Best Mattress For Hip Pain 2020: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Hip Pain 2020

Is hip pain keeping you up at night and leaving you feeling exhausted and tired during the day? If that’s the case, you’re not alone. If your pain seems worse when you roll out of bed in the morning, your mattress may be causing or contributing to the pain you are experiencing.

Since it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the available info and find the ideal mattress for the entire body and sleeping fashion, we have outlined all you want to know to make an educated choice on The Best Mattress For Hip Pain. If you do not have time to get this entire rundown, check out our recommended mattress option.

What Causes Hip Pain?

Too much strain on the shoulders or reduce from illness or bad posture may result in significant tissue damage, leading to pain. Built-up and untreated pressure factors may cause achy hips, easily broken bones, degenerative disorders, and additional swelling or injury, hindering your sleep.


Bursa swelling, or bursitis, is the fluid’s redness around the joints like the hips, shoulders, knees, and elbows. This disorder can be characterized by sharp pains radiating outwards from the affected location. The pain could be worse lying down.


Caused by improper posture, sciatica is characterized by painful tingling at the interior leg or hip once the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed. The sciatic nerve is situated in the spine’s bottom and runs via the cool’s obturator foramen into the toes. It is the human body’s most significant and longest nerve-wracking.

Sciatica is quite debilitating and may severely decrease somebody’s wellbeing. This problem is treatable, though severe cases require surgery.


The elasticity in our joints becomes stiff with age, which reduces our ability to cushion shock to the joints. High impact physical actions can cause the joints to become bloated, cultivating irritating joint pain.

Rest, ice, and heat treatment, along with a supportive mattress, may reduce tendinitis symptoms.


There are more than 100 kinds of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis and atherosclerosis. Generally called joint stiffness and preventing inflammation, the disorder is an immune reaction, attacking healthy tissue.

The older, together with failing immune systems, and kids, using underdeveloped immune systems, can readily deal with the disease.


Osteoarthritis, the disintegration of cartilage, is closely connected to the older or guys due to a failed injury or disease. This disorder can cause increased stiffness and pain in the hips, knees, and hands compared to other kinds of arthritis.

Things to Consider when Looking for the best mattress for bad hips

Things to Consider when Looking for the best mattress for bad hips

Purchasing a new mattress isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. There are a couple of crucial considerations that anybody who suffers from hip soreness should keep an eye out when picking a mattress.

Stress Relief

If you’re searching for the ideal mattress for hip pain, it is essential to select one that will alleviate your pain by adapting carefully to your body. A mattress that shapes along your sides hugs your shoulders and hips, reducing the amount of pressure put on these regions and relieving any tension.

It is essential for people experiencing hip pain to break on a mattress with a thinner coating that cushions their buttocks, providing enough pressure relief to stone you to sleep. Start looking for a mattress using an 8/10 strain relief rating to ensure you receive the cushioning you will need to relieve hip pain.


Taking support and endurance into consideration are significant actions to alleviating hip pain. Usually, the more inviting a mattress is also, the better it’ll hold up. Support and endurance are crucial for people who suffer from hip pain, as a sagging and supportive mattress may cause your hips to sink and dig into the mattress, exacerbating pressure point pain.

For heavyweight sleepers with hip pain mainly, it is more important to sleep on a supportive mattress that pops back against your weight since plus-sized sleepers tend to sink deeper into the mattress. Any mattress with an 8/10 score in strength will be adequate to endure the test of time and provide lasting support.

Spine Alignment

Support and backbone alignment go together. A more supportive mattress (one that is at least medium-firm) will provide enough pushback to maintain your spine in proper alignment, which will help reduce the amount of pressure put on your lower spine. Lower back pain may quickly worsen or begin tension in the buttocks.

Therefore neutral spine alignment is crucial in helping relieve hip pain. Provided that the mattress you’re eyeing scored at an 8/10 in back alignment, you may rest assured knowing you are getting the support you want.

