Best Pillow Top Mattress 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Pillow Top Mattress 2021

The pillow top(PT) mattress is not much different from the regular mattresses. The vast majority of them are firm and an innerspring or coil mattress.

The extra layer of padding sewn at the top is what sets these mattresses separate. The top of the pillow is usually at least two inches thick for comfort. In the past, consumers complained about pillow tops being moved, but nowadays, they are stitched up better.

If you love to sleep on a super luxurious, soft bed and everything is comfortable, maybe you should try using a PT mattress.

In this article, we have rounded the best pillow top mattress reviews and share information about how to pick a pillow top mattress to help you shop better.

What’s Exactly Pillow-Top Mattress?

Pillow top is a specially made mattress having a super-plush shirt stitched on the mattress top. It is a perfect investment for those who prefer company innerspring or hybrid vehicle beds and desire a contemporary, plush feeling.

The cushioning makes the mattress lighter and provides some contouring and adapting to curves. It’s an ideal equilibrium of lavish and contouring from the bounciness.

The innerspring mattress generally feels too firm for many individuals, but they do not wish to put money into a mattress topper. In this manner, the pillow top feels much more natural and combines using the whole mattress simpler.


Pillow Top vs Euro Top

There are two different types of “high” mattresses. The Euro top seems more sophisticated and generally is made with more superior and luxury materials.

On the flip side, the conventional PT mattress resembles a giant pillow that has been thrown and stitched on its surface. The pillow top seems cushier, while the Euro-top boasts finer textures that are often compact.

But both kinds are different surfaces of the same coin, and both are considered pillow-top mattresses onto a wider spectrum.

Types Of Pillow Top Mattress

Now that we have gone over the way pillow tops are created, let us look at pillow-top mattresses on the marketplace. They differ concerning stability, bounce, and encourage and extend a range of alternatives for just about any sleeper.

Memory and Poly Foam

Memory and polyfoam are just two of the most widely used mattress substances. Many mattress companies use a blend of memory and polyfoam to make a plush and inviting feel. A pillow top on memory or polyfoam mattress may add an extra layer of calming pressure relief and relaxation. This mixture of substances may feel soft to sleepers who want firmer and much more buoyant support.

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Latex is famous for its slightly resilient, inviting texture and natural cooling properties. Latex is a natural substance that usually costs over foam but might be more lasting, too. A pillow or Euro shirt on a latex mattress may provide long-lasting core support using a luxurious surface texture. The springiness of latex makes it a much more appropriate selection for sleepers who do not mind a little bit of motion transfer.


Innerspring mattresses include an inner network of metal coils or independently pocketed steel coils. The coils provide bouncy support, while foam comfort layers include plush strain relief. Support around the mattress borders is usually stronger and durable in innerspring mattresses than those made entirely of polyurethane.

A PT in an innerspring mattress usually feels tender and luxurious but using elastic supportiveness due to its inner spiral arrangement. To find out more, check out my top picks for the best innerspring mattress.


Bed-in-a-box mattresses are closely compressed and wrapped from the factory and sent in a box or bag straight to the purchaser. These mattresses are usually manufactured from all-foam materials like memory foam and latex but might also include steel coils.

Pillow tops are getting more prevalent in bed-in-a-box versions as the prevalence of direct-to-consumer bedding revenue pitches and new competitors enter the marketplace. A bed-in-a-box PT mattress may be a fantastic alternative for the sleeper that appreciates the convenience, free returns, a generous trial period, along with lower cost.

When searching for PT alternatives, do not neglect to maintain the cover in your mind, too. Some people would rather have a PT with a quilted cover, whereas others would search for a hypoallergenic organic mattress or one made from pure substances. Cover materials might be less significant to individuals who intend to use a mattress pad or other type of bedding coating over the cushion top.

Who Should Select a Pillow Top Mattress?

PT mattresses are excellent, but they are not for everybody. Listed below are a Couple of Kinds of Individuals who need to consider a top pillow mattress:

  • People who demand a balance of support and comfort. Anyone who would like a mattress that’s both comfortable and inviting should put their sights on a PT mattress. Most PT mattresses include coils that will provide good support, along the PT provides only a lot of lavish comfort without permitting sleepers to sink too far.
  • Blend sleepers. With their balance of support and comfort, pillow-top mattresses ought to do the job for mixed sleepers who change positions at nighttime. The coils must provide enough support for stomach and rear sleeping, along the pillow top should provide pressure relief to side sleepers.
  • Fans of hotel mattresses. Nearly all mattresses one discovers in a lavish hotel are PT mattresses. Therefore people who wish to sleep in fashion each night ought to consider a cushion top.
  • People who prefer to sleep in addition to their mattress. Pillow tops provide a more soft and plush relaxation layer without allowing sleepers to sink a lot to the mattress; anybody who likes to sleep soundly beneath the mattress and wishes to move around smoothly will enjoy a PT.

