Best Ikea Mattress 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Ikea Mattress 2021

If you need a more budget-friendly mattress that comes with more ensured quality than that you can usually receive from a low-cost maker, then the IKEA mattress range is well worth a look.

Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd (IKEA) is among the most well-known furniture shops on earth. This conglomerate is well known for its modernist designs for a massive array of furniture and appliances, and its interior layout function is frequently associated with environmentally friendly ease.

We’ve rounded the best IKEA mattress reviews and the pros and cons of every mattress that will assist you in determining which IKEA mattress is ideal for you.

Is IKEA Mattresses some good?

A fantastic mattress should provide superior sleep and a healthy sleep environment. You ought to have the ability to wake in the morning feeling refreshed and pain-free. A mattress must also provide comfort and support.

Many shoppers believe of IKEA as a lifestyle more than a furniture shop. The IKEA fans expect the merchants to provide a mattress that can give them a fantastic excellent sleep.

IKEA offers several varieties of mattresses in 2 types: latex and foam mattresses and spring mattresses. These choices might provide clients with the type of mattress that’s comfortable and affordable.

Foam Mattresses

IKEA provides both memory foam and memory foam mattresses. The memory foam mattress provides pressure relief, body design properties, and extreme compression support.

The polyurethane foam provides a mixture of high density, higher resiliency, and regular grade to acquire a firm, supportive mattress.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses are produced from natural substances, plus they provide firm, resilient support. The Latex mattress provides pressure relief and superior stability, and it’s environmentally friendly as a result of organic substances.

Latex mattresses are firm and durable, and they’re dust mite and allergen resistant, eco-friendly and sterile.

Spring Mattresses

Spring mattress is made from metal coils that are suspended above a coating of various substances. The mattress is a tribute to the foam mattress, and they’re a more conventional mattress.

The spring mattress features support for heavier sleepers and sleepers with spine problems. They also provide a temperature controller and a reasonable amount of bounce.


Innerspring would be the most well-known beds globally. They’ve been around the longest, and they’re affordable. Furthermore, innerspring is comfy and comes in numerous stability choices.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam mattresses are comfortable, plus they provide pressure relief, and they provide help for spinal distress. The memory foam mattress comes in three firmness levels. The amounts include soft, firm, and luxury firms.

Recommended choices for mattress amounts are as follows:

  • If you’re a side sleeper, you opt for the luxury firm.
  • If you’re a stomach sleeper ought to decide on the top firm.
  • If you’re a back sleeper should select foam.

Memory Foam mattresses permit air to circulate, which makes the mattress watertight. This indicates you’ll be cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Pillow Top

A pillowtop mattress is an innerspring mattress, including cotton, latex, fiberfill, wool, and memory foam. Pillow shirt mattresses are referred to as hybrid mattresses.

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Everything Shoppers Need to Know About IKEA Mattresses

Everything Shoppers Need to Know About IKEA Mattresses

Unlike many bed-in-a-box companies that have arisen in recent decades, IKEA is a title consumers globally already know and trust. Irrespective of how you feel about Swedish meatballs or the infamous assembly directions, shoppers love IKEA’s contemporary and fresh aesthetic, fun fashions, innovative ideas, and affordability.

What is under your mattress matters? IKEA urges a slatted bed base or mattress foundation under the majority of its mattresses. Some reviewers assume that IKEA mattresses operate best with IKEA-made mattress frames. Many complaints, stating the mattress does not feel as though it sensed at the shop, results in using the incorrect sort of foundation.

Different types of IKEA Mattresses

IKEA offers many different mattresses in two big classes: spring mattresses and latex and foam mattresses. Spring mattresses utilize conventional steel coils to encourage a sleeper’s framework. Memory foam and latex foam mattresses are manufactured of design layers of foam materials.

The two kinds of beds have pros and cons. Spring beds are inclined to provide exceptional support but adapt less entirely to your precise shape and sleeping position. Memory Foam beds can become uncomfortably warm and insufficient adequate spinal support. The top beds of type incorporate features that improve their strengths and decrease their flaws.

