Best Mattress For Sleep Apnea 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Sleep Apnea 2021

Sleep apnea, also spelled as sleep apnoea, is a sleep disorder in which breathing pauses or irregular breathing intervals throughout sleep happen more frequently than usual. Each pause may last from several seconds to a couple of minutes, and they happen many times an evening time. In its most frequent form, this occurs after snoring. There might be a strong of choking or snorting as breathing aids. Since the disease disrupts normal sleep, affected individuals can fall asleep or feel drowsy throughout the day.

Among the fastest ways to improve this problem is to be sure that you are sleeping on a service mattress to facilitate breathing. Proper sleep is vital to your health and well-being.

Our article discusses The Best Mattress For Sleep Apnea for those who have sleep apnea and provide some hints about what to look for while looking for a mattress.

What Sleep Apnea Sufferers Should Look For In A Mattress

What Sleep Apnea Sufferers Should Look For In A Mattress

When searching for the best mattresses for sleep apnea, check with your physician first for potential recommendations. After that, have a peek at the different mattress kinds. Always select a mattress according to your preferred sleeping position and also check out which sort of sleep trial, guarantee, and return policy is available for possible options before buying.

Mattress Type

Every form of the mattress offers its own unique set of advantages and drawbacks – the kind of mattress you select finally comes down to personal taste. As an instance, though some sleepers may enjoy the hug-like feeling of memory foam, others might not.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are among the most well-known varieties of beds in the marketplace these days. Their body-contouring, pressure point relief to reduce aches and pains while isolating movement. Additionally, memory foam melts softly, leading to fewer disruptions from motion.

A drawback to memory foam is its heat retention properties-the. Compact substances do not allow for much warmth. However, producers have taken measures to resolve this problem by integrating cooling technology, such as partly replacing oil with plant oils or infusing memory foam.

A regular memory foam mattress comprises a comfortable layer of memory foam and a high-density foam service layer.


Innerspring mattresses are the most well-known kinds of mattresses. Innerspring mattresses have a responsive surface with excellent edge support that sleepers will not roll off the mattress. Cooling is provided via the open construction of the coiled support coating.

An innerspring mattress includes a lean relaxation layer of foam or fiberfill, ordinarily in a cushion top, and a support layer of metal coils. The disadvantage to an innerspring mattress is the shortage of pressure relief due to the thin relaxation coating. Another matter is that the little quantity of movement isolation as a result of steel coils.


Latex shares similarities with memory foam-adapting pressure-relief with superior motion isolation and no sound possible. The difference is latex sleeps cooler and contains a reactive bounce.

There are two forms of latex foam-natural and artificial. Synthetic latex is made through a chemical process, whereas organic latex is made of rubber tree sap. Dunlop and Talalay are just two kinds of pure latex – Dunlop latex is 100% organic and is thicker and stronger than Talalay. Talalay latex is made of rubber tree sap and polyurethane fillers to get a delicate, sponge-like texture.

While latex is much more natural, it will come at a high price based on its substance. Latex mattresses can also be thicker and can be hard to move. A latex mattress typically includes a comfortable layer of latex foam and a service layer of high-density latex or foam.


To make the ideal mattress, producers coupled memory foam and innerspring, leading to the hybrid. Hybrid mattresses give the advantages of the two kinds of beds – stress relief and movement isolation from memory foam and heating, border support, along a reactive bounce out of an innerspring.

Considering all the advantages hybrid mattresses need to provide, they also have disadvantages, such as heat retention from memory foam and less pressure relief and sound possible from pocketed coils.

A hybrid mattress includes a comfortable layer a minimum of two inches thick and a service layer of pocketed coils. The comfortable coating is made from latex, memory foam, or poly-foam.

Sleeping Position

Your favorite sleeping position can reduce sleep apnea symptoms or even make them worse. Stomach and stomach upset positions are far better than lying in your back since there’s less chance of blocked airways.

