Best Kids Dresser 2020: Top Brands Review

Best Kids Dresser 2020

To create our manual about the Best Kids Dresser, we concentrated on these features: strength, substances, era compatibility, storage, and layout. Parents are searching for durable dressers that will not fall apart after a couple of years of usage.

But what’s more, they need a vest that looks fine and will ideally grow together with their child whilst at the same time offering lots of storage. Also, notice that because most of our recommendations require a meeting, all of them send with anti-tipping hardware to anchor them into the wall and lessen the danger of harm if you happen to have a busy child in the house. Please continue reading to find out more about our standards in addition to storing out of our recommendations.

Greatest Kids Dressers Buying Guide

Greatest Kids Dressers Buying Guide


Kids are, by default, fairly rough on matters. So, ideally, you will need a vest that could resist demanding behavior and will not fall apart after a couple of years of usage. Start looking for sturdy finishes and materials which don’t fade or chip easily.


There is a selection of alternatives for dressers. However, the most frequent materials consist of solid timber, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and particleboard. If you’re seeking the most lasting dresser, elect for wood. Nonetheless, these will be the most expensive and are normally somewhat heavy and hard to maneuver.

MDF is lighter and easier to maneuver than solid wood; however, it will be less durable even though it’s less expensive. And also, the least expensive and durable choice is particle board.

Age Compatibility

When choosing stuff, consider your child’s age and capacity to keep up a bit of furniture. Though you should always use security features like anti-tip brackets, a good wood dresser may be a better option for a younger kid as it is more difficult to move. Similarly, an older kid who is more attentive and conscientious with their possessions could be able to maintain a vest made out of MDF or particleboard.


Think of what you intend on keeping in your children’s dresser and just how much space you will want. Would you rather have a dresser with broader drawers, or do you rather have a mix of broad and half-width drawers? Additionally, consider how heavy that the drawers are.

A shallow drawer may make sense for smaller things such as socks or scarves but would not be acceptable for a wardrobe’s core bits such as bottoms and tops.


Dressers can come in a selection of colors. From organic timber to wood finishes to paint colors, the sky’s the limit for dresser colors. In case you’re looking for longevity, white or conventional wood finishes are normally the most classic. But if you are considering producing the greatest adolescent space, allow your child to select their favorite color.


Based upon your child’s time, you ought to consider their character as you shop for a dresser. Vintage and chic designs are excellent because they provide durability – particularly if you’re looking around for a dresser to get a nursery, which will eventually become a kid’s bedroom as they develop.

Consider the way the vest will match together with the general decor strategy of your kid’s room. Generally, most dressers fall under these groups: tall (1 row of 4+ drawers), double-wide (2 rows of 3 – 4 drawers), and traditional 3-drawer design.

Top Rated 9 Best Best Kids Dresser Brands


Top Rated 9 Best Kids Dresser Brands

Sorbus Dresser With 5 Drawers

Minimal assembly is required with this adorable dresser ideal for your kiddo’s room. We adore the black frame accented with different pops of color. There are five drawers in most pastel colors, which range from yellow to green to purple. Each shade is lively and will bring life to any room!

The drawers are lightweight and can be easily pulled out and in. If you are not using one of those drawers, then you can eliminate it and fall it flat for storage that is out of the way. The dresser’s surface is made out of solid wood so that your kiddo can place toys or perhaps a lamp up high. The best is a superb spot for kids or other decorations that reflect your child’s interests.

As a result of this vibrant design and flexible features, we think that this dresser is the very best of the best.


  • Baskets are collapsible and easy to keep
  • Portable lightweight design
  • Fun and lively coloration


  • Children can outgrow the Manner of the dresser.
White Monterey Children’s 6 Drawer Dresser
407 Reviews

Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer Kid’s Dresser

When you are looking around for a nursery, security must be the most crucial thing. We nominated this 6-drawer dresser from Delta since it satisfies the U.S. ASTM anti-tipping criteria. As soon as it’s a blend of substances (timber frame and drawer fronts with composite jar sides and foundation), we enjoy you could pick from six popular endings that are intended to coincide with various decors – such as the neutral gray and white colors. Due to the aforementioned, we believe that it is the very best baby dresser.

Most of all, this dresser measures 33.5 inches tall, which makes it the ideal height for a table. This is excellent because you now have less furniture you will need to purchase for your own nursery. We also like this dresser delivers a minimalist design, which makes it great as a transitional bit as you change your son or daughter from a nursery into a conventional kid’s room.

You will also enjoy the drawers feature a sleek metal glide system, which prevents the drawers from being completely pulled out. The best solution for keeping your infant clothes. Even though this is a somewhat common security feature for children’s furniture, it is important to notice. You may also look at our guide, the very best furniture repair mark, if something happens to the outfit.


  • The finest baby dresser that’s double broad for changing diapers Meets U.S ASTM.
  • Anti-tipping criteria 6-drawer dresser available in 6 hot finishes


  • Wood & timber composite blend

Prepac Fremont 5-Drawer Chest

Even though the dresser appears to appeal to an older audience, it is equipped with various security features, making it a fantastic addition to your child’s bedroom.

The dresser includes a tilting restraint; therefore, it will not tip even if drawers are opened and shut. Another attribute is the drawers slide on pieces of metal, which have built-in security stops, which means you won’t need to fret about the drawers falling outside!

That is a precious feature if this dresser is moving in a little child’s bedroom. And sure, the vest works nicely for children, but the layout is so stunning it actually works for anybody in the household.

With curved borders on top, side moldings, an arched base panel, and sturdy metallic knobs, the accent features would expire. The espresso finish is simply one more reason to appreciate this particular necklace.


