Best Heated Mattress Pad 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Heated Mattress Pad 2021

If the cold winter nights make you lose sleep, a heated mattress pad is just what you need. There is no more worrying about who gets to pick what temperature or if the heating system in the dorm will be working when winter break is over – these pads will save you from sleepless nights shivering under the covers.

This guide will present a list of the best heated mattress pads reviews and explain why you should get this kind of mattress. We’ll also look at what you need to know to pick the best electric heating pad for your needs.

What’s a Heated Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad is a thin coating that you may put on top of your mattress to provide extra cushioning and protection. This bedding accessory may function to create your sleep surface a little softer and provides a protective barrier that can help prolong your mattress’s life span. Mattress pads typically arrive with straps or ssewn-in elastic bands like some fitted sheet to hold the mat in place.

Heated mattress pads require the relaxation of a conventional mattress pad one step farther with the inclusion of an electric-powered heating component. This provides additional warmth for cold sleepers or people who reside in arctic climates.

Mattress pads aren’t the same as mattress toppers or mattress covers. Pads and toppers may both be utilized to alter the comfortable level of your present mattress. But, mattress toppers supply a lot thicker, more substantial alteration. While pads are generally made out of polyester or cotton for soft cushioning, mattress toppers are usually made of substances like memory foam or latex.

While pads and toppers both help protect your mattress from wear and tear, it isn’t their main purpose. Mattress encasements and protectors are made especially to keep your mattress cleanout of fluids, body oils, and other contaminants.

Why Purchase a Heated Mattress Pad?

Many Men and Women buy a heated mattress pad to get one or more of the following three reasons:

The first is temperature law. As its name suggests, a heated mattress pad makes your mattress warmer – although some have cooling capacities. Considering that the pad goes under sheets and other high bedding, it is intended to keep the warmth near the sleeper’s body. Lots of men and women find this helps them fall asleep better. Furthermore, they can prevent scaling to a freezing mattress at nighttime.

The second is price efficacy. Many find that utilizing a heated mat is a cost-efficient alternate to liven the warmth when temperatures fall. Owners should anticipate their utility bills to reduce.

The following rationale is pain relief. For many ailments such as joint and back problems, warmth – even mild heat – may be calming. And if a heated mattress pad is not likely to solve the underlying problem, it may relieve uncomfortable symptoms for many men and women.

Things to Know When Purchasing a Heated Mattress Pad

Things to Know When Purchasing a Heated Mattress Pad

It is essential to understand a range of various facets of mattress pad construction and features when determining which may be the ideal alternative for your bedroom.


There usually are several different materials and elements which are utilized to construct a heated pad.

Heating element

Usually, tiny wires go throughout the mat and that warmth up into the controller unit’s amount. The thinner these wires are, the less probable you will feel them throughout the mat. Possessing the cables spaced out a few inches from each other also helps distribute heat more widely through the pad. Generally, heating systems are electric, but in a few products, they’re not cables but tubes that carry heated water (like the ChillPad Cube).


This is the way you specify the temperature of the unit. Whether there are just two zones for warmth, there are two controls. Usually, these are linked by a cable or cable, but a few pads have wireless remotes.


The mat itself may be made from a small number of different kinds of materials. The most common include:

Cotton: this substance is well known for its softness and absorbency of moisture. Because of this, cotton can cause you to feel less sweaty as it will absorb water from the human body.

Polyester: this substance will be a stretcher and not as absorbent as cotton but keeps a reasonable degree of breathability. Microfiber is a kind of polyester made up of strands to provide it a much more plush texture.

Blends: Many covers are made with a blend of cotton and polyester to catch a few of the substances’ features.


This is the pad component that goes across the mattress’s corners and sides to hold it in position. Polyester is usually utilized to produce the skirt due to its ability to elongate.


