Best Mattress For Menopause 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Menopause 2021

Menopause is when a woman stops her time and is no more inherently able to conceive. The cycles usually begin getting less regular for months or years until they stop entirely. Occasionally they could stop abruptly.

Menopause is a natural part of the aging process, usually occurring between 45 and 55, as soon as a female’s estrogen levels fall. In the united kingdom, the typical age of a girl hitting menopause is 51 years old.

People people who have experienced hot flashes understand how frustrating and annoying they may be. While sleeping, they might experience more pain. Since your system heats, so do the mattress, which may keep the individual hot and uncomfortable to get more. Additionally, sweat to the mattress may also happen, which is an extra reason to toss and turn.

Mattresses can not remove menopausal symptoms. However, the ideal mattress can help you sleep better by allowing the warmth to cool and alleviate aches and pains.

Our guide to selecting the best mattress for menopause expects that will help you to get a fantastic night’s sleep when reducing the number of hot flashes you will experience during the night time in addition to another disagreeable thing menopause may bring.

The Way To Select A Mattress For Menopause

The Way To Select A Mattress For Menopause

For women experiencing menopause, the ideal mattress can significantly differ in the general comfort and high quality of a night’s sleep.

Things to Look for in a Mattress

Each person can prioritize different features in a mattress. However, the symptoms related to menopause can create some features more significant than others. Considering these factors may help you locate the best mattress for you.


Mattress prices change a whole lot. Budget-friendly options begin around a couple of hundred bucks, while luxury models might be a few thousand dollars. High-end options might have more complex materials and lasting constructions, but cheap models may also be comfy. Women going through menopause may also desire to leave space in their budgets to get extra sleep accessories, such as a cooling pillow and cushioned sheets.

Quality Materials:

The materials used in a mattress impact its durability and functionality. High-quality materials have a tendency to survive longer, which may prolong the usable lifespan of this mattress. Some substances are also specially engineered to improve the mattress’s functionality. Menopause victims could be especially interested in mattresses that use components made for temperature regulation or stress relief.


Mattress stability is subjective and may be affected by body fat, sleeping position, and individual tastes. Medium-firm mattress are typical because they appeal to a range of sleeping positions and body types. Soft mattresses provide added cushioning, mainly if you sleep on your side. The firm mattress may provide more support for heavier sleepers.

Pressure Relief:

Many areas of the human body put more pressure on the mattress, resulting in stress points. Since an individual’s buttocks and shoulders are often wider and thicker than the rest of their bodies, those areas are especially prone to stress buildup. To ease stress, some mattresses redistribute the sleeper’s weight more evenly across the mattress. Girls experiencing menopause-related pains and aches can love a mattress with powerful pressure relief.

Edge Support:

Many mattresses have reinforced edges to produce the outside of the mattress that feels much more protected. This will make it simpler to sit or sleep close to the mattress’s outside, expanding the usable mattress. This excess surface area can give menopause victims the distance they will need to cool off during a hot flash or reposition to adapt to pains and aches.


Contouring takes place when a mattress contours into the sleeper’s body. This might help promote better spinal alignment and relieve pressure buildup. Girls suffering from aches and pains related to menopause can love mattresses that shape their bodies. But, it’s essential to be aware that some close-conforming mattresses may trap warmth if the substances are not breathable enough.

Temperature Legislation:

For women experiencing menopause, temperature law might be among the most crucial components to consider when choosing a mattress. The perfect mattress can permit the sleeper’s body heat to dissipate instead of trapping it from their physique.

Some mattresses may also help wick moisture away to keep the sleeper cool, dry, and comfortable. Mattresses that use latex or coils often sleep trendy. Foam versions tend to be more correlated with warmth retention, but many have particular features to allow more airflow.

Ease of Movement:

Many mattresses are less difficult to move over others, impacting the sleeper’s capability to change positions. Mattresses that are delicate, close-conforming, or slow to react to fluctuations in pressure can restrict movement because sleepers may feel as though they must escape their particular body impressions. Women who are inclined to change positions throughout the night because of menopause symptoms might prefer a mattress that does not restrict their motion.

Mattress Type:

A mattress’s construction and materials affect its general functionality. Every kind of mattress has certain common features which will make it appropriate for women experiencing menopause. Below, we will talk about each frequent kind of mattress in more detail.

