Best Camping Air Mattress Review 2020: Top Brands Review

Best Camping Air Mattress Review 2020

Are you looking for the best mattresses for camping? Then you need to see our list of the best camping air mattress.

If you are an avid camper, you would know this to find the most of your camping experience; many important accessories are needed to have. One of those camping essentials comprises aviation. Sleeping on the floor may be an embarrassing encounter, causing you to wake up with aches and pains.

Possessing an air mattress at the same time you go camping helps to ensure that you remain well-rested so that you may trek and learn more about the region. Additionally, if you have a truck, then you may even buy a truck bed air mattress, which will fit directly inside of the back of your automobile. We have gathered the top air mattresses for camping so that you may find the most of your outdoor adventure.

Various kinds of an air mattress for camping

Various kinds of an air mattress for camping

Air beds

On the surface of it, camping air beds would be like your mattress at home. They seem lavish, usually arrive in queen or double size, and put a great 5inches between you and the floor. But unlike your mattress in your home, air beds may be shaky and resilient to sleep, and they do not do an excellent job of protecting you in the cold. The atmosphere that fills the mattress chambers stays as cold as the air out and protects you from the floor’s cold.

If you are inclined to camp in hot summer conditions and want to be raised off the ground a bit, then air beds are an excellent alternative. They also double as an excess bed at home when you’ve got a houseful of guests, making them the very best air mattress for ordinary use.

Air beds are normally made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which are environmentally friendly of both, and you’ll require a pump to inflate aviation. However, a few include a single built-in. They may be heavy when deflated. However, they tend to pack down to a sensible size.

Self-inflating ventilated air mattresses

The light insulation within self-inflating mattresses simplifies a few problems that come up with beds. First, the combination of atmosphere and insulation provides higher stability and minimizes any undesirable bounce when going around in your own mattress. And second, self-inflating mattresses provide considerably greater protection against chilly. They are the most suitable choice for winter camping or camping in locations where the temperature drops through the night.

To say the obvious, you do not require a pump to inflate a self-inflating mattress. However, you’ll require just a bit of puff on your lungs to high the atmosphere to the degree that suits your snoozing tastes. They are normally larger than air beds if packaged, but you save space by not having a pump.

Backpacking sleeping pads

These are designed especially with reduced weight and packability in your mind, with relaxation not comprising exceptionally. However, lately, there’s been some massive progress made in lightweight sleeping pad layout, with pads like the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite providing nearly as much relaxation as you’d expect from a more luxurious automobile camping mattress.

Therefore, if you dabble in bed but appreciate a little bit of car camping and need one camping mattress on your life, check out our guide to the ideal sleeping pads for biking.

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Things to look for in a fantastic air mattress for camping

Things to look for in a fantastic air mattress for camping

Listed below are the best points to consider before buying your next camping aviation.

1. Type of Mattress

Many are knowledgeable about the typical kind of camping aviation. They are lightweight and mobile, and lots of campers love them. However, there are additional types you might choose to consider based upon your camping style.

All-in-One Beds: What makes them distinct is they have a sleeping bag attached, which means you won’t need to take your mattress different out of the sleeping bag. They are also regarded as unbelievably comfy.

Dual Height Air Mattresses: These are best for people who have to be higher off the floor after camping. They are regarded as the most comfortable air mattress and feel just like an actual bed. But with that relaxation comes extra weight and a higher cost.

Whatever kind you select, making certain the air mattress is puncture-proof can allow it to last longer.

2. Size and Weight

For dimension, consider your height and weight and whether or not you will be sleeping alone. Also, consider the size of your camping tent, and be sure it’ll fit appropriately indoors and leave you a bit of floor area. Not only is it your size when fully inflated significant, but make sure to understand how big when folded and just how much storage space it will consume.

The sort of camping you are doing will ascertain the significance of weight reduction. If you are camping close to your car or truck, weight should not be a massive factor since you will not be carrying it out quite much better. If you perform a multi-day increase, you will probably need to reduce as much weight as possible to not weighed down on the paths.

