Best Mattress For Side Sleepers 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Side Sleeper 2021

Inside this guide, we will discuss reviews of the best mattress for side sleeper. Then we will help you determine what you ought to know when purchasing an online sleeper mattress for side sleepers within our purchasing guide.

Lying on your side is among the safest methods to sleep. Sleeping on your side promotes greater spinal posture, reduces back pain, reduces snoring, and may protect against sleep apnea signs. Despite its advantages, slack sleep includes some drawbacks, like the prospect of neck pain (though it’s normal to indicate that you are sleeping on a pillow that is too thin or too thick).

To get a fantastic night’s sleep, individuals sleeping on their sides should discover the ideal mattress and cushions to encourage neutral spinal alignment, reduce stress and protect against pain stains – especially because side sleepers are vulnerable to pressure points at the shoulders and buttocks compared to back or stomach sleepers.

Best type of mattress

As you can probably imagine, the kind of mattress you purchase plays a substantial part in your total comfort. Different mattress kinds have different pros and cons, so it is ideal for educating yourself on your choices and selecting which mattress kind you are considering before you get too deep into your search.

Whether you are shopping in-store or surfing online bed-in-a-box testimonials, there are four major kinds of mattresses in the marketplace these days: memory foam, latex, hybrid vehicle, and innerspring.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam mattresses are considered as a number of the most appropriate for pain relief. These cushioning beds mold your body to provide unsurpassed pressure relief and distribute body fat, which is excellent for side sleepers who demand a pillow beneath the shoulders and buttocks. If you experience regular pains, a memory foam mattress is best for you.

Typically, we urge memory foam mattresses of moderate firmness to side sleepers since these beds offer you a fantastic amount of pillow to relieve pressure nevertheless remain firm enough to ease wholesome side sleeping and stop uncomfortable sinkage.

Frequently people associate a “cradling” sense with memory foam since it calms your body and generates a more “from the mattress” feel.


Latex mattresses are great for eco-friendly shoppers or even people who are trying to find a duvet mattress. Latex is much more buoyant than memory foam, so it keeps you lifted in addition to the mattress instead of cradling. A latex mattress usually feels much more resilient and reactive compared to other foams.


Hybrid mattresses unite cushioning foam layers using a pocketed coil system to supply a responsive but adjusting mattress. However, if you are considering a foam mattress, do not need to forfeit the bouncy sense of an innerspring system, then a bunk mattress is a good choice because it combines the best of the two. Since hybrid materials expect some high-quality substances, they are frequently a little pricier than all-foam or innerspring mattresses.


Innerspring mattresses are centuries older but have stood the test of time since they offer you a bouncy, comfortable sleep surface. Innerspring beds can not mold to and cushion your systems, such as foam beds, which means they are not the most appropriate for pressure or pain relief-that is something side sleepers need. Instead, quality innerspring beds are often better suited to back or stomach sleepers since they promote neutral spinal alignment and are typically firmer.

To find the comfiest sleep and awaken each morning pain-free, browse our manual to find the ideal mattress for back pain.

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Significant mattress features best side sleeper mattress

Significant mattress features best side sleeper mattress

If it comes to purchasing your next mattress, there are a whole lot of significant variables to consider. Every individual collapses differently and has different tastes concerning comfort, service, and stability. As a result of this, selecting the “best” mattress is an involved undertaking that has to be customized to your circumstance. To help, we have assembled this listing of a few of the crucial considerations you need to consider when making your choice.

Size: The size of your next mattress (full, queen, king, etc.) is an important consideration, especially if you share your bed with a spouse. Queen is the most frequent size with a significant step, but single individuals could be equally as comfortable on a complete or possibly a twin.

Support: Support is significant for a comfy and healing night’s sleep. For side sleepers, this mattress’s aid is critical to keeping spinal alignment and preventing issues with back and neck pain. You may wish to locate a cozy mattress that provides the ideal degree of support to key regions such as the shoulders, shoulders, and neck. Side sleepers should start looking for a mattress with a responsive relaxation coating that dries the buttocks and shoulders without an excessive amount of sink.

Contouring: Contouring describes the way the mattress reacts to the form of the physique. Generally, memory foam provides better lubrication than other substances, as it enables the mattress to adapt to the contour of the sleeper’s body completely. For side sleepers, the very best choices incorporate all-foam mattresses and hybrid beds, which unite foam contouring layers using conventional springs for improved support.