Obtaining Your IKEA Mattress Home

Like most fashionable direct-to-consumer mattress makers, IKEA today roll-packs a lot of its mattresses. Machines carefully compress the mattress, so it is thin enough to be wrapped up. A roll-packed mattress lets it fit a whole lot more easily in most vehicles. Additionally, it enables the mattress to be packed more.

Even though IKEA has both spring and foam mattresses that come roll-packed, maybe not all IKEA mattresses have been wrapped. In reality, if a specific mattress is roll-packed is a determining factor for some clients.

For mattresses that aren’t roll-packed, you may attempt to squish the mattress in your car or truck and move or pay an extra fee of around $100 or more to get professional shipping.

IKEA’s Mattress Exchange Policy

It is each mattress shopper’s greatest fear: spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a new mattress to regret their purchase years as soon as they begin sleeping with it. Depending on where you bought your mattress, by the time you know you purchased the wrong mattress, it might be too late.

Spending only minutes analyzing a mattress on the IKEA sales ground does not let you know what it will truly feel like to sleep on the mattress night after night, year in, year out. That floor version has been markedly broken from the number of different shoppers analyzing it. Your actual mattress could sense very differently.

To facilitate shoppers’ anxieties, IKEA uses its “love it or swap it” 365-day return policy for many purchases into its mattress sales. But although other products can be returned for a complete refund, mattresses might only be traded for a different mattress, so there is no taking your business elsewhere. Also, you only get one exchange, not replicate do-overs through the year.

If you fear you have made a mistake the first time you lie on your new mattress, do not panic. IKEA recommends carrying a month to become familiar with your new mattress because that is how long it will have to rest from the bed and allow the body to get accustomed to the sense, notably the stability of a new mattress.

IKEA’s Warranty

Each IKEA mattress includes a 25-year limited guarantee. That is more than the guarantees provided by many leading mattress makers, which continue 5, 10, or, in the very least, 20 decades. But as with other manufacturer guarantees, the constraints of the limited guarantee matter.

IKEA’s guarantee covers “flaws in workmanship and materials” from the coils of spring mattresses along with the center materials of latex or foam mattresses. “Normal wear and tear” is not covered by the guarantee, yet the breakdown that results from this wear and tear that many frequently produces a brand new mattress necessary.

Does this guarantee mean that your IKEA mattress will last 25 decades? Unfortunately not, mainly if you’re using the mattress regularly. At a seldom-used guest space, the mattress may not suffer much wear and tear to demand replacement.

IKEA recommends buying a brand new mattress each 8 to 10 decades. Why should you replace a mattress that is still under guarantee? For starters, all mattresses eliminate relaxation as their service substances break down with time. The guarantee will not cover the sagging, softening, or tingling of a mattress. Furthermore, allergens that accumulate to a mattress over time may make sleepers ill.


Mattress relaxation is subjective. The ideal bed for one individual might be entirely too soft for someone else, yet to firm for a third individual. So how can anybody state with certainty that mattresses would be the best? Rather than focusing on tender vs. firm, we based our rankings on the Main objective Things that each mattress shopper ought to consider:

  • Quality of materials
  • Number of services
  • Thickness
  • Price
  • Cooling features

Continue reading. Your perfect IKEA mattress is awaiting you.

Top Rated Best Ikea Mattress Brands

Top Rated Best Ikea Mattress Brands


First up is your Matrand memory foam mattress. The Matrand is produced from a high-density memory foam that molds to the body’s contours, assisting you to unwind and relieve strain and pressure. Specially designed relaxation zones provide you exact support at crucial regions of the spine, shoulders, and buttocks. A fantastic option for Matrand is that a high-quality memory foam mattress: Nectar Mattress.

The Matrand includes a removable machine washable cover made from a cotton and polyester blend of fibers, so cleanup is simple. It’s mid-weight to get a memory foam mattress, in just 57 pounds, and is 15 inches thick. The Matrand is quite cushioned but still provides enough support for your spine. Therefore, it does not result in pain. Like most memory foam mattresses, it may get hot, but the cloth cover does a fantastic job of dispersing heat better than a memory foam mattress from itself.

Like most IKEA mattresses, the Matrand includes a 25-year guarantee plus a 365-trial period. It comes rolled right into a package so that you need to open it and give it a couple of days to expand outside to full size.