3. Substance

The majority of the air mattresses you will notice are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This substance works well, but it is not environmentally friendly. If that is a concern of yours, then consider buying an air mattress created from more eco-friendly substances such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

4. Method of Inflation

Some air mattresses possess their own pumps; for others, you will have to obtain a pump, and for many others, you’ll need to inflate to your breath. Some favor manually inflating air beds since it means one more thing to carry around.

There are many distinct kinds of pumps. Some are built-in while some others are outside. It’s also beneficial to work out whether your air mattress works with pumps aside from the one included with that.

Electric pumps are top-rated since they tend to inflate mattresses that the fastest. But in case you won’t have access to power, you will require another kind of pump, then consider obtaining a rechargeable or battery-operated pump. For shorter camping excursions, a rechargeable pump must do the job nicely. If you’re going to be in the backcountry for some time, consider either a battery-operated pump or a hand pump.

5. Comfort

Following a long day to the trails, you will look ahead to a fantastic night’s sleep. That is where your air mattress may break or make the trip. Make certain that you understand the features of this air mattress and how it will help with your sleeping.

Some air mattresses have a gentle top surface that eliminates the requirement for a sleeping bag. Others do not, which means you will need some form of insulating material to remain warm.

Make certain that you understand whether you’re in a position to adjust the firmness of the mattress. Additionally, check and see if the mattress has a stabilizing system if you’re going to be sharing. Stabilizing systems will enable you to sleep peacefully even when your mattress spouse is moving about.

6. R-Value

The R-Value is the ability of a material to resist heat flow. A greater R-value usually means higher insulating power, and the greater it will direct you from the cold floor. Sleeping pads normally have an R-value involving 1 – 5; however, winter-weather pads may have R-values of higher than 5.

Air mattresses with R-values under 2 are just great to get warm-weather camping. 3-season campers should search for choices with a two – to 4 R-value. For winter camping, once the temperature is around or below freezing, make sure you have a mattress using an R-value greater than 4.

Top Rated 10 Best Air Mattress For Camping 


Top Rated 10 Best Air Mattress For Camping

Best Overall: Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot

Right off the bat is just one of Coleman’s best-selling air mattresses, one that is equipped with comfort, ergonomics, and also your wallet in mind, so promising a comfy outdoor experience for a reasonable price.

The Coleman Queen cot measures 59 inches in diameter and 78 inches in length. Additionally, it weighs a whopping 41.9 lbs. It may maintain a total of 600 lbs, which makes it sturdy and spacious enough for 2 people to sleep soundly, particularly it provides excellent advantage support for a simple getting on and off the mattress.

What’s more, it sits off the floor and provides both a cot and mattress, which mean you needn’t be concerned about debris when you are camping in the wild nor in case you split out into a cold sweat considering the coming back pain because the mattress boasts a ComfortStrong spiral construction. It’s space to store items under and make it effortless to wear sneakers when sitting on the mattress.

Though you can sleep on the cot alone, our field experts advocate using the mattress for the very best comfort and back support. Talking from experience, you would not wish to cut corners on these luxuries if you are spending the night out. But if you wind up with a limited storage area and can not take the mattress on you, you won’t feel that the service bars are poking your spine or anything.

Now, addressing the large elephant in the room, how can this airbed perform in air retention? It seems the Coleman Queen Cot does not disappoint in this section, as it may hold air economically throughout the nighttime, all thanks to two variables; very first, this exterior mattress features the Airtight® System, which ensures that the leak-proof encounter, and secondly, the cot does not make immediate contact with the floor, which reduces condensation and increases the atmosphere retention capacity.

For freedom, the Coleman outdoor mattress includes a superior, waterproof storage instance, in which you can readily save both the cot and the bedding and take them along with you wherever you move. It is well worth noting that placing them together might make the event somewhat heavy, so bear this in mind if you are experiencing back pain problems.

When used for camping, this air mattress may quickly accommodate a guest house mattress. In general, it provides the closest sleeping encounter to a typical indoor mattress.

