Best Mattress For Neck And Back Pain 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Neck And Back Pain 2021

Everybody should find enough sleep. Experts urge 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night for optimum wellness. When you live with pain, you probably realize that spending a specific quantity of time in bed does not automatically translate into a fantastic night’s sleep. You might not feel you should invest the majority of the night dumping in the hopes of relieving the discomfort.

Ensuring you’re sleeping with a fantastic mattress is a superb beginning to improving sleep quality. Mattresses aren’t suited for some sleeping position, and your need for pain may hinder your capacity to feel comfy and finally close your eyes.

This guide will share our best pick of the best mattress for neck and back pain reviews with you. Before you select a mattress, consider that the following shopping considerations to select much better.

Kinds of mattresses for back and neck pain


For neck and back pain, memory foam aids provide aid. That sort of foam is different in the dense foam connected with such beds as cheap cots from decades past. Memory foam is the substance you see if you see someone press a hand on a mattress which leaves a concise impression.

When you sleep memory foam, it adheres to your body, supports stress factors, and alleviates pain. Some foam mattresses possess properties that isolate every individual’s moves in a bed and also keep you cool when you’re sleeping. You’ll also find mattresses that have polyfoam and latex foam.

If a mattress utilizes poly foam, then make sure it’s high density, so it is strong enough to be comfy. Latex foam is produced in many ways; many of the most excellent mattresses possess latex foam produced from tree sap and other organic ingredients.


If you’d like a mattress made from all-natural properties, you might consider latex. The latex of now is quite different from that utilized in beds in the 1950s. Beds for neck and back pain are usually manufactured with organic latex produced by tree sap and other components.

This substance will not isolate your moves or shape to your body, but it will permit you to move freely on the mattress and keep you cool through the night because of an open-cell layout that enables constant airflow. In case you have back or neck pain, you will discover that the buoyancy of a latex mattress cushions pressure points. Additional advantages of latex mattresses comprise durability and minimum weight.

This produces a latex mattress simple to flip over, reposition, and proceed. One note: You will find mattresses tagged “latex” that unite latex along with different substances. Those may not be as wholesome as pure latex, therefore ask and study before making a purchase.


A bunk mattress typically consists of an innerspring base topped with latex or foam. You are right to believe that the type of mattress is precisely what you have slept for several years. Some producers increase the confusion if they tag all mattresses “hybrid” within the advertising.

A proper hybrid mattress generally tops the springy, innerspring base with some form of foam-memory foam, polyfoam, or latex foam (all described above). Cooling gels, along with other substances, might also be a portion of this construction. There’s nobody kind of hybrid mattress, though it should ease pressure points. People who have back and neck pain can select hybrids with features (for instance, extra-cooling properties) to match their particular needs.


Innerspring mattresses all have coil aid systems. The coil link, the number of coils employed, and the coils’ contours change among mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are covered with latex, foam, or a blend of substances to pad the springs. In case you have neck and back pain, you might discover innerspring mattresses offer you more relief to your stress points.


There is no one way to style or specify a heating mattress. These mattresses can be made from latex, foam, or any blend of substances. Their commonality is venting which allows air to flow from them. People who develop hot if they frequently sleep select cooling mattresses.

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Features To Look For In A Mattress For Back and Neck Pain

Features To Look For In A Mattress For Back and Neck Pain


There is nobody way to specify relaxation, particularly for people who have neck and back pain. One approach to finding out the relaxation of a mattress would be to consider its stability. Like relaxation, “stability” is a subjective term. To determine whether a mattress is firm and comfy enough for you will be to lie on it, ideally for quite a very long moment.

People who have neck and back pain generally desire medium-firm mattresses which encourage their bodies and alleviate pressure points. Mattress stability is ranked on a scale of one to 10. Mattresses with a moderate firmness typically snore and conform to your system, and that’s exactly what people who have neck and back pain frequently demand relaxation.

