Best Hospital Bed Mattress 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Hospital Bed Mattress 2021

Hospital bed mattresses, also called therapeutic or medical mattresses, can relax and protect against side effects when individuals are immobile.

Finding the best mattress for yourself or somebody you care for could be challenging. There are several different kinds of mattresses on the current market, and your selection will impact the individual’s comfort and well-being.

In the following guide, we’ll be researching our very Best Hospital Bed Mattress Reviews and providing insight into what you ought to be looking for when making a purchase.

What’s a hospital bed mattress?

A hospital mattress is a mattress employed in a hospital bed or in-home. Many people today need this kind of mattress in their home if they’re ill or if their distress is diminished or diminished.

A conventional mattress might not be acceptable for specific medical problems. Furthermore, it can aggravate or trigger stress ulcers, also called bedsores.

Pressure ulcers occur because of a mix of variables. Prolonged external stress on cells causes a lack of blood circulation into the affected region. Impaired drainage in the lymphatic system can give rise to the growth of sores too.

In comparison with conventional mattresses, hospital mattress mattresses stop and alleviate pain from pressure sores.

Hospital bed mattress makers use various substances in their products. These substances are similar to those found in conventional mattresses also comprise:

  • foam
  • innerspring
  • Air
  • gel

Hospital bed mattresses also ought to be waterproof, antimicrobial, and simple to wash. These features guarantee the mattress stands up to health grade care criteria.

The head, leg, and total mattress height can be reduced or increased. Side rails on hospital beds also prevent injuries and falls. Mattresses for hospital beds may also bend together with the alteration of the legs and head.

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Different Types of Hospital Bed Mattresses

Different Types of Hospital Bed Mattresses

Making the transition out of your bed to a hospital mattress may take some getting used to. Still, with the diverse range of hospital bed mattresses currently on the current market, you should not be worried about using a restricted option.

The requirements of this individual and personal taste will factor into your choice, but knowing what’s available can go a very long way in assisting you to make an educated choice.

Innerspring Mattress

Concerning being like a regular mattress, the innerspring is the nearest, so this is an excellent alternative for anybody who wants to stay on something they are utilized to.

The principal aspect of the kind of mattress is that internal coils are either individually wrapped or combined. Furthermore, innerspring mattresses may vary when it comes to the number of springs, their depth, and just how many functioning turns you will find.

This sort of mattress is best for men and women who require firm support in addition to the ones who want relief from stress.

Among the initial matters that function as a stage of confusion when choosing an innerspring mattress would be the choices where the kind of coil is worried. Because of this, we’ve included the advantages of every form of spring.

Offset coils are formed similarly to an hourglass and are generally utilized at the more excellent grade hospital bed mattresses. Their distinctive shape enables the mattress to better shape the individual’s body, making them a lot more inviting and comfortable.

Bonnell coils are similar in shape to the coil we’ve already talked about but are not as costly. But that is not to say they don’t provide decent comfort and service. This sort of coil was long-used in mattresses also is well-known for keeping its role within the long-term.

Pocket coils differ slightly in appearance from the coils we’ve looked at and feature a barrel-like layout. All these are used in which full service is crucial, but it’s crucial to be aware that they fall into a much milder class.

As their title suggests, continuous coils are a collection of constant, interlinked coils joined together along the mattress’s borders. If you’re interested in finding something secure and will provide consistent support, this is a fantastic alternative.

It’s also worth considering the amount of functioning turns on each coil as this may provide you a great idea of how long the mattress will probably be – more functioning turns equals more bounce and vice versa. On the other hand, the depth of the coil also needs to be taken into consideration. The greater the coil’s thickness, the more inviting it will be, whereas thinner coils provide a mattress a more elastic texture.

An innerspring mattress is an excellent choice if you’re not seeking to break the bank when buying a hospital mattress because these are in the lower end of the purchase price range where mattresses are involved. They might also be a fantastic alternative if you require something that will keep the patient cool due to the warming effect they provide. What is more, an innerspring mattress provides far greater longevity than a number of the other mattress types. Therefore it may be great for patients who want a more long-term remedy.

