Best Mattress For Bunk Bed 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Mattress For Bunk Bed 2021

Bunk beds are an incredible innovation; they’re valuable to families with young kids and an option for when they’re in their adolescence or teens. Discovering the correct mattress, however, is essential since you have less space to perform with. It is vital in the bottom bunk but much more crucial regarding the top bunk, as sleepers have to be protected in any way costs from the probability of falling into the floor and serious harm.

In this guide, we’re discussing our selections for the best mattress for bunk beds of 2021. You will also find out how to pick the best bunk bed mattress in our purchasing guide, which summarizes the accessible bunk beds, significant purchasing considerations, and hints for your ultimate choice.

The Way To Select A Bunk Bed Mattress

The Way to Select a Bunk Bed Mattress

During your hunt for the ideal bunk bed mattress, you will probably encounter a vast array of beds marketed with misleading descriptions and terms. Some mattress companies tout their versions for “universal relaxation” no matter the sleeper’s body type and sleeping position or claim that their beds will probably endure for a minimum of 10 decades.

Since you browse through different brands and versions, remember that every mattress was made to feel comfier for particular forms of sleepers and much less for others. We invite you to concentrate on the nuts and bolts of this mattress and consider these factors instead.


The huge majority of bunk beds offered now are harmonious with double, twin XL, or full mattress dimensions. All three of those sizes will be best suited to a single individual and will probably be too narrow for at least two sleepers. Be sure that you look at the specs in your bunk mattress to observe every individual bunk’s proper dimensions.

Obtaining gel-infused memory foam or higher density foam may seem like a fantastic concept. Still, when there is not sufficient distance between the cover of the guard-rail along with the surface of your mattress, then there’s a horrible risk that a child could fall from the upper earners in the middle of the night.


Low-profile mattresses of 6 to 7 inches thick are generally best for bunk beds. This guarantees the mattress is thick enough to encourage the sleeper but not too tall to the bunk and its security railings. As stated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the mattress must be 5 inches shorter than the very top of the railings. (Scroll down to get a thorough collection of bunk bed safety tips.)


Bunk beds consistently have a recorded weight capacity that comprises all mattresses and sleepers. Because of this, lighter mattresses usually are best for bunk beds. Excessively heavy mattresses pose serious security issues for sleepers on lower bunks. Before choosing a mattress, add up the entire burden for all sleepers that will use the mattress and subtract this amount from the mattress’s recorded weight capacity.


Mattresses that shape evenly and consistently can disperse your weight and reduce pressure points across the body. Poor spinal alignment is a frequent problem for side sleepers so that they generally desire closer contouring to guarantee the shoulders, lower back, and hips are equally supported.


When picking out mattresses to get a bunk bed, you need to consider all-foam or even all-latex versions which don’t make any sounds. This can reduce night disruptions for everybody sharing the bunk bed. Hybrids and innerspring tend to produce more squeaks and creaks because of their spiral systems.


The price of a brand new mattress essentially is dependent upon the mattress’s material composition. All-foam and innerspring mattresses will be the lowest priced options, using an ordinary queen size price-point of $900 to $1,200. All-latex and hybrid versions cost a little bit more – about $1,600 to $2,200 for a queen size, usually.

Temperature Regulation

Mattresses using breathable parts tend to sleep cooler than other versions. These elements may include ventilated foam or latex comfort layers, coil systems that promote constant airflow, and covers made from breathable fibers and fabrics. All-foam mattresses usually trap and absorb the maximum body heat.


The regular mattress will do for six to eight years before a replacement is necessary. Excessive sagging and lack of support would be the most frequent causes of retiring a mattress. All-latex mattresses tend to survive longer since latex is a naturally durable cloth that won’t deteriorate or deteriorate as rapidly as memory foam or polyfoam.

Firmness Level

Mattress stability is assigned with a 1-10 scale, with 1 being the lightest and ten that the firmest. Most mattresses offered now fall between 8 and 3. A milder mattress conforms more closely for side sleepers and people weighing over 130 lbs, but it will probably sink a lot for those that weigh greater than 230 pounds – notably trunk and stomach sleepers. These folks should consider a lighter mattress with more powerful support instead.