Which Kind of Mattress is Most Effective for Menopause?

Mattresses can use a broad selection of substances, but most versions can be categorized among the five chief types. Individual mattress versions may have a few versions, but many mattresses at precisely the same class discuss similar characteristics.


Definition: Hybrid mattresses utilize a combination of materials. While the center consists of coils, the comfortable system may comprise memory foam, polyfoam, latex, micro-coils, wool, or even a blend of substances. This design aims to offset the advantages of numerous kinds of mattresses without as many possible pitfalls.

Stress: Cardiovascular Pressure Relief and Temperature Regulation. Hybrid versions typically have significant relaxation layers which provide pressure and lubrication relief which might help alleviate aches and pains related to menopause. Their coil cores tend to allow sufficient airflow to modulate their sleeping surface temperature, which might be suitable for women experiencing hot flashes or night sweats.


Definition: Innerspring versions are composed mainly of springs. They might also include narrow comfort layers. However, the majority of the innerspring mattress is its coil center. Innerspring mattresses are often considered more conventional compared to other designs. Since they’ve been in the marketplace for quite a while, they also tend to be cheaper.

Emphasize Breathability. Air flows through spiral systems. Therefore innerspring models tend to be rather flexible, and menopause victims may have the ability to delight in a cooler night’s sleep. Furthermore, innerspring models typically have thin relaxation layers, which will probably not conform tightly enough to snare much heat or make a “trapped inside the mattress” feel.


Definition: Latex foam is usually made with the sap of rubber bands, but artificial and mixed versions are also offered. Talalay latex includes a bouncier texture and is usually more breathable, making it a favorite selection for comfort layers. Dunlop latex is generally denser and more lasting. It could be utilized at a comfortable coating or encourage center.

Emphasize Contouring Without Much Sinkage. Latex has reduced point elasticity, so it will compress over a broader region when weight is put on. It typically shapes enough for excellent stress relief, but how it compresses restricts the sinking feeling sometimes connected with all-foam models. Most sleepers liken this to a floating feeling.


Definition: Airbeds obtain their name in the air chambers, which function as their service system. A crank, a program, or a distance can be utilized to empty and fill the chambers based upon the design. Some airbeds also include narrow relaxation layers for additional cushioning around the surface of the mattress.

Emphasize Adjustability. The airbed chambers are often simple to empty or fill, and doing this adjusts the firmness of the mattress. Women that are going through physiological changes that could influence their stability tastes may enjoy this flexibility. Since most airbeds utilize different air chambers on both sides of the mattress, they may also adapt to spouses with different firmness tastes.


Definition: Memory Foam and polyfoam would be the most common substances used in all-foam versions. Models may be constructed entirely of polyfoam, though many utilize memory foam inside their relaxation systems for nearer conforming.

Emphasize Pressure-Relieving Hug. Foam mattresses, particularly the ones that utilize memory foam, are inclined to possess more hug than many kinds of mattresses. This close contouring will help rehydrate the sleeper’s weight to ward off stress buildup. Therefore a foam mattress can attract girls with many pains and aches. Some sleepers also discover the hug of foam comforting.

How Does Menopause Affect Sleep?

Inadequate sleep is a common symptom of menopause. Instead of this being only one symptom, its origin might be a mix of many symptoms.

During menopause, many women experience hot flashes or night sweats. Overheating through the night can lead to distress and sleep disruptions. Some mattresses trap heat close to the sleeper’s body, which might exacerbate this problem. More breathable mattress versions can enable the sleeper to remain drier and cooler during the night, which might be especially significant for women during menopause.

Menopause may also activate aches and pains, such as muscle soreness, joint pain, and headaches. Even though a mattress might not alleviate these symptoms, the ideal mattress might be less inclined to exacerbate them. Mattresses can alleviate pressure points and promote proper spinal alignment; therefore, while women experiencing menopause may experience distress, the ideal mattress should not donate to it.

Women might also be more likely to snore or develop sleep apnea because they age, interrupting sleep. Many men and women snore less when sleeping on their hands; therefore, a mattress comfortable for unwanted sleeping might be a fantastic solution for women during menopause. Sleeping on the trunk may result in more snoring; therefore, some spine sleepers decide to utilize a wedge pillow to prop up their upper body.