But it’s worth bearing in mind that if you opt for quite an inexpensive alternative, this might not offer sufficient support to the sleeper. What’s more, there’s always the risk that the coils can burst through the mattress’s fabric, resulting in harm or distress.

Foam Mattress

Like innerspring mattresses, their foam sockets arrive in an assortment of forms, so pick the best alternative for you takes some careful consideration.

Memory Foam is probably the most often recognized kind of mattress foam. Although this is very long-lasting and incredibly comfortable, it might not be perfect if you need something additional supportive. There’s also a gel memory foam alternative that’s a lot better at dissipating heat.

PU foam is a more affordable alternative, but there’s a probability of gases in the compounds used in fabricating being discharged. What’s more, these aren’t a durable alternative and often last for half of the period of memory foam.

Latex foam delivers the most extended lifespan and can be exceptional in regards to support and relaxation.

High resilience foam mattresses have an excellent bounce-back speed and are also quite durable.

Among the primary things to consider is the number of layers of polyurethane is contained in the mattress. The more layers, the thicker and much more supportive the mattress will probably be. However, this is where matters get even more complex – there are two forms of polyurethane layers in those mattresses, one for relaxation plus one for assistance. Each one of them will have changeable densities, so it’s well worth looking at every coating as well as what it provides to ascertain whether the mattress will probably do the job for you.

The foam, which is greater density, will last longer and provide a great degree of support. But, it’s necessary to be aware it won’t come back to its original condition as readily as a foam of reduced density.

There are many benefits of utilizing a foam mattress; mainly, they will mold the body shape and supply exceptional support to the spine and back. Furthermore, foam mattresses offer you a far more comfy sleep by dispersing your body’s weight evenly within the mattress; this also equates to less motion during sleep.

All these are terrific solutions for those who don’t require extra support but require firm service that does not give way to the advantages; a foam mattress might not be ideal for you.

Air Mattress

Among the most significant benefits of an air mattress is you can control the atmospheric pressure. This is great for patients who are spending a great deal of time inside their hospital beds because it can promote the prevention of bedsores. But you do not always remember to substitute the pressure as many of these versions include preset programs that inflate and deflate frequently.

Another problem for bed-ridden individuals is overheating, but due to the continuing air-flow of this very low air loss sort of the air mattress, sufferers have been kept much cooler, and the chance of overheating is radically reduced. What is more, this will make sure that no extra moisture is soaked into the mattress.

You will find air mattresses that contain both of the therapies mentioned above, but some feature lateral spinning – yet another effective method of treating and reducing bedsores.

For individuals who reside in warmer climates or see that they get really hot while in bed, an air mattress is a great option. They’re also ideal for men and women who should stay in bed for most of the day or paralyzed people. They could decrease stress points, meaning bedsores can be something of the past. In addition to this, an air mattress features exceptional support and relaxation.

Nevertheless, this might not be a fantastic alternative when the individual finds it hard to sleep with sound because the mattress’s continual motorized role is not entirely silent.

Bariatric Mattress

For individuals on the thicker side, a much more supportive mattress is equally essential concerning security and relaxation. Luckily, many bariatric or heavy-duty mattresses on the marketplace provide both these items to bigger folks.

A bariatric mattress will probably be wider than a regular hospital mattress. It may be employed on a bed that has been developed with the more significant patient in your mind. They might feature a greater weight capacity and can disperse the weight evenly over the mattress that support isn’t compromised.

These are ideal for those that require extra support due to their heavier weight, but it’s crucial to consider this; as a result of the bigger size, you might expect to pay more for this kind of mattress.

Mattress Overlay

A mattress overlay, occasionally known as a mattress topper, could be inserted on the surface of your mattress for a further layer of support. All these are also great for preventing bedsores.