It’s vital to be certain any mattress pad you purchase will fit your mattress and understand how significant your mattress is, particularly that you consider its thickness. To get a heated mattress pad, you would like it to fit snugly in your mattress, so it does not bunch up and overheat (which may be a possible safety hazard).


Some sleepers have higher demands for personalization and adjustability of the heated mattress pad. Examples include:

Heat settings most heated pads have temperature settings from 1-10, but others might have more and fewer basic settings. Some choices give more control on precisely how warm the mat will get.

Various configurations for each side of the bed: if you talk about the bed with a spouse who would like the mattress warmer or colder, you might need to be certain your heated pad includes dual controls and double heating zones. Often, this is only on bigger (Queen and King) pads.

Heating and cooling choices: if you discover that you sleep soundly hot in certain seasons while in the others you sleep trendy, it is sensible to start looking for a pad that provides heating features along with heat.

Preheating: lots of pads have the purpose of preheating the mat and holding the warmth so you may have your bed nice and toasty when you get into it.

Timers and automobile shut-off: All these features enable a pad to be put to turn off or on at a particular time or for this to automatically switch off after a definite period (10 hours is a frequent example). These features might be helpful from a convenience and security standpoint.

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Ease Of Use

Ideally, you would like a mattress pad that is simple to use, which will not cause any disruptions to your sleep if you have to fix it in the evening time. Examples of items that can improve the ease of usage include:

Digital controls: All these make it much easier to control the settings and ensure you have it at the temperature you would like.

Simple instructions: your heated mat should not require a rocket scientist to function. Start looking for a mat using an effortless control with clear and obvious buttons to your functions.


A lot of men and women worry about the protection of a heated mattress pad. Generally, these products are incredibly secure, but a few features can help you sleep more soundly, knowing they aren’t posing any significant threat. These features include:

UL certificate: All these are relevant criteria for the fabrication and design of various consumer products. UL 964 criteria apply mainly to heated bedding. UL certification indicates an independent testing firm checked out the product.

Automated shut-off: This helps make sure the pad does not remain on for hours and hours if you don’t remember to turn it off. Many pads have a 10-hour automated shut-off for this objective.

Overheating protection: a few pads have a feature that detects whether it is getting too hot and shuts itself off if this occurs.


Like many bedding, it is a big plus if it is simple to wash the heated mattress pad; also, at precisely the same time, it is significant that cleaning does not result in any harm. For any pad you are considering, check to find out whether it is machine washable or if it needs spot-cleaning only. Start looking for any particular manufacturer cleaning directions and follow them carefully.

Top Rated Best Heated Mattress Pad Brands

Top Rated 13 Best Heated Mattress Pads Brands

Best Overall: Sunbeam

It is tough to overcome the Sunbeam, both concerning functionality and cost. This version is offered in twin, queen, complete, and king sizes, along with the buckle pad that may fit mattresses up to 18 inches deep. You and your spouse can select from ten heating settings utilizing the pad’s dual-side controls. The product even offers “ThermoFine” technologies that promise consistent heat by auto-adjusting through the evening.

Besides being simple to work with, this Mattress Pad is easy to look after-it may even be washed in the washer and drier! (Make sure you take out the power cord first). It’s a ten-hour automobile shut-off attribute, and also the manufacturer delivers a five-year limited guarantee on the product. Additionally, it is surprisingly cheap for such a favorite version.

Best Luxury: OOLER Sleep System

The OOLER Sleep System is a brand new product from the manufacturers of chili pads. Such as the chiliPAD, OOLER is a pad that heats and cools with water that’s channeled through a network of thin tubes; the mat is attached to a unit. Employing app-based controllers, owners may correct the temperature anywhere between 55° to 110° F (13° to 43° C). The program also provides customizable sleep programs along with a mild wake-up alarm clock.

The OOLER includes a streamlined shape which makes it effortless to store under most beds. Owners can program the enthusiast for various speed settings, helping people who find rapid settings too loud for sleeping. Moreover, the OOLER has an auto-cleaning quality that uses UV light and an alarm signaling when the water reservoir is reduced.