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Mattress Firmness

The very best mattress stability for hip discomfort will depend on several factors, such as your body weight, sleep position, and your pain’s strength. You will want to decide on a mattress that can adapt to your body and alleviate pressure point pain, but you will also need a supportive mattress that provides sufficient pushback to keep spine alignment.

Medium-firm mattresses are usually the go-to for relieving back and hip pain. This stability level is the best balance of comfort and support-ideal for cushioning your joints but is still firm enough to encourage a healthy sleeping posture. Heavyweight sleepers who sink in their mattress may require a firmer mattress compared to the regular sleeper.

In contrast, lightweight sleepers who do not sink as much might require a medium-soft mattress that provides extra cushioning for your shoulders and hips.

Which Sleep Position Is Ideal for Reducing Hip Pain?

Which Sleep Position Is Ideal for Reducing Hip Pain

No matter your sleeping posture, there’s the hope of decreasing pain and becoming a better remainder, but also, it is beneficial to learn how sleep posture impacts hip pain. The breakdown below demonstrates how every place either helps or hurts hip soreness, and the surface ideal for relieving hip discomfort in every posture.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers who routinely sleep on one side in an ill-fitting mattress can experience muscle fatigue and pain. If you sleep on your side, nearly all of your weight drops to your shoulders and hips, and if you are not sleeping on a mattress that cushions these stains, you face the danger of putting too much strain on your buttocks. This may result in hip pain, which explains why side sleepers must break on a softer surface, which alleviates pressure.

Experts also indicate alternating sides if you are a side sleeper and putting a pillow between your knees to help keep your hips, pelvis, and spine aligned, or shifting sleep places entirely to turn into a back sleeper.

Back Sleepers

If you are a hip pain victim, the best sleeping position is on your back as your weight is evenly dispersed across the broadest surface of your system, reducing stress points and ensuring proper positioning of your inner organs.

If you sleep on your back, put a pillow under your knees to help keep your lower spine’s standard curve, which ensures proper alignment and reduces the odds of pain spreading from the lower spine to your buttocks. Back sleepers with hip pain farewell on a medium-firm mattress, which has an even balance of service and relaxation.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your belly can be difficult on your back and cause hip pain. Stomach sleepers require a mattress that retains their hips propped up along with their backbone aligned, as this sleeping posture runs the best risk of spinal column misalignment. This usually needs a mattress that is about the medium-firm or business end of this spectrum.

Blend Sleepers

Multi-positional or mixed sleepers change positions throughout the nighttime. People who have hip pain require a mattress that could accommodate and adjust accordingly to get comfort and support in each position. A reactive mattress with great bounce will help blend sleepers with hip soreness transition effortlessly so that they won’t worsen their stylish discomfort hoping to go from 1 place to another.

Mattress Type

Mattresses can be made of several unique substances, but a few are better for relieving hip pain than others.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam mattresses are a fantastic selection for hip pain victims because they are made out of pressure-relieving foam that absorbs the own body weight and lets you sink into the surface only enough for deeper compression and contouring.

A memory foam mattress that is too extravagant, though, can cause your hips to sink a lot to the mattress and also knock your back out of alignment, so it is Far Better to go to get a medium-firm memory foam mattress when it comes to relieving hip pain.


Hybrid mattresses give the very best of both worlds for individuals fighting with hip pain. Hybrid beds unite coils with memory foam, which functions nicely to provide pressure support and relief. People who have hip pain would gain from hybrid mattresses, incorporating many layers of thick memory foam over a mattress of coils, which creates the ideal surface to sink and pillow those joints.


Should you are afflicted with hip pain and have an affinity for innerspring mattresses-there is some terrible news. Innerspring mattresses aren’t a fantastic choice when it comes to relieving hip pain. Innerspring beds generally use a mattress of coils using a thin foam layer at the top. While the coils assist people with hip pain keep backbone alignment, the absence of cushioning does not provide sleepers together with all the strain relief they want.

The more difficult surface of an innerspring mattress may cause your hips to dig in the mattress, raising pressure and worsening your condition. If you prefer assistance from innerspring coils but want extra cushioning to alleviate hip pain, then a hybrid is your very best option.


