Best Mattress For Platform Bed 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Platform Bed 2021

In the following guide, we’ll explore the Best Mattress For Platform Bed and discuss their pros and cons. We will also provide hints on picking a new mattress for platform beds to help you keep much better.

As most of us know, sleep is just one of those vital pieces of our own lives. We appreciate sleep much; we ought to remain ready to spend on it. Have you ever updated your old mattress to a stage bed, and you wonder what mattress types to use for this? Keep reading our post below to have a proper decision.

What’s a Platform Bed?

If you use the term “mattress,” you are probably referring to this whole outfit – the framework, the mattress, as well as the comforter and cushions. If you are going to get technical about it, the term mattress frequently refers mostly to the construction itself – the real part of the furniture. Another word often utilized in this program is that the term “foundation.”

The base is exactly what your mattress sits. It helps maintain the mattress from sagging and guarantee the materials constitute the mattress perform their job. The most frequent basis for mattresses is your box spring. Box springs may be used on any bed, such as easy metallic frames.

A platform bed is usually manufactured with a raised horizontal framework, often designed using a very low profile. These beds may be equipped with or without a headboard and footboard, and they frequently include under-bed storage. A storage bed is a superb alternative for bedrooms where space is at a premium, like in tiny apartments or dorm rooms. Platform beds may be employed with box springs but might also utilize pliers.

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Pros And Cons Of Platform Beds

A mattress base provides support for the mattress. However, there are additional advantages too. Picking the proper base impacts this mattress’s lifespan and might increase airflow to help keep you cooler during the nighttime.

Particular foundations include the limit or height of the mattress’s elevation and might help keep the mattress clean by keeping it off the ground. A platform bed is a straightforward base that is included with numerous pros and cons.


It saves you the extra expense of buying a box spring so that you may put that money toward buying a more excellent quality mattress.

You could always change your mind and incorporate a box if you would like to elevate the mattress’s height or adapt how it seems.

Many platform beds have storage options, which are very beneficial in tiny flats and other cramped spaces.

Platform beds improve airflow under and about the mattress that might help you sleep warmer during the night.


Most stage beds have been equipped with a low profile – in case you do not use a box spring; it might wind up being too low for many men and women who have difficulty getting up by themselves.

Platform beds are generally assembled in 1 piece, which could make it hard to maneuver the mattress around after it’s entirely constructed.

Many people today find platform beds seem too simple or basic – if you would like to bring a headboard, you might need to spend extra because of this.

Ultimately, it is entirely up to you to choose if a platform mattress is an ideal option. Both system beds and box springs have their benefits and disadvantages. Therefore we can not inform you that one is much better. We could, however, provide you with recommendations as soon as it comes to deciding on a platform mattress and the mattress you are using on it. Could you keep reading to see our hints?

Best type of mattress for platform bed

Best type of mattress for platform bed

Latex Mattress

If you do not need a mattress made from synthetic substances, you should go for latex mattresses since it’s produced out of safe, non-toxic substances. It’s produced from the sap of a rubber tree and can generally be quite hefty. Decide on a mattress with a sturdy frame of pliers to support the weight of the mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is the most frequent kind of mattress favored by many because of its flexibility. It can be put on just about any mattress surface and follows the body’s contours without leaving a feeling. It’s a great mattress to get a slatted platform bed, but you need to ensure the slats are not put too far from one another to prevent the foam from sinking to the cracks.

Innerspring Mattress

They are also a frequent kind of business mattress utilized in many families. It’s produced out of a coiled system, which provides it this rebound. As springs work in due course, make certain you purchase innerspring mattresses mainly intended for beds.

Hybrid Mattress

As its name implies, hybrid mattresses are a mixture of multiple technologies integrated into a single mattress. Owing to the well-thought-out layout, this kind of mattress functions nicely on stage beds.

Should you like to get a platform bed but do not know where to find a person, it is possible to peek at this listing. We will also help you select the ideal platform bed mattress.

