Best Cooling Mattress Topper 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Cooling Mattress Topper 2021

Have you ever wished that you can make your mattress cooler at precisely the exact moment? If this is so, a heating mattress pad might be an accessory to your sleep. Obviously, with all these choices available on the current market, it isn’t easy to ascertain which is most suitable for your particular needs.

This guide will cover all you want to learn about picking the best cooling mattress topper and our best Alternatives for Heating Mattress Pads, which help modulate the temperature and block the hot feeling while sleeping.

Things to consider when buying the best cool mattress topper

Things to consider when buying the best cool mattress topper

There are a whole lot of options to sort through while purchasing a cooling mattress topper. From cost to substance, cooling properties to sleeping position, below are a few of the most significant factors you must bear in mind as you search.

Cooling Properties:

The simplest approach to keep temperature neutrality is using substances that allow for airflow, thus taking away the heat from the body. Some mattress toppers achieve this utilizing naturally breathable substances, such as latex or open-cell foams and wool or cotton covers. Others comprise a convoluted or aerated layout that raises air circulation.

For substances that are inherently prone to keeping warmth, producers need to resort to other approaches. These include charcoal, graphite, gel, or aluminum infusions created to transfer heat away from your system. Some mattress toppers include phase-change substances, which regulate temperature by absorbing, storing, and discharging heat.

For individuals who run quite hot during the night, it may be worth investing in a duvet that lets you control the temperature at the touch of a button. These busy cooling toppers operate by heat or cooling water or air and pushing it through the mattress to actively restrain the outside temperature. A few mattress makers make toppers that are cooler in some specific locations, like the core. This may have the extra benefit of relieving aches and pains.


The cost of a mattress topper may fluctuate widely based on quality and materials. Cooling poly foam mattress toppers begin at under $100, but you may expect to pay a few hundred bucks to get a latex duvet and more for advanced apparatus with cooling tubes. Nevertheless, if the extra cost means greater longevity or decreased air conditioning statements, it may pay off in the long term.

Sleep Position:

As your mattress topper goes along with your mattress, it is essential to decide on a topper with the ideal stability to accommodate your body type and sleeping position. Side sleepers typically opt for a plusher surface which reduces stress points, so that they might require a milder topper to create a cradle for the shoulders and shoulders. Stomach sleepers should be OK using a milder, thinner coat, while back sleepers drop in the center of the spectrum.

Quality Materials:

Latex and wool toppers offer you the very best durability, and you will expect them to continue about 3 to 4 decades on average. In comparison, a low-quality memory foam topper may create permanent body indentations before the year is out. Higher-density polyfoam or memory foam toppers will last more than their lower-density equivalents.

However, they’ll also generally trap more heat. Fiberfill and feather toppers are rather high-maintenance and need routine fluffing not to eliminate loft with time. You can generally expect these to continue around 2-3 decades.

Firmness Level:

As a mattress topper can not add support to some sagging mattress, the principal reason people buy mattress toppers would be to adjust the firmness level of a mattress. In general milder sleepers and side sleepers are ideal for your plusher topper, while stomach sleepers and thicker people are ideal for a milder topper.

Mattress stability plays an essential part in heat retention, as a milder surface permits the body to sink further and causes more heat to accumulate around the sleeper. The thicker the sleeper, the longer they will sink into the mattress, resulting in greater heat retention. If you discover you run hot, you might wish to consider obtaining a firmer mattress topper.


Mattress toppers have a tendency to measure between 4 and 2 inches thick. Individuals who exert much more pressure on the mattress, for example, thicker sleepers and side sleepers, should search for a thick mattress topper that could take care of this excess burden without bottoming out.

Stress Relief:

Memory Foam is usually recognized as the ideal material for stress relief due to its close-conforming abilities. But should you overheat with memory foam, then a latex mattress topper can do just fine. Latex may have pressure-relieving properties much like memory foam, but it is more watertight and creates a looser cradle all around your entire body.