The mat comes in six different sizes to match standard mattresses; elastic straps in the corners are included for extra stability. Chili Technology delivers free shipping in the U.S. The OOLER Sleep System is endorsed with a 90-night satisfaction warranty and a 2-year guarantee.

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Electric Pad

Perfect Fit SoftHeat Mattress Pad is a high-value pick due to its consistent performance for an accessible cost. Perfect Fit SoftHeat supplies an extensive range of heat settings (10 in total) plus a preheat attribute to heat the mat before getting into bed. Furthermore, it’s water- and – stain-repellent – an unusual feature for heated mattress pads.

The ThermoFine temperature system ensures heat is dispersed evenly throughout the mat. For couples, the Queen and King size pads provide dual controls; this permits sleepers on either side of the mat to place the temperature in a separate heat degree. The mat consists of 100% polyester with a 140 thread count. It features 5 ounces of polyester fill and provides a lavish texture.

Best Budget: Utopia Bedding Heated Electric Mattress Pad

High-end heated mattress pads may become quite expensive, but this version from Utopia Bedding will not break the bank, even when you’re attempting to heat a king-sized mattress. The mattress pad is made of soft polyester microfiber with thin interior cables, plus it features a 15-inch skirt that can fit most mattresses (although not super-deep ones).

This mattress pad includes four heat settings, in addition to dual controls for you and your spouse. It automatically turns off after ten hours of surgery, and when it gets cluttered, you can detach the cord and wash it from the washing machine. You will hardly have the ability to feel the wires in this mattress pad, and it warms up fast-you would never guess it had been this inexpensive pick!

Best Dual-Sided Pad for Couples: Electrowarmth

Dual-sided heating pads are a fantastic investment for couples with differing temperature tastes since every side may be programmed for a different setting. Our best pick in this class is your Electrowarmth, which will be offered in two different sizes with dual controllers.

These include regular Full, King, Queen, and California King sizes, in Addition to Short and XL alternatives. The mat is offered in many sizes with a single controller for single sleepers, too.

The mat includes a plush, quilted cover made from soft polyester. Users may program the mat in 10 different heat settings, ranging from gentle to quite warm. The mat may be washed and dried in traditional machines, making it reasonably low-maintenance concerning cleaning and attention.

Even though the dual-control pads possess comparatively substantial price-points, they could save a reasonable sum of utility expenses. Electrowarmth backs up the Heated Mattress Pad with a 30-night trial along with a 1-year guarantee.

Best Splurge: Biddeford Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

If you genuinely wish to turn your bed into a cozy den during the cold winter months, you should consider the Biddeford Quilted. While pricier than other versions on the market, this product sets itself apart due to its high-quality construction, deep skirt, and flexible settings.

This Biddeford Quilted Heated Mattress Pad is made of a cotton mix with a tremendous synthetic fill that prevents you from feeling its internal wires. It may be used on mattresses up to 22 inches deep-perfect for anybody using a cushion top-and.

Its lighted digital controls have ten heat settings, in addition to a ten-hour automobile shut-off. Queen- and – king-size pads include dual controls, and the product is machine washable for easy care. Additionally, the mat is thick, cushioned, and well-made, particularly in contrast to less expensive versions.

Best Dual-Control: Beautyrest Heated Microfiber Mattress Pad with 3M Scotchgard

In case you and your spouse have different temperature preferences during the nighttime, a dual-control heated mattress pad will help save you from claiming which setting to use. The Beautyrest 3M Scotchgard is a fantastic alternative in this class, as it provides two distinct controllers on its queen, king, and California king versions.

This mattress pad is made of polyester microfiber treated with 3M Scotchgard to withstand stains and wick away moisture. It utilizes the cheapest electromagnetic radiation potential in its thin wires. It is possible to adjust each heat zone into one of five heat settings, and there is also a pre-heat quality that will heat your bed until you climb-ideal for cold winter months. The mattress pad also includes a ten-hour automated shut-off attribute, and also the cover fits mattresses up to 19 inches deep.