  • Removable cloth cover
  • Specially designed relaxation zones alleviate pressure and give aid.
  • The cover contains an Excess layer of great filling.
  • Light and easy to go for a memory foam mattress


  • It can get hot and overheat
  • It just works with slatted mattress frames.
  • It takes a couple of days to expand to full size and Might Have a factory smell.


The Haugesund Spring Mattress is an innerspring mattress, and it’s a superb alternative for a very low budget. The mattress can be found in business variants and moderate to match a wide range of sleepers.

The mattress boasts a comfortable layer of 1.5 lb/cu. Ft. and 1.7 lb/cu. Ft. Polyurethane foam. The mattress includes a coating of 564 individual wrapped answer coils at the moderate size mattress.

The mattress features pocket coils rather than open coils. The pocket coils provide better aid and reduce motion transfer, making for better nighttime sleep for two individuals.

The soft filling at the mattress provides you comfort and encouragement all night long. The mattress fabric is stretchable, and it goes with the body to make the most of support and relaxation.

There’s not any need to flip the mattress. It’s one side use only.

The roster packaged makes the mattress Simple to carry. Also, it’s a 25-year limited guarantee.


  • Affordable mattress
  • Pocket springs provide support.
  • Great for lightweight folks


  • The non-toxic smell when unpacked
  • 72 hrs to recover its shape
  • It takes about two weeks to get used to

Minnesund – Best Budget IKEA Mattress

The Minnesund is produced from a durable core of polyurethane foam and can be covered with a cotton/polyester mix fabric cover. The Minnesund presents excellent all-around support and can be light, thin, and easy to move and save. It weighs only 2 lbs and is a max of 4″ thick in the middle. The Minnesund is intended to be utilized with a slatted mattress framework, but it functions nicely with a box spring.

The Minnesund is an excellent latex mattress for people who require something mild, works well, and provides good support. The latex is reasonably firm but also mold to match the shape of the physique. Like many latex mattresses, it breathes exceptionally well and can be washed easily with soap and water. Regrettably, polyurethane is merely not the incredible excellent latex, so it is going to wear out quicker than a more expensive latex mattress.

However, so far as latex mattresses proceed, the Minnesund is quite cheap, so it’s an adequate price/quality ratio. In any event, the 25-year guarantee and a 365-day return policy imply you could buy it worry-free. Nest bedding is also an excellent option for this mattress using all the Nest Organic & Natural Latex.


  • Cheap
  • Fantastic service
  • Extremely mild and easy to move/store
  • Works on either pliers or even a box spring
  • Breathes well


  • Many people Today dislike the smell of latex.
  • It takes a couple of days to expand to a full size.
  • Polyurethane isn’t fantastic quality.

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HESSTUN Eurotop Spring Mattress

Another mattress accessible in the medium and firm, HESSTUN’s 9 ⅞-inch Eurotop design comprises built-in layers of soft and foam filling. The queen size includes 594 full-sized individually-wrapped pocket coils, which move with your body more freely than traditional Bonnell springs and another 594 miniature pocket coils for additional cushion and design.

Other features put this mid-level and mid-priced mattress aside from the rest of the A coating of high-resilience polyurethane foam reduces strain on the body for optimum comfort and comfort. With reaction coil technologies, you will delight in the uninterrupted sleep that comes from diminishing movement transfer between partners. The watertight materials are supposed to help keep this mattress from becoming uncomfortably hot.

The most significant drawbacks purchasers reported concerning the HESSTUN mattress comprise sagging, particularly at the mattress’s borders, that developed over time. Some buyers discovered that the mattress firmer than they expected or desired, but the mix of softness and stability was only perfect for many others.


  • Two layers of pocket springs
  • High-resilience coating of foam
  • Reduced movement transfer


  • Lacking border support
  • Complaints about durability
  • Maybe not roll-packed for transport

HAUGSVÄR Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses are famous for bringing together the very best of both worlds: the aid of the pressure-relieving relaxation of foam. IKEA’s HAUGSVÄR hybrid bud is 11 inches thick and consists of a layer of 594 (from the queen-size) individually-wrapped steel pocket coils and a coating of high-resilience 1.8 lb. /cu.ft. Polyurethane foam.