Stress Relief

Stress relief refers to a mattress that conforms to your body, so your spine is functioning correctly, relieving back, neck, along with other pain. Foam, latex, hybrid vehicle, and innerspring mattresses all typically provide stress relief. The ideal sort of pressure relief is subjective. Like elegance, stress relief is gauged by lying on a mattress for an extended time.

Support and Spine Alignment

Support and backbone alignment are potentially the essential attributes you need in a mattress, particularly if you experience back and neck pain. Like other features, to try a mattress to determine if it aligns your spine, lie on it. Whenever you do, you ought to be a particular part of your body that does not sink lower than the next.

The target is to get a mattress that lets you lie flat but enables some to account for your own body’s natural curves. A mattress that provides proper spinal alignment reduces the spine, neck, back, and another body discomfort. Note: People who weigh 250 pounds or more must pay careful attention to backbone alignment; they typically find it on firmer mattresses.


Learn what substances have a mattress to specify whether they’re natural, flame retardant, compact, and high quality. Mattresses made with high-quality substances typically cost more, but the trade-off is additional comfort and endurance. High-quality materials are nearly always free and hypoallergenic from substances, which means you’ve got a healthy night’s sleeping and living area.

Top Rated Best Mattresses For Back And Neck Pain Brands

Top Rated Best Mattresses For Back And Neck Pain Brands

Best Overall: Casper Sleep Element Mattress

The Casper Sleep Element Mattress was developed to adapt to your body and provide firm support, which alleviates pressure on the trunk, shoulders, hips, and waist. Even though the mattress is firm, it’s soft to the touch. Additionally, it is engineered not to get overheated if you sleep, mainly using AirScape perforated breathable foam.

The foam absorbs and dissipates extra warmth to help keep you cool. Tiny holes which aren’t observable with the naked eye movement hot air and body heat away from you. Another incentive: The durable foundation foam prevents sinking and sagging. It is offered in double, twin XL, full, queen, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Best eco-friendly mattress: Saatva Classic Mattress

Saatva’s hand-crafted luxury mattress provides customizable stability. Their luxury company option provides the moderate firmness recommended for many people with back pain.

What is more, is that Saatva specially made this mattress to soothe the pain. According to the site, this mattress was approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, and lots of chiropractors across the USA recommend that mattress to customers.

The mattress includes two distinct sets of coils developed to provide alignment and support for your back and lower spine. Additionally, it features a layer of memory foam to help alleviate pressure across the spine and shoulders.

Although this mattress is intended to ease pain, you won’t need to compromise comfort. The Euro pillow top provides cushioning. If you decide on the plush, soft mattress (advocated for side sleepers), your pillow shirt includes bonus padding to hug your body and alleviate the pressure as you elongate into bed.

The huge majority of reviewers praise this mattress: It averages 4.9 out of 5 stars out of over 2,000 reviews. People today rave about the service it provides, stating it alleviated neck and back pain instantly and proved much comfier than they anticipated.

On the lookout for sustainable, environmentally friendly substances on your mattress? The Saatva Classic includes recycled metal coils, a pure fire retardant, and a natural cotton mattress cover. The foam has no formaldehyde and poisonous or ozone-depleting substances.

The mattresses can also be American-made and delivered at no charge.

Best mattress in a box: Helix Morning

Helix recommends that this firm hybrid vehicle for back and stomach sleepers, but a couple of reviewers notice that it also functions nicely for mix sleepers.

The company states that the individually wrapped coils provide firm support, plus they are fortified across the perimeter to keep the mattress out of providing way when you roll toward the border.

The center polyfoam coating provides additional cushioning. The upper layer is created in the company’s proprietary latex foam-shaped to your body to relieve stress, align your spine, and alleviate pain. The mattress’s stability is intended to assist you to feel encouraged without causing you to sink into the mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are usually more relaxed during the night than the ones made entirely of foam, and many reviewers state this mattress remains comfortably cool. Generally, reviewers praise this mattress. Many reviewers report relief from long-term pain after only one night.