Pillow top

Pillow top mattresses have an excess layer of padding along with additional support layers. As its name suggests, it is like getting cushions in addition to your mattress.

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How to pick the best platform bed mattress?

These features can help you buy the best platform bed mattresses:


The very first thing that you ought to check if purchasing a mattress is the guarantee period. If the company supplies a very long warranty period, by way of instance, 5-10 decades, it usually means they are convinced in their product. But sometimes, even the top mattresses can get faulty in a couple of decades, and as mattresses are somewhat pricey, it’s fantastic to have a very long warranty period.

Heat Regulation

Among the most common complaints, people have about mattresses is how fast they seem to heat up throughout the evening. This makes them feel highly uncomfortable and disturbs their sleep. If that is a problem that bothers you, you need to pick a gel-infused mattress that regulates the body’s temperature and keeps you cool during the evening.


It is not necessarily true that the thicker the mattress is also, the more comfortable it will be. But, mattresses for platform beds must ideally be 12 to 14 inches. Hybrid mattresses provide prolonged heights with the two spring coils’ assistance and gentle yet supportive memory foam.


It seems like fun and games once we see a resilient mattress and can not help but leap on them. On the other hand, the softness or, instead, the stability of the mattress will decide whether you will sleep much better. Since the mattress’s stability is a purely subjective thing, try out a couple of mattresses to estimate the sense of their stability before deciding on one. If you are not a sleeper, then you can select a mattress that’s moderate to lavish.

Form Of Mattress

If you scroll back up, you’ll observe a brief outline of the five most frequent mattresses for platform beds. We recommend you read up on it before buying a mattress.



A favorite selection for children, a double is an ideal size for single people who wish to conserve space.

Twin XL

Twin XL is frequently seen in school dorms since it’s a bit more than the double, excellent for taller people or the ones that sleep with pets.


Fulls are fine for singles that need a bit more wiggle room or go around a lot in their sleep or couples that do not mind-boggling.


The most frequently encountered size queens are a terrific solution for couples who may nevertheless comfortably fit in many bedrooms.


Kings offer you the most space from side to side, excellent for people who share the bed with children, pets, and spouses.

California King

Less broad than the king but more, a California King is the best selection for tall sleepers.

Top Best Mattresses For Platform Beds Brands

Top Best Mattresses For Platform Beds Brands

The Stylish and Powerful: Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re seeking something which provides a simplistic design but superior materials, then I’d suggest the Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress! It’s the conforming memory foam along with the fantastic support that stored my entire body free of pain.

When I received it, I had been amazed at how simple it was to install. It arrived wrapped and compressed but inflated nicely after unpacking. I managed to use it after the next night (to broadcast out the odor).

After the first couple of nights, my entire body immediately adapted to the mattress, preferring that it gradually shapes into my own body and contrasts my backbone properly. It is made of 3 inches of memory foam, yet another 3 inches of stress-relieving comfort memory foam, then half a high-density foundation foam.

It comes at a fantastic price and is extremely firm. When it may take a couple of days to expand satisfactorily to get a while, I believe it’s well worth the cost. You receive more than what’s paid for; although it will not do wonders, it will help with sleep very efficiently.


  • Easy for this to expand
  • The odor lasts for a few hours.
  • Very comfy and inviting, helps with more excellent sleep.
  • Perfect stability and hotel-like caliber
  • Moderately-priced in an Excellent Price
  • Simple to wash


  • Edges expand somewhat slower for a few.
  • It is not Temperpedic and feels somewhat hot.
  • Perhaps not the best customer support
  • Some may complain about it being overly firm.

Linen spa

Sleep like a baby each night with this high-quality mattress and wake up around the ideal side of this bed. This 6-inch mattress consists of tempered heavy-gauge steel coils, which provide sufficient support. The mattress’s top layer is constructed from relaxation foam for a soft pillow impact and features a felt pad on this surface’s inner layer for insulation.


