Best Composting Toilet 2020: Top Brand Review

Best Composting Toilet

Are you still searching for the question of what is the best composting toilets on the market? Not sure which model to pick up? Then you NEED to see this list. Keep reading for more information from NousDecor.

The planet is finally coming around to ecological protection. This implies we are attempting to emit less carbon waste and also book our resources. An easy means to do so is to obtain a composting toilet. It uses less electricity and water, and a few do not use water or electricity in any way!

In the beginning, the very best toilets were limited to RVs, miniature houses, houseboats, and vacation cottages. Nowadays, you could even find one at a typical modern residence. You are going to need to tweak your pipes to accommodate it. Below are seven noteworthy bathroom versions.

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Pros and Cons


  • First of all, composting toilets are incredibly portable. They’re lightweight, simple to use, and you’ll be able to take them off.
  • Second, compost toilets can be found for all sorts of uses. Nowadays, you will find plenty of residential choices you could use in your house or miniature residence, options for your RV, and portable collections.
  • Regardless of what your requirements are, a composting toilet is much more than a bucket toilet today.
  • Composting toilets can also be quite simple to maintain. Not only are they excellent for the environment and also a fantastic eco-friendly alternative, but they’re also quite simple to use. Provided that you’ve got the ideal composting moderate and maintain care, you’ll have something which will stay odor-free and is simple to use.
  • Next, cleaning a composting toilet is super simple.
  • Last, the very best thing about home toilets is they are durable and come at a tremendous cost.


  • Not all kinds of composting toilets will do the job for you. If you would like to put in more than 1 unit, you will want to go for the appropriate bathroom because picking the wrong one could be expensive. Be sure that you take your distance, demands, and use under consideration.
  • One major problem users will encounter addressing temperature regulation. Overexposure to heat or freezing conditions could wreck how it works and prove to be expensive with time.
  • One other important consideration to keep in mind is that you have to use the ideal dissolving toilet paper to get the absolute most from your system. Though some can deal with any kind or brand, many can get damaged or clogged if you use the wrong one.

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Top Rated Best Composting Toilets Brands

Choicest Overall: Nature’s Head Self Contained Toilet

There is no shortage of advocates for your Nature’s Head composting toilet using Spider Manage. This composting toilet is simple to install and easy to use. It’s made a name for itself with its low care demands and also an odor-free operation. It’s a fully self-contained unit built from durable composites with all stainless steel hardware.

While initially meant for marine programs, this composting toilet from Nature’s Head is often installed in RVs, cottages, outhouses, miniature houses, and much more. This variant, equipped with a spider, is often chosen for its space-saving layout, though a conventional crank handle model can be obtained.

It boasts a considerable potential for solids60 to 80 utilizes while also readily tackling toilet paper. The fluids container will have to be emptied every day or every other day, based on customers.

For many, Nature’s Head composting toilet is the first introduction to composting human waste control, and almost everybody is amazed by how simple it’s to use this commode. Quite a few people stated they were worried initially, but we’re delighted with all aspects of the composting toilet, such as how successful it’s at odor administration. It is wired for 12V ability to maintain the exhaust fan operational.

Some individuals experienced minor problems using the exhaust fan or found it necessary to update the device into a more robust fan. The only other common modification is to include a finer mesh display to the outside port to keep out small nuisance bugs, like no-see-ums.

Choicest High Ability, Electric: Sun-Mar Centrex 3000 Electric Toilet

In case you have room to get a central composting toilet system along with a power source, consider the Centrex 3000 to get a high-capacity whirlpool bathroom. This version can deal with around six adults’ residential usage requirements or nine adults using seasonal usage.

Unlike other high-capacity central composting systems, the Centrex 3000 features an autoflow layout that moves composted material into a group room. This eliminates the standard drawer’s design that has to be emptied on different composting toilet systems. Instead, the set room makes it effortless to eliminate finished compost.

People who have installed this high-tech system and paired it with a compatible dry bathroom are usually quite happy with the unit’s functionality and report reduced to no scents.

Choicest Compact: Sun-Mar Spacesaver Electric Waterless Self-Contained Toilet

If you are short on space, consider a compact composting toilet. This toilet demands less space for setup while still providing eco-friendly waste control.

This model steps only 19.5 inches wide and 23 inches deep, requiring complete thickness clearance of 38 inches. Other versions of composting toilets demand around 46 inches of clearance for installation. This streamlined composting toilet is a perfect solution for ships, miniature houses with limited bathroom area, or tiny RVs.

It costs considerably more than traditional composting toilets; however, when space is at a premium, it could be well worth considering that this space-saving version.

A more compact commode also entails a smaller composting bin; therefore, expect to drain this unit more frequently. It is rated for three adults for seasonal usage, but if you’re planning on using it full-time at a residential ability, it is more suited to 1 adult. People who have installed this streamlined composting toilet mention the chair is higher than anticipated. It can be required to substitute the somewhat modest step included with the bathroom.

Choicest Portable: Sun-Mar GTG Portable Electric Waterless Toilet

If you’re searching for a portable composting toilet that will turn pretty much any area into a personal privy, have a look at this toilet.

This toilet is a newcomer to the current market, but Sun-Mar is among the primary producers of composting toilets. The GTG model only plugs into a 110V socket (adapter to get 240V outlets included) and features a divider for solid waste and liquid wastes. Optional mounting brackets are included if you would like to earn the GTG a permanent fixture.

