Best Mattress For Neck Pain 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Neck Pain 2021

Neck pain is a frequent criticism. The neck muscles may be strained due to incorrect posture – whether it is leaning in the front of a pc or hunching over a desk. Osteoarthritis is also a frequent cause of neck pain.

Neck pain does not merely disrupt our sleep; because our necks encourage the mind and will be the passageways on your backbone, caring for your neck needs to be a fairly significant step in knowing your general wellbeing. Most neck pain instances are uncontrollable and cause no severe stress.

However, if it’s consistent or entails a particular disability or harm, how you approach alleviating that pain nightly is vital. The top cushions for neck pain will fit you, and your tastes and the way to ascertain your very best choice are clarified below.

Our best mattress for neck pain is chosen because they meet the standards for support and relaxation kind, promise pain relief and better sleep. Also, we share with you the way you can obtain the ideal mattress for neck pain. Let us dive into

How Does A Mattress Effect Neck Pain?

If you have tried many various remedies for your neck and back pain, it could be hard to think that a mattress may make a difference. Listed below are a couple of reasons why buying a high-quality mattress is a superb option.

Spinal Alignment

Mattresses can make it simpler for you to experience proper spinal alignment as possible sleep. These mattresses are created to properly support your spine and neck by adapting to your body shape.

Supports Rest

From time to time, we experience neck or back pain just because our bodies weren’t given sufficient time to break as needed. Only getting a better night’s sleep may significantly decrease the frequency and severity of your pain.


Mattresses that can be breathable create your sleeping environment warmer and will help soothe aching hot spots after a very long moment.

The Way To Obtain The Finest Mattress For Neck Pain

The Way To Obtain The Finest Mattress For Neck Pain

Some top mattresses for neck pain provide considerable pressure support and relief. A too-soft or too-firm mattress can create painful pressure points and boost shoulder and neck pain.

When deciding on a new mattress, consider sleeping posture, physique, mattress kind, and accessible sleep trials, return policies, and warranties. Knowing these variables will be able to allow you to narrow down possible choices.

Sleeping Position

Deciding on the correct firmness boils to your sleeping position since it influences how your body weight is located on the mattress.

By way of instance, back sleepers require a surface that cradles their buttocks but retains the body in addition to the mattress rather than sinking. By comparison, side sleepers usually prefer a softer texture for optimum cushioning from the shoulders and buttocks.

Negative Sleeping

Approximately 63% of American adults are sleeping on their side. Side sleeping is just one of the most popular sleeping positions, along with also the safest also. Negative sleep improves heart health, opens airways, also reduces acid reflux.

The ideal mattress for side sleepers is soft to moderate. The thinner coating provides a deeper compression beneath the shoulders and buttocks, areas with much more tension from bearing body fat when sleeping on your side.

A softer mattress may better cradle the neck and head, filling the massive gap between the throat and sleep surface. A mattress firmer than the usual moderate may feel overly complicated and may boost stress, aggravating neck pain.

Back Sleeping

Back sleeping may provide pain relief since it aligns the spine. Back sleeping keeps the buttocks and shoulders, potentially decreasing neck pain.

Medium-firm-to-business mattresses for back sleepers are perfect because these firmnesses better hold the lower spine and stop the hips from sinking too heavy, which might lead to lower neck and back pain.

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Combination Sleeping

Blend sleepers often throw and turn, switching between 2 to three sleeping places every evening. Combination sleeping might not be the ideal sleeping position when you have neck pain since the pitching motions might boost the potential of pulling sore throat muscles.

The top mattresses for mixed sleepers are moderate to medium-firm instability. A moderate feel provides considerable support to the backbone, regardless of the sleeping place.

Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleeping is your least healthy sleeping place. Lying on your stomach areas intense pressure on the backbone; this strain can exacerbate throat pain if you turn your head on the side to breathe.

We recommend changing to unwanted sleep, but if you are a dedicated stomach sleeper, you will find a couple of practices you can do to reduce spinal strain. One method is putting a thin pillow under your hips. Slightly bettering your hips can lessen stress and better align your spine.

