Best Mattress For Couples 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Couples 2021

The both of you’ve been together for a couple of decades, and what’s as intimate as ever. If you are a couple looking for a fantastic night’s sleep, then among the very first crucial buys after you move in together would be to obtain a new mattress. We hear from couples that they need a mattress that scores well to keep things romantic, not too dumb and a superb all-around mattress.

Now, please do not waste any longer; let us take a peek at what we’ll cover in our guide about the best mattress for couples.

Afterward, within our buyer’s guide, we discuss all couple’s needs to learn about purchasing a new mattress.

Which Kind of Mattress Is Perfect For Couples?

Many couples find that it is helpful to know the kinds of mattresses available in the industry. Understanding the advantages and downsides of those kinds can direct them to their very best alternative.

There are five kinds of mattresses clarified below. Remember that mattresses inside each class will share some attributes. However, any particular model that performs can change based on its precise design and elements.


Definition: All the layers of the mattresses are made out of foam. This construction nearly always entails a combination of foams, like a high-density polyfoam support center and memory foam or polyfoam from the comfortable system. Foam beds do not incorporate an innerspring coating.

Top-Notch Motion Isolation: Foams used in mattresses, particularly memory foam, have unique properties that permit them to compress only where weight is put on. This retains a single individual’s motion from being sensed on different mattress areas, and this movement isolation is a big incentive for couples.


Definition: The central part of an innerspring mattress is a coil-based method to support your body. The coils’ compression is precisely what pushes the sense of an innerspring, including little if any comfortable system for additional cushioning.

Affordable and Modifiable: Innersprings frequently include a very low price tag. However, they generally can not provide the movement isolation or stress relief which couples want. To cure this, couples like buying a mattress topper that suits their tastes and put it on top of the innerspring.


Definition: Hybrids possess a two-part construction. The base is a service center of innerspring coils. Over the support center is your comfortable system, which is composed of a couple of layers. These layers could be produced with memory foam, polyfoam, micro-coils, latex, wool, cotton, and cotton.

A good Middle Ground: Since they’re a mix of various substances, hybrids can be an excellent compromise for couples. They generally provide above-average rebound and edge support in the support center while simultaneously isolating movement and relieving pressure due to the comfortable system.


Definition: Latex is the fundamental element from the layers of a latex mattress. This rubber material could be produced out of chemical or natural inputs. Natural latex, which can be derived from the sap of rubber bands, can be used more often in quality latex beds offered on the internet.

Reactive and Cool: The rebound that comes from latex makes it a practical option for couples who are looking to maneuver easily in addition to their mattress. It’s a noteworthy but not excess hug, letting it cushion your system without keeping substantial heat.


Definition: The defining characteristic of an airbed is its service center made from air chambers. The quantity of atmosphere, so the mattress’s stability, can be corrected with a smartphone or remote that controls a connected pump. Layers of foam, latex, or cloth could be employed to make a comfortable system over the support center.

Firmness For Every Side: A massive selling point is that airbeds have various chambers on each side, allowing each half of the mattress have a different stability texture. For spouses that do not agree on the perfect firmness degree, an airbed provides a simple solution.

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The way to pick the best mattresses for couples?

The Way to Pick the Perfect Couple Mattress

The most crucial issue is getting an obvious idea about what you anticipate from buying and locating the perfect solution that matches the spouses’ sleeping demands. Your unique tastes regarding dimensions, comfort, service, brand recognition, and guarantee are a few of the essential items for deciding on the perfect mattress.


First things first, the mattress must have sufficient space and room for the two of you. If your spouse’s late-night tossing and turning is a problem for you, perhaps it’s time to search for a larger bed.

The perfect size for an ordinary pair is Queen, but you can decide on a King or California King-sized mattress if you both want your space while sleeping.

Make sure you check out the size of mattress charts before making a purchase.

Motion Isolation

Possessing excellent movement isolation is among the most significant things for many couples. By way of instance, if one spouse is a rear sleeper that’s prone to repositioning and is a lot heavier than another spouse who’s a sleeper. Without low movement transfer, the milder spouse could have difficulty sleeping if they’re a light sleeper.

