Unglazed trapway
  • ADA compliant


  • Powerful yet fairly quiet
  • You get a limited one year warranty
  • Water-conserving ADA compliant kit
  • A versatile unit that works in homes and commercial places
  • Durable vitreous material
  • Assorted color variations to suit many bathroom decors


  • It doesn’t come with a seat

Niagara Stealth 0.8 GPF Toilet

Does owning high-end pressure toilets as Toto MS920CEMFG#01 Washlet Toilet seems just like a pipe dream for you? Can you consider spending more than $500 on a toilet foolish? All right, we get you everywhere, and that is the reason why we believe Niagara 77001 WHCO1 0.8 GPF Elongated Toilet could be apt for you.

You see, this toilet costs much less costly than mid-budget common varieties, yet it’s pressure-assisted. What this signifies is you eventually spend on a toilet that sets up mad performance. Even though it utilizes gravity flow, the flush speed is vital due to the extra pressure from the water lines.

What is better, Niagara 77001 WHCO1 0.8 GPF Elongated Toilet flushes softly at a flush speed of 0.8 gpf. It is a remarkably unique design that tries to go easy on your pocket. The bowl is made of Vitreous China, the same as different toilets, so it is not just shiny but straightforward to wash.

Top features

  • Complete with bowl and tank
  • Gallons per flush: 0.8
  • Elongated bowl
  • Gravity flush
  • ADA compliant
  • EPA Watersense certified
  • Material: White Vitreous China
  • 12’’ rough-in


  • An extremely quiet pressure powered toilet
  • Economizes on water
  • Meets ADA safety requirements
  • A cheaper high-pressure toilet
  • It flushes effectively, and it’s easy to clean


  • No seat included

Mansfield Plumbing 146.123.WHT Quantum Round Toilet

Much like Niagara, Zurn also is among the less known brands producing pressure-enabled toilets. When many folks don’t expect new kids on the block, these brands prove to be precisely what the customers desired. Like the version over, Zurn Z5572 Dual Flush Elongated 2-Piece Toilet is cheap yet stunningly powerful.

While assessing the product, many clients stated that they have had the device for at least a year and have not experienced bad times. This is reassuring for people that are searching for affordable pressure-assisted toilets.

Zurn Z5572 Dual Flush Elongated 2-Piece Toilet includes a glistening Vitreous China exterior that’s guaranteed to light up your toilet. The apparel pops up as a comprehensive unit, and therefore you don’t keep searching for one more accessory. The tank lever can be dragged back to start a 1.6 flush or upward to get a 1.0 flush. Please do not be concerned about remembering this because it is written on the deal.

Top features

  • Elongated design
  • Complete with the bowl and tank
  • Dual flush mechanism
  • Vitreous China exterior
  • EcoFlush flushing technology
  • Rough-in: 12 inch


  • It’s a high-efficiency toilet that conserves water.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Comfortable elongated design
  • Powerful, EcoFlush flushing technology
  • Beautiful and reflective Vitreous China that cleans easily


  • Toilet seat is not included.

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Q. What’s a pressure-assist toilet?

A. Stress assists toilets to look precisely like gravity-flow varieties. The difference can be found in the tank layout. A pressure-powered toilet features a distinctive tank inside the water tank built to exploit pressure from the water source for forceful flushing actions. This type of toilet flushes at a speed of between 1.1 gpf (gallons per flush) and 1.3 of. In the long run, you are going to be saving over 4000 gallons of water.

Q. Are pressure-assist toilets dangerous?

A. The solution is yes and no. Yes, they could burst if poorly installed without consideration of the tolerances and plumbing conditions. In terms of those “no”, pressure-assisted toilets won’t be a threat to anybody if appropriately installed and permitted to operate inside the necessary stress levels.

Q. Who makes the most reliable pressure-assist toilet?

A. There are various players in the sport, but Kohler and American Standard stand at the top. Both of these businesses have something in common; they’re the very best producers of airflow toilets. Their achievement with stress toilets stems out of their commitment to giving the ideal bathroom fittings. Other players at the marketplace take a peek at our TOTO, Niagara, and Zurn.

Q. Just how much can pressure-assisted toilets cost?

A. Expect to spend around $700 on a decent pressure-assist toilet. This is somewhat more than an estimate of about $120 to $300 for gravity flow toilets. But high-pressure toilets are a cost-effective buy in the very long term.

Q. Which is better between pressure assist toilet and gravity flow toilet?

A. No matter how complicated a gravity-flow toilet may be, it cannot outshine a pressure-assist version. Having a highly effective flushing system, pressure-assisted toilets guarantee clog-free operation for quite a while. Additionally, in regards to water conservation, the latter shines.

Due to their unquestionable functionality, pressure-powered toilets are initially costly. However, along the way, you will find these to be quite a cost-effective approach.

Q. What exactly does a pressure-assist toilet fix?

A. A power flush toilet will take care of the problem of flushing several times until your solid waste is eventually gone. The odds of clogging is decreased when utilizing pressure assist, also.

Q. Which toilet is best? canister, flush valve, gravity-fed, or pressure-assist?

A. Updating

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A power flush toilet is a cleaner and more responsible approach to dealing with individual waste than old-fashioned conveyor systems. The pressure-assist technologies make it simpler to eliminate solid waste in one flush, with less water than you’d with a conventional toilet.

If the prospect of conserving the world’s resources and your cash appeals to you, go right ahead and get one with the ideal size, sound level, and layout for you.

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