The Way To Pick The Ideal Pillow Top Bed

The Way To Pick The Ideal Pillow Top Bedv


The very first thing which you may need to consider would be the substances. This is an important consideration you shouldn’t dismiss.

Be certain you go to get a unit that is made from high-quality foams. It’s possible to notice that latex can be a fantastic choice if you sleep quite hot.

Heat retention is among the most challenging things you’d need to know about when it comes to buying a PT mattress, along with the substances that it is made from play an important role.

Moreover, you can choose whether you would like it to be routine pillow-top or euro-style because the difference could be considerable and influence the general relaxation.


Pillow-tops are often implemented to create business beds milder. You ought to be anticipating the mattress to be somewhat less business if it’s a cushion top. That is its temperament – to provide a wonderful balancing sense between the pronounced push-back and rebound of the daybed, along with the softness and luxury of this PT.

The primary matter to consider here would be your service. Failing to select the ideal PT mattress could lead to improper spinal alignment.

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Price Range

The price range of them is quite extensive based upon the manufacturer, substances, in addition to the rest construction of this mattress. Generally, you’d choose between a range of cheap and costly components, so it is up to you and the sum of money you would like to invest.


A few of the brands provide ten years, while some might go so far as to provide 25 decades of guarantee. Usually, a product for ten years is regarded as regular so that a more guarantee might be of varying significance for you.

Top Rated 10 Best Pillow Top Mattress Brands

Top Best Rated Pillow Top Mattress Brands


The Saatva is among the most popular mattress a box mattresses on the current market, and it truly is for a good reason. It comes in 3 firmness, Soft, Luxury Company, and Company, but every version features a Euro-style PT and two collections of steel combs – it’s a pair of high-grade support co other one is a pair of micro-coils.

We analyzed the Luxury Business version that features the very best balance of comfort and service. Using both sets of coils, the Saatva will be quite a supportive mattress that needs to have the ability to hold up much, much heavier individuals. This is also likely to provide some superb contouring, mainly when folks are back sleeping.

Stomach sleepers should also get the needed quantity of support on the Saatva Luxury Company and examine the Company model should they want more assistance.

At precisely the same period, the Euro-style PT should provide a fantastic amount of pressure relief. Still, people who sleep primarily on their side may also consider that the Saatva Soft version.

Why Do We Like It?

  • The Saatva comes in 2 peaks, 11.5″ and 14.5″. However, they function the same.
  • Clients can pick from Saatva’s three stability options: Soft, Luxury Company, and Business.
  • The service coils provide excellent support, along also the micro-coils provide a superb quantity of contouring.
  • The Saatva’s breathable cotton cover and airflow-promoting coils must continue to keep the mattress sleeping trendy.


The WinkBed mattress utilizes a blend of foam, micro-coils, and pocketed coils to present their mattress a sense of luxury while at the same time providing rebound and support. The mattress is given in three firmness levels such as moderate soft (4), medium firm (6), and firm (7), in addition to the “WinkBed Plus” (8) specially created for those that consider at least 230 lbs. Every one of these models carries a cushion top.

The PT consists of two layers of polyfoam. The topmost is 1.5 inches of latex-like polyfoam that provides more bounce without sink. The next is 1.5 inches of polyfoam infused with gel. Both of these different foams’ usage functions to allow the mattress to contour into your system without swallowing it whole. These foams are stitched to the pillowtop beneath the Tencel cover of this mattress.

Under both of these foam layers is 2.5 inches of micro-coils which are foam-encased to get additional responsiveness. Underneath the micro-coils is your service center that’s constructed using 7.5 inches of pocketed innerspring coils, providing even more rebound and support to your mattress. There’s also a foam casing around the coils’ outermost aspect to create best-in-class advantage support, which is often lacking in additional PT mattresses.

This hybrid design brings a great deal to the table concerning functionality, and using a 120-night sleep trial along with a history of happy clients, the WinkBed certainly creates the record for our very best PT mattresses.

Why Do We Like It?

  • Top-notch border support comparative to many pillow-top mattresses
  • Choice of three stability Choices
  • Hybrid layout promotes rebound and contouring.

DreamCloud Premier

The DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid mattress that features a few very high-end substances. High-grade coils, multiple layers of high-density foam, and also an excellent pillow-top-it has got everything. The cover is made from cashmere. Therefore it provides you with an excellent luxury feel and looks.