Best Features: CozyWinters Shield Life

The Shield Life in CozyWinter boasts a high-tech layout that utilizes Far Infrared (FIR) technology. This sort of heating doesn’t rely on energy. Instead, built-in fibers produce infrared beams that warm your system and may also improve flow without causing harm or adverse health consequences. While sleeper experiences with such heating will change, some studies also have demonstrated that infrared heat may alleviate distress for individuals with lower back pain.

The mat is constructed with five different layers, even though its profile is comparatively thin and should not radically change your sleeping surface’s texture. Soft cotton composes the outer shell, while the inside includes a two-layer cable element, cashmere thermal pad, and aluminum wire mesh with antifungal properties.

It’s possible to correct the mat anywhere between 80 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it especially well-suited to folks who prefer an extremely comfy sleeping or sitting area. The automatic shutoff timer may be set around ten hours, letting you sleep with the mat throughout the evening. The mat must break on top of your mattress and doesn’t possess skirted edges. Standard, queen, full, and king sizes are readily available.

Though the sticker price with this pad is high, its innovative construction and broad temperature range will be a fantastic investment for shoppers searching for supreme warmth. Unused and undamaged pads might be returned for a complete refund within 30 days of receipt, and your purchase will incorporate a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Best Luxury: chiliPAD Sleep System

The Chilisleep OOLER is among the most advanced sleep systems out there. If you’re searching for a luxury option with the most recent technology, the OOLER is well worth considering.

The OOLER is accompanied by an electrical control unit and net mattress pad, controlled with a cell program. The OOLER uses electrical power to cool or warm water. The machine then pushes the temperature-controlled water using a saline tube system evenly dispersed through the OOLER’s mesh mattress pad. This enables you to finely control your mattress’s warmth compared with conventional wire-based heated mattress pads.

It is possible to place the OOLER’s controller unit anywhere between 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit for heating and cooling capacities. The control unit includes the system’s water reservoir using an automatic UV light cleaning program. The reversible mattress pad is machine-washable and features a mesh cotton blend shirt and Tencel underside. The cellular program permits you to manually control your mattress’s warmth, specify a sleep program, and heat or cool your mattress.

Best Electric Blanket: Sunbeam Microplush heated blanket

If you want electric blankets, then the Sunbeam Microplush is an acceptable alternative.

The cloth itself feels soft and lovely, making up for the simple fact which you could almost feel the wires should you put your arm in addition to the blanket.

It’s ten heat settings plus a pre-heat, which means you’re going to have the ability to locate just the ideal temperature to keep you feeling comfortable. And like most Sunbeams, it’s the 10-hour automobile shut-off as a standard security feature.

The controls at the time of writing will be the bigger versions Sunbeam utilizes, with the electronic screen. And for queen size or bigger, you will have two controls so one person will not be sweating during the night while another is enjoying their tropical cloth cocoon.

One issue is the possibility of slipping around or off the bed due to the slippery cloth, which may create irregular heating. Take care not to allow up it, and machine clean it precisely following the directions to limit the probability of any harm happening.

Best Waterproof: Sunbeam Water Resistant Heated Mattress Pad

The Sunbeam Water-Resistant Heated Mattress Pad boasts All the advantages of this cheap Mattress Pad with an Additional layer of protection against stains and spills.

The Sunbeam is a conventional wire-based heated mattress pad that utilizes proprietary ThermoFine technologies to provide even heat across your mattress’s surface. The pad has an easy-to-use electronic screen control, allowing sleepers to choose between 20 different preset heating choices. It features a preheat setting for people who prefer to heat their mattress before getting in bed and also an auto-off function for extra safety.