Firmness: Firmness is a significant consideration and frequently among the biggest factors which will impact your general relaxation during the night. Side sleepers tend to perform best on a medium firmness level, somewhere between 7 and 5 from 10. Heavier individuals weighing over 230 pounds or might desire to consider a marginally milder mattress to stop shrinkage.

Motion Isolation: Motion isolation describes how well a mattress prevents movement onto one side of its mattress out of disturbing the slumber of the sleeper on the other hand. This variable is only applicable to people sleeping with a spouse. Foam will do a fantastic job of isolating movement, while innerspring mattresses often do poorly in this class.

Temperature Regulation: Evidence law identifies a mattress’s capacity to keep a comfortable sleeping temperature. Typically, this implies not keeping an excessive amount of body heat on hot nights. The mattresses we urge for side sleepers typically have some built-in cooling properties. However, this remains a significant consideration – especially if you reside in a warm climate.

Edge Support: Edge service denotes the strength and sturdiness of this mattress around the outside edges. This can be a significant consideration for side sleepers, as often, side sleepers wind up close to the border of the mattress. The very last thing you need is to roll off the mattress because of a lack of edge aid, so search for beds with strong ratings in this class.

In general, hybrid vehicles and innerspring beds score better marks for edge support when compared with all-foam mattresses, even though producers are becoming better at strengthening foam beds.

Cost: Since you spend a lot of your life on your mattress, cost shouldn’t be the principal aspect that sways your view – but for the majority of us, it is a factor yet. Looking for mattresses at the average price range of $800 to $1500 guarantees you obtain an exact quality mattress without breaking the bank. Generally, we advocate avoiding cheap beds since they’re generally less comfortable and not as durable.

Top Rated Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers Brands

Top Rated Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers Brands

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Back Pain: Helix Midnight Luxe

The best way to prevent back pain while sleeping would be to locate a mattress that delivers the proper degree of comfort and support for your sleep fashion. You will maximize your chances of doing precisely that by considering a Helix mattress. That is because Helix produces a vast range of hybrid mattresses, such as many versions designed with side sleepers in your mind: namely the Sunset, Midnight, and Twilight.

One of those side-sleeping-specific versions features a memory foam comfort layer that allows side sleepers to sink into the mattress and revel in some wonderful strain relief and body-contouring. Simultaneously, everyone these mattresses also contain support from pocketed coils, which will help promote healthy spinal alignment to protect against back pain.

While each of these models can do the job for you, I would especially suggest the Helix Midnight Luxe to most side sleepers who suffer from back pain. It should provide a great deal of pain-relieving sinkage to such folks.

Best flippable mattress: Layla Hybrid

The Layla Hybrid mattress is the sole flippable mattress kind with this list and one of the sole flippable hybrid mattress alternatives on the market. Nevertheless, it is not only flippable, so you could move it around and split it evenly. It combines two different mattresses in a single. One side is soft, and another is business, the ideal combination sleeper option for you if you can not make your mind up for what mattress firmness level you need in a brand new mattress.

The gentle mattress, which can be ranked a four out of 10 on the firmness level scale, has a lush texture that communicates and shapes your body whatsoever your stress points. The lighter mattress side ranked a seven out of 10, provides additional support with less sink to help keep your spine aligned as you glow. Both the mattress side and business mattress side are equally good to get a side sleeping position.

On days I felt sore and stressed, the gentle mattress side was enough to relieve pressure in my shoulders and buttocks but provided the support that I had to not wake up in pain. Over the days where I felt as though I needed a bit more support, the company mattress side propped me up.

In terms of mattress construction, Layla’s mattress fabric makes it a genuine hybrid mattress, combining layers of memory foam using separately wrapped pocketed coils. The foam layer can be infused with aluminum, which pulls heat away from the body as you sleep. I tend to sleep cool anyhow, but this is a superb attribute to get a hot sleeper that gets somewhat sweaty at nighttime, mainly since memory foam is notorious for trapping warmth.

Best Innerspring Mattress for Side Sleepers: Saatva

If you are a side sleeper that desires more of a conventional tufted vibe, then you might choose to consider the Plush Soft version of this Saatva mattress. Constructed with sturdy coil-on-coil construction, this mattress provides lots of elevators (and relief!) In the shoulders and buttocks.