Best cheap air mattress for camping: Lightspeed Outdoors Self-Inflating Sleep Pad

With a built-in cushion and oversize air valves for simple self-inflating following a long day of camping and hiking, Lightspeed’s Self-Inflating Sleep Pad clocks in at only 5.5 pounds-which make it a fantastic affordable alternative to some heavy aviation. Despite this being closer to the floor than a conventional air mattress, it’s a higher insulation factor, which means that you will stay cozy and warm, although this pad is simply 3-inches thick.

Additionally, it’s simple to return and forth from house to campsite also, using an over-sized carry bag and two compression straps contained on your purchase. This sleeping mat steps 74.5 x 25 inches and includes a one-year limited guarantee.

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Best queen air mattress for camping: EnerPlex Never-Leak Camping Series

This queen-sized mattress lives up to its “Never-Leak” promise, using a tightly sealed outside pump that inflates the bed in only 90 minutes and welded seams to maintain the atmosphere. It is somewhat lower than a few on our list, using only 9 inches of height, but that will help cut back on weight if that is a concern to the camping trip.

The mattress’s coil-beam construction mimics the comfort of a traditional bed with a supportive construction. We like that the outside pump includes numerous universal nozzles, which means that you may use it to inflate inner tubes and water toys you have caused your trip, and you’ll be able to plug it in your auto charger, also.

Best camping mattress for couples: King Koil California King Luxury Raised Airbed

Nature is the finest soul-bounding surroundings. Therefore it is only natural that you consider your better half if you are packing your items to get a camping excursion. Couples might find it tough to sleep together when they are out, but King Koil has something for those lovebirds seeking to hit the hay below the skies; the California king luxury-raised airbed.

Despite its low price tag, King Koil airbed has proved to be an excellent candidate for the name of the very best camping mattress for two individuals, all thanks to the several features it provides. The first-ever king-sized airbed o the marketplace measures 84 x 72 x 20 inches using a lasting Coil-Beam Construction. Additionally, it is delivered using a patch kit for one to care for your mattress in the unfortunate event of a tear or puncture.

As soon as you reach the desired location, you may quickly get this air mattress prepared due to this built-in 120v pump, which you may plug for rapid inflation and deflation in under 5 minutes. That quick inflation period makes this mattress acceptable for both unplanned excursions and surprising guests. Is not that each couple’s fantasy? I wish I had this show for my mom-in-law once she had to cover her surprise visits.

Even though it has several perks, there are some niggles that we discovered on this mattress. First, it creates quite a lot of sound, which might come as a turnoff if you or your significant another move a good deal through the evening time. Secondly, even though it comes in king size, this airbed might appear small for taller folks, so be certain you take your dimensions right before you choose to choose the King Koil California King Luxury Raised Airbed.

Best for Children: AeroBed Kids

Air mattresses can occupy a great deal of room in a tent, so if you’re searching for something for the children, save small interior space and start looking for a mattress sized just for them. This one from AeroBed is custom-made for small ones, using a 50-by-25-inch sleeping surface.

You do not need to think about them rolling away, either, as a result of some 4-inch-high pillow on the perimeter. It includes a washable fitted mattress pad having a cute star and moon theme, leaving you with just one less thing in your pre-trip shopping checklist.

Additionally, the included AC pump makes sure the mattress is inflated and ready to go in under 1 minute. While it’s probably not a fantastic idea for children to jump up and down with this particular air mattress, it is going to hold up for several excursions to come as a result of heavy-duty PVC construction and electronically welded seams to keep every last bit of atmosphere in.

Best Lightweight: Lightspeed Outdoors

When you are packing your items to select a camping trip, the last thing you need is to cram a lot of heavy things on your backpack because that will make the encounter jarring instead of amusing. If you are to cancel a trip because there’s a lot of weight on your spine, you’ll certainly enjoy the Lightspeed Outdoors inflatable air mattress, which not just supplies a lightweight and packed size but also does the trick for lavish and comfortable backpacking sleeping mat.

This mattress features a TPU construction that is simple to package up to 16.5 x 8.9 x8.9 inches and then fit within the enclosed oversized storage tote. The Lightspeed Outdoors sleeping mat weighs only approximately 6 lbs, meaning that it is a superb match for lightweight-seekers trying to find a full-blown budget choice.