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Many toppers in the marketplace now are made from memory foam, polyfoamlatex, or latex, each of which provides its benefits. You could also find mattress toppers filled with wool, which wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it is chilly.

Memory Foam:

Memory Foam is a favorite material for mattress toppers as it gives superior strain relief and movement isolation. Regrettably, memory foams, especially high-density memory foams, happen to be famous for trapping warmth. Modern-day cooling foam mattress toppers circumvent this by infusing the memory foam with aluminum, aluminum, graphite, or other materials that draw away heat from your sleeper.


Open-cell and convoluted polyfoam mattress toppers are intended to improve airflow, allowing body heat to escape in the sleeper rather than building upon the mattress’s surface. Polyfoam has the extra benefit of being the lowest-priced topper material. The drawback is that polyfoam toppers will gradually develop permanent body indentations.


Natural latex is a watertight, open-cell substance that’s prized because of its durability and endurance. Latex will maintain sleepers “on” rather than “in” the mattress, preventing warmth build-up around the entire body. While organic latex toppers may be pricey, they keep adequate temperature neutrality. They, therefore, are not as likely to come up with body indentations as synthetic latex or alternative forms. Many latex toppers have been “ventilated” using pin core holes which allow for improved airflow.


several manufacturers use gel infusions, gel beads, or a top layer of gel to bid to stem heating retention in memory foam or fiberfill toppers. As we’ll discuss in another segment, the jury discusses whether this is an effective heating system.

Top Rated Best Cooling Mattress Topper Brands

Top Rated Best Cooling Mattress Toppers Brands

Chilipad Ooler Sleep System

The Chilipad Ooler Sleep System is a high-tech mattress topper using a hydronic pad and controller device. This system is excellent for people who want complete control over the warmth of the mattress. The hydronic pad includes a silicone tube that circulates water to maintain the mattress at the specified temperature.

The mat connects to the controller device, which has a very low profile to fit under the mattress. Additionally, it has a UV light that cleans the controller unit. Chilipad includes a corresponding program that lets you control the device from your cell phone. The control unit also includes three degrees of ambient sound.

The hydronic pad is constructed with a washable Jacquard knit Tencel lyocell cover. The topper is electricity reflective using a waterproof bottom and polyester fill. It’s also antibacterial and antifungal. Chilipad provides an elongated size range to accommodate a couple of sleepers, making this a fantastic selection for couples with different temperature preferences.

The warmer temperatures of this Chilipad Ooler Sleep System promote deep sleep and raise serotonin levels. This could lead to deeper, more restful sleep. With the extra technology and high-quality substances, this topper is significantly more costly. It’s a valuable investment for people who have a larger budget.

Molecule Airtec Topper

The molecule has a proven reputation as a favorite of professional athletes. Each product is made with recovery and remainder in mind. The Molecule Airtec Topper includes a cooling cover that pulls heat away from your system. Its proprietary foam construction includes three layers.

The comfortable coating of MolecularFLOTM contains seven days more airflow than conventional memory foam, which will help regulate temperature and increase airflow during the topper. The following coating of HexFLOTM foam has an open-cell structure for extra airflow. The next layer of RecoveryFLOTM foam encourages spinal distress.

The exceptional foams used within this topper are still regulated temperature, even if compressed. The Airtec topper cushions pressure points for relief from aches and pains. This mattress topper is particularly perfect for all those who have a busy way of life. The more excellent price point makes it an investment; however, the 30-night sleep trial and five-year limited guarantee provide added value and reassurance.

ExceptionalSheets – Bamboo Extra Plush Cooling Bed Pad

Bamboo is preferred because of its ability to breathe, giving this pad an edge over other people in that respect.

According to the mattress pad’s introduction in Marriott, Omni, Courtyard, along with additional 4- and 5-star hotels throughout the country, the hospitality sector on earth has taken note.

While the cover of the mat is slick, providing users a feeling of luxury, the mat itself is rooted in practicality. Plenty of Cluster Fiber Filling can be engineered to make fiber ‘chunks’ that trap air and keep the pad’s contour, empower the cooling mattress topper to maintain its form and ease air flow.