Negative Sleeping

Side sleeping is the suggested position to reduce or remove apnea episodes. Should you sleep on your side, you’re not as likely to have sleep apnea in the first location. If you do not sleep on your side or are a mixed sleeper, you can focus on turning into a side sleeper by simply deciding on this position and purchasing a mattress that supports it. Memory foam, latex foam, and hybrids with excellent pressure point relief might help.

Back Sleeping

Back sleeping has been considered a fantastic sleeping position for back pain and spinal distress and all-around fantastic sleep. Not so in regards to sleeping apnea.

This is the position that’s quite likely to trigger throat closed and cause snoring and sleep apnea. If you’re a back sleeper, ensure that your mind is correctly raised with a fantastic cushion or an adjustable bed frame. The ideal mattress in a moderate firmness may also assist.

Stomach Sleeping

Sleeping on your stomach might lessen both snoring and sleep apnea, and therefore it’s excellent in that regard. It isn’t, but a recommended position since it has other downsides.

It may throw your spine out of alignment and trigger neck tension which could be problematic during the daytime or cause daytime fatigue. Though it alleviates sleep apnea, it isn’t generally suggested.

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Sleep Trials, Warranties, and Return Policies

Sleep trials, guarantees, and return policies behave as assurances to the client of a solid buy. Always read the fine print before committing to a purchase and steer clear of any mattress which lacks a guarantee.

Sleep Trial

A sleeping trial permits clients to try out a new mattress inside their own homes’ comfort rather than managing pressure from amateurs at a crowded shop. Sleep trials frequently range from 90 to 120 nights but may be shorter or longer. If the customer is not happy with the mattress, the majority of companies will arrange to have the mattress picked up and contributed to charity before issuing a complete refund.


A guarantee protects a mattress from manufacturing flaws and sagging larger than one inch, but this dimension changes depending on the manufacturer. Most beds include a typical 10-year guarantee.

Return Policy

If a brand new mattress doesn’t incorporate a sleeping trial, then the next best thing to search for is a return policy. Return policies typically last around 30 days – roughly precisely the same time, it requires the body to adapt to another mattress. If the client is not pleased with the mattress, they could return it for a complete refund.

Top Rated 8 Best Mattress For Sleep Apnea Brands

Top Rated 8 Best Mattress For Sleep Apnea Brands

Amerisleep AS2


  • 5-zoned support coating
  • Advanced cooling
  • Soft, breathable cover

The Amerisleep AS2 is the best pick for the finest mattress for sleep apnea. Its 5-zoned coating provides much-needed support with comfy pressure relief. Plus, all of the substances are sterile, which will not aggravate nausea or allergies, helping decrease sleep apnea symptoms such as snoring.

When wanting to mitigate the negative effects of any sleeping disorder, comfort and support are crucial. That is precisely what the AS2 does this nicely. It’s a height 12″ and comprises the following layers: Bio-Pur® foam, proven to five times more breathable than conventional memory foam, Affinity coating with HIVE® technologies – a six-sided textured foam which acts as a 5-zoned system which brings more support to the head, back, and thighs and thicker support into the shoulders and buttocks, and long-lasting Bio-Core® support foam.

Vaya Mattress


  • Open-cell Vaya Comfort Layer will not trap heat.
  • Sturdy Vaya Base Foam retains your spine aligned.
  • The stretchy, breathable cover keeps you cool.

The Vaya Mattress was created right here in the USA using CertiPUR-US® accredited foams. The moderate feel of the two-layer mattress will interest all sorts of sleepers, such as unwanted, combo, plus a few back sleepers.

The upper layer of this Vaya is an open-cell foam named Vaya Comfort Foam. Contrary to other memory foams that trap warmth, this one allows air to circulate freely, preventing you from waking up hot and sweaty. The open-cell design makes this coating super responsive; as long as you change positions in the nighttime time, this foam will bounce back, keeping you away from sinking uncomfortably.