Latex mattresses are among the most frequently advocated beds for hip pain since latex is a pressure-relieving material. Latex hugs the body and cradles your shoulders and buttocks such as memory foam, but it also has a springy feel like an innerspring mattress.

This inherent bounciness helps push against your moves for neutral spine alignment. Therefore, hip pain people can find the strain relief and support needed to get a comfortable night’s rest.

Top Rated 11 Best Mattresses For Hip Pain Brands

Top Rated 11 Best Mattresses For Hip Pain Brands

Casper Wave Hybrid – Best Overall

We called the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress that the best memory foam mattress for hip discomfort due to its exceptional functionality in addition to your regions of stress. Its zoned support system provides even weight loss, which relieves shoulder strain while encouraging hip joints. The Casper Wave Hybrid additionally keeps your spine properly aligned and reacts to your moves seamlessly through the evening.

The Casper Wave Hybrid includes five distinctive layers of aid, all of which target stress points in sensitive places, like the shoulders and buttocks. The mix of this pressure-relieving coating and concentrated gel pods operate together to provide proper spinal alignment and stop sagging in the middle. This is particularly essential for side sleepers who undergo hip pain, as your buttocks won’t sink into the mattress and lead to pain in the hip joints.

The American Chiropractic Association has supported the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress as a person who provides exceptional comfort and much deeper, more restorative sleep. It is a fantastic mattress for those that wake up with hip pain, back pain, or other typical soreness and aches.

It is possible to try out the Casper Wave Hybrid to get 100 nights before determining if the mattress is ideal for you. If you prefer it, then you get a 10-year limited guarantee. If you do not enjoy it, then you can return it at no cost.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain – DreamCloud

Though many distinct kinds of sleepers experience hip pain during the night, those groups are most affected by its side sleepers. Why? Well, these people press in their sides through the night, placing additional strain on the shoulders and the hips. To relieve this strain, these dreamers require a bed that is as pressure-relieving because it’s supportive. In summary, they require the DreamCloud mattress.

Constructed with a quilted pillow top layer over segments of gel-infused memory foam plus pocketed coils, this hybrid vehicle strikes a wonderful balance between pressure support and relief. After settling into bed, hip pain victims will likely discover their buttocks, shoulders, and lower spine are cushioned by the upper layer of memory foam. They might also discover their backbone was lifted into a healthful, impartial alignment resulting from this rugged pocketed coil system at the mattress’s core.

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Best Memory Foam Mattress for Hip Pain – Bear Pro

The all-foam Bear Pro lets sleepers sink in the bed and revel in some wonderful pressure relief around the hip. How can the mattress attain this comfy feel? Both the relaxation and shape layers use memory foam to provide a lot of relaxation and body-contouring. Side sleepers may be particularly fond of the construction, which can be gentle and pressure-relieving around the shoulder and hip.

Memory Foam has a small standing for trapping body heat, which means you may be thinking about if sinking in the Bear Pro can result in overheating. The people at Bear thought about this too. They comprised several features to shield against the problem, such as a heating aluminum extract in the memory foam top layer and a watertight cover made from all-natural Celliant. Consequently, if you would like to sleep pressure-relieving memory foam without overheating, consider that the Bear Pro.

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Nest Hybrid – Best Latex Mattress for Hip Pain

In case you have doubts regarding latex mattresses, you need to devote the Nest Hybrid mattress a go. It is among the most significant latex mattresses available on the marketplace that’s concentrated on providing you a refreshing night’s sleep. Does the Nest Hybrid maintain your spine? Also, it protects sensitive regions like your shoulders and wrists out of high pressure. That is why we consider the Nest Hybrid mattress that the best latex mattress for hip pain.

Latex and pocket-sized coils are set flawlessly in the Nest Hybrid to deliver optimum pressure relief and spine alignment. Unlike conventional spring and foam beds, the blend of latex and pocket-sized coils provide prompt responsiveness to conform to a body throughout the evening.

The Nest’s Dunlop latex is certified by the OEKO-TEX as an eco-friendly and organic substance. It follows that the mattress can also be perfect for individuals with allergies.