A couple of reviewers did detect some movement transfer when sleeping with a spouse to work best if you sleep alone.

Best foam: TUFT & NEEDLE Original Total Adaptive Foam Mattress

This elastic foam mattress adjusts to your body and corrects the service it provides because you change positions at nighttime. It is a reasonable choice for people who require foam construction to alleviate back and neck pain. The mattress’s foam is woven with cooling graphite and gel beads to help keep you cool.

Even though the mattress has high qualities, it may not be perfect for everybody. People who weigh greater than ordinary might not locate this mattress inviting sufficient to alleviate neck and back pain. Furthermore, it gives support to people who sleep on their sides or backs. The mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Best Latex: Sunrising Bedding 8″ Natural Latex Full Mattress

Natural latex is just one of those mattress materials accessible to ease pressure points that lead to neck and back pain while helping to keep you cool during the night. The drawback is that these mattresses are typically quite costly. The Sunrising Bedding Natural Latex Mattress is an inexpensive alternative that provides a medium-firm sleep coating to alleviate back, neck, and other body discomforts.

This mattress also works well for kids and preteens, who want mattresses offering proper spinal alignment to get their development. Admittedly, this mattress is much thinner than a number of its higher-priced opponents – 8 inches compared to roughly 13 inches-but its depth features pressure point relief for all those of typical weights. Heavier adults might wish to consider the 10-inch version of the mattress. The mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Best rated mattress: Casper Original Mattress

With an average score of 4.5 stars out of almost 20,000 testimonials, this Casper foam mattress comes highly rated. However, what causes this mattress this a fantastic selection for neck and back pain?

The company states the significant memory foam coating provides three zones of aid for optimum spinal alignment and pain relief.

Soft foam in the shoulder region provides better cushioning, while business foam in the very low back and buttocks helps align your spine. The upper layer of body-conforming foam is intended to cushion you, and it features perforations to keep air circulating and help you sleep more comfortably.

Numerous reviewers praise that mattress, stating that it helped ease body aches and improved their sleeping straight away. A couple of individuals even prefer this Casper mattress to pricier mattresses created explicitly for pain relief.

The company urges this mattress for any sleeping position. Some reviewers saw it as an over-the-company; others say that it delivers the ideal mix of support and comfort.

The heating technology got mixed reviews. Today, many people say it did not make much difference, but some notice they sleep cooler with this mattress.

Best Hybrid: Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

This 10-inch thick Linenspa hybrid mattress combines the standard assistance of an innerspring mattress that utilizes a steel coil service system-together with all the comfort of memory foam. The mattress includes a foundation consisting of 6 inches of springs.

The best is a thick layer of memory foam that conforms to your curves, eliminates stress points, raises your relaxation, and relieves back neck and other body strain. This Linenspa is a medium-firm 10-inch thick profile, but it’s also offered in a medium-firm 8-inch profile along with a lavish 12-inch profile that features gel infusions and individually encased coils. This mattress is offered in twin, twin XL, full, queen, short queen, king, and California king sizes.

Best risk-free mattress: Allergic Sleep Idle Hybrid

While searching for a new mattress, you probably need to learn whether any improvements in pain will continue, and the relief it provides is not only a temporary fluke. The weight reduction that often accompanies chronic pain may have a fairly significant effect on your health, making it essential to select the perfect mattress.

Idle Sleep provides among the most significant at-home trials of almost any mattress manufacturer – a whole year and a half and a lifetime guarantee that extends into body impressions.

The customized foam within this mattress is engineered to be responsive and supportive than other foams while also providing pressure relief to alleviate neck and back pain. Additionally, it includes no viscoelastic compounds, so it is not as likely to trap warmth and render you warm.

The independently pocketed coils are created to provide help from edge to edge. Several testimonials even cite the company edges and state that they sleep soundly with reduced movement transfer. This mattress comes from moderate and luxury stability, but if you can not make your mind up, there is no problem. Try out the dual-firmness alternative, complete with handles for easier flipping.