  • Twin-sized Classic mattress
  • Ideal for box springs, slatted/ platform beds, and alloy grids
  • Box into be setup
  • Fire-resistant barrier
  • 100% polyester cover


  • Some might get the mattress a little too business.

The Soft Quality and Comfortable: Olee Sleep

The Olee Sleep Mattress is another mattress in a fantastic value due to its hybrid kind combination, which can be equally soft memory foam plus gel-infused to make sure both a comfortable and supportive night with temperature in your mind.

As soon as I removed the mattress out of its packaging (shipping was speedy and efficient!), I was amazed by how fast it expanded. It was enjoyable to see, too, with setup than a couple of hours before using it. As usual, there is a smell to be aware of. But it disappears in time, and it is ready to work within days.

While employing the mattress, you will appreciate how great it feels when lying down. While I do wish there was external support, mainly from the borders, it feels fantastic and had me need to sleep indefinitely. It regulates temperature; therefore, I do not encounter night sweats or wake up with hot flashes instead of using different kinds of memory foam mattresses.

After a couple of weeks, I experienced better sleep, with my backless sore as previously. I sleep soundly during the night today, and my spouse can be experienced improved remainder with no joint pain.

Overall, I will say this is a worthy investment that everyone can gain from.


  • The ideal balance of stability and soft texture
  • Helps with back and joint pain
  • It holds nicely and may last for a Long Time.
  • Moderately-priced at a Fantastic Price
  • Odor disappears within a few hours.


  • Unpacking is simple but requires help.
  • Heavyweight
  • The shipping bundle is a Little damaged.

Signature Sleep Flex 10-Inch Charcoal Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, expect this mattress to be the instantaneous fix. Its distinctive charcoal gel memory foam features moisture management to regulate body temperature and controls filthy odor and scents. Additionally, it owns tension-relieving qualities. If you’re a fidgety sleeper, this mattress includes isolating qualities which guarantee your body moves won’t disturb the man sleeping next to you. It features a channel-cut foam coating for extra airflow.


  • Follows the contours of the human body
  • Soft and breathable knit fabric
  • Fire retardant barrier
  • High-density support foam


  • The cover is non-removable and non-washable.
  • It requires a whole lot of time to decompress when vacuum-sealed.

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Vibe Gel Foam Mattress

If you believe that your mattress is the main enemy and the No. 1 reason for your body aches, then it is high time you pulled it out and got a fresh one. It includes a cooling gel-infused memory foam that pulls heat away from the body and regulates the body temperature to get a serene slumber. Its body-contouring properties aim at pain at the stress points and decrease soreness in areas such as the shoulders, neck, back, and spine.


  • 7 inches of high-density foam
  • Stretch knit quilted fiber cover.
  • Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial foam
  • Low movement transfer


  • Some might get the mattress also the company.

The High-Quality and Flexible: Tuft and Needle Mattress

The Tuft and Needle Mattress is just another worthy buy, even though a high cost. It is made from elastic foam especially made by the producer. It follows that the mattress has a somewhat springy yet supportive feel that is perfect for pretty much any sleeping place. As soon as I tried it the first couple of nights, I managed to accommodate the mattress and sleep directly. It shapes my body form and retains my entire body encouraged, preventing me out of pain and sleepless nights.

The mattress is the best mixture of stability and softness while controlling temperatures throughout the evening what’s well-balanced. It supplies a suitable pressure relief with no rebound that disturbs my spouse once I move around.

When setting it up, it may take a couple of days to expand while eliminating the odor. Nonetheless, it is not a massive drawback since it is normal for most mattresses. The odor is not as powerful compared to other manufacturers, and the entire mattress is thick with identical stability all around, for example, its borders.

Coming using a trial and ten-year warranty, the mattress is a fantastic buy that guarantees you an excellent mattress for a long time to come.


  • Not that powerful of a smell
  • The perfect balance of stability and soft texture
  • Reduce the rebound and stiffness when going around
  • Ideal for almost any sleeping place
  • Wishing you comfortable and well-supported
  • Has a trial and guarantee


  • It has a top cost
  • Set up and eliminating odor takes a Couple of days.