Among my favorite things about the Saatva is how well it supports a neutral spine alignment. This signifies that the mattress can position the buttocks in line with the shoulders, making an even line throughout the body. This alignment is not just great for the trunk – it is also fantastic for relieving strain in the shoulders and buttocks as you press in the structure.

I must also add the Saatva is offered in three different firmness levels, which makes it possible for people to truly hone into the comfort level that is likely to be best for them. Side sleepers should choose the Plush Soft design to make sure they select an innerspring mattress that will not be too business for their requirements!

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Best mattress for single sleepers: Tuft & Needle Hybrid

Tuft and Needle Hybrid’s celebrity is a flexible memory foam that alleviates pressure from the shoulders and buttocks by expertly restraining your body and hugging you in all of the proper places. To make things much comfier, T&N unites that memory foam using separately wrapped metal bricks and ceramic gel, therefore along with softness, so you also receive the ideal quantity of support so that you don’t feel like you’re sinking. Plus, it works.

The mattress was soft enough to take the strain off my shoulders and buttocks, but I did not feel like the center of my backbone was sagging. I awakened pain-free, and, following a bit of stretching, my entire body felt nimble and ready to go. This mattress also has graphite, gel beads, and open atmosphere stations that operate together to wick moisture away and improve air circulation; therefore, it kept me cool and pleasant.

The only disadvantage is the fact that it appeared to get more bounce than many others. While there is no squeakiness like using a traditional spring mattress, the movement transfer in my boyfriend turning and throwing was sufficient to wake me up in the middle of the night. That is why I recommend it for those who sleep independently.

Best Value Mattress for Side Sleepers: Nectar

Side sleepers on a budget, listen up! Of all of the fantastic worth mattresses you can buy to encourage your whole lateral ambitions, my all-time favorite is your Nectar. Constructed with thick top layers of memory foam, this mattress was made to relieve all sorts of stress… without breaking the bank.

The star is memory foam, and that Nectar employs amply in either the relaxation and transition layers. This substance includes a super slow reaction to stress, therefore provides the sleeper with a slew of design relief since they sink in the mattress. Should you change from a back and side sleeper, you can significantly benefit from this amount of support.

And what is particularly good about the Nectar mattress is that it does not cost an arm and a leg. In reality, compared to other memory foam choices available on the current market, it is a whole lot less expensive.

Best mattress for pressure relief: Purple Hybrid Premier 4

As soon as I got about the Purple Hybrid Premier 4 and then rolled over on my side, my very first thought was: that seems weird. The grid technologies, which will be exclusive to Purple, are different than anything else I have tried, and that I felt just like the mattress was hoping to push me forward on my stomach.

However, after a couple of nights on the mattress, I got used to it, and also the Purple immediately became one of my favorites. The grid was created with plenty of open-air stations, so it is in a position to accommodate your entire body, contouring your contour perfectly wholly. The final result is a zero-gravity texture that takes the pressure off your shoulders, and buttocks feel amazingly soft and comfy.

The Purple also appeared to offer more excellent movement solitude than any other on the record, so this mattress kind is a superb alternative if you sleep with somebody else who turns and cries.

Best Mattress for Heavy Side Sleepers: WinkBed

Searching for soft comfort but do not need to feel consumed by a mattress? Then you may wish to consider a pillow top mattress like the WinkBed. The pillow top’s soft foams provide some excellent strain relief for side sleeping, while the springy coils under the pillow top provide lots of support and freedom.

The WinkBed is a bed-in-a-box hybrid mattress in 3 fifirmnessSoft, Luxury Company (medium company), and Business. All these models have a Tencel cover, which aids the mattress sleep trendy. They also contain a gel-infused, super-soft foam pillow top above a coil-on-coil system which provides zoned support (meaning that it makes room for a few sinkages around the shoulder while elevating the buttocks).

I have personally tested the Luxury Firm version and think it might be a fantastic choice for men and women that change between their sides and back throughout the evening. Strict side sleepers, however, might favor the Soft edition, which provides even more tension relief.

Best Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers: Bear Hybrid

Just like a soft mattress, however, do you not wish to forfeit bounce? Afterward, a hybrid mattress like the Bear Hybrid may be a fantastic option. This bed-in-a-box mattress features ultra-soft memory foams over pocketed coils, providing you the very best of both worlds regarding stress relief and freedom.