You’ve got a couple of options.

Compromise – This is generally the least expensive alternative. Together with the four options we recorded here, 90 percent of you need to have the ability to discover a fantastic mattress that satisfies both spouses.

Locate an adjustable firmness mattress – Nowadays, many brands provide an adjustable mattress where either side may have a different firmness degree. Additionally, there are double-sided products on the market.

Memory Foam beds are fantastic for decreasing motion transfer. However, you may lack that bouncy sense of foam or hybrids that many people today love.


The next step is to determine whether you want a complex, medium, or soft texture. This choice is dependent upon your physique and favorite sleeping place.

The majority of the less expensive brands provide a medium-to-firm feel that works nicely for many individuals. Still, unwanted sleepers might have additional pressure relief considerations and require something around the milder end of this spectrum. If you want a softer texture, then you may either invest some cash in a fantastic mattress topper or elect for a mattress version that features a softer feel, to begin with.

Firmness Level

Your mattress must be an inviting and relaxing location to slough away, which necessitates that it be comfy. The ideal stability is vital for comfort, and couples might want to compromise to locate a practical sense for both individuals.

Besides the characteristics above, there is a range of different items to consider while purchasing a mattress. Couple or not, these characteristics are crucial in deciding on the ideal mattress for you.


Even though the purchase price doesn’t always reflect its quality, the less expensive brands may likely lack appropriate pressure point relief and durability than slightly higher-priced alternatives. That is the reason why you must find a comprehension of the product.

Warranty & Return

Since creating a mattress in a box – a regular mattress that’s compressed and vacuum-sealed at a box, there’s been a rise in the number of internet orders. Even though it’s likely that if you created a reasonably calculated buy, there are some cases where you may not be pleased with your mattress.

Among the very best reasons to buy a boxed online mattress is the remarkable return and refund policies provided by the most renowned brands. It usually takes little to no hassle on the part of the purchaser. Thus, it’s possible to sleep on it until making your choice.

Top Rated 13 Best Mattress For Couples Brands

Top 13 Best Mattresses For Couples Brands

Editor’s Pick: Helix


  • Multiple stability choices (3.5, 5.5, 7.5)
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Sophisticated, customizable construction
  • Fantastic movement isolation

Helix Sleep provides a vast choice of the best hybrid mattresses with varying stability and depth settings. All beds comprise a pocketed coil center to provide aid, strengthened with a high-density foam foundation for durability. The comfort layers’ composition varies based on the chosen version, with various mixtures of memory foam, synthetic latex, and polyfoam.

Couples may choose from among six standard hybrids according to their weight and also preferred sleep position. The ‘Sunset’ and ‘Moonlight’ are soft (3.5) and best suited to lighter individuals and side sleepers.

The ‘Midnight’  and ‘Dusk’ are ‘Moderate’ (5.5), which makes them great possibilities for people in the ordinary weight group who utilize any sleeping position; and also the ‘Twilight’ and ‘Dawn’ are ‘Business’ (7.5), and must be excellent for heavier individuals and back/stomach sleepers.

All six of those models also come in Luxe layouts, which can be 4″ thicker and provide more significant support if you favor high-profile beds.

Moreover, the ‘Nightfall’ is a hybrid explicitly made for bigger, heavier individuals. All of Helix Sleep hybrids offer you superb temperature neutrality and better-than-average movement isolation. The beds can also be reasonably silent, making them appropriate for couples that wake up readily due to sound.

Helix Sleep hybrids have lower-than-average price-points, along the company ships for free to all 50 states. The beds are endorsed by 100-night sleep trials and come with warranties ranging from 10 to 15 years in length.

Helix Sleep delivers a diverse lineup of mattresses, using a choice for pretty much every single couple. All in all, the mattresses are designed to fulfill the baseline needs of the majority of couples, such as fantastic temperature neutrality, responsiveness for gender, and movement isolation. From that point, it is merely an issue of picking the best design for your particular comfort tastes.