The Well-Ventilated and Licensed: LUCID

The LUCID Memory Foam Mattress is gel-infused to get a cooler night’s sleep. It is well-ventilated and keeps me comfortable during the night. Therefore, I do not wake up sweating anymore.

Upon getting the mattress, I enjoyed the fact that it expanded in hours, so I managed to use it instantly. The odor was bearable and not overly noticeable. So long as you opened the windows, it will air out from the time it’s ready to use.

The mattress includes a medium-firm texture, which is excellent for me since I don’t like to sink a lot and need the softness to maintain my body comfy. It conforms fast and not too heavy to change sleeping places once I wish to without any disturbance. Additionally, it will come with a cloth cover that’s moisture-controlling and temperature-regulating, making it much more comfortable and safer. The cover protects both me and the mattress!

While employing the mattress, everything about it was fantastic. I slept like a baby and woke up with more energy. No more backaches and far better than the conventional springform mattresses I’d like to possess. Therefore, if you’re searching for something cheaper and long-lasting, this is a fantastic buy.


  • Affordable price with great Price
  • Smell eliminates easily and fast to expand.
  • Comfortable with the Ideal Quantity of support
  • Can work for any sleeping place
  • Regulates temperature also keeps you cool


  • Not as thick as promoted
  • Some complaints of this queen-sized being overly long

Classic Brands

Can you awake in the middle of the night feeling sticky and sweaty? Is not it annoying when that occurs? You may be amazed, but the reason behind that unwanted heat might become your mattress. That’s the reason it’s best to invest in an excellent gel memory foam mattress similar to this one.

The cool gel foam features temperature regulation and venting for undisturbed sleep, whereas the airflow service foam alleviates pressure factors. The mattress also includes a high-density foundation foam for unparalleled comfort and support.


  • Waterfall edge cover
  • 4-way stretch cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 12-inch mattress
  • Self-ventilating
  • Flexible foundation friendly
  • Low movement transfer


  • It might take a very long time to return to its original form.

Perfect Cloud UltraPlush

Among the finest in the class of mattresses are such ultra-lavish gel mattresses out of Perfect Cloud. Since stage beds are firm and quite sturdy due to wooden slats, obtaining a mattress that provides the essential softness is vital.

One other important matter to consider is getting a mattress that doesn’t retain heat.

This can be when cooling comes to the rescue. The fantastic Cloud Ultra Plush Gel-Max Mattress comes with an ultra-luxurious gel that ensures that the mattress will stay cool even in the summertime. Memory Foam is considered ideal for co-sleeping too. They do not make too much noise as you’re moving and, consequently, disturbing another individual sleeping with you.

These mattresses are 10 inches thick, so a fantastic foundation is provided to make you feel profoundly relaxed and comfy. The three different layers of the mattress are Visco Gel-Max memory foam of two inches in-between the air-infused memory foam 1.5 inches and a base layer of HD Base Support Foam of 6.5 inches. The ideal blend of those three layers guarantees exceptional comfort to the consumer.

The very best thing is that these mattresses can be found in different sizes and dimensions. So if you’ve got a king-size bed or queen size, then you’d come across a perfect mattress to your platform mattress.


  • Separate layers for more comfort and support
  • Resistant and resistant to dust and fleas
  • It has a detachable knit cover.
  • Made with dependable materials
  • It doesn’t have some poisonous material.


  • The mattress is very business and not for people looking for a soft and cushioned one.
  • The sagging of the mattress in the sides becomes more prominent following prolonged use.

Zenhaven From Saatva

Memory Foam is excellent, but it is not suitable for everybody. Some men and women who attempt memory foam get the impression they are sleeping “in” instead of”on” the mattress and want a bit more bounce. If you’re trying to find a cloth with a bit more responsiveness for it, but you do not wish to compromise pressure relief, then consider latex. Our best choice for the best latex mattresses for platform beds is Zenhaven from Saatva.