Besides its soft texture and excellent rebound, the Bear Hybrid delivers a lot of other advantages. It’s a Celliant cover and integrates a gel extract into its memory foams, which helps the mattress sleep trendy. There are also some signs that Celliant might aid with athletic recovery.

Therefore this may be a fantastic alternative for busy people. (even though it’s a wise idea to get your research on this stage!) At length, the Bear Hybrid could interest couples. It does a fantastic job of isolating movement and features powerful border support, allowing partners to use the entire surface of the mattress.

Best mattress for side sleepers who toss and turn: Leesa Legend

If you are more of a mostly-side sleeper that tosses and turns and ends up in your spine, then the Leesa Legend is right for you. With two layers of springs and two layers of technical memory foam, the mattress was developed to provide the ideal quantity of comfort and support for any sleeping position, whether you are a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper.

I was particularly impressed with all the edge-to-edge support. When I found myself teetering on the edge of the mattress, an inch off from rolling on the ground, I felt secure and encouraged. The movement isolation was just another one of my favorite things about the Leesa mattress. The memory foam mattress held up to a serious turning and tossing, staying comparatively still the entire time.

The Leesa also had the maximum high-end appearance and texture, with the exclusion of this Saatva. By simply looking at it, it is possible to tell that it is a high-quality mattress that has been constructed with comfort and durability in mind.

Best Cooling Mattress: Ghostbed Luxe

A number of the soft mattresses intended for side sleepers use thick layers of foam, which do a fantastic job of alleviating pressure in the joints. However, these compact foams have a propensity to trap warmth, insulating the sleeper inside their very own body heat and inducing them to kick the covers throughout the evening time. On the flip side, the all-foam GhostBed Luxe includes a plush feel that I adore for side sleepers but sleeps super trendy.

The GhostBed Luxe utilizes gel memory foam for stress relief, features a design feel without trapping warmth. The Luxe also employs a superb cooling cover made from a mix of polyester and phase change material. Phase change material has a cool to the touch texture that actually will help dissipate heat. These cooling properties create the GhostBed Luxe, a fantastic cooling alternative for side sleepers.

Best Pillow Top Mattress: DreamCloud Premier

A pillow top mattress is a fantastic alternative for sleepers who demand pressure relief around the shoulders and buttocks. The DreamCloud Premier’s cushioning pillow top will provide only the side sleepers. A blend of gel memory foam along with a pillow top gives plenty of pressure-relieving sinkage for all these people.

This medium-firm mattress also features pocketed coils, so it is fairly responsive. That means back and side mix sleepers also need to feel comfortable on this mattress. If you sleep on your side at any stage throughout the evening and revel in the pillow-top texture, then I would recommend checking out the DreamCloud Premier.

Best Mattress for Stress Relief: Nolah Evolution

Stress relief is your number one thing that I search for in a mattress created for side sleepers. I frequently hear about the shoulder, hip, and joint paint from folks who invest most of the night in their sides. To fight that pressure, I love to advocate a gentle mattress like the Nolah Evolution.

The Nolah Evolution utilizes Nolah’s proprietary AirFoam, a memory foam replacement with a lavish feel that is fantastic for side sleepers. Like memory foam, it allows you to sink into bed to distribute the weight concentration, which could result in shoulder pain, unlike memory foam that does not trap body heat, making it sleep somewhat cooler.

The gentle, cooling foams from the Nolah should provide lots of strain relief. Therefore I would highly suggest it to sleepers searching for a few additional mattresses.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain: Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Due to the simple fact that side sleepers wind up focusing their weight over their shoulders and shoulder, they frequently wind up having difficulties with a build-up of strain in these regions. When a mattress is too firm of unwanted sleeping, it may result in aches and pains in the joints, so it is essential to obtain a milder sense.

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a hybrid mattress that comes in three different service levels, providing you with a selection of how the business you want your mattress to be. I would advise that side sleepers go together with all the gentle versions, which may help alleviate the pressure build-up in the hips that may plague them through the day.

With pleasant pressure relief, the Signature has fine advantage support and does a pretty fantastic job isolating movement transfer, which makes it a fantastic solution for couples.

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Sleeping Tips for Side Sleeping

While sleeping the ideal mattress is among the most significant things in getting quality sleep, you will find different things you can do as a side sleeper to be sure to awaken feeling well-rested and pain-free.