Best Value: Nectar Mattress


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • OEKO-TEX® Accredited
  • 365-Day Trial
  • Permanently Warranty

Helix presents a tailored approach to beds for 2. They believe that individuals have individual needs and tastes, which shouldn’t endure by considerably compromising on a single bed.

Couples who love a memory texture can observe the exceptional value made by the people at Nectar. A mattress with a deeper shape, yet easy to maneuver around on, and using a plush texture provides relaxation utilizing high-quality substances. Contrary to other beds, which enable thicker areas to sink, even milder regions of the human body, like arms and hands, sink for a uniform texture.

Why is it unique? When taking a look at the available package of this mattress, the value is apparent. Nectar is an outstanding cost for what it provides, such as a wicking cover, cooling gel infusions, and thick layers of stress-relieving foam backed with a compact foundation.

A substantial benefit for sleepers which also plays to the value is that the 365-night trial period. Not merely is the mattress an excellent alternative. Still, you need a complete year to enable your body to adjust and determine if it will be accessible for as long as its own Forever Warranty.

Brooklyn Aurora – Best Cooling


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 120-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

A foundation layer of coils provides a profound dip that’s very good for sexually active couples, in addition to support, which assists both parties at proper spine alignment as they sleep. Layers of memory and poly foams combine to bring contouring comfort; therefore, waking up sore is something of the past.

If you need a mattress that’s foam for isolating movement from your spouse but does not need to include much more flames into the fire, then you want a mattress that has the best cooling properties. Brooklyn Aurora is a lavish hybrid mattress that has taken warmth to an entirely new level from the mattress industry.

What are the best features? The first thing you will see is the bed’s surface was infused with tiny gel beads, which contain phase shift technologies, liquefying at higher temperatures to provide cooling relief and solidifying at reduced temperatures for year-round relaxation. The smooth top weave was created for increased breathability and making sure your skin gets instantly together with all the cooling beads.

You will discover more open-cell foam and individually encased coils under these layers, allowing for exceptional airflow and maximum temperature controller. Pick from soft, medium, or business according to your collective demands.

Best Memory Foam: Loom & Leaf


  • High-density memory foam layers equilibrium adapting and strong support
  • Above-average movement isolation
  • Free White Glove delivery and mattress installment

For many couples, movement isolation is the top priority. If a single individual is often tossing and turning or getting in and out of bed, it can be an enormous disruption to their spouse. This mattress with a comfortable system including many layers of memory foam is a top-notch option for many couples.

The comfortable method of the Loom & Leaf consists of four layers of polyurethane. The top part is a slim polyfoam, measuring at only over half-an-inch, that’s quilted into the breathable organic cotton cover. The second and third layers are memory foam; the top layer has gel infused into the foam. This mattress uses a joint total of 3 inches of high-density memory foam that delivers standout movement isolation. This substance is practically noiseless and excels in relieving pressure to promote spinal distress.

The comfort system’s last coating is two inches of polyfoam, which operates with an inherent polyfoam support center to maintain the mattress securely and limit excess sinking into the mattress. Each foam layers are well-constructed, providing the Loom & Leaf more excellent durability than many all-foam beds. This is particularly helpful for couples, including couples with greater overall body weight, putting more strain on a mattress.

There are two predominant choices – moderate company and company – which clients can pick from. Side sleepers and individuals under 130 pounds generally find the best outcomes from the medium-firm alternative.

The Loom & Leaf are created by the Saatva company, which provides free White Glove delivery, including installment and old mattress elimination. There’s a 180-night sleep trial that provides a refund minus a $99 return shipping fee for those not content with the mattress. The guarantee lasts for 15 decades.

Casper – All Sleeping Positions


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 100-Night Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Designed and Assembled in the United States

It is said that opposites attract, but in regards to meeting the varied demands of side and stomach sleepers within one bed, the challenge is about. Couples fulfill Casper, all-foam mattresses that effortlessly blends firm and soft for the ideal equilibrium.

Why do we enjoy it? Casper features four layers of specialization foam which are flexible and accommodating for many sleeping places. Stomach and back sleepers can find the support they require in the dense foam foundation, while side sleepers can genuinely feel that the Zoned Support™ coating is adapting around their shoulders and buttocks.