The upshot of those upscale features is a reasonably-priced bed that feels much more expensive than it is. Sleepers adore the strain relief and improved blood flow from the high-resilience foam, the meager amount of movement transfer on account of the reaction coils, along with the lavish but reassuring feel of this HAUGSVÄR mattress.

While buyers occasionally complained of sagging and depressions, these states formed following decades, not months, of usage. Negative reviews mentioned lousy border support. Quite a few reviewers complained that the bed was too firm. However, the medium-firm alternative seemed to appeal to much more sleepers.


  • 594 individually-wrapped coils
  • A layer of all high-resilience foam
  • Great value at $399 for queen


  • Lacking border support
  • No detachable, washable cover
  • Complaints about durability


The MORGEDAL Foam Mattress is a poly foam mattress for side sleepers. It features high-density foam and a solid comfort zone. The mattress comes in moderate and medium-firm thickness amount. The polyfoam includes a 1.7lb.cub.ft. Foam coating and 2.2lb/cub. Ft density coating.

The MORGEDAL is made from high-density foam for improved support and decreased movement transfer. The relaxation zones provide comfort and service within five zones. The zones highlight comfort on the shoulder and buttocks.

The mattress molds to the shapes of the human body and provide you with snug support and relaxation. It relieves pressure and helps you unwind. The soft filling provides support and comfort. The mattress cover is removable, washable, and recyclable, and it’s a 25-year limited guarantee.


  • High-resilience foam
  • Five relaxation zones
  • Cheap


  • No heating features
  • It’s not as thick as others from IKEA.


Sitting halfway at dawn is your Morgedal full-size foam mattress. The Morgedal is an 8″ thick foam mattress that’s fortified with a generous coating of filling. The high durability foam of this Morgedal provides a feeling quite near memory foam which communicates better than memory foam. The Matrand, the Morgedal, also has specially designed relaxation zones that alleviate pressure at key factors from the back, shoulders, and hips.

The Morgedal also includes a removable cover that’s 100% machine washable, so cleanup is a breeze. It’s very thick and cushiony. Therefore those who suffer from back problems might need a milder mattress., But it’s excellent for people who sleep on their hands and stomachs. It’s likewise very durable, which, coupled with all the 25-year guarantee, means you never need to think about down it.


  • Thick and cushioned
  • Removable, machine-washable cover
  • Perfect for side and stomach sleepers
  • Breathes well for a thick mattress


  • Heavy and somewhat bulky
  • The foam might have a chemical mill smell for the first day or two.


The HOLMSBU Pillowtop Spring Mattress is undoubtedly IKEA’s finest mattress with all the bells and whistles. The mattress includes a thick coating gel found in the incorporated pillowtop. The mattress unites one layer of miniature pocket springs and two layers of pocket springs.

The mattress height is 17 3/4 inches. The pillow top unites one coating of 750 miniature pocket springs and a single layer of gel. The coating of gel molds to your own body and improve blood flow in skin and muscles, which allow you to sleep. Additionally, it cradles the body and retains your entire body at and very low temperature.

Gel-infused foam is much like classic memory foam. The difference lies with the duration of time that it requires the gel to heat up. This feature retains the mattress trendy.

The gel-infused mattress includes a double coating of independently wrapped pocket springs in the mattress center. The pocket springs operate independently and proceed with your body to provide support in all appropriate areas.

The mattress includes a layer of miniature pocket springs that are situated on the pillowtop. The pocket springs shape to the body curves to boost support and relaxation. There’s a generous coating of gentle filling which provides comfort and support.

There’s not any need to flip the mattress. It’s one side use only, plus it’s a 25-limited guarantee.


  • Very comfy
  • Easy to carry
  • Sleeps trendy


  • It might be too soft for a few.
  • Less durable as others from IKEA


The 15 ⅜-inch HJELLESTAD is one of the thickest IKEA mattresses. A coating of 594 (from the queen-size) individually-wrapped full-sized springs constitutes the mattress’s inviting heart. Mini pocket coils include contouring capacities and also 3.1 pounds. /cu.ft. Memory foam pillowtop provides just the ideal number of sinkable relaxation.