Since most women gain weight during menopause, they can sink in their mattresses more significantly than they used to. If their mattress has been the perfect firmness earlier, this excess sinkage could bring about stress build-up or make it even more challenging to keep proper spinal alignment.

Stress and depression can also be associated with menopause. Psychology Today notes that these signs may bring about sleep difficulties and result from sleep problems; therefore, it might be overriding to locate the appropriate mattress, which aids the sleeper to receive the best sleep possible.

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Top Rated 12 Best Mattresses For Menopause Brands

Top Rated 12 Best Mattresses For Menopause Brands

Brooklyn Aurora


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

The Aurora is your luxury hybrid that ranges from Brooklyn Bedding; a family-owned company focused on quality and excellent prices based in Arizona. Part of what sets this bed apart from other hybrids in the area is its own unique and proprietary approach to the heating system, together with functionality foams and a phase change cover that maintains temperature well controlled.

What stands out? If you have ever suffered from a hot flash, then you know they could come on without warning. The benefit of Aurora’s phase change technology is that it functions to maintain temperature-controlled instead of simply cool, so that it ought to slowly accommodate as your temperature warms up to carry away heat but return some heat once the incident has subsided.

Under the cover, the foams from the comfortable system also operate to keep things cool on the surface of the mattress. The reactive top coating of Energex is integrated with TitanCool™, which is a gel that helps heat spread so that it’s not crowded up alongside your system. The mattress’s coating of coils enables air to flow throughout the mattress, helping carry warmth from the mattress.



  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

Muse has reimagined standard memory foams and has paid particular attention to reducing the substance’s likelihood of trapping and absorbing heat close to your body. As many updated memory beds help keep you cool by decreasing sinkage, you need to sleep longer within the Muse mattress without overheating due to its proprietary approach to heating technologies.

What’s exceptional about it? The cover is integrated with Cool Wire Fabric technologies, which retains the surface cool to the touch and wicks away moisture that can accumulate when you are in the middle of a hot flash. This cover is also removed, and machine washed, which may help you maintain it clean.

Within the bed, the upper layer of memory foam is infused with gel which carries heat away from where your body is resting, allowing you to cool down after having a hot flash. The 8-inch foundation foam generates the mattress’s support platform, and it’s offered in 3 different firmness feels Soft, Medium, or Business.

Elements Latex 10″


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • OEKO-TEX® Accredited
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

Latex has made strides lately from the bedding industry for its watertight features, responsiveness, and capacity to decrease heat build-up on a mattress.

Due to its prevalence, many manufacturers are demanding a high price for this, but Dreamfoam’s approach is to produce a mattress uniquely suited to your requirements without costing too much. The Components Latex (previously called Aspen Latex) includes a surprising quantity of personalized flexibility that’s uncommon in the budget mattress area.

What’s unique? Each mattress is created to match your distinctive firmness and texture requirements. When choosing your mattress on the internet, you can decide on a business, medium-firm soft texture to make sure you receive the very best match for your requirements. Dreamfoam can keep costs on quality bedding exceptionally reduced by producing products in their center.

This mattress’s upper layer is a gentle 1-inch reflex foam for body contouring that’s quilted overusing a cotton-blend cloth. The 6-inch foundation layer of convoluted foam provides durability and enhanced air circulation. In contrast, the center layer features a high-quality Talalay latex which functions to provide buoyancy and decrease any tension you may encounter.

Eight Sleep POD


  • ‘Moderate’ (5.5)
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Customizable temperature controls
  • Close conforming for concentrated stress relief

Hot flashes and bad body-temperature regulation are just two common issues connected with menopause. Sleepers experiencing menopause frequently feel uneasy on memory foam beds which absorb body heat and stay warm during the evening. The Eight Sleep Pod, is outfitted with advanced controls that enable sleepers to correct the mattress’s temperature anywhere between 55° to 115° Fahrenheit (12° to 46° Celsius). Though the Sleep Pod includes a memory foam comfort layer, it provides consistent temperature neutrality.

The Pod’s’Technology Layer’ can be engineered with built-in detectors to monitor nocturnal motions, time alert, and other variables associated with sleep quality and length. Sleepers with menopause that experience sleep problems could use these metrics to improve their nightly routines and get more rest. The Pod includes a ‘Moderate’ feel, as well as the memory foam/polyfoam relaxation layers, conform carefully; this makes the mattress perfect for those undergoing chronic pains and aches, too.