What is intriguing about mattress overlays is they vary concerning their patients’ requirements – for instance, you can demand a low-risk overlay created for patients who need only a little additional comfort. By comparison, you will find mattress overlays with high-risk patients in your mind, as an instance, those who undergo a good deal of pain or are incredibly vulnerable to ulcers.

It’s most common to locate mattress overlays at a foam material that is perfect if you would like the sturdiness of an innerspring mattress and foam’s additional comfort. Having the ability to blend it up this way creates a precious product.

How to Pick the Ideal Hospital Bed Mattress

Hospital mattresses can be found in a huge array of forms engineered to support patients’ demands that spend long periods in bed and have particular health problems.

Spring Hospital Bed Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses utilize steel springs to support the burden of the individual. The stability of the mattress is dependent upon the depth of these springs. Spring mattresses have a support layer and springs for relaxation and provide separation from the center spring coating.

Innerspring mattresses are cheap, but they’re not as acceptable for individuals who cannot change position readily or people with bariatric ailments. These individuals are prone to bedsores, also referred to as pressure ulcers. Innerspring mattresses do little to protect against the formation of stress ulcers or to assist stress ulcers to heal.

Memory Foam Hospital Bed Mattresses

Memory Foam mattresses are made from viscoelastic foam. “Visco” implies the memory deforms in response to stress and body warmth. “Elastic” ensures the foam regains its first shape when the heat and pressure are eliminated.

Memory Foam mattresses adapt to the individual’s form and position, dispersing pressure and encouraging better and effortlessly than innerspring mattresses.

Multi-layer or laminate foam mattresses like the Soft Touch Memory Foam Mattress use layers of foam using different densities to provide varying support. The center coating provides maximum support while others provide appropriate support for joints and extremities, reducing strain on regions that are prone to stress ulcers.

Laminate mattresses also include higher density foam to the outside edges for boundary protection, which can lessen the possibility of patients slipping from bed or getting entangled in hospital bed railings.

Pressure Relief Mattresses

Pressure-relief mattresses – that can also be known as air-flow mattresses, low air loss mattresses, or alternating pressure mattresses – comprise air cells that may be inflated or deflated to control the quantity of strain that every zone of this mattress provides.

Pressure-relief mattresses provide the best control over the strain that every component of the human body undergoes. Inflated cells provide firm support while deflating cells decrease pressure.

These mattresses are best for individuals who spend long periods in bed or have trouble managing their position. Bedsores can quickly form when constant pressure is exerted onto the skin for extended periods. Bedsores can be extremely painful and might cause complications, such as sepsis and decubitus.

Pressure-relief mattresses make it possible for patients and caretakers to correct pressure over time or to alleviate pressure in certain places, preventing the creation of bedsores and promoting recovery in patients using existing sores.

Pressure-relief mattresses can be found in non-powered and powered variants. By way of instance, the unpowered PressureGuard® CFT®: Non-Powered Dynamic Therapy mattress automatically adjusts the strain in its atmosphere cells for optimum pressure control throughout the surface.

Powered pressure relief mattresses like the PressureGuard® APM2 Mattress may be controlled electronically, allowing the mattress to substitute pressure with time gradually. Lateral rotation employs varying pressure from the tissues to reposition the individual to protect against pressure ulcers.

Top Rated Best Hospital Bed Mattress Brands

Top Rated Best Hospital Bed Mattress Brands

Drive Medical 15006 Inner Spring Mattress – Greatest Innerspring Mattress


  • Length: 80″
  • Width: 36″
  • Thickness: 6.”
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Mattress weight: 30 pounds
  • Form: Innerspring

The Drive Medical 15006 innerspring mattress is perfect if you’re trying to find a cheaper mattress that provides excellent support and relaxation. The 36″ x 80″ sized mattress is constructed from top quality cotton plus a high-density urethane foam with an innerspring center, which provides excellent durability and comfort.

The six-inch thick mattress is acceptable for patients with some freedom, who will alter positions individually, and therefore are at a lower risk of bedsores.