The following technique is sleeping with a pillow. Pillows can strain the neck by lifting your head too large and arching your spine. Resting your head right on the sleep surface prevents muscle strain and also contrasts your shoulders and buttocks.

Body Type

Your physique also affects the comfort and support you will need to get a fantastic night’s sleep. Body type has been broken up into three categories-mild, moderate, and plus-size. Different firmness amounts might be more perfect than others, based on what category you belong to.

For example, a soft mattress may provide exceptional cushioning and support to a lightweight sleeper or somebody who weighs over 130 lbs. But a plus-size sleeper can locate the bed too soft and unsupportive. Instead, a plus-size sleeper might feel much more comfortable using a medium-firm-to-business mattress because this kind of mattress provides more significant support to people who weigh greater than 230 lbs.

Typical weight sleepers may select a mattress predicated solely on their sleeping posture and comfort tastes because their weight does not alter the mattress’s sense.

Mattress Type

You will prefer a mattress with more bounce or even a mattress using a conforming feel. Because of internet shopping, it is easy to locate all sorts of mattresses and firmnesses to fulfill your requirements. The most usual mattress kinds include memory foam, innerspring, latex, and hybrid vehicle.

Remember, if you suffer from neck pain, you will need a bed with superior strain relief and consistent assistance. Otherwise, you may wind up with the incorrect mattress and worsen present neck pain.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam mattresses are great for throat pain relief. Memory Foam softens under heat and weight, molding to your own human body and relieving pressure points. Memory Foam retains its shape and cradles the body, reverting into a smooth surface once you escape the bed. Other mattress materials might not shape in addition to memory foam, and your neck pain may worsen as an outcome.

Another excellent feature of memory foam is its capacity to confine movement transfer. Not being awakened by jolts or motion can stop the throat pain from becoming worse for sleepers with throat pain.


In comparison to memory foam, innerspring might be the worst mattress alternative for neck pain. Innerspring mattresses lack a decent relaxation layer and might not provide enough pressure relief to decrease neck pain. Some innerspring mattresses can include a cushion top, which may improve pressure relief; however, they usually sag and thins out after only a couple of years of wear.

Innerspring mattresses aren’t as durable as other mattress types. An innerspring mattress includes a 5-7 year life expectancy. The steel coils tend to crack or bend out of shape immediately, causing the mattress to eliminate support and pain.


Latex is comparable to memory foam-both provides excellent strain relief and maintains their shape to decrease neck pain. But, latex sleeps cooler and is more often stronger compared to memory foam. Latex mattresses do not shape as near to the body as memory foam. Therefore less body heat is trapped, an excellent feature for hot sleepers. Natural latex is among the most durable substances, lasting around 12 decades, which means it’s possible to enjoy pain-free sleep for a more extended period.

Latex mattresses may be thicker than other mattress styles and price more. A latex mattress might not be in your means if you are on a small budget.


A hybrid mattress unites pressure-relieving memory foam or latex using bouncy innerspring coils. Hybrids might be a better option for people who prefer a coiled service coating over foam. The accession of memory foam at the upper layer and the inviting pocketed coils guarantees both softness and support for anyone who has neck pain.

Bear in mind hybrid mattresses may be more costly than other mattress styles, but many feel that the excess price is well worth it.

Sleep Trial, Return Policy, and Warranty

Sleep trials, return policies, and guarantees allow you to test a brand new mattress with very little danger and thoroughly enjoy the mattress for many years to come. Make sure you thoroughly read the fine print of every policy before committing to a purchase. Otherwise, you might get an inexpensive mattress and expertise poor sleep out of sagging.

Sleep trials provide customers time to test a mattress in your home without the pressure to purchase from multiplying salespeople. If you do not enjoy the mattress, the majority of companies will issue a refund. Most sleep trials continue 90 to 120 nights, based upon the brand.

If a sleeping trial is not provided, the next best thing would be your return policy. Return policies aren’t as extensive as sleeping trials. However, they offer you 30 days to try out a brand new mattress and return it if the bed is not a fantastic match (the same time that it requires to adapt to another mattress).