Classic memory foam cubes heat, which can be terrible news for couples that are already creating additional heat by sharing a mattress. Casper’s 2021 upgrade introduced AirScape foam which allows heat to escape to sleep cool and comfortable all night long.

Couples that aren’t sure can place this mattress into the evaluation using Casper’s 100-night sleeping trial.

Best Latex: Zenhaven


  • Flippable with double firmness (7, 4)
  • 180-night sleep trial
  • 20-year guarantee
  • Fantastic movement isolation and adapting
  • Sleeps trendy for most

Our very best latex mattress for couples, the Zenhaven from Saatva, is two mattresses in a single. This mattress comes with a flippable layout. One facet is ‘Medium Soft’ (4), and another is ‘Business’ (7), making it a fantastic solution for couples whose stability tastes very night.

The Zenhaven is likewise eco-friendly. Both relaxation layers and the shared support center are created from natural Talalay latex, a more pliable, body-conforming substance that contrasts with the sleeper’s backbone and relieves pressure points across the body. The cover is made from organic cotton, yet another green substance that aids the mattress sleep tremendously trendy.

The Zenhaven delivers above-average movement isolation and produces no sound, each of which may cut back on night sleep disruptions for couples. The mattress also has a lengthy lifespan because of its latex parts. Its 10″ profile makes it simple for many people to invest in and out of bed, too.

As a Saatva brand mattress (such as the Loom & Leaf), the Zenhaven qualifies for free White Glove delivery anywhere in the neighboring U.S. The mattress is backed with a 180-night sleep trial plus a 20-year guarantee.

For couples considering a latex mattress, the Zenhaven provides what they’re searching for: a trendy sleep surface with just the correct amount of dip for intercourse and good shape and support to generate sleep comfy.

Helix – Customization


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 100-Day Trial
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

Helix presents a tailored approach to beds for 2. They believe that individuals have individual needs and tastes, which shouldn’t endure by considerably compromising on a single bed.

After each individual fills out Helix’s quick online survey, the company delivers a solution – that the brand will pick a custom mix of materials to meet both parties using a hybrid vehicle.

The quiz studies couples in their existing quality of sleep, the rankings they sleep, in addition to tastes on stability and body form. This helps determine the temperature regulation, purpose Comfort, service, and general texture that Helix will cater to via pocketed microcoils, Helix Dynamic Foam, memory foam, and a high-grade polyfoam.

Why is it unique? With customized customization on either side of the mattress or choosing to pick a happy medium for both parties, Helix helps couples with vastly different tastes.

Best Hybrid mattress: Avocado Green


  • Multiple stability choices (5.5, 6.5)
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • 20-year guarantee
  • Permanent, long-lasting design
  • Zoned coils provide powerful advantage support.

Hybrids are famous for their above-average support. The Avocado Green outpaces many competitions with its pocketed coil service center, which can be constructed of higher-gauge (thinner) coils around the perimeter and a mixture of high lower-gauge coils across the middle.

This zoned arrangement helps fortify the mattress and provides additional support to regions of the body in which sleepers take the maximum weight. Multiple firmness options additionally give couples more options for finding the proper mattress texture.

The Avocado Green is also a fantastic alternative for eco-friendly couples. With aerated Dunlop latex and natural wool relaxation layers, a natural cotton cover, and an extra latex coating resting over the coils, the mattress comprises renewable substances.

These parts also permit the mattress to sleep quite remarkable – and since latex is durable, the Avocado Green includes a long lifespan compared to other hybrids. The mattress isolates more movement and produces less noise compared to other hybrids, too.

Avocado ships this mattress to clients in all 50 states at no cost and White Glove delivery is available for an extra charge. The Avocado Green includes a 100-night sleep trial plus a longer-than-average 20-year guarantee.

Hybrid mattresses are top-rated amongst couples because their distinctive design delivers a mixture of shape and support, accommodating most sleep tastes. The Avocado Green is not any different, with added features that make it appealing to couples, such as a very long lifespan, silent sleep surface, and superior temperature regulation.