To decrease heat build-up, the mattress features two side vents that allow air to circulate between the coils, which will help to guarantee that it stays cool. The mattress can be comparatively low maintenance. The waterproof vinyl cover allows for easier cleaning and the antibacterial assists in reducing bacterial development.

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Merits 80020 Low Air Loss Alternating Pressure Overlay System – Finest Mattress Overlay


  • Length: 78.5″
  • Length: 33″
  • Thickness: 5.”
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Mattress weight: 9 pounds
  • Type: Air

Deciding on a mattress overlay may make economic sense if you currently have an innerspring or foam mattress mattress mattress, and you are not seeking to replace it. However, you’re searching for a means to provide the individual with additional relaxation or strain relief.

The Merits 80020 low-fat reduction alternating pressure overlay is appropriate to individuals who are vulnerable to pressure ulcers interested in controlling or stopping them. The mattress overlay features 18 cells. It provides the individual with reduced air loss and alternating pressure remedies in one device.

There’s a choice of 2 programs (firm or soft) that may be placed to provide the individual with the desired stability to guarantee maximum comfort and stress relief. The 16 laser holes help improve its breathability, ensuring that the patient stays cool, which also prevents excessive perspiration.

The switching air pressure mode changes the individual’s weight frequently, easing pressure points on your system.

The mattress comes with an anti-microbial removable cover that can easily be washed. The cover is constructed from a non-sheer coating that protects the individual from potential skin injuries during bed transports and repositionings.

If a power outage or the pump becomes disconnected, a low-pressure alert will sound, alerting the individual or caregiver of a possible matter.

Hill-Rom NP50B Bariatric Mattress – Greatest Bariatric Mattress


  • Length: 80″, 84″
  • Width: 39″, 48″
  • Thickness: 7.”
  • Weight capacity: 700 pounds
  • Mattress weight: 35 pounds
  • Type: Foam

Heavier individuals that are bedridden tend to be at a greater chance of pressure sores. The reason is that raised weight can exert increased pressure on the consumer’s body while lying. That is why picking a mattress that’s not just comfortable and has stress-relieving properties is essential for bariatric users with impaired mobility.

The Hill-Room foam mattress includes a weight capacity of up to 700 pounds, as it comes in a selection of diverse lengths (80″ or 84″) and widths (39″, 48″), making it a convenient choice for larger-sized people. Despite its high weight capacity, the mattress is comparatively lightweight, weighing only 35 pounds.

The mattress is constructed from high-density foam, which provides excellent support. This helps keep the patient comfortable, in addition to helping prevent pressure sores. The bottom of this mattress features an anti-skid backing, which keeps it from moving or slipping while the hospital mattress has been corrected.

The polyurethane-coated nylon cover signifies the mattress can easily be kept clean, and the waterproof layer will help protect the mattress from soiling. The antimicrobial character of memory foam also means it’s resistant to bacteria and mold.

Drive Med-Aire Plus 14029 Alternating Pressure Mattress Replacement System with Low Air Loss – Greatest Air Mattress


  • Length: 80″
  • Width: 36″
  • Thickness: 8″
  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds
  • Mattress weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Type: Air

The Drive Med-Aire Plus 14029 alternating air mattress is a superb solution for patients vulnerable to pressure sores or for anybody who’s bedridden and wants to spend prolonged periods in bed and cannot reposition themselves independently.

The mattress consists of 20 individual air cells, which are 8-inch in diameter, which affirms the individual’s whole weight. The mattress includes a pump that’s ready to inflate and deflate the air cells immediately, in addition to softly in order not to disturb the consumer’s sleep. The pump can be operated in an alternating or static pressure manner.

The cells have been inflated and deflated in periods from the alternating stress manner, alternating between 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes. The continually changing air pressure will help change the consumer’s weight frequently to provide stress redistribution to decrease pressure sores. The mattress firmness can be adjusted through the pump. This may be adjusted from 20 to 60 mmHg based upon the individual needs of their consumer.