If you are still undecided about a latex mattress, then Nest provides you a 100-day sleep trial period to give it a try. Much like any mattress, you need to allow a minimum of 30 days to adapt to it. If you prefer it, then Nest provides a lifetime guarantee. Otherwise, you can schedule a pick up free of charge with client services. They will either give it or recycle it to you, based on the status of the mattress.

Layla – Finest Stress Relief for Hips and Back

We called Layla that the very best strain relief mattress for back and hip pain. It features both a side and a company facet of copper-infused memory foam. Not feeling the company side tonight? Turn on your bed and revel in the lavish feel of this soft side. You could be asking yourself why Layla infused their memory foams with aluminum.

Copper is known to help alleviate and reduce inflammation in your joints and alleviate joint stiffness and pain. The copper-infused memory foam a part of what causes the Layla mattress special, and we included it on our list of gadgets for hip pain.

Layla also features a coating of soft-density foam made from breathable material and heating properties. This coating dissipates heat and helps regulate your body temperature when you’re sleeping. Along with this soft-density foam coating, Layla includes a high-density foam coating that provides complete support in the mattress’s bottom.

All layers of the Layla mattress are included using a heating cover so you can sleep trendy effortlessly.

It is possible to try out the copper-infused, flippable mattress for 120 days. If you love it, then you will have a limited lifetime guarantee. If you are not in love with this, then you may return it at no cost by phoning Layla’s customer support line and scheduling a pickup in your house for your convenience.

Helix Luxe – Finest Pillow Top Mattress for Hip Pain

Enjoy relief from hip pain using a mattress out of the Helix Luxe line of mattresses, containing thick relaxation layers for stress relief. The lineup comprises six beds in a variety of firmnesses. Therefore construction varies somewhat between versions. However, each of the mattresses on this high-end feature pillow shirt should provide lots of relaxation for different sleeping places.

These hybrids mattresses also provide powerful support owing to pocketed coils. This service is zoned to become thicker around the shoulder and warmer across the hip, keeping the buttocks elevated together with the backbone and promoting healthy spinal alignment.

The coils also offer the beds a few bounce and freedom, which will attract people who prefer to maneuver easily in addition to their mattresses. Regardless of your sleeping posture, the Helix Luxe lineup needs to have a model to help you fight hip pain.

Idle Sleep Gel Plush – Greatest Gel Foam Mattress

Have you ever wished to sleep on a mattress that makes you feel as though you’re floating while cradling your entire body to relieve stress points and make sure you wake up feeling your best? Yeah, I thought so. The Idle Sleep Gel Foam isn’t your run of the mill foam mattress. It’s constructed with high-quality foams, the market standard, and has a different feel due to cooling buoyancy foam coating.

You won’t ever feel “stuck” in this particular mattress. It’s simple to maneuver around on but may nevertheless isolate movement well if you sleep with a spouse or puppy at night. It’s also worth mentioning if you’ve ever slept with a foam mattress and discovered it to be too hot for youpersonally; this mattress does a superb job of keeping you cool all night while it contours to your body.

Amerisleep AS3 – Best Mattress for Couples with Hip Pain

High marks in movement isolation make the Amerisleep AS3 a high choice for couples that do not need to be bothered by their partner’s moves. Memory Foam absorbs any movement brought on by motion and keeps it from reaching your spouse’s side of the mattress. The AS3 also keeps your spine right and cushions pressure points, making it a fantastic alternative for mixed sleepers with hip pain.

This medium-firm memory foam mattress consists of memory foam layers that work together to encourage your buttocks, shoulders, and other stress points. Amerisleep makes this foam-free of damaging substances and consumes additional body warmth to keep you cool. The mattress cover pops in Celliant engineering, which requires excessive body heat and transforms it into energy to promote recovery.

Purple – Greatest Value Mattress

If you’re trying to find a mattress that alleviates hip pain and other stress points while offering an excellent price, look no further than the Purple mattress. We called Purple that the very best value mattress for hip discomfort due to its patented Smart Comfort Grid™ layout that supports your body contour while remaining within an affordable budget.