The Zenhaven mattress by Saatva is a superior choice. This mattress provides natural relaxation and breathable sleep throughout the mix of natural Talalay latex and organic cotton. The mattress is constructed on a support center of latex using a 5-zone relaxation layer of latex. It is all wrapped up in a quilted organic cotton cover with a flame-retardant coating of organic wool only under. This mattress includes complimentary white glove delivery, a 120-night residence trial, along with a 20-year guarantee.


  • Produced from organic and natural materials
  • Flippable layout with two hardness degrees
  • No off-gassing


  • Significantly more expensive than several versions
  • Neither side could be ideal for side sleepers.

Live and Sleep Resort 10 Inch

This is another beautiful bit to consider for platform beds from Live and Sleep Resort, a trusted brand. This 10-inch thick mattress is made with memory foam that’s also infused with cooling. This guarantees extreme comfort in addition to cooling impact, therefore, ideal for hot summers.

Being a recognized manufacturer, the reasons to doubt its durability and credibility is essentially zero. The mattress comes with an additional thick profile with different layers of memory foam, plus Premium Air-Flow Infused Visco foam provides a luxurious feel to the consumer. It’s watertight and made out of high-quality substances.

There are no latex or coils on the mattress. Additionally, when you throw or flip while sleeping, it will not disturb another sleeper in any way. It’s noise-free and so ideal for co-sleeping. The existence of appropriate pressure points can help eliminate neck and back pain. It aims at sore shoulders and hips and provides instant relief from many kinds of aches.

Coming in various measurements, it works excellent for queen and king-size beds. It includes a cover made out of soft cloth to provide a luxurious feel to the consumer. The ideal blend of different foam layers causes this mattress among the very best to use for platform beds.


  • It’s watertight and does not retain moisture.
  • Extra thick profile for improved comfort
  • Comes with soft cloth removable cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It doesn’t have some poisonous material.


  • It keeps heat
  • The mattress is firmer and less soft.

Nectar Sleep Mattress

The Nectar Sleep Mattress is a high-quality memory foam mattress designed to provide cooling comfort for many sleeping places. Ideal for all bedforms, by a traditional box spring into a platform mattress, this mattress is designed with comfort and flexibility in your mind – and you are given a whole year to check it before you will need to devote.

The Nectar Mattress is an 11-inch thick mattress constructed out of four layers of functionality foam equipped with cooling and relaxation in mind, topped with a quilted cover.

The quilted TencelĀ® long-staple cotton cover is entirely removable and made having an aloe-based cooling coating, designed to wick away excess heat and provide a cushioned coating that keeps you at an ideal temperature since you sleep.

The four layers of memory foam that compose the Nectar Mattress are designed to provide various relaxation, cooling, and support components. The top layer is a thin layer of solid gel memory foam designed to offer extra relaxation and increase the mattress’s airflow.

Next is a 1-inch thick fast-recovery gel memory foam coating, designed to include more cooling properties into the mattress and distribute your body weight evenly for contoured support. The 3-inch coating below consists of elastic Hi-Core memory foam to back up your entire body while also providing sufficient rebound to earn the mattress comfy.

Last, the foundation layer is a 2.2-pound high-density foundation foam layer that supports and strengthens the layers.

The Nectar Mattress is called a moderate company, providing contouring aid to ease pressure points and reduce muscle aches and pains while retaining marginally more rebound than conventional memory foam mattresses. This mattress is made for long-term help with additional comfort and ought to suit any sleeping posture.

Some reviews indicate that the Nectar is ideal for back sleepers, though some side sleepers include a topper to produce the mattress a bit softer to sleep.

Dentists report that the Nectar is exceptional concerning motion transfer, using solid edge support to make certain you don’t wake your spouse when going around through the night or getting in or out of bed.