Even though the Pod’s price-point is rather large, Eight Sleep presents free delivery for all clients. The mattress can be backed with a 100-night sleep trial plus a 10-year guarantee.

Bear Mattress


  • Business (7)
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Close conforming and Decent movement isolation
  • Celliant cover promotes bodily recovery.

Despite its comparatively low price-point, the Bear Mattress is a high-value pick for sleepers experiencing menopause symptoms. Among the mattress’s key advantages is its cover made from Celliant cloth, an advanced substance that absorbs body heat from sleepers, converts it to kinetic electricity, also transmits the power back in the sleeper’s skin.

This process can improve blood circulation for poor circulation, relieve cramps and other pains and aches, and promote physical recovery following strenuous pursuits. Celliant cloth also enables the mattress to maneuver trendy, suitable for women experiencing menopause-related hot flashes.

The Bear Mattress is constructed with memory foam and polyfoam layers that conform closely to the sleeper’s body without any sagging. This aids target pressure points inside their sensitive places and may also improve spinal alignment for those who sleep on their side.

The mattress’s high-density foam foundation strengthens the whole mattress to minimize sagging at the sleeping surface and cut back sinkage across the perimeter where folks tend to sit. Additional benefits of this Bear Mattress include excellent movement isolation and no sound when bearing weight, making it a fantastic choice for couples.

Bear provides free standard delivery anywhere in the neighboring U.S. The mattress is supported with a 100-night sleep trial plus a 10-year guarantee.

Best for Lightweight Sleepers: GravityLux Mattress


  • Multiple stability options available
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Fantastic Amount of stress relief and movement isolation
  • Sleeps trendy for most

The GravityLux from WinkBeds is an all-foam mattress accessible in multiple firmness configurations: medium-soft (4), moderate (5), or company (7). The mattress is constructed from multiple memory layers of gel-infused polyfoam, open-cell memory foam, and transitional polyfoam on a supportive foundation of high-density polyfoam.

The all-foam construction of this GravityLux provides standout degrees of stress relief and movement isolation. Lightweight sleepers will probably be best off using the medium-soft stability, even though the moderate is a close second for people who prefer a firmer texture or share the bed using a milder partner.

Even though the GravityLux is an all-foam version, it provides an excellent level of temperature regulation and breathability to keep sleeping cool during the evening. The Tencel cover is a breathable material that has a coating of gel-infused polyfoam quilted into the surface.

The gel is supposed to help absorb excess heat and let it dissipate until it builds up in the mattress. The memory foam layer is under; it leads its signature cradling and pressure-relief capacities without trapping warmth contrary to the body. The open-cell construction of the memory foam allows air to flow through it to get extra breathability.

The GravityLux ships for free anywhere in the neighboring U.S., together with White Glove delivery choices for in-home installation and old mattress elimination available for an extra fee. The mattress includes a 120-night sleep trial to give it a try. Last, the mattress is protected by a lifetime limited warranty.

DreamCloud Premier


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 365-Day Trial
  • Everlong Warranty

DreamCloud Premier is a superb solution for folks thinking of buying a luxury mattress without paying luxury rates. This brand is among the very first in the company to provide luxury rolled to a box along with the company backs their mattress with a stunning 365-day sleep trial, so you can try out the bed in your home to see whether it’s ideal for you and your fever regulation worries.

What is unique about this mattress? This hybrid vehicle packs eight layers to its 15-inch elevation, and also the comfortable process is a mix of quality stuff. To maintain their cradle from overheating, the manufacturer has placed gel on the upper layer of memory foam. The next layer’s latex is naturally breathable and much more temperature neutral.

Beds with this amount of quality and attention to detail may cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you should discover them in a shop. Features like tufting and a cashmere cover aren’t typical at the bed-in-a-box corner of the mattress marketplace. However, the company is determined to prove its worth and can also be offering an Everlong guarantee that lasts as long as you have the mattress.



  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

Purple is the result of a set of brothers from Utah who wished to devise a brand-new mattress substance that combined encouragement and relaxation in the same exceptional layer. It is referred to as a Hyper-Elastic Polymer; also, it resembles a grid system that folds in under your weight when standing company to encourage the soles of your spinal or waist so that you should not develop stress points.

