Best Elongated Toilet 2020: Top Brands Review

Best Elongated Toilet

Toilets with elongated seats are more significant and comfortable, making them an appealing layout option. There’s a vast array of these toilets out there. Each significant manufacturer offers layouts and colors in price ranges to suit every pocket. Prospective buyers need to find something to fulfill the requirements of their every household and price range. NousDecor examines a few of the best elongated toilet reviews on the Market, which it is possible to find.

Elongated Toilets Overview & Advantages

An elongated toilet is a toilet that’s about 18 1/2 inches. The elongated bowl is somewhat more than the curved bowl by 2 inches, and the majority of the toilets used commercially are elongated.

The key benefit of an elongated vs. round toilet is the extra relaxation. HGTV claims that “elongated toilet bowls step around 31″ in the walls, while around fixtures maximum out in 28″ inches.”

The additional 3 inches may not look large, but it creates a significant difference. A 31″ elongated toilet seat is quite a bit more comfortable for adults generally, especially more prominent people. Men enjoy this toilet due to the additional inches in the front.

The discussion remains up if an elongated toilet is more robust, but many resources are convinced it is. Sanitation Ventures says, “Models such as this are about the practical side in regards to the flush. There are just two causes of this, the bigger water surface region and space open up until now the second technology may be utilized.”

Along with greater relaxation and flush electricity, an elongated toilet has a more contemporary appearance than the usual round one. Round toilets are the standard since the toilets were manufactured. Still, in the past few decades, the elongated models have contributed to bathing a stylish aesthetic. For all these reasons, residential and industrial places are picking more and more to get extended toilets.

What Kinds of Elongated Toilets Are Accessible?

Standard Two-Piece Toilets

This version of the elongated toilet is the type you will probably find in almost any toilet. It consists of a bowl and a tank, which you will need to individually install on your toilet, most of which can be attached via a pipe.

Considering these toilets can take a great deal of room instead, they are primarily suggested to be set up in larger bathrooms with much more room to spare. They’reNevertheless, they’re the most recommended choice if you would like something with simple maintenance, as it may be easier for you to replace the bad bits.

Standard One-Piece Toilets

These toilets are an excellent option if you don’t wish to bother a lot with the setup because they could be taken out of their packaging and set up as they are. As there is no plumbing to link them throughout the tank, they’re also the recommended choice if the toilet is in the small to medium-sized category.

As there aren’t too many linking parts for this toilet, they’re also a lot simpler to maintain. You won’t need to take apart the toilet so you might wash the spaces which you’re able to reach into. On the off-side, these may be more challenging to carry from the toilet as they are generally rather hefty, and you can’t carry them individually.

Wall-Hung Toilets

If the distance is an excellent problem for you, you may want to get a wall-hung elongated toilet. This is set up on the wall, leaving more floor space that provides a more considerable room feeling. You might also use that area to store things, but should you leave it free, it will seem like the toilet is a lot larger.

Wall-hung elongated toilets could require broader renovation, as you’ll need to put in the tank on your wall. You may also pick the very best tankless toilet, as it could be connected directly to your pipeline.

It may also be more challenging to replace the malfunctioning bits, based on how you put them in the tank. But if the distance is concerned, this kind of elongated toilet can save you.

Corner Toilet

Once again, when the distance is a problem; however, you still wish to remain on your toilet easily, you may want to put in a corner toilet. Usually, in bathrooms, corners always stay vacant; therefore, when you put in a corner toilet, you’re going to be making great use of space that will otherwise go to waste. It is also going to create your bathroom look larger while not cutting off the relaxation.

Elongated Toilet Vs Round Toilet

Buying Guide


You might believe that elongated toilets are the same. However, they are not. Elongated toilets may come in various kinds and styles, from regular models and two-piece toilets to people you hang on the walls. You will need to consider the kind of your toilet so you can fit it into the type of your toilet.

Water Use

In this era, the last thing you need is to consume large water levels every time you push that flush button. Not only is it not great for your finances, but it is not great for the environment. You have to understand the way to be efficient when consuming as little water as you can.

That is the reason you have to check just how much water your toilet uses with each flush. Could it be the typical quantity of flushing, or does this have some water-saving properties? Usually, the ones that possess a WaterSense or any water-saving certificate are primarily suggested.

Flushing System

If it concerns a toilet’s flushing system, there are usually two kinds you might opt for: the single-flush and the dual-flush system. Single-flush systems are somewhat more affordable and not very complex to use. All you need to do is flush along with the deed.

On the other hand, dual-flush systems are somewhat more efficient for the ones looking to conserve water. For example, if you depart the liquid waste in the toilet, you do not need to go full-flush; you require half that amount. A dual-flush will provide you both a little flush and a bigger flush.