A guarantee protects you from needing to fix or replace a faulty or sagging mattress. Most manufacturers cover sags greater than one inch, but this dimension changes depending on the company. Most beds include a typical 10-year guarantee, but some guarantee periods may extend more, in which case they’re usually prorated.

Top Rated 10 Best Mattresses For Neck Pain Brands

Top Rated 10 Best Mattresses For Neck Pain Brands

Purple – Greatest in Support


  • Quality hyper-elastic polymer
  • The proper spine alignment
  • CertiPUR-US memory foam
  • Free-Air-Flow technology

In our view, the best mattress for neck pain is Purple.

The superb product founders incorporated their experience in advanced aerospace materials, fabricate, and design to make a high-end mattress perfect for pain relief.

This Queen size mattress consists of 2 layers of superior memory foam. The reduced one provides a firmer base, whereas the upper one creates a milder sense of coziness. The CertiPUR-US safety certification accredits it.

Purple was created to make sure proper spine alignment, regardless of whether you have a tendency to sleep on your back or your side. It equalizes the degree of pressure, reducing the present pain to a great extent. It’s sturdy and durable, also, rather than very likely to build indentations.

Among those model’s most essential pluses is the capacity to isolate movement, even if you’ve got a restless sleeper from your side. Moreover, its exceptional temperature regulation releases excess temperatures also keeps you cool throughout the evening.

Allergy-sufferers will find it especially attractive because of the antimicrobial features and substance resistance to dust mites and other allergens. The FDA certification confirms that the quality of the hyper-elastic plastic used.

Loom & Leaf


  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

Loom & Leaf is a memory foam mattress from Saatva’s lineup of cheap luxury mattresses. It provides a distinctively firm memory foam encounter with their Relaxed Business or Business choices.

Either option should provide exceptional spine support while still cradling your body softly in contouring foams to assist both relieve your stress and lower your pain by maintaining your spine amount.

Why is it unique? Your prior experience with conventional memory foams might have intended a “trip to the middle of the mattress.” Still, high-quality substances combined with a cradling cover and company base ought to continue to keep your nicely spine aligned. The closely stretched cover, in particular, prevents you from dipping too low, and the public company feel is equally comfortable and inviting.

Both hardness options provide exceptional support. However, the Business version could be more preferable for sleepers who are significantly thicker to ensure their backbone gets the excess support they need. All of Saatva’s beds have been delivered full-size with a professional shipping service that’s contained within the purchase price of the mattress.

Layla Sleep – Ideal for All Sleep Positions


  • Copper for coolness and encourage
  • Double stability option
  • Gel-infused cover
  • Suitable for any foundation

If you dream of a mattress you will fall in love with immediately, your search may be near a finish. Layla Sleep came up with this exceptional model that renders even the most demanding customers breathless.

This copper-infused mattress provides high performance both concerning thermoregulation and the service it provides. Copper retains the sleeper trendy and guarantees a proper form of the mattress.

Your sleeping tastes will indeed be catered to since it includes two degrees of stability. All you have to do is reverse it to the side which suits you the best. In this manner, the odds of making a wrong decision with this premium version are minimal.

Its cover is enhanced using thermogel, which tracks the degree of your body temperature as you are sleeping, dissipating the excess heat. This Queen size mattress will probably be a perfect fit for any base or framework.

The Casper – Spine Alignment


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the United States

The brand new update to Casper’s well-known bed-in-a-box mattress might be music to the ears of throat pain sufferers, as its third Zoned Service ™ was made to deliver exceptional backbone alignment paired with anxiety relief.

The mattress’s”universal” texture is engineered to accommodate many body types and tastes.

All four of Casper’s foam layers are layered strategically to balance comfort and support for somebody’s weight. Milder memory foam is set under a reactive coating of proprietary open cell foam to keep the surface cooler and easier to browse.

What is its the very best feature? Casper’s brand new transition coating incorporates a milder foam at the mattress’s center. Your hips typically rest to help adapt to any extra weight you can carry within this area. This attribute strives to maintain your shoulders stay level with your shoulders and thighs without sacrificing comfort on the very top or underside of this mattress.