Many reviewers report waking free of neck, back, and shoulder pain, and they call it the most comfortable mattress they have ever slept on. If you are not entirely convinced, there is minimal danger involved in giving it a go, as you’ve got 18 months to be sure to get the rest that you dream about.

Best Innerspring: Molblly 10 inch Coils Innerspring Mattress

In case you have neck, back, and other body pains, consider this Molblly mattress. The foundation consists of individually wrapped steel coils backed by the countless person, durable pocket springs. The mattress’s memory foam body is wrapped with a soft knitted cloth designed to raise your relaxation as it adjusts to the body shape and relieves pressure.

Though this mattress has sprung, the person wraps work to maintain every sleep companion’s moves isolated. The mattress is designed to provide support to anybody who needs pressure-point relief but is particularly effective for people who sleep on their backs or stomachs. Additionally, there are 12- and 14-inch compact versions. This mattress is available in twin, queen, complete, and king sizes.

Best foam mattress: Nolah Original 10 Inch

In case you have neck and back pain, you want a mattress that provides excellent pressure relief, which is precisely exactly what the Nolah mattress plans to perform.

According to the company, their specially made memory provides four times the strain relief of conventional memory foam at three critical zones: back, shoulders, and shoulders.

This foam can also be made without viscoelastic compounds – the compounds in memory foam understood for trapping warmth and producing a “sinking in” atmosphere – to get a neutral temperature. Many reviewers affirm it does remain more relaxed throughout the evening.

Reviewers have loads of great things to say about this mattress. Many people mention substantial improvements in neck and back pain and rave about their excellent sleep. Other people praise the movement isolation and the inviting edges. The stability also feels “just right” into several: soft enough for comfort yet sturdy enough for assistance.

Nevertheless, committed stomach sleepers and individuals who weigh greater than 200 pounds might wish to consider a milder option for extra support.

The Nolah mattress is engineered for durability to provide comfort and support for many years to come. Since the company supplies a 120-night sleep trial and a lifetime guarantee, you will have tons of time to guarantee that the mattress does relieve your pain.

Best Dual-Side: Signature Sleep Contour 8″ Reversible Coil Mattress

A dual-sided mattress’s signature characteristic permits you to flip and rotate it to even out wear and prolong its lifetime. The Signature Sleep mattress plan probably makes it one you will want to continue for a long time to come. It is crafted from a coating of high-density foam on top and bottom intended to provide just the ideal amount of help to alleviate any back or neck pain.

The support comes in the 7-inch, 15-gauge independently straightened coils that distribute weight and shape to the body’s bottoms to alleviate pressure points and alleviate back and neck pain. Additionally, there are 10- and 12-inch thick versions offered with this mattress, and it is offered in twin, queen, complete, and king sizes.

Best mattress for upper neck and back pain: The Purple Mattress

This innovative mattress delivers an exceptional sleep experience that tens of thousands of reviewers enjoy. You will still find foam at both base layers, which support and pillow, but over these layers rests a 2-inch elastic gel grid.

This material is designed to bend as you sleep so that it melts fast once you turn over. This excess support at high-pressure regions – such as your shoulders, back, and buttocks – helps even restless sleepers comfy and aligned. Reviewers say this contributes to high-quality, pain-free sleep.

The extra-supportive helps align your spine and decrease upper body pressure and pain. Reviewers emphasize the essence of the sleep that they get with this mattress. Many men and women say that they sleep during the night and wake up without neck pain for the first time in years.

Another bonus of this grid? It is constructed to be more temperature neutral with air stations that will assist you to keep cool. Many reviewers say that this technology does the job, even for the hottest sleepers.

Some reviewers did battle to get used to this mattress. The company recommends sticking with it for three months to give yourself time to correct it. They also indicate stretchy sheets because the mattress will not flex appropriately if it’s limited by tighter cotton.

The mattress is made of non-toxic materials, but a few reviewers noted an unpleasant odor that required a couple of days to clear up.