Purple does a fantastic job of keeping your spine aligned and assisting alleviate pain with its unique pressure-releasing substance, making it suitable for side sleepers. People who have hip pain will love how Purple engineered its mattress to appeal to stress relief. The substance is a hybrid of hyper-elastic polymer and polyurethane.

The hyper-elastic plastic grid is a coating that can adapt smaller regions of the body (shoulders and hips) to sink into the mattress, unlike memory springs or foam.

Besides this patented Smart Comfort Grid™, the Purple mattress is constructed from soft high-density foam and medium-firm foam. The mix of foams both enhances responsiveness and provides structural support to the mattress. The top layer is a soft duvet cover that stretches on the mattress’s surface to promote warmth, making it among the most significant cooling mattresses.

You can try out the exceptional relaxation grid mattress for 100 days. It includes a 10-year limited guarantee and free returns should you decide that it is not best for you. Only call customer service to arrange a pickup from your property.

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora – Best for Arthritis

The Brooklyn Aurora might have been granted a couple of diverse superlatives. Most good cooling system, best for stress relief, and better body shape, list a couple. I depended upon the most appropriate for arthritis since every one of these qualities work together to make a mattress that could manage even the most sensitive areas of the human body for a fantastic night’s sleep.

The stand out feature of the mattress is its cooling capabilities. You’ll see it right off the bat. Once you touch the cover will be freezing chilly. The Aurora is appropriate about a 5 to the stability scale, making it a comparatively soft mattress.

On the other hand, the pocketed coils in the bottom will keep you encouraged at night based on your sleeping posture. If arthritis pain is your primary concern when searching for a mattress, I recommend this mattress for side sleepers or lightweight back sleepers.

Amerisleep – Finest Carpet Mattress for Hip Pain

If you are a hot sleeper that also happens to battle with hip pain during the night, then you might choose to have a glance in the Amerisleep line of memory foam mattresses. The newest now sells five distinct versions, ranging from the ultra-firm AS1 mattress to the soft AS5.

Whatever the mattress you choose, you are going to end up on a mattress that features thick high layers of memory foam for stress relief in the shoulders, buttocks, and lower spine. Known for its slow reaction to stress, memory foam may be an excellent material for people who struggle with pains and aches in the evening time.

However, what’s incredibly cool about Amerisleep’s memory foam comfort layer is that it has been created with an open-cell layout, promoting exceptional breathability. This will help to suppress traditional memory foam propensity for trapping and absorbing body heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can stretching before bed to help with all the pain?

Yes. It is strongly suggested that you stretch before bed and first thing in the morning.


I just purchased a mattress, but it seems too firm. Can there be a way to change this?

Including a mattress topper helps cushion a firm sleeping surface. Additionally, it is going to place less wear and tear on your mattress. If you are still inside the mattress’s sleep trial, then see if you’re able to exchange it for another model.

What should I do in my hip pain becoming worse?

In case your hip pain isn’t going off, or you begin to experience sharp or shooting pain on your buttocks, speak to your physician straight away.

Can my mattress trigger hip pain?

Yes. A mattress with pressure-relieve foam and company support can decrease pressure in the shoulders and cut back on inflammation.

What is the best mattress for back and hip pain?

The Amerisleep AS3 is our recommendation to get the ideal mattress for back and hip pain. Medium-firm foam protects the entire body using a gentle cradling feeling to decrease pressure points.

What’s the best sort of mattress for side sleepers?

Memory Foam is recommended for side sleepers. Weight from the shoulders and buttocks against the sleeping surface may cause pressure points. The conforming capability of memory foam relieves this strain.

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For people who suffer from hip pain, locating the ideal mattress might help cut back on nightly distress – the ideal mattress is a step towards more pain-free nighttime.

It would help if you started looking for a mattress that keeps neutral spinal alignment, whatever the sleeping posture. You might even use additional cushions to help alleviate stress and make lifestyle decisions like stretching before bed or select joint-healthy foods. If pain persists and worsens, speak to your physician about a potential solution. Do not let hip pain destroy your sleep.

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