Sleeping on your Left Side

Sleeping on your left side rather than your right provides a couple of advantages to your anatomy. Sleeping on the left side of the body helps:

  • Reduce strain on the stomach
  • Reduce strain on the digestive tract to promote digestion
  • Promote healthy blood circulation
  • Reduce acid reflux
  • Reduce heartburn

Sleeping on your side-especially your left side-can also be the recommended sleeping position for pregnant girls. Dr. Angela Jones, Astroglide’s resident sexual wellness adviser, Provides some tips for sleeping during pregnancy:

“We urge left lateral positioning while sleeping because it displaces off the uterus of the inferior vena cava, that’s the significant blood vessel which returns blood into the heart. The biggest tip I’ve for sleeping through pregnancy will be not to freak out if you happen to wake up in your back or the side. Adjust your positioning and then return to sleep.”

Back sleepers with sleep apnea seeking to modify their position need to consider sleep. If you sleep on your back, the throat muscles relax, along with your tongue lulls back, blocking your airways, leading to sleep apnea. When you turn to your side, it opens your airways up without even messing with your orientation.

Sleeping stretched out somewhat from the position is also a great practice to begin; it is better for alignment.

Utilize Pillows Wisely

We have mentioned how crucial your mattress’s mattress supports your own body’s natural orientation, but your cushions play a massive part in this. If your neck is too high or too low, then the backbone’s cervical vertebrae will probably be in misalignment. Typical cushions typically fall too level, so side sleepers should try to find a thicker, firmer pillow.

Pick a Great Topper

Side sleepers may also benefit by using a mattress topper with their mattress. Mattress toppers include an excess layer of cushion and comfort to the mattress’s surface and, therefore, are a fantastic solution for side sleepers appearing to produce their mattress milder. The very best mattress toppers for side sleepers comprise memory latex or polyurethane foam. These foam accessories provide contouring pressure relief to the shoulders and hips of side sleepers.


How company if a mattress be if you sleep on your side?

Side sleepers should be trying to find a mattress that’s softer-than-average; on a scale of 1-10, a fantastic side sleeping mattress must be between 5 and 6.5.

A mattress with this stability should alleviate strain on the shoulders and hips o that someone may sleep during the night with no pain in these regions. A Mediumirmness might even be a lot better.

What mattress is most suitable for side sleepers that have back pain?

The Level Sleep should be an excellent fit for side sleepers who fight spine pain; it features a zoned construction that provides exceptional lumbar support and stress relief beneath the shoulders.

This should ensure that side sleepers must find the strain relief they want while remaining in proper neutral alignment.

Which kind of mattress is ideal for side sleepers?

If it comes to negative sleeping, memory foam is one of the very best substances on the market; it allows sleepers to sink while relieving strain on the shoulders and buttocks.

An innerspring mattress with pocketed coils and a gentle pillow top may also be a fantastic alternative so long as the comfortable coating is thick enough to avoid bottoming out.

Most side sleepers will need to steer clear of latex mattresses since they’re usually firmer and do not offer quite the strain relief that other kinds of mattresses do.

Are innerspring mattresses great for side sleepers?

Innerspring mattresses using pocketed coils might be a good match for side sleeping if they’re soft ; search for an innerspring mattress with a thicker relaxation coating on top, or perhaps consider a hybrid mattress that incorporates some kind of soft foam at the comfortable coating.

If I purchase a mattress on the internet, what occurs?

The majority of the mattresses you can purchase online include free delivery, a risk-free trial interval of at least 100 nights, free returns, and a 10-year guarantee. You can often purchase a mattress, and if you do not enjoy it within the first three months, you may return it for a complete refund.

What’s better, foam or innerspring mattress?

If it comes to side sleepers, you can make your choice. If you’d like less “bounce,” you may favor the foam mattresses, which are usually times less expensive. If you would like to have more support along with a more conventional innerspring texture, well, then a spiral mattress makes more sense.

Do I need a soft mattress?

Not always, but most side sleepers do often favor a somewhat milder mattress. Nevertheless, it is going to rely on the individual. Some side sleepers also prefer a firm mattress.


As side sleeping is a favorite sleeping position, many mattresses are sold explicitly for side sleepers nowadays. If you are looking, bear in mind your budget and personal sleep tastes, assisting you to opt for the best mattress. Do not be reluctant to ask retailers inquiries and browse online mattress reviews through your hunt to ensure that you’re purchasing the very best mattress for a fantastic night’s rest.

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