This Mattress Pad consists of 100% cotton plus water-resistant financing. The cover of the mat features a quilted construction with a 200 thread count. Very similar to Sunbeam’s standard heated mattress pad, that this model includes a straightforward layout. It slips over your mattress like a fitted sheet, and also the skirt accommodates high-profile mattresses up to 19 inches in height.

Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad

Sunbeam is a title that you might recognize. They create drains, heating blankets, lovers, and all types of various products for your house. This specific product is a 100% polyester 140 thread count heated mattress pad. It consists of 4 oz of fill and fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep. It’s a quilted covering and vertical stations.

Double control heated mattress pads provide each individualized user relaxation, like this one. You will find ten heat settings that provide you a lot of choices for how hot or trendy you need your side of the mattress using a 10-hour automobile shut-off. This is very good for people who might forget to close off things if they’re in a rush or just forgetful. These controls are also rather simple to turn, which is excellent for people who might have problems using their palms.

The Sunbeam Quilted Mattress Pad may even help soothe achy muscles as you’re sleeping with providing your body using a gentle heat treatment as you rest on your bed. The auto-adjusting Thermofine technology will help provide a consistent temperature during the night, adjusting to the warmth of the body, the mattress, and space.

Best Adjustable Timer: Hyde Lane Premium

As you might have discovered, lots of mattress pads automatically shut off after ten hours of surgery, but should you’d like to have the ability to correct this timer. You require a product such as the Hyde Lane Premium. This version provides an impressive 20 heat settings, and its adjustable timer can be set to switch off once anywhere from one to ten hours, letting you turn it off partway through the evening.

This mattress pad features quilted cotton padding so that you won’t sense its internal wires, and it has dual controls that permit you to run its zones at different configurations. It has a pre-heat option that will warm your bed up to 30 minutes before getting in.

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Could you use a heated mattress pad onto a memory foam mattress?

You can use a heated mattress pad onto a memory foam mattress, but it is usually not suggested. Though this should not pose any security risks, many manufacturers recommend against it because of the prospect of harm to the memory foam. The heat will make your memory foam mattress soften, impacting this mattress’s sense and might create your mattress more vulnerable to feelings with time.

How can you bathe a heated mattress pad?

Though heated mattress pads comprise electrical parts, most are made to be machine-washable. It would help if you got rid of any control components and power wires from the mat before cleaning it. But, you always need to assess the specific maintenance instructions from the pad’s maker before washing. Some heated mattress pads are spot clean only.

Which are the differences between mattress pads and mattress toppers?

Mattress pads are somewhat thinner and made from cloth, while mattress toppers are thicker and usually made from substances generally found in mattresses, such as memory foam.

When these terms are frequently used interchangeably, there are noteworthy differences. Mattress pads usually are 1 inch thick in most and are generally made from cotton, polyester, or rayon. By comparison, mattress toppers maybe around 4 or 3 inches thick and are often made with much more substantial materials like memory foam, polyfoam, latex, or feathers.

If you use a heated mattress pad or even a heated blanket?

Whether you need to use a heated blanket or mat will mostly depend on personal taste. Both heated mattress pads and heated blankets provide heat, only in a different way.

A heated mattress pad will heat you from below and provide the maximum warmth for those pieces of your body in direct contact with your mattress. A pad may even be more effective at heating the whole mattress, with minimal heat loss. This may be good for people who sleep exceptionally cold or might require the warmth to soothe aches, pains, or joint stiffness in arthritis.

But, heated blankets are more flexible. Though you can use your heated mattress pad onto your mattress, electric blankets are fantastic for keeping you warm on the sofa or your favorite seat.


Whether it’s only during the winter months or all year round, a heating mattress pad will keep you warm much better than a heating blanket or regular blanket as it holds heat between your body and mattress to make sure you stay cozy all night long. With the temperature controller and timer, you can sleep in peace knowing you’re at the perfect temperature without worrying about room safety or expensive utility bills.

We hope this review will have helpful information for you in choosing the best electric heated mattress pad.

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