Even for consumers with heat-holding mattresses such as Tempur-Pedic, the pad effectively moisturizes and amenities; reviewers noticed that it radically cooled their beds too.

Though the pad lacks the familiarity and personalized experience that memory foam mattress toppers provide, the lack of that might be a beneficial feature. Other favorable reviews of this pad said the pads could promote undesirable heat over prolonged intervals, building a pad such as ExceptionalSheets’ a welcome addition to an overheated home.

Thick AirCool IQ King Size 3 Inch-Thick

This topper from Nature’s Sleep occupies the best place regarding cost, but the additional bucks earn their store.

The pad that utilizes all-new patented AirCool IQ Engineered technology simulates a milder topper’s comfort and support with no proper weight and compact substances.

As a welcomed result, users may enjoy the pad’s cooling results and customized stress point decrease molded to the body.

In any case, the product is CertiPur-US certified, promising the foam is of the maximum quality.

Reviews of this cooling call out its additional capacity to stifle creaking along with other noises – another frequent irritant that could disrupt sleep.

And one of the countless shining remarks concerning its plushness and standard relaxation, other reviews mention that the pad may expand with no problems and lacks some nose-wrinkling scents.

Despite its thicker dimensions which makes shifting it more of a struggle, the odds are that you will not plan on transferring it anytime soon; its microfiber cover is easy to remove and clean, protecting the mat’s grade year annually.

Birch Plush Pillow Top

For people searching for a natural, eco-friendly mattress topper, the Birch Plush Pillow Top is a fantastic alternative. This non-toxic mattress topper involves a natural cotton cover, natural New Zealand birch wool fibers, and Talalay latex. These layers work together to regulate temperature and cushion pressure points.

The cotton cover wicks away moisture, while the wool coating acts as insulation. Wool keeps you cool in warmer months by drawing heat away from your system. In cooler months, it functions to keep you comfy and warm. Talalay latex is a natural substance that’s breathable, which improves airflow throughout the mattress. Additionally, it doesn’t trap heat.

The Birch Plush Pillow Top is perfect for people who desire a luxurious, soft feel for their mattress. It alleviates pressure points and provides support. Even though it’s more costly than many synthetic mattress toppers, this lasting topper is backed with a generous 100-night sleep trial plus a 10-year guarantee.

3-lb. Density 2-Inch Gel Infused

The Gel Infused using ViscoSoft highlights four attributes: body temperature regulation, body contouring, pressure point support, and the removal of movement transfer.

It costs significantly less than almost everyone the toppers mentioned on this record but succeeds in fulfilling its four promises.

A temperature-controlled surface aids disseminate body heat evenly throughout the mat, whereas the high-density memory foam communicates the body without sagging.

Buyers throughout the board have raved about the topper, asserting that it has improved their sleep quality and lived up to its heating criteria.

New parents and chronic pain victims are among the reviewers that gave the product a thumbs up, encouraging its location on the list of high toppers.

ViscoSoft proudly calls out that their pad weighs 42 pounds – over double the weight of additional competing manufacturers – but follows the announcement with the assurance of shipping to a person’s door for advantage.

The large topper may dissuade some prospective buyers, but ViscoSoft asserts that higher weight, in this circumstance, correlates with superior quality.

Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper

The Saatva Graphite Mattress Topper is medium-soft with design support, making it a popular selection for people who wish to boost their mattress and the sense of memory foam. Although memory foam is proven to keep warmth and sleep hot, the Saatva mattress topper features a top layer of graphite that pulls heat away from your system.

This causes a cooler texture than conventional memory foam. The cotton cover is breathable and wicks away moisture to get a cozy night’s rest. The memory foam additionally provides pressure point relief and lubrication support. Since memory foam absorbs motion, this topper additionally reduces motion movement. Anchor bands secure the mattress topper into your mattress.

The Saatva Graphite Topper is mid-range concerning cost, and also the 120-night sleep trial provides you an opportunity to try out the mattress topper before deciding.

