Best Over The Toilet Storage 2020: Top Brands Review

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Here in the NousDecor like to consider ourselves as mad (in a fantastic way) about the things we buy. As far as we would love to, we can not try everything. That is the reason why we have People’s Choice, where we locate the best-reviewed products and only out the very persuasive ones. (You can find out more about our evaluation system and how we select each product here.)

And while we have coated the very best toilet décor thoughts, tiny-bathroom thoughts, and organizers over the toilet, here we have rounded up the best over the toilet storage cabinets, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best Over The Toilet Storage

Buying Guide

This nearly breaks down is: Are you planning to shop toilet products within this region? Would you wish to maintain certain things concealed? Or will this only be a decorative addition to your toilet capability?

You’ve got a lot of possibilities to your top over the bathroom storage cabinet components in any event.

If storage is your thing, you will have to be alert to get an over the bathroom storage cabinet or bathroom shelves using cabinet-like doors suggesting a storage location, especially concerning tucking away your private products.

A few of those shelves may only have a few toilet paper rolls, along with a few issues.

Others may undoubtedly hold towels, towels, and other bathroom, and possibly any female products the buyer want. This Zenna Home stage reopens at a new tab. It can be a terrific toilet storage cabinet with different space saver choices.

Or you may also opt for the appearance of the Brylanehome Louvre Etagere that is also quite beautiful and well-built.

If looks are exactly what you are in this, we recommend heading to Feng Shui.

Size Dimensions

Keep in mind to choose the dimensions of your toilet bathroom essentials before making a purchase. Width and height could be a variable if you are trying to bring this to a tiny home bathroom or nominal toilet area.

Usually, the diameter of a typical within bathroom storage cabinet is generally approximately 23 to 24 inches while being as broad as 34 inches in specific versions.

The TMS version, which we analyzed, is among these more expansive units, but it’s also a little bathroom cupboard choice chiefly due to its elevation. If it’s possible to adapt the breadth, this tiny bathroom etagere might be a rewarding choice.

Make sure you look at your toilet’s environment anyway to guarantee any bathroom etagere matches over your toilet bathroom.

So far as elevation, toilet clearance for regular within the bathroom storage cabinets could be anywhere from around 31 inches and upwards. They’re also able to stretch to more than 5 ft tall, so always know about any resistance over your toilet. Be sure that you assess your toilet to safeguard your new home bathroom etagere will match over the surface.


Wood or metal. That is your critical choices in regards to new bathroom etageres. Additionally, there are numerous things that you need to remember.

Wood Bathroom Etageres

Wood is usually the elegant-looking substance for the greatest over the toilet storage closets.

Wooden bathroom etageres seem relatively modern or modern and arrive in a version of colors. They should even be more vital given the flush fitting.

Anything made from timber, if 100% be medicated against water damage in the sink (based on its proximity to the toilet), shower steam, along with the toilet water (splashing).

We recommend going with Minwax Gloss Brushing Lacquer SprayOpens at a new tab. To seal this up, if you have some issues.

Please make sure you check to a bamboo bathroom etagere since bamboo is a choice material for us. Whether it’s a toilet paper holder, either a chair or a toilet etagere, wood isn’t a friend. Consequently, bamboo wood opens at a new tab. Is always a superb option!

Metal Bathroom Etageres

While metal bathroom etageres might not be as eye-catching as several wooden counterparts, they could nevertheless provide a particular degree of stylishness formerly lost on your toilet bathroom essentials. They may also be among their very best product of athroom storage closets accessible.

You are going to need to remember that metal etageres possess grill-type shelves. Picture frames and other decors might not work on grill shelves.

Nevertheless, some metallic etageres may have a level shelf insert, such as this Kings Brand Etagere Opens at a new tab.

Metal etageres can be frail or poorly made, so be conscious of the price with your purchase.

Feng Shui

If you focus on this particular buy from a cosmetic mindset, your choices are endless, granted how much your palette takes you, so allow your Feng Shui flow.

It is possible to start the process of picking colors or colors as soon as you’ve got your fabric and model in your mind.

And seeing as seems is crucial for you, you need to be ready to invest a hefty amount if you would like quality and something which will not break down in a year.

The moment you’ve got the foundation of your brand-new bathroom etagere then comes to the personalization. Are you planning to maintain the plan of your toilet undamaged? From the realm of home bathroom etageres, you understand what you are choices will be.