Saatva – Edge Service


  • Certified Organic Cotton
  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 180-Day Trial
  • 15-Year Warranty
  • Charity Initiatives
  • Made in the United States

When you talk about a bed, every inch of the sleeping area (unless you are that couple who enjoys spooning all night), Saatva is a traditional hybrid bed that combines comfort, service, and durability.

The Euro pillow top is encased within a natural cotton protector, together with lumbar cable support and memory foam sandwiched between 2 layers of coils. Couples can select between a lavish soft coating plus a supportive firm coating or match in the middle and all the luxury business layers that provide medium-firm support.

Why did it make a list? Couples who prefer ample space to spread out while they sleep (or to like additional bedroom tasks) realize that border service is crucial. Saatva features a Double Perimeter Edge Support system to boost the resting surface and stop sagging over time. Irrespective of where you wind up on the mattress, you need to feel the same high degree of support.

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Best Innerspring: The WinkBed


  • Multiple stability choices (4.5, 6.5, 7.5)
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Above-average responsiveness
  • Fantastic pain and stress relief

Innerspring mattresses have held the title of being the top beds for gender. These mattresses offer you a superb quantity of rebound and responsiveness that lots of couples love. But, innerspring beds aren’t with no own complaints. These include below-average adapting, minimal strain relief and movement isolation, and brief lifespans.

The WinkBed is a notable exception to each of these factors. Its thick relaxation system of polyfoam, gel memory foam, and pocketed mini coils offer you close adapting.

Simultaneously, an additional compressed cotton lumbar pad’ alleviates distress for anyone with lower spine or hip pain. These layers also assist the mattress in defying premature corrosion, giving it more excellent durability than the ordinary innerspring, and isolate movement transfer to a noticeable extent.

The WinkBed is offered in four stability settings. These include three standard choices: Moderate Soft (4.5), Moderate Company (6.5), and ‘Business’ (7.5). The WinkBed Plus is a business alternative that substitutes latex to the memory foam and minicoil layers; this is made specifically for heavier people.

Excellent airflow throughout the support center enables the mattress to sleep trendy; the mattress also produces less noise than most other innerspring.

The WinkBed’s price-point is a lot lower than the ordinary hybrid vehicle. Clients anywhere in the U.S. qualify for free transport, and the mattress is backed with a 120-night sleep trial along with a lifetime guarantee.

The WinkBed provides couples what they love about innerspring mattresses, with hardly any of those things they do not. Specially chosen materials improve the adapting and movement isolation of their relaxation layers, using a support center that is just as resilient as ever. Couples may get the ideal model for their body weight and sleep posture along with four different stability settings.

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Big Fig – Significant Men and Women


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 120-Night Trial
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Made in the United States

Detecting a bed that is supportive enough for two could be a significant challenge for thicker couples. Significant Fig is among the first mattress companies that are solely dedicated to fulfilling larger frames’ distinctive needs.

Why is it unique? Significant Fig is perfectly appropriate to withhold the combined weight of 2 sleepers around 1,100 lbs (or 550 pounds each). The company also creates a huge distinctive Fig foundational frame constructed to hold up to 5x the majority of foundations’ burden. Made to hold up to 2,000 pounds of weight, you may add this framework to some purchases.

Significant Fig is a hybrid mattress with ThermoGel Cooling Technology, high-density polyfoam, individually wrapped coils, and improved edge support. This mattress has innovative features for heating and endurance, each of which is significant for significant couples.

Best Flippable: Layla Hybrid


  • Flippable with double firmness (7, 5 )
  • 120-night sleep trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Flippability suits an Assortment of sleepers
  • Fantastic movement isolation and pressure-relief

The Layla Hybrid is a flippable hybrid with a moderate (5) texture on one side, using a company (7) texture on another.

Every side of the mattress includes a comfortable system constructed of a layer of memory foam above a polyfoam coating. Different thicknesses of every foam on each side of the mattress. The memory foam is infused with aluminum to help absorb excess heat and dissipate it until it builds up in the memory. Every side of the Hybrid rests to a 6-inch center of pocketed coils, alongside the other hand comfort layers.