Pressure Relief

To any specific sleeper, the ideal mattress for stress relief will conform to the human body and encourage the backbone without sagging a lot below the sleeper’s deepest regions. Thus, a mattress that alleviates pressure well for a single sleeper might not provide enough relief for a different individual with a different physique or sleeping method.

Top Rated 5 Best Mattress For Bunk Bed Brands

Top Rated 5 Best Mattresses For Bunk Beds Brands



  • Resilience and relaxation
  • 1″ foam, 5″ steel
  • CertiPUR US Accredited
  • Expertly packed
  • The worry-free ten-year limited guarantee

This Mattress includes a cover that is quilted in additional cozy fiber and also supports your drained frame with CertiPUR-US Certified high-density and Viscolatex foams, resting on a sturdy and durable steel innerspring infrastructure.

The comfort and support of the mattress constructed for bunk specifications permit anxiety relief, assisting your joints and spine in breaking in comfort. The Viscolatex foam coating – all six inches – affirms your stress points thanks to it having an innerspring mattress, perfect for people who sleep on their stomachs.

Additionally, it uses traditional coils, which can be closely bound together to allow more responsiveness and support. The Zinus Pocketed iCoil engineering in practice usually means that the coils are wrapped separately, making them more durable with time and making sure the single sleeper’s movement is dispersed. Additional sleeper stays undisturbed through the evening. In reality, the top segment consists of a one-inch of flexible, tightly-packed foam plus five inches of the iCoil coils created from high-quality steel.

Centipur US accredited effectively means you could trust that it matches the most significant specifications. However, the mattress evolves to its best shape only 72 hours once it, making it simple to get put to the bedroom. A weight of 250 lbs can readily be accommodated from the double mattress, 500 lbs on the rest of the mattresses, and the ten-year limited guarantee is there for extra reassurance.

DHP 6″ Quilted Top Bunk – Full


  • Innerspring Mattress
  • Comfort Level: Medium Firmness
  • Quilted Cover
  • 6 Inches Thick
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified

This microfiber mattress is a superb selection for any bunk mattress. A full-size mattress with 6 inches of depth, this choice packs in lots of conveniences, providing lavish, medium stability despite its slender profile.

Constructed with a polyester/cotton mixed fiber, even if anything is to melt in your mattress, it should be simple to wipe clean fast. This DHP mattress features a GREENGUARD Gold Certification seal, which means it has passed several safety regulations for low chemical emissions, providing an excellent product that you can trust.

Why did it make our record?

The innerspring construction means that this mattress ought to keep you cool during the night, unlike most memory foam layouts. The coils permit considerable support and stress relief at just six inches.

Delivered conveniently to your doorstep wrapped into a box, making for easy set-up without the annoyance of private transport. With precisely the identical product offered at double size, you can have your choice of dimensions.



  • Comfortable, silent nylon cloth
  • Premium moderate density foam throughout
  • Dust resistant
  • Easily to wash
  • It can be flipped to prolong life.
  • Fluid Proof, Odor-free, Flame retardant
  • All memory foam is CertiPUR-US certified.

This beneficial product is excellent for all those people who are looking for a long-haul trip and will need to become decent sleep on the way. The Everynight Deluxe Double-Sided Foam Mattress employs a heavy nylon cover that has much more durability than a typical mattress cover; it’s also a lot easier to wash – warm water along with soap are all you want.

This medium-firm foam arrangement uses dual sides, which in layman’s terms means it may be used either way; the shirt may be the base and vice versa, giving it the shelf-life of some other mattress for the shirt is merely the top.

Another fantastic feature of this reasonably-priced RV mattress is it is resistant to fluids, dust, odor, fire, as well as crack and static. The foam is CertiPUR-US licensed; if you were wondering, that is a US-based program that assesses the grade of foam used, making sure it is made only in an approved eco-friendly composition. There’s a CertiPUR-US official site in which you may test this out on your own.



  • Responsive and marginally resilient for easier movement
  • Plush adaptive polyfoam relaxation layer cushions the entire body
  • A high-density polyfoam base provides additional support.

This all-foam version is constructed using a 2-inch relaxation coating of Energex polyfoam, a flexible substance that contrasts a bit and supplies a mild dip onto the surface. Energex is open-cell foam, making it quite breathable, and that means the mattress will not sleep too hot.