This mattress is perfect if you like the comfort of memory foam but despise that quicksand-like sensation of being”stuck” You do not sink in the memory foam pillowtop as far as you would in a foam mattress. Even with two coils layers, the foam keeps the mattress from being overly bouncy, reducing movement transfer.

You may think there is no such thing as a mattress that is too thick. However, a little bit of HJELLESTAD buyers feel differently. Some did not like the mattress’s depth increasing their sleeping surface, therefore significant, while some felt irked from the demand for deep-pocket fitted sheets.


  • Memory foam pillowtop coating
  • Two layers of pocket springs
  • Thick in 15 ⅜ inches


  • Too thick to get a few sleepers
  • King and queen sizes just.
  • Not roll-packed for transportation


The MYRBACKA is a fantastic memory foam mattress; also, it comes from a memory and latex foam version. The latex variant is created of natural material.

The mattress is half-inches thick, and it consists of a coating of latex and higher durability support foam. The relaxation zones provide comfort and service within five zones.

The zones highlight the shoulders and shoulder. The mattress molds into shapes of the human body and provide you with snug support and relaxation. It relieves pressure and helps you unwind.

The soft filling provides support and comfort. The mattress cover is removable, washable, and recyclable, and it’s a 25-year limited guarantee.


  • High-resilience support foam
  • Five relaxation zones
  • Relieves pressure


  • It might be too firm for many people
  • Not as durable as other latex manufacturers


A memory foam mattress that will not become hot – that is IKEA’s KNAPSTAD in a nutshell. The upper layer of gel, which retains the moldable, pressure-relieving memory foam from becoming too hot, is only one of the features that’s buyers raving about this mattress.

As you may worry that the heating would interfere with the squishy feel of memory foam, sleepers state that is not the situation. Although the speediest KNAPSTAD buyers acknowledge that the very firm “medium-firm” mattress” is not for everybody,” sleepers who adore a firm sleeping surface record diminished back pain and much better quality of sleep with this mattress.

Though not exceptionally thin, the nine ⅞-inch KNAPSTAD mattress felt lean-to buyers, possibly because it’s also so firm. Some clients reported that an unpleasant off-gassing smell upon opening the roll-packed mattress. When most purchasers discovered the smell mild, some noted that it had been powerful and lasted for months.


  • Cooling gel shirt layer
  • Contouring memory foam
  • The extra layer of soft bristles


  • Reports of off-gassing smell
  • Thinner at 9 ⅞ inches thick
  • Too firm for some sleepers


The HIDRASUND Natural Pocket Spring Mattress is IKEA’s most up-to-date addition to its mattress assortment. This brand-new mattress presents new features like all-natural material, fresh pocket springs, and relaxation zones.

The mattress is constructed from organic materials, which may absorb moisture, allow air to circulate, and provide an excellent sleeping environment. The kind of materials comprises 100 percent cotton, coconut fiber, natural wool, and latex.

The mattress has five different relaxation zones, which provide support for the legs and shoulder. Additionally, it supplies a strengthened edge to avoid sagging.

The mattress includes 218 pocket springs; also, it has 258 small pocket springs. The mattress is 13 ⅝ inches thick, and it provides a wealth of support.

The pocket springs operate independently to carefully follow your entire body and provide you comfort and support in all appropriate areas. The mattress has stretch material that follows the contours of the body as you proceed.

The mattress includes a reinforced edge. There’s not any need to flip the mattress. It’s one side use only. Also, it’s a 25-year limited guarantee.


  • Two layers of pocket springs
  • Made from natural substances
  • Five relaxation zones


  • Not roll-packed and quite heavy
  • Expensive for an IKEA mattress
  • Very firm


Natural substances would be this mattress’s claim to fame. IKEA’s additional latex foam mattresses are made out of synthetic latex, but the MAUSUND consists of 85% organic latex, organic wool and coconut fibers, and 100 percent sustainably-sourced cotton. Comfort zones ensure this moderate firm, nevertheless absolutely squishy, the mattress provides aid for shoulders and buttocks.