Despite its weight and size, the Lightspeed Outdoors airbed mattress may match two individuals, and it is firm enough to maintain whoever’s sleeping it with no air leakage at all.

When analyzed on the outside, the pump proved to be somewhat underpowered. If you’re trying to find a solution, our testers found that thanks to the compact size, it is possible to easily inflate the Lightspeed Outdoors airbed together with your lungs via the one-way valve, which increases the advantage and would be convenient in case your batteries bond on you at the wild.

Stansport Self-Inflating Air Mattress

Cheap, packable, lightweight, and durable, Stansport’s camping air mattress is among the best to carry with you on an outside overnight, trip-particularly if you’re seeking to pack light to your street. It is just 1.5-inches thick, which will help keep the weight down to 3 pounds while keeping you off the cold ground, and inflates in about two minutes. It is constructed for use year-round and contains a seal designed to maintain the air in the very biting winter season.

It will be there for you to get several camping trips to come, also, as a result of this challenging Oxford nylon shell designed to survive a year in and year out. You will need to deflate yourself-that is not a problem given its one-person dimensions-then it tucks into a mesh stuff sack for simple portability.

Best Value: Intex Dura-Beam Standard Collection Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

If you are an occasional camper along with a budget seeker, the Dura-Beam Raised Airbed from Intex is everything you will need for a fantastic night’s sleep beneath the stars. In all honesty, seeing this one was a fluke. However, the specs impressed us, so we place it on the inspection list with a couple more costly mattresses.

“How can anything this low-priced be rewarding?” said my spouse using a frown on her face when she saw this particular mattress. Look at her today, bringing it up if we will hit the street for a camping excursion.

To our surprise, the Intex performed fairly well because of its cost at least. It is pretty comfy thanks to 2 features; the original, the fiber-tech construction, and secondly, the built-in cushion, meaning you don’t have to attract any accessory with this air mattress.

It is worth noting that we had different people testing this mattress. While a number of them chased from the comfort of the built-in cushions offers, others disagreed and stated that the fact that this region of the mattress is tougher than the remainder made it bloated and uncomfortable their necks. That is all there’s to the thing, so consider what our testers found as possible.

Inflation and deflation are also a breeze because of this built-in pump, making the entire experience much more convenient. If you enjoy a simple camping excursion, this can be a good option to consider.

Overall, we found that the Intex Dura-Beam Raised Airbed to be a superb mattress for the cost, one which will surely give you the bang for your own back and deliver what is required in a camping mattress without blowing a hole in your pocket.

Best Cot: Coleman Camping Cot

Today, many people would rather get a small space between them and the floor, and that is where Coleman’s camping cot comes from.

But never fear, a canvas military cot that isn’t: the cheap exterior brand, that has been reliable for its dependable, high-quality products, produces a fantastic cot which is included with an air mattress, battery-operated pump (meaning that you do not need to rely on power to pump it up), and-best of all-2 pull-out side tables with cup holders (so that you won’t knock over your own water jar in the middle of the night).

It is quite a one-stop buy for all you will need to make camping a bit less rugged and also a bit comfier. In case the queen size is a bit too big for your own tent-or if you need space for you-it is offered in a twin size, also.

Best Splurge: SoundAsleep CloudNine Series

If you are seriously interested in sleeping, and the last thing you need to be worried about is suddenly waking up to the air mattress deflating under you, then SoundAsleep’s CloudNine series will allow you to rest easy. Though this air mattress is priced higher than a few other choices on our listing, it is a to-off pump that makes it easy to inflate and ihree relaxation levels.

The support with this mattress is excellent, with I-Beam inner air coils to maintain your sleeping surface level and a non-stick underside so that you’re not slipping around the tent floor in case you are on an incline. And should you use it in your home, the Double Smart Vacuum technologies incorporated into the mattress run continuously, so your visitors can remain comfortable through the night.


Camping should be a hard or embarrassing process. Camping air beds are a terrific addition for the next camping experience since you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to begin your day. There are lots of brands now available on the marketplace that are providing air mattresses. After reading this guide, locating the perfect match for you ought to be a lot less of a daunting task!

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