The mattress features a cell-in-cell layout which helps to block it from bottoming out during a power outage. If the stress drops below 10 mmHg, an audible and visual alert will go off, warning the health professional. The atmosphere cells can readily be eliminated if any of these require replacing or servicing.

The mattress includes a very low shear removable cover that’s easily washable. The cover is water-resistant, which makes it appropriate for incontinent individuals, and can also be breathable to decrease heat build-up and decrease perspiration.

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Protekt 500 Gel Infused Foam Stress Redistribution Mattress – Best Foam Mattress


  • Length: 76″ to 84″
  • Width: 36″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds
  • Mattress weight: 25 pounds
  • Type: Foam

The Protekt 500 gel-infused foam mattress employs open mobile technology to eliminate the chance of heat build-up. This can, at times, be a problem with regular foam mattresses. It’s constructed from Visco memory foam. Also, it’s infused with a gel polymer. This aids with heat dissipation since it’s in a position to distribute body heat more efficiently. This also improves the mattress’s breathability, permitting the individual to stay dry and cool, in addition to protecting against pressure sores.

The gel-infused memory foam mattress can keep its shape better than other forms of foam mattresses. This lessens the danger of this bottoming out and expands its lifespan.

Since the mattress molds to this consumer’s own body’s unique form, it can help relieve pressure and provide the user with a much better night’s sleep. This helps people who suffer from painful joints, particularly for anybody with a back complaint, that may struggle to stay comfortable for prolonged periods.

Close to the foot of the mattress, there’s a 30-degree sloped segment that redistributes pressure from your heels, which instead is spread through the entire calf region. This aids in relieving pressure from the consumer’s insides and ankles and averts the danger of debilitating pressure sores from within this region.

The mattress is available in a choice of 3 lengths such as 76″, 80″, and 84″, therefore regardless of how tall the individual is, there’s a suitable sized choice for many users. The mattress is also available using 3″ increased railings if needed. This helps protect the individual from falling out of bed and helps anybody prone to drops.


Do hospital beds demand a unique mattress?

Yes, hospital beds need flexible mattresses that could adapt to their mattress’s foot and heads’ changing positions. The lowering and raising of the mattress’s head and foot require the mattress to bend with the mattress platform.

Does Medicare cover hospital mattress mattresses?

Yes, medically required equipment prescribed by a qualified doctor falls under Medicare Part B. The gear has to be durable and provided through an accredited medical gear merchant.

Does Medicare cover air mattresses?

Yes, Medicare Part B”…covers air-fluidized beds and other support surfaces as durable medical equipment your physician prescribes for use on your house” around 20 percent.3

What’s a low air loss mattress?

Low air loss mattresses circulate air through mattress chambers. This circulating air features pressure relief reduces surplus moisture can help to keep skin temperature. The consumer experience would be to sleep hot, drier, and more comfortable.

What’s an alternating air pressure mattress?

Alternating air mattresses inflate and deflate air cells inside the mattress to alternate our body’s stress points. These mattresses decrease the possibility of developing pressure ulcers.

Are company mattresses better for your spine?

A medium-firm mattress is most appropriate for someone prone to back pain. Mattresses who are too business are vulnerable to the consumer and are more complicated for the consumer to sleep and stay asleep. Mattresses that aren’t firm enough won’t offer you the company support demand for your spine.

What hardness of the mattress is ideal for lower back pain?

WebMD cites a very low back pain evaluation of 300 individuals over 90 times that discovered medium-firm mattresses since the very comfy.4 Please notice that this article doesn’t provide any citation for your analysis.


Doctors recommend using a hospital bed mattress for those that need to remain in bed for quite a very long time and therefore are in danger of developing bedsores paralysis. Conventional mattresses might not provide enough support for those who have mobility impairments.

The mattress comprises gel, foam, internal mattress, and air mattress, which reallocate an individual’s burden on the outside to treat and prevent pressure ulcers.

Alternately, individuals can put a dedicated pad in their current mattress to treat and prevent pressure ulcers.

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