What stands out? As an additional bonus, this plastic coating is temperature neutral; therefore that you should not need to fret about it consuming your body heat out of a hot flash incident and holding it next to your body to exacerbate your distress. Since it had been made to distribute your weight irrespective of your shape evenly, your backbone should also stay well aligned while resting in this mattress.

Despite our excuse, Purple can be challenging to imagine without wanting it in person, and the company has started displaying their mattress in select retail locations. However, research indicates you will get a clearer idea of how well a mattress matches your body by looking at home for an entire night, which is precisely what you could do using the company’s 100-night sleep trial.

Best for Moderate Weight Sleepers: Saatva Mattress


  • Multiple stability choices (6, 4, 7.5)
  • 180-night sleep trial
  • 15-year guarantee
  • Powerful, durable support
  • Good conforming and stress relief

For many sleepers in the ordinary weight set (130 to 230 lbs), a balance of body-cushioning and total support is essential. The Saatva innerspring – our choice for individuals with menopause in this weight category – provides three balanced stability settings which provide varying levels of adapting:’Moderate Soft’ (4), ‘Moderate Organization’ (6), and ‘Business’ (7.5).

This range should adapt to most girls in the ordinary weight group irrespective of their favorite sleep position. The Saatva can also be available in 11 1/2″ and 14 1/2″ profiles for sleepers with different depth tastes.

The Saatva features an advanced coil-on-coil layout that provides exceptional support during the mattress. The comfortable system consists of polyfoam, memory foam, and pocketed coil layers that cradle and conform to the sleeper’s body without any sagging.

The support center is constructed with steel-tempered bonnell coils, which help keep a uniform sleeping surface and decrease sinkage around the borders where folks sit. The Saatva sleeps quite an excellent due to powerful airflow through the spiral layers, which is advantageous to women experiencing hot flashes.

Saatva provides free White Glove delivery – such as in-home old and assembly mattress removal – during the neighboring U.S. and Canada. Most competitors offer this support for an extra cost of $100. The mattress is supported with a 180-night sleep trial plus a 15-year guarantee.

Best Luxury: Avocado Mattress


  • Two stability choices (5.5, 6.5)
  • All-natural, renewable substances
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 25-year limited warranty

Our very best Luxurious for sleepers with menopause is the Avocado Green, a pure latex hybrid that provides exceptional temperature neutrality and goals sensitive regions of the body for pain and pressure-point relief.

The Avocado Green is offered in just two stability settings, ‘Moderate’ (5.5) and ‘Medium Business’ (6.5). Overweight girls – especially side sleepers – might discover the milder option most comfy, while individuals who weigh at least 130 pounds might favor the firmer surface with average figure adapting.

The eco-friendly mattress is constructed in the organic-cotton cover and relaxation layers of New Zealand wool and latex. The ‘Moderate’ layout also features a latex-padded Euro-top coating for additional cushioning. The Avocado Green also slept incredibly cool due to good airflow through the latex and pocketed coil service layers.

The wool comfort layer can help wick moisture away through the nighttime, which can help women who experience night sweats. And since it’s made with latex coatings, the Avocado Green is highly durable and won’t sag too.

The Avocado Green has an above-average price-point, making it a fantastic choice for shoppers with larger budgets. Avocado ships mattresses for free to all 50 states. The mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial plus a longer-than-average 25-year guarantee.

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Best for Lightweight Sleepers: GravityLux Mattress


  • Multiple stability options available
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Fantastic Amount of stress relief and movement isolation
  • Sleeps trendy for most

The GravityLux from WinkBeds is an all-foam mattress accessible in several firmness configurations: medium-soft (4), moderate (5), or company (7). The mattress is constructed from multiple memory layers of gel-infused polyfoam, open-cell memory foam, and transitional polyfoam on a supportive foundation of high-density polyfoam.

The all-foam construction of the GravityLux provides standout degrees of pressure relief and movement isolation. Lightweight sleepers will probably be best off using the medium-soft stability, even though the moderate is a close second for people who prefer a firmer texture or share the bed using a milder partner.

Even though the GravityLux is an all-foam version, it provides an excellent level of temperature regulation and breathability to keep sleeping cool during the evening. The Tencel cover is a breathable material that has a coating of gel-infused polyfoam quilted into the surface.