ExceptionalSheets with Fitted Skirt – Extra Plush

Another winner from ExceptionalSheetsthis mattress pad includes a fitted skirt to incorporate both functional and decorative appeal to an own bedroom.

Besides its heating, the Extra Plush Topper will help save you money by restoring mattresses beyond their prime and including a cushy coating to differently company, uncomfortable beds.

Hypoallergenic bunch down fiber ‘traps’ atmosphere keeps the pad’s contour and promotes warmth over other toppers now available while providing the sense of real duck and goose down.

According to consumers who’ve used the product, the topper’s substances make it highly effective against soiling; the machine-washable cloth is easy to wash, deterring any possible stains and scents out of seeping in.

More testimonials compliment the topper’s promoted capacity to breathe fresh life into old mattresses, saving money and effort. Though other buyers state the mat will change, it is a simple modification that does not detract from the topper’s top-quality quality.

Night Guard Mattress Pad – Cooling Bed Cover

For a portion of the expense of similar mattress covers, Night Guard’s Cooling Bed Cover adds a coating of coziness and calming chill.

In comparison to other pads, even however, Night Guard’s pad does not noticeably alter the familiar grooves and texture of a person’s mattress.

It is crafted from micro-plush fleece. The hypoallergenic pad employs a delicate equilibrium of substances, suggesting a pleasant sleeping experience in general.

Regardless of the bigger price tag, clients rave about the topper’s caliber and its particular nature; a few reviewers said they could sleep with no bedding in addition to it.

Less luminous reviews mentioned the mat felt skinnier than other people, but the cover’s thinner composition helps make sure that the comfort and support of the mattress under aren’t overshadowed.

In the end, the machine washable and ultra-breathable pad is a good alternative for buyers who have much more reasonable budgets.

Viscosoft Select Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Produced using 3 inches of memory foam, the Viscosoft Select Memory Foam Mattress Topper cradles your system also provides superior pressure point relief. The memory foam has a density of 3.5 pounds per cubic foot. This can be considered a low density, meaning that it allows for a higher airflow level and contains a faster reaction to stress.

The memory foam is open-cell and contains gel infusions created to whisk body heat away from your sleeper. Couples will love the simple fact that the memory foam absorbs movement transfer, cutting back on night disruptions out of the sleeping spouse.

Along with conventional toppers, ViscoSoft provides two technical versions. One variant is infused with active charcoal, a substance with antimicrobial properties to keep harmful germs from your mattress, which also sleeps cool. Another technical topper is infused with a lavender scent that will assist you in relaxing in bed.

The topper is designed with cushioned, no-slip mesh straps and a bottom to hold it in position. The bamboo-rayon cover is machine washable for hassle-free maintenance. ViscoSoft supplies a 60-night sleep trial and 3-year guarantee against manufacturing flaws.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper employs a copper-gel extract to equilibrium cooling and lubrication.

While memory foam hugs the sleeper’s body to relieve stress buildup, it may also trap warmth. The Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper combats this with an extract of copper-gel that conducts away heat and provides antimicrobial properties to get a cleaner sleeping surface. The cover of this topper employs the same hexagonal quilted fabric as its mattress covers.

This topper measures two inches thick, and it’s a gentle (3) texture; therefore, it can be best suited to sleepers beneath 230 pounds that wish to soften the face of the bed a bit while still appreciating their mattress’s support. The topper also needs to improve the strain relief for most sleepers while decreasing motion transfer throughout the mattress’s surface. Its soft texture and close conforming might not be as responsive as most couples might enjoy for gender, but it might add grip.

Every one of the six standard mattress sizes can be found. It is possible to try out the Layla Memory Foam Mattress Topper in your home throughout its 120-night trial interval. A 5-year warranty protects against splitting or breaking foam and flaws in the cover.

Lucid 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

With prices beginning at only $40, Lucid’s top-rated cooling mattress pad is a remarkably fantastic price. But only because it is the most inexpensive choice on this list does not signify that it will not keep you comfortable and cool all night, and you’ll find 19,000+ five-star evaluations to prove it.