The mattress’s support center consists of 5 inches of high-density foam with enhanced edge support to prevent excessive sinkage as soon as your kid reaches and off the mattress. In comparison to other all-foam mattresses, the BKB is quite durable and should last for many decades – even after your children have left the bunk bed. For extra protection, the mattress includes a non-chemical fire barrier.

Having an entire profile of 7 inches, the mattress ought to be acceptable for any standard bunk bed and thick enough for many growing kids. You may choose from double, double XL, and total dimensions.

The BKB is somewhat more expensive than many rival bunk bed mattresses, but its above-average durability and robust performance make it a high-value mattress. You will also get a lifetime guarantee for extra reassurance. Delivery is free within the contiguous U.S., and also the mattress ships compacted into your doorstep.



  • Close adapting memory foam comfort layer to alleviate pressure points
  • Budget-friendly
  • Supportive high-density core

Next up is your Memoir 6-inch Memory Foam from Signature Sleep. This mattress is made with 1.5 inches of memory foam on a high-density polyfoam foundation, making an extremely flexible and tightly conforming feel.

The mattress is considered moderate concerning stability, so most children will not sink too deeply; however, memory foam also promotes profound cradling and physiological support. The mattress can be exceptionally lightweight and must be acceptable for any bunk which accommodates double or complete dimensions.

The pressure-relieving properties of memory foam create the Memoir a fantastic solution for children and preteens, particularly people who mainly use the back or side sleeping positions. By cushioning the human body and providing support to your backbone, the mattress helps alleviate discomfort, pains, and stress points which frequently coincide with growth spurts. The mattress also absorbs motion from sleepers well. This might decrease sleep disturbances because of bunk-sharers when one gets up in the middle of the night.

In comparison to other memory foam mattresses, the Memoir is quite reasonably priced. Signature Sleep only sells mattresses through third-party retailers, and costs vary by vendor, but you need to be able to locate a twin or full-size version for a minimal price. The mattress is backed with a 10-year guarantee, whichever merchant you choose.

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What is the difference between a bunk bed mattress and a typical mattress?

There’s absolutely no significant difference. It is possible to use a regular mattress onto a bunk bed. There might be a difference between the mattress provided with all the bunk beds and the mattress you are using on your regular mattress. You frequently discover that the mattress that includes a bunk mattress is slim and of premium quality. That is why we advise that you attempt the provided mattress, then alter it if you believe that it is too soft or too slim.

Can bunk beds fall?

Yes, they could collapse if they’re not built correctly. Make sure that there are not any missing bits and all screws and nuts have been tightened nicely. Plus, keep the burden capacity as stated by the bunk mattress manufacturer to prevent the probability of structural damage or collapse.

At what age is a bunk bed protected?

Kids can graduate from a crib into a bunk bed, but they shouldn’t sleep on the top bunk before age 6. According to the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP), kids younger than 6-years do not know to scale down safely or prevent from falling. An estimated 14,600 kids under the age of 6 were treated in 2001-2004 for bunk mattress fall-related injuries.

Should children sleep on a soft or firm mattress?

Babies should sleep on a firm mattress as a soft mattress could lead to suffocation, but toddlers don’t require a firm mattress. When choosing the mattress stability acceptable for your child, consider your body weight. Usually, children who weigh less than 130 lbs are comfy on a soft to the moderate mattress. Those weighing over 130 are far better suited to some medium or firm comfort level.

While I purchase bunk bed mattresses, do they come two at the package, or do I want to buy two?

They generally come in a bunch on a single. Individuals in packs of 2 are somewhat more expensive, as you’d anticipate. But, they might not be double the purchase price of any of those other mattresses. The question, nevertheless, shouldn’t be among cost, but of comfort, service, security, and what you’re able to pay. You need to buy the best bunk bed mattress you can spend.


So you’ve got it! Now you know all you want to be sure you can find the very best bunk beds mattress! Hopefully, you’ll get the ideal mattress after reading this report.

Should you select one from the above list, please let’s discuss your review from our comment box after using it. Sincerely welcome your remarks. All of the very best, and have a pleasant dream.


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