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Bear Mattress – Trainers and Active Folks


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Children’s Charity Initiative
  • Made in the United States

Bear Mattress is dedicated to providing mattress comfort for busy people who need therapeutic rest to keep their peak performance.

This devotion has steered their mattress layout towards health innovations they assert can help reestablish sore muscles and decrease inflammation.

What stands out? Though the clinical study is now ongoing, early testing of Celliant® – a cloth woven into the bed’s cover – suggests that it could help improve flow and tissue oxygenation, which could decrease neck pain. If you want to find out more about this particular technology, we invite you to examine further its scientific research and the substance’s possible clinical signs.

Beneath the operation cover, Bear has assembled their bed-in-a-box using a mixture of cooling foams using graphite to decrease heat retention and lasting support foams, which should encourage spine alignment. If you’d like to inquire into the mattress’s restorative skills yourself, the company supplies a 100-night risk-free sleeping trial.

DreamFoam Mattress – Best Hypoallergenic


  • Latex and high-density foam
  • Bamboo cover with sterile features
  • The option of hardness levels
  • CertiPUR-US certification

Manufactured by a small American family company, this high-end mattress has client satisfaction as its principal aim. With close observation of each step through the production process, a lot of maintenance, understanding, and expertise is spent on each product. Everything led to an excellent product that tens of thousands of clients keep returning due to its high performance.

The bottom amount, accountable for sturdy and steady service, features a 5.5″ convoluted foundation form. A 3″ Talalay latex foam, marked with a high degree of responsiveness and adjustability, cushions your body. It follows the contours of the body and alleviates stress. In the end, an inch thick quilted cover comprises super soft palate foam, making the best degree of coziness.

This queen-size latex mattress owns a bamboo cover, as among those components adding additional comfort. To fit your wants and sleeping taste, you may select between three degrees of stability, such as gentle, medium, and company. Among the product’s most essential upsides are its exceptional breathability and temperature regulation for the many pleasant sleeping experiences.

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Layla – Amazing Pressure Relief


  • Dual-sided Firmness
  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 120-Day Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the United States

In Layla, the one thing better than the standard memory foam mattresses is just two memory foam beds constructed into a single construction.

Whether a firmer or softer mattress will best fit your spine alignment and stress relief need, Layla has you covered with their flippable layout, although some research suggests a firmer bed could be the ideal match for neck pain sufferers.

Why is it unique? Soft or company, Layla provides a traditional memory foam texture that using an extract of aluminum to help wick heat away while cradling your system and melt away pressure. Copper also provides a few proven anti-inflammatory properties, though other medical uses of this substance are still under evaluation.

A proprietary gel at the cover also helps with temperature regulation, and that means you shouldn’t feel like you may in more conventional memory products. However, you need to still appreciate that classic stress relief and outstanding movement isolation.

Amerisleep AS3 – Many Versatile


  • Appropriate for sleepers who alter the position
  • Three layers of memory foam
  • Cover comprising Fantastic thermoregulation
  • Suitable for flexible frames

You’re not a back sleeper. However, you would not call a stomach sleeper. You’re seeking a mattress that is comfortable enough even if you alter your sleeping posture throughout the evening time. The AS3 memory foam mattress by Amerisleep, famous for its flexibility, sounds like just the correct solution for you.

This VPF technologies product, this USA-made mattress, integrates three layers, each serving a specific function. It rests upon a 7″ Bio-Core service layer. A two ″ Affinity coating in conjunction with 3″ Bio-Pur memory foam guarantee a super-comfortable sleeping encounter.

Its Celliant cover plays a significant part in regulating the temperature while you are sleeping. Ultimately, this version works with adjustable bed frames.

iPedic Sojourn 12″ – Gel Memory Foam


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • OEKO-TEX® Accredited
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

IPedic Sojourn is our choice for the best budget option because its simple layout provides impressive quality priced considerably lower than similar in-store versions, and it’s constructed by a family-owned company devoted to affordability.

The Dreamfoam manufacturer, which leading mattress manufacturer Brooklyn Bedding endorses, can significantly save quality products since they do all their manufacturing in their mill.