The service layer of this Vaya, named Vaya Base Foam, ensures that the soft layer over it does not develop sags or tender spots. On the contrary, it retains the surface and supports your backbone. With the Vaya Mattress, you can wake up pain-free.

The Vaya Mattress includes a 100-night sleeping trial, 10-year guarantee, and free delivery and free returns.

Zoma Mattress


  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • A milder waist for spinal support
  • A 7-inch heart for longevity

The Zoma Mattress is 11 inches of comfort and service. It features a 2-inch coating of gel-infused memory foam to provide the pressure-relieving advantages of memory foam with no probability of you sleeping hot.

Zoma refers to its mattress as a “sports mattress” and aims its product towards athletes or people who live a busy lifestyle. Individuals that are active desire deeper sleep (and much more of it) to help them recover.

What Zoma does for athletes, making it a fantastic mattress for almost everyone. By combining support and comfort, the Zoma Mattress helps you sleep better and recover quicker.

The Zoma Mattress includes free delivery, a risk-free, 100-night sleeping trial, along a 10-year guarantee.



  • Latex Mattress
  • Perfect for All Kinds of Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 5/10 (Luxury Plush) 7/10 (Soft Business)
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty

Numerous features of Zenhaven may attract someone who suffers from sleep apnea, such as sterile materials, zoned pressure relief, and decent spine alignment. Latex is naturally resistant to molds, bacteria growth, and dust mites, which may cause snoring. Zenhaven’s ventilation process has punched holes in five different zones to ensure you get the ideal pressure relief where you want it while keeping a comfortable position to your backbone.

What stands out?

Research suggests that unwanted sleeping is most suitable for individuals with sleep apnea. However, a lot of people struggle with sleeping on their sides. If you are likely to adjust your sleeping position but uncertain if you will follow along with Zenhaven, it provides two in one, allowing you to attempt one side and turn the mattress over to try out another.

The mattress uses certified organic cotton and can be OEKO-TEX® Accredited, which might be great news for allergy sufferers.



  • Dual Sided Memory Foam Mattress
  • Best for Lively Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 4/10 (Soft) 7/10 (Business)
  • 120-Day Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

However, if you enjoy the concept of memory foam, are not sure how deep you would like your own body to be cradled, you could consider a dual-sided option like Layla so that you may try them both and compare.

The milder side will provide a deeper hug with superior pressure relief, whereas the firmer side provides additional buoyant support. Both sides are intended to help keep you cool and well supported.

Why is it unique?

The Layla mattress assists with temperature management by integrating an aluminum extract, which has excellent heat conduction capacities and antimicrobial properties that might decrease snoring allergies activate that. For additional cooling systems, the cover is incorporated with a proprietary helps slough off the heat and extra moisture, and this cloth can be zipped off and dry cleaned.

Cozy side and stomach sleeping ought to be nicely accommodated because of Layla’s double sides.

Loom & Leaf


  • Foam Mattress
  • Perfect for All Kinds of Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6/10 (Relaxed Firm) 8/10 (Business)
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty

Luxurious memory foam has come a very long way over the last couple of decades. Also, Saatva’s memory foam manufacturer Loom & Leaf provides some extremely high-end features you wouldn’t locate at a memory mattress 20 decades back.

Why is it special?

Sleep habits may be challenging to break. When you are an exclusive spine sleeper, a flexible mattress foundation may help because it opens up a fresh assortment of positions that will better open your airways open. Loom & Leaf’s layout functions nicely with adjustable bases while maintaining an excellent support platform for backbone alignment.

Those worried about overheating or sinking a lot into memory foam ought to appreciate Loom & Leaf’s updated approach into a memory mattress. This mattress uses gel-infused memory foam, a heat-wicking gel panel, and breathable materials to help you keep cool. Further, a closely stretched quilted cover assists buoyancy and support, cradling the body near the surface.