You might also opt to get a gravity flush or pressure-assisted flush. For gravity flush toilets, the water is only forced to the bowl to eliminate the waste. Pressure-assisted flushes do the same thing but with more energy, sound, and less water.


You may have comfort; however, you should also make sure that the toilet you’ve selected fits the area you picked for your toilet. To assess the rough-in, you have to view how much space your toilet leaves between the walls and the drain bolts or pipes. In this manner, you may ascertain just whether the toilet of your selection will match in the toilet or not. You might also need to have a look at our 10-inch rough-in toilet reviews.

Noise Insulation

Everybody goes into the toilet; it’s the way nature functions. But nobody wants the world to be aware of when they’ve only used the toilet or might not wish to wake up their flatmates whenever they opt to have a bathroom trip. That is the reason they may want to go to get a quiet flush toilet.

First things first, if noise is a problem, you might choose to decide on a gravity-flush toilet in favor of a pressure-assisted one since the former will be quieter. Besides, you might want to check if your toilet also will come with a toilet seat or maybe not and when it’s been provided a quiet-close activity. Not only can it add to the sturdiness of your chair, but it also will not surprise you every time using a thump.

best comfort height elongated toilet

Top Rated Best Elongated Toilet Brands 2020

1. TOTO Drake 2-Piece 1.6 GPF

The ADA Compliant Toto Drake is a 2-piece system that comes in many different finishes. The Cotton end is absolutely the hottest and an outstanding toilet for anybody who wants to update to an extended version. The Drake includes a commercial-grade G-Max flushing program but manages to flush out waste gently – all while just having 1.6 gallons per flush.

A protective coating was applied to the toilet’s porcelain surface, making it extra durable against chipping or standard bathroom tear and wear. The Toto’s modern design isn’t just intended to look great in any toilet but also function at the perfect level. This can be accomplished with the 3″ flush valve, which can be more significant than the conventional 2″ flush valve at different toilets, enabling water to be forced far more efficiently.

You have the choice to update this version using a slow, near elongated toilet seat. The only real downfall of the 28 x 19.5 x 30.5-inch toilet is that it comes in two pieces. There are advantages to some 2-piece toilet, the most important one being it’s taller than a 1-piece unit. But, the installation could be more challenging with 2-piece toilets.


  • Contemporary style with a modern look
  • ADA Compliant
  • Uses only 1.6 gallons per flush
  • Large 3” flush valve


  • 2-piece installation can be difficult

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2. American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Siphonic

American Standard has turned into a well-respected title in the toilet-making sector for decades. Among the top models for extended toilets is your H2Option using Siphonic Dual Flush. This flush system utilizes a patented siphonic activity, which uses less water. Nevertheless, it’s still powerful. It’s dual-flush capacities, which means it is possible to control the quantity of water utilized based upon the waste load.

The double flush permits you to pick between a 1-gallon flush or a flush that provides 1.6 gallons. Both these choices are lower than the typical water consumption, which makes this among the very eco-friendly toilets on the market. Cleaning with all the PowerWash technology unique to American Standard is straightforward. It permits heated water to scour and powerwash the bowl each time you flush.

Even portions of the toilet that do not encounter the PowerWash are simple to clean due to its EverClean protective coating. This inhibits the growth of mold, mold and prevents stains and odors. In addition to this, American Standard utilizes a SpeedConnect setup process, which cuts down the setup time by 30%.

The only bad aspect for several individuals is the toilet’s elevation; it’s just 15 inches from the ground to the benchtop. That is normal, but many toilets include a “relaxation” elevation of 17 to 19 inches. If you consider yourself to have trouble bending, this American Standard may not be the one for you.


  • Patented H2Option siphonic dual flush system
  • Deficient water consumption
  • Powerful jetted siphonic bowl
  • Self-cleaning technology with PowerWash rim
  • Easy to clean the surface with EverClean coating


  • The low height of 15 inches
  • Pricy

3. WOODBRIDGE Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece

If you are out there for a one-piece toilet, the Woodbridge Dual Flush is a fantastic selection. The slick design modernizes any toilet area, and also the one-piece characteristic makes setup easy. One-piece toilets are usually a lot easier to wash, and this is no exception to this rule. It does not have any grooves or corners connecting toilet components within easy reach for cleanup.

The Woodbridge employs a silent siphon flushing layout, preventing clogs and flows with its healthy flush. It’s produced of durable vitreous Chthathich should last well past manufacturer’s the 5-year limited guaraurer. You will have the ability to conserve water each time you flush using a binary alternative for a 1-gallon partial flush or a 1.6-gallon total flush.

There are two crucial comments relating to the toilet, nevertheless. The first is about the elevation. This model is much shorter than the American Standard I talked about, measuring just 14.5 inches in height. This is simply under normal. Therefore it isn’t a problem for most individuals, but it isn’t great for some. In case you’ve got small kids, however, this is an attractive option.