Because this toilet is intended to move everywhere, it forgoes the conventional composting room on more durable fittings. Instead, a noodle that has to be lined with composting liners is used to accumulate human waste and will have to be regularly emptied. However, this version is a step up from camping bathrooms due to the exhaust fan and port to keep odors in check.

Choicest Non-Electric: Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained Toilet

If the off-grid dwelling is the thing, you’re going to require a non-electric whirlpool bathroom. Sun-Mar provides its favorite Excel version in a non-electronic variant that permits you to cut ties with all the energy sources when enjoying the ease of an easy-to-install composting toilet.

The Excel Non-Electric toilet carries a port kit for storing smells to a minimum together with a diverter for liquid and solid waste. This version is certified by NSF. The 11-inch bowl elevation came as a surprise for a few users, and the added step required to be replaced with a broader and broader choice in some instances.

People have mixed comments on living with this non-electric whirlpool bathroom. Some have experienced leaking difficulties, although other users state that this version provides years of worry-free use when the drain is set up correctly.

Choicest Budget: Stansport Portable Toilet

To get a budget toilet, consider using a portable camping bathroom lined with disposable home bags. The Stansport Portable Toilet is a more durable and more comfortable choice than several DIY composting toilets employing 5-gallon buckets.

If you do not mind using biodegradable liner bags and making more frequent trips to empty the commode, you are then employing the Stansport Portable Toilet as funding composting toilet is an excellent alternative to spending $900 more to get a traditional composting toilet.

The Stansport will support up to 350 lbs of weight, and while a few folks were doubtful at its comparatively modest size, many reviewers stated that they had been impressed with its capacity.

To get a composting toilet at a fraction of the price, try the Stansport Portable Toilet for your next camping excursion, boondocking RV excursion, or through long weekends in your off-grid cottage. While its size and reliance on biodegradable bags may not make it a perfect full-time composting toilet, it is a fantastic option for short-term usage or occasional demands.

Choicest High Capacity, Non-Electric: Sun-Mar CENTREX 3000 NE (Non-Electric)

A fundamental composting process is an optimal solution if you need a maximum capacity composting toilet because it features a considerably bigger composting system. The Centrex 3000 is a non-electric option set up in off-grid software where a power source is lacking.

The unit comes completely assembled and only takes a link with a gravity flush toilet of your choice, which uses one pint (or less) per flush. Unlike many versions of composting toilets with self-contained computers, the Centrex 3000 is made to manage five adults to residential use or up to 8 adults to seasonal usage.

How often you have to drain the device will be dependent on usage. However, the manufacturer claims that fundamental composting systems require draining every couple of months for full-time usage and once or twice annually for seasonal use.

A central composting toilet system is a rewarding investment for people who don’t need the hassle of regularly draining a self-contained property toilet.

Others Considered For Tiny House: Separatt Villa Toilet

The Separett Villa (made in Sweden) is well called the first composting toilet with a unique layout that divides urine from solid waste, contributing to a virtually odor-free process.

The Separett does but requires an inner fan (ideally 24/7) to wash the waste out and keep it odor-free. The enthusiast necessitates 17 watts for your Separett 9200 AC (which plugs into a standard wall socket ). Due to the enthusiast, the device must also be vented to the exterior of the home.

The Separett also permits you to line the sound waste compartment using a compostable plastic bag, making it effortless to choose the waste out into a compost bin, or when desired, to the garbage.

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However, not feeling flush with understanding about those bathrooms? Here are the answers to some critical, frequently asked questions. Should you want more info, get in touch with your bathroom’s manufacturer.

Q. How can composting toilets operate?

Composting toilets hold waste in a tank and permit aerobic bacteria to break it down into some substance very similar to moist, damp soil.

Q. How can you set up a composting toilet?

Installing a self-contained, non-electric waterless unit is simple. The sole concern is ventilation it out. The instructions that come with the bathroom will have ideas for vent-pipe heights and sizes.

Q. Can you put toilet paper at a composting toilet?

Moderate quantities of toilet paper ought to be OK. Single-ply is probably best, but many composting toilets will not have a problem since toilet paper is not biodegradable.

Q. Could you poop into a composting toilet?

Yes. The manure you wind up with following the composting process is blossom only broken-down poop.

Q. How long can one composting toilet take to do the job?

This is dependent upon how frequently you’re providing the bathroom with waste. The germs on your toilet will start breaking down waste instantly, and it ought to require a couple of weeks to fill with manure.

Q. Where should I drain a giant toilet?

If you do not need to use your compost in your yard and garden, consult the regional code authorities about refuge. Some rules permit you to bag it up and toss it into your garbage.

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In our view, Nature’s Head compost toilets are head and shoulders above the rest of the There are some reasons for this but let us begin with value for the money.

These bathrooms aren’t affordable! Despite being rather primitive in style, they control leading fees. I guess that is precisely where we are right now using the whole “going green” thing.

There appears to be a tax on it, which can be unjust. On the other hand, Nature’s Head version is the most affordable version of authentic quality that is out there at the moment.

It’s also got a tiny footprint. The version with the spider manager takes up only 18″ (W) x 17.75″ (L) of ground area (allowing a couple more inches to rotate the handle). If you are kitting out a tiny home or RV afterward, this version deserves your attention.

The last reason we recommend this bathroom is since it is durable. It is designed to last and includes a full 5-year guarantee.

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