The mattress’s compact construction consists of 3 layers of foam: 2 layers of high-density memory foam for comfort positioned over an 8-inch inviting foundation. Gel at the upper layer of polyurethane and breathable stretch-knit cotton cover to prevent the mattress from overheating.

What’s unique? This mix of materials should supply an outstanding blend of backbone support and stress relief which neck pain sufferers need to keep their pain. This brand also supplies high quality that’s been third-party analyzed for security at a cost that’s exceptionally inexpensive.

My Green Mattress – Finest Organic


  • The innerspring system is split into three zones.
  • Organic latex to get proper support
  • Organic cotton cover with wool
  • No artificial foams or poisonous chemicals

Following a day of hard work, you deserve only the very best. So, why not indulge yourself by obtaining among the greenest bedding products on the marketplace? With My Mattress, you’re only a step away from having a great night’s sleep.

The super-comfy mattress producers opt for clean, natural, licensed materials to make a product that contrasts with the most excellent standards. It provides the ideal quantity of support to many demanding clients, for example, side sleepers. The key is located in its 3-zone pocketed innerspring base platform.

A 3″ Organic GOLS organic latex unites with GOTS certified organic cotton cover, together with the inclusion of All-Natural-Eco-Wool. Using artificial foams is ruled out of this product. These features contribute to an eventual, pressure-free sleeping encounter.

To boost its durability, this great mattress is hand-tufted. Pure fire protection in the kind of wool eliminates the use of potentially harmful substances with an identical function.


Mattress For Neck Pain FAQs

Can your sleep posture cause throat pain?

A bad sleep position is recorded among the most critical causes of neck pain. This could result from an older or sagging mattress, a bad mattress and pillow mix, or the place you opt to sleep in.

Occasionally pain compels us to less than perfect sleep positions that could exacerbate pain. The remedy would be to get a mattress that supports a fantastic sleeping posture, together with all body components encouraged, and great spinal alignment.

Imagine if you’ve both shoulder and neck pain?

It’s not uncommon to get pain in the neck and shoulders or back and neck. The fantastic thing is that the type of mattress which assists you helps. Memory Foam and organic latex possess a property known as viscosity which lets it mold to some form and encourages that contour.

Consequently, both shoulders and neck get the support that they desire, and this also alleviates pain.

What’s the ideal pillow for neck pain?

It is not a very simple question to answer, as it depends on your sleeping posture, body weight, physique, firmness degree taste, and the sort of pillow substance you prefer. You might prefer memory foam, natural latex, or even anything different. There is a range of factors to be considered to find the ideal pillow to decrease neck pain. For instance, if you sleep on your stomach, you may do best with a low-profile latex pillow on a firmer mattress. To get a deeper dip, take a look at our Best Pillows for Neck Pain.

I’m a side sleeper. How firm should the mattress be?

Side sleepers should ideally steer clear of this firm and the other company of mattresses and select for the more plush or additional plush models. That is because they require a softer mattress to permit stress point contouring. Furthermore, side sleepers may check in a moderate mattress kind too.

I am a back sleeper. Which kind of mattress should you select?

Back sleepers benefit from selecting from a broader selection of mattress kinds, from luxurious to a different firm. This is only because sleeping on your spine is your better and more inviting position for your spine and neck. A firm mattress option is preferable here since it will provide the sufficient support required for your natural spinal curvature.


Neck pain may be a source of distress, particularly when attempting to sleep. Muscle aches and pains may make it hard to focus and perform tasks throughout the daytime, but trouble falling asleep and not sleeping well may make it challenging to get neck pain. As an alternative, you may spend less time in deep sleep as soon as your muscles recover from the preceding day’s actions. You will awake in the morning feeling worse.

Rather than ducking to sleep neck pain, then pick a mattress that may alleviate the distress. A number of the top mattresses for throat pain provide optimum pressure relief, relax stiff muscles and alleviate aches and pains. These beds also possess a uniform, consistent support for healthy spinal alignment, a crucial throat pain relief element.

In case you have any questions or comments concerning any of our choices above, please tell us below.

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