Best Cheap Dresser 2020: Top Brands Review

Best Cheap Dresser 2020

Are you looking for the Best Cheap Dresser? NOUSDECOR has the best products here for you to choose from.

A bedroom dresser is an essential part of bedroom furniture, providing much-needed storage to get a never-ending clothing assortment. If you keep up a capsule wardrobe, one bedroom dresser may be sufficient, while others may need three or two.

Even though your bedroom is need-based, it is also dependent on the room in your room. Before you choose the dresser to purchase, review this beneficial article to decide on the best dresser.

In this guide, We’ll review the 19 best budget dressers.

Top Rated 19 Best Inexpensive Dressers Brands

Top Rated 19 Best Inexpensive Dressers Brands

mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

It’s time to bid goodbye to clutter with this great three-drawer chest. Is it becoming difficult to find prepared every morning? Well, there’s absolutely no reason to fret anymore! You can arrange your yoga trousers, lace, lace, and undergarments into different compartments with all these removable drawers.

And that is not all; it’s spacious and doesn’t occupy too much place. Additionally, the dresser fits into virtually any room, be it your child’s bedroom or your personal. The gorgeous layout increases the aesthetics of almost any room.

Additionally, the non-woven synthetic cloth of this product is watertight. And can easily be wiped clean when demanded.

Homfa 3-Drawer Chest Dresser

Add a stylish touch to a bedroom using a Homfa torso dresser. With clear instructions and a wrench contained in the kit, it’s super easy to establish.

And you also own a coffee and gray-colored lovely dresser very quickly. The colors are those that will fit with any furniture. It mixes into your rooms with no hiccups.

The product is slick and stylish, making it an ideal alternative for bathrooms and bedrooms. Put your clothes and daily essentials in the drawer and a bedside lamp along with a plant at the top. We’ll raise a toast to the ideal bedroom!

WLIVE Dresser with 5 Drawers

The chest of drawers may be utilized to store clothing, hats, blankets, and other accessories. The wood top is utilized to exhibit lamps, books, photographs, toys, or vases. The flexible dresser can be set in the bedroom, cabinets, nurseries, playrooms, and much more.

Overall, buyers enjoyed the dresser. They stated the chest of drawers was relatively simple to build, and it did not occupy too much space. They commended that the vest was hardy enough to hold 0-inch TV or twenty-five pounds of novels. The cost of the dresser was tricky to conquer.

But a few buyers pointed out the dresser was fairly tiny. The measurement was 39.4″ L x 11.8″” x 21.3″ H. Some buyers bought two dressers and set them alongside each other for sufficient storage.

Better Homes & Gardens Modern Farmhouse 4-Drawer Chest

Better Homes & Gardens Modern Farmhouse 4-Drawer Chest is an extremely common dresser provided by Walmart online shop.

The 4-drawer dresser features four oversized closets and a spacious surface. The vest is a part of a collection using a nightstand, headboard, platform bed, storage cupboard, and much more, so a buyer can add more furniture for consistent fashion.

Many buyers enjoyed drawers’ chest because of their beautiful appearance, roomy drawers, and effortless assembly. Buyers also believed it was sturdy and well constructed.

Sorbus 4-Drawer Dresser

In case you’ve got more extensive needs, we’ve got a more significant product. With four drawers, this dresser is the ideal mixture of functionality and style. The material employed for the drawers is a soft fabric with a reinforced foundation.

Should you have to change places frequently, this dresser will add to the smoothness of this process. The drawers can be removed and folded for effortless storage and transferability. The product can also be lightweight, and you can take it without the necessity of additional assistance.

The product also includes easy-to-pull handles, making opening and closing the drawers a simple endeavor.

Romoon 4-Drawer Dresser

This dresser provides an ample quantity of space with four drawers of over 15 inches in diameter. It’s lightweight and durable and has impressive wooden grips for smooth functioning.

Each drawer is exceptionally spacious and will hold over a dozen T-shirts and half a dozen denim readily. Having a strong steel frame, this product stands tall and makes a statement also.

It’s a dark indigo color, which gives it an authentic contact with lighter colored grips. Also, the substance employed is eco-friendly and can be harmless. It could be wiped easily without damaging the furniture.

Tvilum Austin 8 Drawer Double Dresser

Tvilum Austin 8 Drawer Double Dresser is among the very well-known chests of drawers offered at eBay.

After we visited the site, the dresser was marketed over 260 occasions, using positive feedback.

Overall, buyers enjoyed the dresser. They believed the dresser was simple to build, and it’d take considerable space for storage. Additionally, it is sturdy and refined. The price was very appealing.

Notice that there were several dressers from the product image. The product is best for an 8-drawer vest just. Additional dressers will need to be bought individually.

Delta Children 6 Drawer Dresser

Delta Children 6 Drawer Dresser is a favorite dresser provided by Walmart online shop.

The dresser features an ample storage area, slightly curved legs, and an easy metallic drawer slide system. It’s constructed from solid wood and wood composites.

Buyers piled the dresser for the great appearance. It was relatively simple to build. Buyers were also pleased with the dresser’s durability, and a single purchaser said he purchased the dresser three decades past. However, the chest of drawers nevertheless holds nicely.

Iwell Wooden 4-Drawer Dresser

If you would like to continue to modernism but using a slightly rustic touch, this is a product that can fulfill your requirements. Designed to impress, the wooden color adds an essential appeal to your bedrooms or nurseries.