WinkBed Plus


  • Hybrid Mattress
  • Greatest for Heavier Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6.5/10
  • 120-Day Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty

Sleep apnea is a frequent illness among heavier people, and mattresses that are not constructed to adapt and encourage the additional weight may grow sags and dips that could aggravate your problem. WinkBeds Plus, a reimagining of the flagship WinkBed mattress, was created with the particular needs of heavier people that weigh over 300 lbs.

Why is it unique?

This mattress was developed to deliver a flexible Medium-Firm texture for heavier sleepers. This flexibility enables the mattress to be enjoyed both on your side and your stomach, based upon your taste. The relaxation layers of latex on a zoned support system ought to help your backbone stay well-aligned.

The WinkBeds company prides itself upon its handmade design and durability that is tested. Their beds just lost around 1 percent of the attic at the company’s study in one year of consistent usage simulation.

The Casper


  • Foam Mattress
  • Great for Back and Combo Sleepers
  • Firmness Level: 6/10
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty

Great spinal column alignment is a quality that needs to be high on a mattress buying list for anybody with sleep apnea. Casper is a well-known mattress from the bed-in-a-box sector that intends to provide what can be considered a “universal sense.” Their latest addition to their flagship layout is aimed squarely at promoting good spinal alignment, irrespective of your contour.

What’s it’s the very best feature?

Casper’s all-foam design begins with a gentle coating of functionality foam that cradles the body, followed by a layer of memory foam that should shape your shape.

Many mattress layouts compensate for the excess weight a lot of men and women carry in their midsections by creating the whole mattress more comfortable, leading to pressure points accumulating around the shoulders and buttocks, particularly for side sleepers. Casper’s versatile layout ought to work for both stomach and side sleepers, and the two of these positions are considered perfect for those who have sleep apnea.


Best Mattress For Sleep Apnea FAQs

Which kind of mattress is perfect for sleep apnea?

A memory foam mattress is an ideal mattress for sleep apnea. Memory Foam relieves pressure points by contouring to the body while equally encouraging the body. Memory Foam is offered in different firmness choices to suit virtually any sleeper.

What is the difference between snoring and sleep apnea?

Snoring and sleep apnea are tightly tied and frequently experienced concurrently. Snoring is the sound that arrives in the vibrating of your lymph arrangement when it’s partially blocked. Whenever these airways become entirely blocked repeatedly during the night, you have sleep apnea.

With obstructed airways, you quit breathing and encounter an apneic event. If you snore, you might not be getting too much oxygen as needed, but you do not stop breathing. Causes of snoring may cause sleep apnea and other health problems such as heart disease.

Can a mattress assist sleep apnea?

Yes – a mattress using a secure, supportive surface prevents the sleeper from bottoming out and promotes healthy spinal distress. Elevating the upper body, whether via a flexible base or even a wedge cushion, additionally reduces sleep apnea signs.

Is it better to sleep on a soft or hard mattress?

A moderate to medium-firm mattress is the very best. The moderate heel provides an outstanding balance of comfort and support, especially for sleep. Side sleepers require a mattress that reduces pressure points at the shoulders and buttocks.

In the event, you sleep sitting up when you have sleep apnea?

Sleeping sitting up isn’t a recommended sleep position. You sleep in a prone position in which your system is more completely able to unwind and sleep profoundly. For sleep apnea, a 40-degree angle of your upper body utilizing a wedge cushion or an adjustable bed foundation is considered perfect.


Sleep apnea is a frequent sleep disorder that may impair sleep quality and earn someone too tired during the daytime.

While no mattress explicitly treats sleep apnea, it may make it a lot easier for somebody to breathe whenever they have a mattress that supports the human body and enables them to sleep on their side rather than lying on their back.

We hope this manual can help you to get a fantastic night’s sleep and also allow you to become more conscious of the dangers of sleep apnea.

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