The gel is supposed to help absorb excess heat and let it dissipate until it builds up in the mattress. The memory foam layer is under; it leads its signature cradling and pressure-relief capacities without trapping warmth contrary to the body. The open-cell arrangement of this memory foam allows air to flow through it to get extra breathability.

The GravityLux ships for free anywhere in the neighboring U.S., together with White Glove delivery choices for in-home installation and old mattress elimination available for an additional fee. The mattress includes a 120-night sleep trial to give it a try. Last, the mattress is protected by a lifetime limited warranty.



  • Dual-Sided
  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • OEKO-TEX® Accredited
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

Saatva’s approach into an all-natural luxury latex mattress has produced the Zenhaven, which will be dual-sided to supply you with another stable texture. Utilizing the grips on the other side, you can reverse the mattress to a side or another to encounter either a Gentle Company mattress or one which is Luxury Plush. The mattress capitalizes on latex natural breathability by aerating the upper layer of foam.

What is its the very best feature? Either side of the mattress has been aerated, which helps with both temperature controller and spinal alignment. Since the distances between the air pockets are diverse, the upper layer of this mattress has zoned support, making sure that your weight is evenly dispersed and stress points are lessened.

The latex has been made using the Talalay process, which generally produces a milder substance that’s more consistent which latex processed along with different procedures. Latex is heat resistant since its responsiveness enables air to flow through it more straightforward than with more conventional memory foam. The cover of this mattress is made of organic cotton, and this can be exceptionally breathable.

Layla Hybrid

Memory Foam provides exceptional pressure relief, but it might sleep a little heat for many people. If you’re searching for relief from menopause symptoms at nighttime, a bunk mattress may be a better choice. The Layla Hybrid features a combo of a pocketed spring inside for support and movement control to cushion memory foam. Additionally, it includes a solid side and a gentle side so that you may change your preference at any moment.

The Layla Hybrid mattress is excellent for hot sleepers since the picketed coil inside supports airflow. It is surrounded on each side by Max Airflow support foam using heavy channels for optimum cooling. Both soft and company components are composed of copper-gel memory foam for quick heating and body heat transport, wrapped in a sterile cloth cover. Does aluminum foam move heat away from your system? But it’s naturally anti-microbial so that you sleep clean in addition to cool.

Bear Pro

In regards to a comfy night’s sleep, Bear comprehends the significance of temperature law. Their mattresses are created to provide a cleaner, cooler, and much more comfortable sleep. The Bear Pro is a five-layer all-foam mattress that features gel, aluminum, and open-cell foam to whisk away unwanted body heat so you stay cool during the evening.

The Bear Pro mattress features five layers of top materials beginning with a foundation coating of high-density service foam. Next comes a reactive layer of transition foam followed by a coating of gel memory foam to eliminate unwanted body warmth. Along with a coating of copper-infused foam, and it’s all wrapped in a breathable Celliant cover. Each Bear mattress includes a 100-night sleep trial with free delivery and returns so that you may ensure it is the ideal mattress for menopause symptoms.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid utilizes innovative materials to cool the outside, which might help women experiencing hot flashes remain cooler and more comfortable.

A woven cover is infused using a stage change molecule that is engineered to keep a skin temperature of 88 degrees. The comfortable system comprises two layers that adapt to the contour of the sleeper to redistribute their weight. The top layer utilizes 1.5 inches of polyfoam. This coating has aluminum and stage shift infusions to pull excessive heat away. A 2-inch coating of polyfoam is created for responsiveness.

The transition layer employs 1-inch memory foam to act as a barrier between the relaxation and service systems. An 8-inch coating or encased coils provide support, bounce, and breathability while isolating movement. At length, a 1-inch coating of polyfoam functions as the foundation of the mattress.

Three stability options are accessible: Soft, Medium, and Business. These correspond to moderate soft (4), moderate company (6), and company (7), respectively. Sleepers who weigh below 130 pounds are most likely to favor the plusher texture of this Soft variant of the mattress. People who weigh between 130 and 230 pounds might prefer the Moderate version of the mattress’s support and adapt. Those who weigh over 230 lbs are very likely to find the best support in the Business version.

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Hybrid excels in many performance classes, including stress relief, movement isolation, and gender. On the other hand, different firmness choices of this Aurora Hybrid vary slightly in their performance.