Best Cooling: Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam

This timeless Brands mattress combines a cool-gel memory foam coating with layers of cushioned foam resting on a high-density base foam. The result is a body contouring mattress that properly aligns the spine and relieves painful pressure points between your throat, back, and shoulders.

Simultaneously, the watertight gel extract in the memory foam absorbs and displaces the own body heat so that you don’t overheat if you’re sleeping. The mattress is made with a comprehensive waterfall edge cover using a four-way stretch shirt, and charcoal grey knit sides. It’s offered in double, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

Best hybrid mattress: Amerisleep AS2 Hybrid

Several important features make the AS2 hybrid mattress an excellent pick for pain-free sleep.

Its eco-friendly foam is engineered to provide help and keep you cool. According to the company, this foam keeps air flowing throughout the mattress to reduce pockets of trapped heat.

The mattress can also be made to be responsive, so it melts quickly, making night movement more straightforward. Many reviewers say that this mattress conforms to your system without making them feel trapped in 1 spot.

The company states that the mattress’s zoned support reduces strain in your shoulders and buttocks, and it securely supports your spine for the spinal alignment that is essential. The lower memory coating is firm, including additional support for stomach and back sleepers. This helps distribute body weight evenly across the mattress.

A couple of reviewers discovered this medium-firm mattress also firm for its flavor. However, by and large, people adore the service it provides. Many men and women say it felt somewhat firmer than anticipated but found that this a more than fair exchange for its rapid pain relief.

Reviewers also compliment the very low movement transfer, with many saying they could not feel their spouse move in any way.

Best budget: Beautyrest Silver BRS900 Extra Business

In regards to pain relief, mattress stability can make a difference. According to a study from 2015Trusted Supply, medium-firm mattresses tend to provide the perfect mix of sleep comfort, quality, and spinal alignment. Nonetheless, the sense of a mattress could be subjective, based upon personal taste, body frame, and burden – and even the sort of pain you will experience.

In case a medium-firm mattress does not hit the place, you might consider this extra-firm hybrid vehicle from Beautyrest. If you are concerned “extra firm” is another way of saying “like sleeping the bare flooring,” it might help understand a few reviewers call this mattress comfy, though a couple of men and women say that they had a couple of days to correct. In general, reviewers praise that mattress, stating they slept and awakened without any pain.

Hybrid mattresses unite coils and foam to get more substantial support than foam. This choice has a cooling designed to help you sleep more smoothly and independently wrapped coils (so the coils are not all connected) designed to decrease motion transfer. Reviewers also compliment the advantage support and state it works well for couples.

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Mattress For Neck And Back Pain FAQs

What’s the best mattress for back and neck pain?

There’s not any singular reply to this query that’s acceptable for everybody. The ideal alternative for you will be a mattress that you find comfy and one in which you can remain asleep. That said, you should start looking for a mattress that has good help, particularly on your shoulders and buttocks.

What’s the best sort of mattress for neck pain?

Broadly, a bunk mattress is excellent for neck pain. The coils provide more support than foam can’t provide. Be sure that you receive a mattress that you find comfy for the best outcomes.

Can a lousy mattress cause back and neck pain?

Absolutely. An awful mattress is among the top causes of back and neck pain in adults.

What’s best for back pain, a soft or hard mattress?

A moderate mattress is better for back pain relief. The soft facet of a moderate mattress helps alleviate stress, while the firmer core provides the help you want to alleviate pain.

Is memory foam superb for throat pain?

Memory Foam isn’t great for throat pain. You ought to go for a mattress that is either a hybrid vehicle with coils or even a mattress with different types and densities of polyurethane to get the best outcomes.

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There’s nothing worse than lying in bed with a rigid back and also an uncomfortable neck once you attempt to lie down and go to sleep. The top mattresses can allow you to do so in the long term. Pick the option that works best for youpersonally, and lie down and go to sleep. You will be so excited about the brand new mattress you won’t wish to place the sheets before heading to bed! Most mattresses also arrive with a sleep evaluation.

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