  • Are you considering going with the top over the toilet storage from nickel or brushed titanium?
  • Perhaps, something in bronze bathroom etagere?
  • Can the finest over the toilet storage from wooden cherry match your notion of a deep, rich toilet bathroom essentials layout?
  • What do you consider toilet storage in brass or chrome?

As you can see, the trip has just started as soon as you’ve solely picked the manner of your brand-new bathroom etagere. Because of metal’s ability to withstand moisture, you must have no worries concerning your metal bathroom etagere.

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Top Rated Best Over The Toilet Storage Unit

Sauder Caraway Storage Etagere

The Caraway Etagere Cabinet out of Sauder is a superb selection for anybody picking up an over the toilet cabinet for the first time. Finished in white and white built-in particle board, bath etageres such as these are well-recognized not just on the web but in houses also. Both are adjustable shelves, and the cupboard is frosted to conceal your toilet toiletries or other products.

Rating occasionally concerns when you find a toilet space saver similar to this, but the Sauder Caraway Etagere was extensively reviewed. What exactly does that mean? Meaning many people are picking this up over toilet cabinet etagere. Moreover, this specific over the bathroom shelf is qualified for free replacement components.

Sauder Caraway Etagere, Soft White
2,990 Reviews

Greatest Living Monaco Etagere Shelf

This toilet area saver shelf out of Better Living is an attractive option if you’re searching for the most beneficial over the toilet ideas device made from an alloy (we chose an in-depth appearance here). As we say below, metal etageres possess the benefit of being water-resistant (not rust automatically), but they won’t break down as wooden etageres would. This within the toilet space saver is remarkably sturdy, utilizing thick, durable tubes for the meeting. The shelves can also be tempered glass, measuring about 5mm thick.

There aren’t any tools required to build the very best Living Monaco Etagere Shelf. All you need to do is slip each leg to the shelves, and will practically build itself. The end of the etagere is in brushed titanium. However, you may make it finished in oil-rubbed bronze too. These are not adjustable shelves, but this is a lovely over the bathroom shelf component to pick.

Mainstays Brescia Bathroom Space Saver

The Mainstays Brescia 3-Shelf Bathroom Space Saver is your budget to buy on the list of the excellent toilet storage components, but that does not make it crap. Constructed from alloy and finished in chrome and over the bathroom shelf, this may cause fantastic storage solutions for first-timers or college students.

It may also hold up to 20 lbs and can be very sturdy to get a lower-end version. The shelves have a wire-shelf, grill-like style; therefore, picture frames probably won’t function. Everything else you can put in an over the bathroom shelf similar to this ought to be OK. Its appearance is expected by the layout and designed to fit into most toilet design ideas.

Elegant Home Fashions Etagere

This is a different wooden bathroom etagere alternative, now from Elegant Home Fashions. Like the title, this lovely over toilet is tasteful and is absolutely among the very best list of toilet storage components. It features a massive cabinet area with dual doors. The windows include curtains to conceal what knickknacks you could keep inside. Additionally, it enhances the elegant appearance, instead of merely a window.

Below the primary storage space is a little shelf for more decorating or storing. Our preference would be to decorate but to everyone his/her own. The timber is a plank, ensuring you protect your bathroom etagere by sealing it with some wood sealer. Nevertheless, the construct is hardy (you may need tools now) and fits over any standard toilet dimensions.

Zenvida Bamboo Bathroom Space Saver

The next bamboo choice on the very best list on the toilet storage components comes in Zenvida.

And it is a wonder.

This bath etagere features three shelves, one-two and exposed behind the cupboard doors. The timber joinery is quite subtle on the doorways, and the minimalist design is complemented nicely by this joinery.

The spacious shelf on the floor is an excellent touch in the total look of this Zenvida Bamboo within the toilet storage space. It provides lots of space for storage or decorations, along with the two shelves behind the doors.

Reminder, bamboo is an excellent pick for watery surroundings. For those who have wood, protection typically has to be added. However, with bamboo, you do not need that! So it is eco-friendly and not a nuisance! Assembly is simple, and the etagere is exceptionally sturdy.

Target Marketing Bamboo Space Saver Cabinet

Next is this gorgeous bamboo toilet cabinet from Targeting advertising. If it comes to water and wood (and their absence of blending), bamboo is your thing to do. Bamboo can defy the prolonged harm from moisture and appears healthy on your toilet’s space.