Second, some reviewers have complained about this guarantee. Woodbridge supplies a 5-year limited guarantee on the ceramic components, but just a 1-year guarantee on the flushing mechanics and soft-closing lid. But try to check beyond this because most manufacturers offer you a 1-year limited guarantee on everything.


  • Sleek design constructed of vitreous china
  • Easy to clean one-piece system
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Quiet yet powerful flush
  • High-quality soft close elongated toilet seat


  • The low height of 14.5 inches
  • Only 1-year warranty on certain features

4. KOHLER Cimarron K-3589-0 Comfort Height

This Kohler toilet is a flexible design using a research flush functionality.

An easy two-piece model coherent with all the modern or classic decoration, although the elongated bowl provides more space and comfort to its consumers.

The chairs can also be placed at a typical height of this seat for use that’s easy.

Inclusive of this amount five technologies of flushing, the remodeled Cimarron Comfortable Height toilet that’s elongated provides exceptional heavy flushing.


  • The bowl is elongated, providing comfort and room.
  • A combination that includes the K-4309, the K-44 tank, and the bowl.
  • Promotes easy standing up and sitting down many adults because it has a comfortable height trthathich provides chair high seating.


  • The bowl and tank installation system may become weak after a while.

5. TOTO Ultramax II Het Dual Cyclone

The toilet is created in one piece, making it more straightforward when installing and provides a smoother and complete look in the tank base.

There’s an elongated place from the tank bottom into the lid shirt that allows easier cleaning and excess. The Ultra Max II characterizes a cyclone dual flushing mechanism.

It uses two powerful nozzles and strong d a rotational action and cleans the bowl and rim effectively with each flush.

The Ultra Max is fabricated in height, generally universal, that’s somewhat taller for additional comfort. The inches of additional height makes it to be easier for joints that are achy to sit. More comfort-ability can also be ensured with an elongated bowl along with the coordinating chair.

Both features leave the unit compliant with the ADA. At about 100 lbs, this toilet is lasting and robust; however, not heavy.


  • The construction is one-piece, allowing easy cleaning and giving a sleeker appearance.
  • Efficient on the water at just 1.28 GPF
  • Double nozzles making a twin cyclone flush for optimum power that avoids clogging.
  • Sana-glaze makes it hard for bacteria and debris to stick to the toilet and bowl, implying fewer germs and cleaning.


  • Slightly costly.

6. KOHLER MemoirsK-3817-0 Stately

The Memoirs created by Kohler is a two-piece toilet that characterizes fascinating features.

For example, a flush Aqua-piston invention that saves more than twenty percent more water than conventional designs matches EPA’s the clogging crit EPA.

It’s excellent for use in houses since its many things make it stand out of the contest. The bowl has been elongated, providing more room and comfort for the consumer. There’s also the great flush produced from the excursion lever that’s on the left side.


  • This is a two-piece toilet with a bowl that is elongated, offering comfort and extra space.
  • Promotes easy standing up and sitting down for a lot of adults.
  • It is affordable and has various color options.
  • It meets the standards of flushing of EPA.


  • Some customers have found small leaks in this toilet.

best slow close elongated toilet seat


How large is the elongated toilet?

The typical toilet is usually involving 16.5 to 17.5 inches. But, an elongated toilet is more, generally with a bowl span of 18.5 inches. That is the reason you may want to put the elongated toilet in a larger toilet.

Should I put in an elongated toilet even when I have a little bathroom?

This is based upon the model that you pick. Typically, it’s strongly suggested that you obtain around the toilet when you’ve got a little bathroom. But if you feel like this version is uneasy, you may want to get a top-notch floating toilet or a corner toilet. Considering these toilets are relatively streamlined and have a lower profile, they’ll also help you save space in the restroom.

Are elongated toilets costlier than standard toilets?

Yes, maybe this is one of those few things which make elongated toilets the desirable option. Elongated toilets are generally 10 percent more expensive than some typical toilets, and this cost might go much high, and to the form of the toilet you utilize.

Do elongated toilets use more water whenever they flush?

An individual may feel that elongated toilets use more flushing water as a result of their size. But they use the identical water for a round or regular toilet. The only difference here is that elongated toilets utilize various techniques to provide the flush. But for all intents and purposes, elongated toilets respect the EPA water conservation principles, especially if you opt for a water-saving version.

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Locating the very best comfort height elongated toilet may indeed be an extremely challenging job since there are many choices, it is possible to opt for. That being said, provided that you properly examine the features you require, it should not be as hard for you.

Hopefully, our elongated toilet reviews have been able to shine some light on what you need to buy. Every bathroom is exceptional, and you need to decide on the option you feel comfortable with.

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