Using its hybrid PT design, the DreamCloud Premier has an excellent balance of support and comfort. That makes it perfect for back sleepers. Additionally, that lavish top provides excellent pressure relief for sleep.

The DreamCloud Premier can be a luxury mattress offered for a value price. Using its high-end layout, we’d expect it to cost a whole lot more than it will. At this time, it’s under $1500 to get a Queen size. This is an excellent bargain for a wonderful PT mattress.

Why Do We Like It?

  • The DreamCloud Premier is a hybrid that provides an outstanding balance of support and comfort.
  • The mattress boasts lots of cool features to save you from overheating at nighttime.
  • The DreamCloud Premier is amazingly cheap for this type of high-quality mattress.

Brentwood Home Oceano

If you are a side sleeper seeking to sink into a soft mattress for stress relief in the shoulders and buttocks, the Brentwood Oceano might only be the mattress to get you! Not only is that the PT equipped with a thick layer of memory foam for heavy body-contouring, but also the inside method of pocketed coils is zoned for assistance, bringing additional relief to sensitive areas across the entire body.

I must also mention the cushion top is equipped with a thin part of microcoils, which attracts a lot of dip to the general structure. Combo sleepers, then, may love this mattress equally as far as side sleepers since this buoyancy makes it effortless to maneuver around and shift positions. In general, this is a lively mattress that balances its powerful support with loads of cushion pressure relief.

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Best Cooling Pillow Top Mattress: Avocado

While looking for a mattress, a few people today prefer something all-natural and free of damaging substances. People who wish to sleep with eco-friendly, clean mattresses will love the Avocado mattress.

The Avocado is a hybrid mattress that features Dunlop latex and pocketed coils for an extra fee; customers may also put in a cushion top for their mattress that comprises more Dunlop latex and comfy wool.

Together with the cushion top, the Avocado is somewhat softer. It ought to be a much better fit for side sleepers, but back sleepers and stomach sleepers may want to acquire the Avocado mattress without a pillow top.

Apart from being eco-friendly, latex can also be good with cooling-it’s more breathable than other mattress substances such as memory foam and, along with the yarn, it ought to keep the cover of the mattress out of trapping too much heat. The coils may also allow air to flow throughout the Avocado; therefore, ultimately, this ought to be a cooler-sleeping mattress.

Why Do We Like It?

  • The Avocado is an all-natural latex hybrid mattress that’s a superb eco-friendly alternative.
  • The mattress includes an optional PT for extra relaxation and plushness.
  • The Avocado ought to be an excellent PT mattress for hot sleepers.

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Helix Midnight Luxe

Helix Sleep provides a broad line of hybrid mattresses explicitly made for specific body types and sleep places. The Midnight Luxe is a PT hybrid using a medium firm (6) feet and two memory-foam comfort layers.

Though the surface has a plush feel which makes getting in and out of bed comfortable, a transitional polyfoam afterward and pocketed coil support center strengthen the mattress well to keep you from sinking too deeply.

The coils are also zoned with thicker hardware around the perimeter, which means you should not sink too much once you sleep near the mattress’s borders or put in and out of bed. Stress relief is another strong point of this Midnight Luxe, especially for back and side sleepers who weigh around 230 lbs.

The memory foam provides gentle yet accurate lubrication to cradle the backbone and relieve pressure points that pop up around the shoulders, lower back, and buttocks.

Included in this Luxe show, this version’s price-point is about the higher end. To sweeten the deal for clients, Helix Sleep provides free delivery during the U.S. and backs up the mattress using a 100-night sleep trial. You will also get a 15-year warranty
against structural defects should you choose to maintain the Midnight Luxe following the trial period expires.

Why Do We Like It?

  • The medium firm feels that a plush surface texture with powerful support.
  • Memory Foam contours evenly to Decrease pressure along the backbone.
  • Zoned coils protect the borders from profound sinkage.


The Birch mattress out of Helix is just another latex hybrid vehicle. This model comprises Talalay latex, not Dunlop latex – Talalay latex is somewhat softer than Dunlop latex, but it isn’t relatively as compact or durable as Dunlop latex. The Birch may provide better stress relief than the Avocado, but it may not last for as long.

The Birch comes with an optional PT – this may add 3″ of Talalay latex into the top of this mattress along with a fluffy wool batting. Very similar to what we saw with all the Avocado mattresses, with no cushion top, the Birch ought to be a much better match for both back and stomach sleepers and, together with the cushion top, it must provide plush comfort for most side sleepers.