The Aurora Hybrid is protected with a 10-year guarantee. Owners receive a 120-night trial period to go through the mattress on their property.


If it comes to comfort and quality, it isn’t easy to do better than WinkBed. This luxury hybrid mattress knowingly wicks heat away to make sure a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience. It unites a coil-on-coil design using a quilted, two-layer gel-infused foam Euro-pillow top that will assist you in getting the best rest of your life every evening.

The WinkBed consists of premium materials to get a lavish, lasting texture. The foundation consists of an individually wrapped coil service system using an Extra-Edge aid system to avoid sagging. On top of that sits another coating of micro coils for extra movement isolation and extra airflow.

Above the coils stays that two-layered Euro-pillow top, covered with 100% organic eucalyptus-based Tencel substances that sleep 30% cooler than linen. This mattress provides the most incredible luxury made in the USA as it comes in four different firmness choices.

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Best Mattress For Menopause FAQs

What causes night sweats during menopause?

Those sudden hot flashes which make you drenched in a pool of perspiration are frequently more pronounced during the nighttime. The fall in estrogen production that occurs during menopause causes it harder for your body to control its temperature. While this occurs during waking hours, you’ve got more control, and you’ll be able to take proactive steps to stay cool, such as drinking water or removing layers of clothes.

But at night, when you are asleep, your body is on autopilot. As you’re not taking an active part in regulating your temperature, then you may be caught off guard with extreme night perspiration.

Can menopause cause sleeplessness?

Yes, absolutely. If you are experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, you are more inclined to toss and turn or awaken during the middle of the night, drenched in perspiration. These sleeping disruptions make it even more challenging to get sufficient rest.

Then, another night, you are more likely to feel anxiety, nervousness, and irritability because of this encounter you had the evening before. The outcome may be a vicious cycle of sleeplessness.

What’s the ideal cooling mattress created from?

Generally speaking, conventional spring mattresses sleep cooler compared to memory foam. These coils’ plan only promotes better airflow than dense foam that can help dissipate body heat rather than trapping it. If you are worried about the mattress being overly hot, a hybrid mattress may be a fantastic option. You receive the cushioning and contouring advantages of foam together with the airflow and encourage of springs. Start looking for pocketed coils and respective springs instead of continuous coils.

What is hardness level most suitable for menopause symptoms?

There is no particular firmness degree guaranteed to relieve your menopause symptoms, but deciding on the ideal stability on your mattress might well affect your sleep quality. Consider your sleeping style to pick the very best firmness degree that will encourage proper spine alignment. If you are a side sleeper, you might require a slightly thicker mattress than somebody who sleeps in their stomach or back again.

Can I consider a flippable mattress or an adjustable bed frame?

It does not hurt to give yourself choices, particularly considering your menopause symptoms are likely to change within many decades. A flippable mattress is just one having a milder and also softer side – it provides you the capability to modify your sleeping experience without purchasing a new mattress.

Adjustable bed frames increase and lower the mattress. That might be a fantastic choice if you discover you finally have trouble getting comfy – you can correct the mattress as necessary during the evening time.

Does a memory foam mattress that doesn’t get hot exist?

Yes, you will get a memory foam mattress that does not sleep hot, but you want to look closely at these substances. The thicker the foam, the more heat it’s very likely to snare. The best memory foam mattresses for heating can comprise lighter density foams or other substances such as springs or latex to dissipate heat. If you’re searching for an all-foam mattress, consider one which incorporates gel aluminum or foam to help regulate temperature during sleep.

How long can the mattress warranty last?

A mattress warranty can last anywhere from five years to greater than 25. More significant than the total length is non-prorated coverage duration, making it possible for owners to repair or replace their mattresses at little to no cost. Throughout the prorated stage, owners should pay a proportion of the original mattress cost to get their version replaced or repaired.

Some mattress guarantees last 20 decades or more but provide two to three decades of non-prorated coverage – so make sure you read the fine print.

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There’s nothing more important than having a fantastic night’s sleep! But, it gets more challenging to maneuver throughout the night if you’re going through menopause-related symptoms. Ensuring that you have the ideal pillow to keep you cool will get a better prospect of getting through this phase using a suitable position and nominal perspiration.

Video: 5 menopause symptoms that can impact your sleep

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