  • Drawers Made out of solid wood sides.
  • Tall design is Perfect for narrow spaces.
  • Simple to build


  • The drawers Aren’t overly spacious.

Storkcraft Kenton 5 Drawer Universal Kid’s Dresser

Not everybody enjoys the shorter vest layouts. If this describes you, we believe you will like this tall five-drawer dresser from Storkcraft, yet another popular manufacturer known for creating timeless furniture pieces for nurseries and children’s rooms. Measuring 49.75 inches tall, this really is really a tall chest of drawers. As is common, this piece of furniture features a timber frame and mixed drawers.

The traditional espresso finish makes this an excellent transitional piece that will function for nurseries, children’s rooms, or possibly a teenager’s room. This drawer was specially made to match different things inside the Storkcraft catalog – that is excellent if you are focused on developing a cohesive layout strategy.

Like many dressers, the drawers contain smooth slide motions and rely on steel hardware to achieve that. Notice, however, this dresser also comprises engineered timber substance. It’s also advisable to have a peek at one of the greatest hoverboards for children for your ultimate Christmas or birthday gift.


  • Taller furniture created from mostly natural substances 5-drawer put in timeless
  • Espresso wood finish
  • The universal layout that matches other Storkcraft nursery furniture


  • Wood and composite substances Only available in 1 end

mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

Finding furniture which gets the work done without breaking a fortune is much simpler said than done. Together with mDesign’s vertical dresser, you are in great hands.

The dresser consists of four removable drawers, which you could open and shut with a handy pull handle. Though every basket is created out of cloth in a fairly grey, the vest remains fairly strong because it’s reinforced with a heavy-duty steel framework.

The steel framework and drawers are easily cleaned using a damp towel and then left to air dry; therefore, cluttered children have met their match with their dresser.

Another advantage is that the feet are flexible and anti-skid so that they won’t scratch your flooring.


  • Cleanable with a moist cloth
  • Can be a nightstand
  • Lightweight


  • Restricted drawer space

South Shore Fundy Tide 4 Kid’s Dresser

If you are prepared to transition your child’s bedroom out of a more juvenile style to something which shows they are all grown up, then that Greatest on a Budget select from South Shore is a superb alternative. We like it produces a storage company alternative whilst still developing a sophisticated effect.

It is an inexpensive kid’s vest that includes four drawers, all with a smooth gliding movement. The dark espresso color is excellent for serving as a minimal profile dresser, irrespective of your layout strategies.

This selection measures 27.5 inches wide, 34 ⅞ inches tall, and 18 ⅞ inches deep. And that usually means that the four drawers provide tons of depth to store clothes. Each drawer features antiqued bronze handles to produce a more complicated effect. But, remember that this alternative is made of particleboard so that it’s ideal for older kids. If you’re trying to find the best gift for your older children’s next birthday, then take a look at our guide to the very best kid’s mountain bicycle.


  • Easy to wash simply wiping with a dry cloth
  • Antique bronze finish manages.
  • Four drawer design is Ideal for Extra clothes storage.


  • Produced from particleboard not perfect for younger kids

Storkcraft Crescent 6-Drawer Dresser

Storkcraft’s dresser is stunning. It is coated in a straightforward blue-gray color that will blend perfectly into any decor, particularly a kid’s nursery or room. This dresser’s height is the ideal height for a changing channel, so it is fine for individuals with especially young children.

The vest is emphasized with silvery knobs and refined curves at the bottom of this dresser with six spacious drawers. We love the form of the dresser, in addition to the anti-tipping layout that ensures security for small hands catching belongings.

If the grey shade does not appeal to an inner design preference, the dresser comes in white cherry, espresso, plus a 2nd grey shade!


  • Classy and glossy design
  • Ample space for a changing station at the top
  • Has coordinating furniture things if Searching for a space set


  • Extended assembly time

Homecho Dresser with 4 Drawers Kid’s Dresser

If your adolescent has a great deal of clothing, then we believe this is a superb kid’s dresser for these and their possessions. You will love the drawers that step five and a half inches deep for storage. This four-drawer vest is made of poplar wood and includes a wonderful white finish that is ideal for keeping your teenager’s room appearing welcoming and bright.

We enjoyed the waterproof paintmaking. This a fantastic choice as it will be easy for your teenager to keep it clean. And since it is made from wood, it is very secure, meaning if you wished to use it in a kid’s room, it would not be a problem once you put it. This pack also will come with the anti-tipping fittings for extra safety.

Plus, the meeting is easy because all the essential tools and hardware are included so that you can quickly set up this in any bedroom in your home. For the remainder of your kid’s needs, you also need to have a peek at the ideal robot toys for children.


  • Waterproof complete paint for Increased durability
  • 5.5″ deep drawers Provide Lots of storage
  • Minimalist design that fits a range of decor styles


  • Dresser may ship without the instruction manual

Prepac White Monterey 6 Drawer Kid’s Dresser

Adding a nursery to some child’s room can be difficult since you still wish to receive age-appropriate furniture but want it to continue. We enjoy this double-wide dresser from Prepac since it is the ideal child’s dresser with six drawers and a reduced elevation that is easier for children to access. This vest measures 48 inches wide, 29 inches tall, and 15.75 inches deep.

Both drawers feature sturdy pewter finish metal knobs and, as is common, smooth-gliding drawers. Although this selection is made of composite timber, we enjoy that it is intended to fit into a compact area, explaining why it’s great for a child’s room. A meeting is required for this choice too.


  • Sleek design that transitions from nursery to kid’s room
  • 6-drawer set that’s ideal for medium to larger sized rooms
  • Built-in safety stops prevent the drawer from being pulled fully out


  • Made only from composite wood
  • Assembly can be difficult

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