Should you suffer from allergies or asthma, the MAUSUND may be worth its high cost of $899 for a queen or 1,099 for a king. On the flip side, if you are trying to find a cozy bed and organic substances do not impress you, this might not be the mattress.

Measuring only 7 ⅞ inches thick, MAUSUND is much from the thinnest IKEA mattress on the marketplace (under 4 inches), but it’s the next lightest mattress in our position. For the premium cost, sleepers may anticipate a thicker mattress with more cushioning.


  • Made from natural substances
  • Contouring latex foam
  • 5 inviting comfort zones


  • High price for an IKEA mattress
  • Thinner at only 7 ⅞ inches
  • Too firm for some sleepers


The HUSVIKA Spring Mattress is among the very best IKEA sleeping pad for kids and lightweight people. The mattress may be employed with day beds and guest beds for kids.

The mattress innerspring construction keeps the resting surface trendy. The excellent surface improves venting, thus preventing the rise of allergens.

The mattress unites Bonnell springs and also a comfortable coating, which is a durability foam. The mattress allows you freedom of movement along with a bounce to allow you to alter sleeping posture without disturbing your spouse.

The mattress includes a child-safe zipper to reduce harm. The roster packaged makes the mattress Simple to carry; also, it’s a

25-year limited guarantee.


  • Ideal for getting a kid’s bed, guest bed, and day bed
  • Bonnell coils provide comfort and service.
  • Child secure zipper


  • It’s quite thin
  • Too firm for some children
  • Its quality fits its low cost.

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Best IKEA Mattress FAQs

Could I use any mattress having an IKEA bed frame?

It’s true; you should not need to purchase an IKEA mattress to get an IKEA bed frame. Only double-check that any pliers are no longer than 3 inches apart. When the slats are farther apart, they won’t provide sufficient support to get a foam mattress.

Are IKEA mattresses regular sizes?

Yes, IKEA mattresses can be found in standard American sizes. You may pick out of the crib twin, full, queen, and king-size mattresses. If you are interested in different sizes like double XL or California king, you might need to try another shop.

Can you match a mattress in an auto?

If you wonder if or not a brand new mattress will fit in your vehicle, the question to ask is how the mattress is packed. Bed-in-a-box mattresses are usually compact enough to fit in the trunk or rear seat of a vehicle due to the compression used to slide a mattress within a rather compact box. But you might not have the ability to match an unboxed mattress in anything more significant than a van having collapsible chairs.

Is a complete mattress just like a double?

Yes, the double mattress is just another name for a complete-size mattress. We want to stress that even though the mattress is known as a double, it’s only acceptable for single sleepers. If two people were to talk about a complete size mattress, they’d have approximately 27 inches to distribute-which is 11 inches less than that which twin mattress provides.

What depth of memory foam mattress is best?

We always advocate memory foam mattresses that are at least 10 inches thick, and the principle applies to other mattress types. Beds which are at this thick are far more inclined to resist wear and tear. They also usually include more features for comfort and support than the thinner mattress.

Why are IKEA mattresses poisonous?

Some IKEA mattresses utilize polyurethane foam for comfort layers. When many polyurethane resources certify their memory foam is free from dangerous compounds, the ones that are extremely sensitive to substances may require an additional certificate.

Can you reverse IKEA mattresses?

IKEA mattresses aren’t intended to be reversed. If you’re adventurous and do not consider us, their foam mattresses can do fine if reversed, though they will probably feel very firm. Be mindful that flipping your mattress can void the guarantee.


Deciding on a mattress is a challenging task since several mattresses on the marketplace have their identifying features. If IKEA appears to be your best pick for a producer, you certainly will not be disappointed with the broad range of alternatives out there.

The most remarkable thing about IKEA is that (for the most part) they do not flashy claims concerning the mattress’s capacities and accurately detail the elements and features of the product.

This permits consumers to compare and choose which products match their wants and protect against expensive mistakes. The very best mattress at IKEA maybe a few of the priciest IKEA mattresses on the market, but the value they package is price-wise.

So you have got it, the best mattress from IKEA. The response to which mattress is best depends upon your taste. This guide will set you on the perfect path to ascertain the kind of mattress you desire.

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