In search of big drawers which take less space? This can be an antidote to each space crunch issue that you might have. Having a vertical layout, the product is tall and not too broad. It can easily hold 20 pieces of clothes in each drawer; also, you may use it to divide your clothing.

Permanent and long-lasting, make this outfit home and allow it immediately blends in with your furniture!

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Tusy 4-Drawer Dresser

Produce a sleek and contemporary look in your bedroom using a Tusy 4-drawer dresser. This product has a solid metal frame and gray-colored drawers. There are two drawers for your intimates and appliances, whereas both larger drawers can house clothing economically.

It’s super easy to build and is one individual’s job. All you have to do is follow the directions on the other side of the package, and you’ll finish it in 10-20 minutes.

It’s wear and tears tear-resistant, and you won’t need to be worried about replacing it anytime soon.

Novogratz Harper Dresser

Novogratz Harper Dresser is a favorite chest of drawers provided by Walmart online shop.

Launched in mid-century design, the dresser features solid wood legs and three spacious closets crafted with solid walnut wood.

Buyers enjoyed its minimalist appearance. The dresser was sturdy enough to place a TV on it.

But some buyers said that it was not entirely simple to construct the dresser.

Crestlive Vertical 5-Drawer Dresser

For those who have less room in your property, this product may perform wonders. It’s tall and provides a great deal of storage space e while not consuming too much place.

The five drawers guarantee your entire products are piled away properly, thus cluttering the distance. From handbags to clothing, these dividers can save everything.

Made from breathable cationic yarn-dyed cloth, the drawers appear elegant and are extremely easy to keep too. A gentle wiping may eliminate all dirt and dust that settles on the cloth.

Additionally, every drawer includes a wooden handle, which increases the ease of opening and shutting it.

Kinwell 6-Drawer Dresser

Would you need to bring a bit of grey to your chambers? Bring home this light grey colored six-drawer dresser now. It will look after your clutter and provide a fresh look to your room.

The product is lightweight and space-saving too. It takes up minimum space while providing deep drawers to store your stuff.

Also, it includes a sturdy metal frame and a durable MDF wood top. There is also a pair of X elastic straps at the back of the dresser to boost its stability. To cut a very long story short, it’s constructed to last for several decades.

Simple Living Crislana 4-Drawer Chest

Simple Living Crislana 4-Drawer Chest is a favorite dresser provided at

The 4-drawer dresser provides generous space for clothes, accessories, or other products.

Many buyers enjoyed the chest of drawers. They said it took some time to install, but the dresser looked far pricier than it had been bought following the meeting.

Notice the product comprises the 4-drawer vest. A 2-drawer vest can also be contained in the product image, but it requires buying individually.

Silver Orchid Fonda Glam Slam 3-Drawer

Silver Orchid Fonda Glam Slam 3-Drawer is a trendy dresser provided by

The chest of drawers is made from timber, MDF, and glass. It features a classic finish, three-dimensional drawers, along a diamond overlay timber layout.

Most praised the elegant and classy look of the dresser. It seemed far more costly than it had been. The dresser also had considerable space for storage. The vest can be utilized as nightstands or bedroom drawers.

Kamiler 7-Drawer Dresser

This product might be somewhat more costly but is sure worth the additional bucks. It’s lightweight, portable, and incredibly pleasing to your eyes. The color is a lighter shade of gray and merges very nicely with all our white furniture. The subtle gray made our room seem more significant, adding to the advantages of this product.

The brand is well known for quality, comfort, and ease, and with this product, they have fulfilled all of our expectations. What’s more, the framework has curved corners. This guarantees that children don’t get hurt and may be utilized in nurseries safely.

Songmics 8-Drawer Dresser

Songmics has introduced this eight-drawer dresser, which clears up your litter. This product has a great deal of storage room and handles the bits and pieces scattered around.

Talking of this substance, this particular piece of furniture brings with its fabric and hard metal. The entire play-iron framework complements the warm and soft cloth boxes. This produces the dresser lightweight in addition to sturdy.

Are you concerned about your children getting hurt when attempting to place something at the dresser? There is no need for this anymore! The cloth drawers don’t pinch and are kid-friendly.

Grain Wood Furniture Shaker 5-drawer Solid Wood Chest

Grain Wood Furniture Shaker 5-drawer Solid Wood Chest is an extremely common dresser offered at

The chest of drawers provides a warm and sophisticated touch to your bedroom. It’s constructed with 100% eco-friendly good wood. There are just two colors, walnut and expresso.

Buyers gave the dresser a full evaluation. It required a while to build, but many buyers advocated it since they enjoyed its look and believed it was researched and may last fora long time.

Lifestorey Ana 8-Drawer Dresser

Lifestorey Ana 8-Drawer Dresser is a favorite dresser provided by

The mid-century field of dresser features, classy appearance, three dimensions of drawers, and inviting Oak complete.

Buyers commended the vest. The dresser was hardy as well as the drawers functioned nicely. Buyers also believed the quality and end of this torso of drawers were superb.

But some buyers complained that the vest wasn’t simple to build.


A dresser can break or make the vibe of a room. So,o picking one carefully is vital. In case you’ve got a little area, try opting to get a tall dresser as a broader one will occupy a lot of unnecessary locations.

Simultaneously, pay attention to your furniture’s color before selecting the proper color for your room. The perfect dresser can bring the ambiance up to a different level by clearing the mess up.

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