The memory foam topper comes from two-inch and three-inch thicknesses, and the two versions have been infused with cooling and have a textured surface for additional breathability. (There is also a lavender-scented alternative available).

One hot sleeper stated that the mattress topper keeps them cool; they could eventually “begin sleeping beneath a duvet” Another added: “I have been sleeping this bewitching topper for a month, and I look forward to crawling into bed; each night for this.” Just remember that it is not machine-washable, which means you will need to spot-clean it needed.

Gel Memory Foam Topper 2.5-inch Cooling Gel Infused

The team behind the ExceptionalSheetsprides itself about the pad’s capacity to conform to the body without damaging air flow.

The topper comprises open mobile technology and the integration of gel beads to the topper’s three-pound memory foam, which ease pressure points and encourage backbone alignment while allowing the mattress to breathe.

The one-two punch paves the way for relaxed and pain-free sleep.

Numerous clients speed the product not just for its degree of relaxation but also for how comfortably it fits different mattresses. One reviewer mentioned that the pad expanded to its out-of-the-box size nearly immediately!

If you discover a smell upon opening the coat, as other buyers said, it could be a consequence of the gel beading technology through this product.

However, for a fantastic topper that utilizes innovative technologies, others might argue that the odor isn’t a problem in the long term.

Iso-Cool Memory Foam – with Outlast Cover

With three inches of visco-elastic memory foam along with a cover made from 100% cotton, the USA-crafted Iso-Cool is a suitable option that will be your ‘cool’ factor.

Most importantly, the product uses Outlast Adaptive Technology to medium somebody’s body temperature since it changes over the evening.

Because of this, the topper pulls heat away from you and absorbs it, letting you attain a fantastic night’s rest; along with this, the cover is sterile and machine-washable.

Many reviewers of this topper raved about its ability to conquer pain senses and increase overall relaxation; many others attributed the 3 inches of foam to creating their night’s a great deal more pleasurable.

Though others said that the topper is large, the excess heft is probably a result of thick foam – a tradeoff that lots of buyers do not mind creating.

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What depth mattress topper should I buy?

In the end, that is dependent upon how much thickness and pressure relief you are attempting to enhance your mattress. Petite sleepers or people seeking to put in a bit of comfort layer may want to try out a 2-inch topper, while thicker sleepers or people seeking to add a few inches of thickness might favor a three or 4-inch topper.

What mattress topper is ideal for getting a side sleeper?

Side sleepers may realize that a softer mattress topper provides more pressure relief in the shoulders and hips instead of some topper with milder support. Nevertheless, you always need to experiment with what seems best for the body and make the most of a trial period if it is offered.

How can I prevent my mattress topper from going?

Since your mattress topper extends under your fitted sheet, then it really should not go around a lot. But, corner straps may function to maintain your topper securely affixed to a mattress and be sure that it doesn’t change about because you sleep.

How do I maintain my mattress trendy?

Employing a cooling mattress topper is a fantastic way to maintain your mattress and your body cool. If you would like to double down to these cooling properties, invest in a pair of cooling sheets along with a cooling pillow also!

What is the difference between a mattress pad and a mattress topper?

A mattress pad is thinner than a topper, also does not range instability the manner mattress toppers do. On the other hand, Toppers are thicker, range instability quite a little, and are aimed more towards correcting the firmness and feel of your mattress.

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Maintaining your mattress cool and your nighttime relaxing should not be an issue. A high-quality cooling mat may compensate for poor sleep and improve breathing and relaxation – without compromising health.

There is no lack of choices available for people who are searching for a cushioned pillow or mattress. Each one of these choices can make purchasing decisions hard.

The testimonials above are a superb place to get started. A few solid choices to begin with this can allow you to cut down on several choices. After that, consider your tastes. Do you need more help? Would you enjoy the sensation of a luxurious, soft mattress with many cushions? Are you interested in finding a hypoallergenic choice? What is your budget?

Answering these questions can allow you to pick the best mattress toppers to keep cool for you.

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