The flippability of this Layla Hybrid makes it well-suited to many different various sorts of sleepers. The memory foam and pocketed coils in their construction lend themselves excellent movement isolation, which can help stop one sleeper’s movements from waking another.

The mattress pops back faster than a conventional memory foam mattress, making it much easier to maneuver without sinking in. This, along with its good border support, makes it a suitable surface for romantic pursuits.

The Layla Hybrid ships for free to the neighboring U.S., and paid transportation available to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. The mattress includes a 120-night sleep trial period in addition to a 10-year guarantee.

If it comes to couples, the Layla Hybrid is a standout alternative for a couple of factors. The memory foam and polyfoam relaxation layers provide excellent movement isolation and stress relief without trapping too much sleep and hot heat. The coil support center provides an excellent rebound level, ease of motion, and border support for both sex and sleeping.

Best for Rear Sleepers: Leesa Legend


  • Coil-on-coil construction delivers strong support.
  • The moderate firm feels it cradles your system without excess sinking.
  • Sleeps trendy

The Leesa Legend is a complex hybrid constructed with premium parts. The mattress includes a comfortable layer of aerated polyfoam to promote cooling and airflow close to the surface, followed closely by another relaxation layer of memory foam that shapes evenly into the body. The memory layers also absorb motion and reduce motion transfer to a noticeable degree. Therefore couples can sleep soundly throughout the night with no disturbances.

The following relaxation coating consists of pressure-relieving micro coils encased in foam around the waist to provide zoned support to your back and buttocks. Though the mattress is the medium company (6), this micro coils coating ensures most individuals won’t sink many – especially back sleepers, that frequently need added support to avoid stress points from building up around the backbone.

Other elements include a transitional layer of dense polyfoam and a pocketed coil service center. These layers stabilize the whole mattress and fortify the perimeter against heavy sinkage, letting you move upon the mattress quickly and sit across the borders without sinking too much.

As with other coil-on-coil hybrids, the Leesa Legend is quite responsive, causing a bouncy surface texture many couples favor for intercourse. The coil layers additionally promote constant airflow to maintain a comfortable core temperature to your mattress.

Though the Leesa Legend’s sticker price is somewhat above average for a hybrid vehicle, it provides free ground shipping to all 50 states. It contains two complementary down alternative pillows along with your purchase. For every ten mattresses offered, Leesa frees a brand fresh mattress to your family. The Leesa Legend is endorsed with a 100-night sleep trial along with a 10-year guarantee.

Alexander Nest Signature – Balanced Feel


  • CertiPUR-US® Accredited
  • 100-Night Trial
  • Lifetime Comfort Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the United States

Balance is essential in life and equally important for a mattress that may satisfy two people’s distinctive needs. Nest Bedding’s Alexander Signature Hybrid combines memory foam using pocketed coils to get a mix of support and comfort.

In this bed, you will discover copper-infused foam, Thermic Phase Change cooling material, and independently pocketed coils with additional edge support. From top to bottom, this well-designed mattress has many features that couples ought to love.

Why is it unique? Couples may choose from three degrees of stability or choose for an inner split so each sleeper can receive the support they want. For couples that seldom agree, this 50/50 split unites two unique beds to a seamless surface. Get the best of both worlds so everybody can have a fantastic night’s sleep.

Nest also includes a fantastic return policy, promising that the mattress will fit you for a lifetime, or they will use you to substitute it with a much better version for a portion of retail shop cost.

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As you can see, there are loads of best beds for couples on this list that are tailor-made to sleep comfortably on collectively. Whether you’re seeking a mattress that has impressive movement transfer or you want a mattress that is going to keep you and your spouse cool all night, you’re certain to get what you’re seeking in this listing.

It is possible to use this massive quantity of information on the internet about every product before deciding. Take time to study fellow client testimonials and satisfaction scores for additional investigation before you select one.

We surely hope this article helped you find everything you were seeking. Let us know if you have any queries; we’ll be delighted to assist!

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