Like many latex mattresses, the Birch includes a fantastic quantity of bounce. Therefore it’s a superb solution for people who want to sleep in addition to their mattress or would like to change positions throughout the evening.

Why Do We Like It?

  • The mattress includes all-natural materials like Birch wool and Talalay latex.
  • The company provides an optional PT that will provide extra pressure relief.
  • With no cushion top, the Birch ought to be a fantastic mattress for stomach sleepers.
  • The Birch mattress is heated, making it rather simple for sleepers to move about and change positions during the night.

Beautyrest Black

The Beautyrest Black epitomizes the expression luxury PT hybrid vehicle. The mattress features soft foam quilted into the cover, followed closely by three layers of elastic and transitional foam above a support center of pocketed coils.

These foam layers mold carefully to hug your system and disperse your weight, leading to excellent strain relief for side sleepers weighing overall body types – especially people in the range of 130-230 lbs. Back and stomach sleepers who weigh around 230 pounds must also find this mattress comfortable.

Customers can update their Black with additional features to better their sleep encounter. The “Cooling” update adds two layers of gel-infused memory foam designed to draw heat away from the body and help the mattress keep a comfortable temperature. The “Comfort” upgrade raises the depth of the best foam layer, changing the Black’s texture from medium firm (6) to medium soft (4).

Irrespective of whether you opt for these updates, the Dark excels in border support thanks to more powerful coils places across the perimeter. The thick foam layers also absorb motion reasonably well, so the mattress provides above-average motion isolation for couples compared to additional coil-based models.

Beautyrest is among the only online mattress companies in the nation to provide free White Glove delivery for its clients. This service includes complete assembly in an area of your own choice and removal of your old mattress free of excess charge. Your purchase will also incorporate a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

Why Do We Like It?

  • A deep relaxation system guarantees above-average pressure relief to get a hybrid.
  • Thicker coils around the borders increase perimeter stability.
  • Upgrades available for Extra heating and a firmer feel

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Dreamfoam Willow 12-inch Euro-top latex mattress

Dreamfoam mattresses are simple to personalize or fix since the cushion top is a zippered area padded with a detachable foam coating.

The Willow 12-inch, previously referred to as the supreme Dreams Euro-top latex mattress features a 3-inch Talalay latex foam coating in the cushion top. You choose the hardness level. Your selection will be sent to you direct from the mill.

The Euro top cover is made of bamboo fibers that are durable, breathable, and soft. Additionally, it is removable and antibacterial. The service layer is latex.

Dreamfoam has been in business since 1995 and is considered a pioneer in memory and latex foam mattresses. Its sister company is Brooklyn Bedding.

This mattress and Dreamfoam get high marks :

  • Relaxation
  • Movement controller
  • Heat dissipation
  • Border support
  • Client support

There can be an original off-gassing odor once you prepare the mattress.


Best Pillow Top Mattress FAQs

How long can be a pillow top mattress great for?

It truly is dependent upon the kind of substance used! Latex will be slightly more resilient than traditional memory or polyurethane foams, and steel coils tend to be more lasting than all three foams. So, pay careful attention to the construction specs of your mattress before purchasing.

What’s the benefit of a pillow-top mattress?

The added layers of foam up high assistance establish some instant relaxation and sinkage, which is perfect for people needing heavy strain relief in the shoulders, hips, and lower spine.

How can you mend a sagging pillow top mattress?

I would recommend rotating your mattress 180 degrees. You might even slide a sheet of plywood under the mattress in which it is sagging, which should help stabilize the contour. Not one of the mattresses with this round-up requires window springs, but you might use a slatted bed framework if you so choose.

The way to eliminate lumps at a pillow-top kind of mattress?

To help fight this, you can consider buying a pillow-top using latex as a portion of this article. This substance should avoid bumps as if any manufacturer that’s properly constructed.

But if a pillow top mattress is tight, you may attempt to disperse the bulge through the cover equally; typically, it is not difficult, and you may do this by employing slow motions of your hands. You might also have to appear in the guarantee in this circumstance.

Are pillow-top mattresses greater compared to memory foam mattresses?

1 sort of mattress is in factn’t better than another, and it actually depends upon somebody’s tastes.

For example, people who sleep in a lot of places or desire more support will discover that a pillow-top mattress is a much better match.

On the flip side, those who want more stress relief or want to sink in their mattress will want a memory foam mattress.


A good night’s sleep is incredible plays an essential role in protecting your health. Therefore, investing in a pillow top mattress to improve your sleep is necessary. Hopefully, through the article, you have useful information in choosing the best pillow-top mattress.

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