Just like some of the additional on our list so far, the Bamboo Etagere from Targeting Marketing features a large cupboard space. The doors slide open shelf and shut and feature adjustable shelves. Assembly is relatively simple overall, and the directions are well-written to be followed closely.

Finished obviously, we believe you’ll discover that this shelf a winner on the list of the very best on the toilet storage components!

MyGift Toilet Storage Rack

This space saver storage stands out of MyGift is the sole single-rack or single-shelf bath etagere we feature on our listing. However, what it lacks in height makes up for having a larger diameter than many of the additional bathroom etageres. Additionally, it features a handy magazine stand on the other side, which will be removable if you prefer.

The tasteful accents with this on the bathroom shelf are a wonderful touch. It is a low-profile etagere and can be an easy to assemble, low-risk alternative for shoppers. The grate-like shelf is going not to have any problem holding everything you want. In reality, it may keep just a bit more (such as a photo frame, mentioned previously) and contains the immense depth on the listing (11.5 inches).

You can do much worse than that over the toilet shelf target out of MyGift, and is clearly worth our consideration of their very best bathroom accessories.

RiverRidge Ellsworth Spacesaver

Last and most certainly not least, our finest within the toilet storage device listing is out of RiverRidge. This three-shelf, single-cabinet bathroom etagere isn’t just beautiful, but it’s quite effective at holding whatever you want. It includes two swinging doors in the cabinet, which may readily conceal whatever you require. The timber consists of particleboard and finished in either white or black espresso.

You will want tools to build this etagere, and you will possibly require another person to place it together more readily. It is not a necessity, but it is useful.

Uniware Bathroom Toilet Storage Rack

The Uniware storage solution is just another inexpensive option on the very best list on the toilet storage components. As soon as it’s about the lower end of the cost, it is not a cheap piece of crap. As a metal within the toilet storage device, etageres like that package a great deal of capacity in a small box. It is readily shipped, easily constructed, and can readily store anything you need because of its own three shelves.

There’s no cabinet space, so whatever you wish to shop would be out on the open shelf. This typically is not a massive deal for individuals, but it could be for a few. This over the toilet storage space is the 2nd deepest bathroom etagere on the listing at 11 inches. So while there aren’t any cupboard doors, there’s more surface area to make the most of.

Colored in a matte black, this bath etagere ought to not have any difficulty fitting itself in your toilet!

CreativeWare Space Saver

Probably among the most attractive options on the list of the very best on the toilet storage components, the CreativeWare Space Saver is a top-notch alternative for the interior decorator in your mind. It features three spacious shelves, each crafted from tempered glass for durability. Likewise, to the Top Living etagere, the CreativeWare above toilet storage idea is easily constructed by sliding each of the legs into every shelf. The legs are colored in Oil Rubbed Bronze, adding another degree of elegance to the toilet shelving system.

While storage is something to use with this toilet etagere, it is probably more targeted toward decorations. You can not stuff these shelves filled with your items and expect them to keep their appearance.

An appealing piece in this way is guaranteed to please both you and your home guests.

CreativeWare Space Saver
63 Reviews

over toilet shelf


Do the size & weight capacity issue for over the toilet storage cabinet?

Yes. Size and weight issue significantly. You ought to opt for the cupboard size the accessible over-the-toilet-space fits nicely. Weight capacity is a must, as you will find plastic cabinets that may fail your massive storage.

What about mount type?

There are just two mount kinds available wall mount & free-standing. The wall mount storage cupboard is for over-the-toilet or behind-the-toilet space. But if you want an enormous closet for which you do not have distance behind the commode, you can and ought to opt for a free-standing one. A free-standing storage cupboard can stand anywhere in the home.

What’s the space below the cupboard height?

The clean area up into the base shelf of the toilet floor’s cupboard is your stated elevation. This is a crucial cabinet dimension. The height of this cupboard’s legs equals size. Free-standing cabinets are to lack that distance.

Read more:


The majority of the very best on our list’s toilet storage components will be an excellent update from nothing if that is what you are doing.

If you are replacing an older person, make sure you check into preventative care supplies to prolong your etagere’s life span.

If you are getting one for your first time, welcome to existence using a little less mess.

In terms of a few ideas to get you started, this Creative Toilet set is a fantastic alternative for just decoration or storage too. It gives lots of shelves and a good deal of room to put your items.

If you’re seeking just cosmetic, something similar to this Sauder Caraway Etagere or this best Living Monaco Etagere is an excellent alternative.

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