The Nectar Sleep Mattress includes a Forever Warranty, in addition to a more 365-night sleep trial period, to provide you a lot of chances to check the mattress on your own before you commit to purchasing it. Nectar reports less than 3% of consumers to reunite their mattress, but it is a massive incentive to get much time to determine if it is ideal for you.

This mattress comes in six different sizes, all of which can be compatible with bed frames, such as beds. With excellent edge support, relaxation, minimal movement transfer, and a long sleep trial period, the Nectar Mattress is a high-quality product that’s certain to be a fantastic match for your platform mattress.


  • Works with bed frames
  • Designed to match all sleep positions
  • 365-night sleep trial period
  • CertiPUR-US accredited

The All-Natural and Supportive: Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress

Last but not least, we’ve got the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress, which can be an eco-friendly option as it includes a bamboo-derived rayon cover. Does this make it a superb selection for environment-friendly men and women? But also, it regulates the temperature while still being moisture-wicking. You and your mattress are well-protected and comfy with all the removable covers!

The mattress includes a medium-feel, which can be ideal for any sleeping position. My spouse does not wake me up tossing and turning because I stopped or did not fold or move than other mattresses.

It is somewhat on the pricey side. But I feel that it is well worth the cost with its substances and superb contouring for my body form. Additionally, with its limited warranty, you can get the mattress replaced or fixed to endure for long.


  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Quality and comfy bed that’s medium-support
  • Dependable and durable, built to survive.
  • Has a limited guarantee
  • No gassy odor and inflates immediately away.


  • It comes at a little high cost.
  • Many People Today whine about it being overly firm
  • Requires a couple of days to get used to the stability


Best Mattress For Platform Bed FAQs

Have you got to get a unique mattress to get a platform bed?

No, your stage mattress can work as a base for any mattress. Your old innerspring mattress could be popped into a platform bed, but make sure you exit the box spring if you don’t want the mattress to be rather tall. Do not be afraid to use it to get a foam mattress.

A platform mattress works tremendously well with memory foam mattresses, mainly providing extra support, durability, and breathability. If you have got the latex mattress, ensure your platform mattress is designed to maintain the weight. Considering these mattresses have a heightened probability of sagging when the foundation has large openings, the slates on your system mattress should not be greater than 3″ or 4″ inches apart.

How thick should a mattress be to get a platform bed?

Thick mattresses which are 10″ to 12″ in height are best for a platform bed. Platform bed frames are generally low to the floor, along the mattress height makes it effortless to maneuver in and out of their mattress. Thinner mattresses could be favored by short individuals or the differently-abled. In the end, you need to keep in mind that the depth of a mattress is a personal taste, and your choice ought to depend on what feels comfortable to you.

How can you maintain a mattress on a platform bed?

It’s possible to put your mattress on a platform bed directly. It doesn’t demand an extra-base for a platform mattress itself provides support to the mattress. Having said this, you need to check your mattress guarantee to make certain it does not need the mattress to be set on a box. In this instance, you can put both the mattress and box spring onto the stage bed. The box spring positioning won’t add or decrease support to the mattress, but it will cause your mattress to become super tall.

What mattress is ideal for getting a platform bed?

Platform beds are great for virtually all mattresses, which means you’ve got many different exceptional choices to select from. The mattress which can work best for you will be determined by the features you search for and your sleeping habits. We have carefully reviewed and rated some top contenders for you to consider.

If you’re trying to find an extremely breathable hybrid mattress, give Helix ago. Zinus Sleep 12-inch mattress is just another standout alternative that’s business, adapting, and very affordable. For comfort and support of layers of foam and discharge of stress points, select AS3.


If you’re looking to get a cozy sleep (who does not?), then the very best investment you’ll make is an excellent mattress that can fit your mattress. You receive complete comfort from soft fabrics and help alleviate any physical pain that causes you to toss and turn.

But buying mattresses on the internet can be full of worries and questions. Not having the ability to try out the mattress before paying was frightful.

Now that we have looked at all you want to learn about platform bed mattresses, you can confidently pick the best mattress for a platform bed.

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