Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Bed Bug Mattress Cover 2021

In the struggle against bed bugs, protecting your mattress with an excellent cover is a substantial initial step to gaining control. The top bedbugs are wholly enclosed and made out of high-quality cloth thick enough to stop bed bugs from entering or escaping. Since it may take a couple of weeks to restrain the bed bugs, bedding also will help minimize consciousness.

This guide will provide a listing of a few of the best bed bug mattress cover available on the marketplace.

What to consider before purchasing the best mattress protectors for bed bugs?

What to consider before purchasing the best mattress protectors for bed bugs

As you embark on your trip for the best mattress cover for bed bugs, you’re likely to encounter a huge slew of alternatives. Thus, you’ll have to generate a few considerations before you get a poor product.

What Kind of Fabric Does It Consist Of?

There are a couple of different kinds of fabrics available on the marketplace, which are more popular than others regarding bed bug mattresses. The kind of cloth is essential since it determines not just how comfy the cover is however just how lasting, breathable, and sterile it’s also.

On the one hand, we’ve got 100% polyester covers that can be durable and hardy but will probably get a bit hot throughout the night since they trap heat and might have a wrinkly texture to them, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable to sleep at. But a set of sheets must help you with this problem.

On the other hand, we’ve got a cotton-polyester mixture or 100% cotton. This mixture will be more comfortable to put on as it’s breathable and does not feel plastic-y. Additionally, it has the advantage of not heating while you sleep, preventing you from sleepless nights.

It’s also wise to check the fine print of the poisonous free and sterile materials, particularly if you’ve got sensitive skin or allergies.

Does This Have A Bed Bug Proof Label?

It’s easy to become lost while researching your options. Before completing a buy, start looking for the bed insect-proof tag.

This means that this product’s maker has wholly analyzed the cover does just what it promises to perform.

Many listings will attempt to deceive you into purchasing accessible general instances as covers, which do not fit airtight or about all either side of the mattress and leave space for bed bugs to get in and from rendering it unsuitable for the occupation.

If you do not find that tag take that thing from your shopping cart and research safer and better choices.

How Powerful Are Your Seams And Zipper?

It might seem like the least of the problems, but the zipper and the seam’s caliber will make or break the efficacy of the product.

Why do you wonder?

Zippers have to be shut completely. The bed bugs need to remain in the cover for quite a while so that they can not bite you and receive their food. The smallest gap at the final of the zipper will leave you vulnerable to the Very Small vampires as they look for revenge,

The same holds for the seaming. No openings must be present, and if pulled, the stitching ought to be close tight and together rather than getting ripped in the first couple of months of usage.

Is It WaterProof?

You might wish to consider purchasing a cover that’s also waterproof. You can discover the bed bugs without worrying about any liquid spills, food stains, or your child’s injuries (even no longer fretting about salsa stains in your mattress as you see Friends).

Many manufacturers will set a waterproof label on the box; however, the truth is it will only protect you in the smallest quantity of plain water.

But be cautious!

Based on this product’s standard and breathability, there’s an opportunity for moisture and water getting mold and other undesirable bacteria within your case.

It is possible to easily handle this problem by assessing the substance employed to create your particular option.

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How Reliable And Expensive Is It?

If you are taking note of those considerations and implementing them to the mattress insect covers you are interested in purchasing, by this time, you probably down to the very comfy, durable, and over-all high-quality mattress encasement for bed bugs.

Nevertheless, this might not be true. In case the product is not dependable enough and the cost is too high (or low in certain strange instances), the alternative is probably a no-go. Therefore, do yourself a favor and have a better look at everything you will buy and think it through entirely.

A fantastic cover should last you a few years without losing its shape and elasticity.

In precisely the same manner that you ought to keep your mattress clean, the cover ought to be easy to remove and employ as you will want to do this for regular cleaning too.

Those sorts of great covers include an x-amount of guarantees, beginning from 1 year and heading up to 10, based upon the manufacturer and the cost.

Opt for a respected and well-known brand specializing in bed-related products and excels in quality management and client services.

Top Rated Best Mattress Protector For Bed Bugs Brands

Top Rated Best Mattress Protector For Bed Bugs Brands

SureGuard Encasement

One hundred percent waterproof and watertight, the SureGuard mattress encasement completely envelops your bed. It caters to all bed sizes, from twin to California King.

As previously mentioned, the most crucial characteristic of any mattress bug encasement or cover is its zipper. Its super nice zipper utilizes “SureSeal” technologies – in other words, it completely seals off the mattress in the exterior, suffocating and hungry the bed bugs.

It’s also hypoallergenic and machine washable. Meaning not only will your encasement entrap the bed bugs, but it won’t agitate dust, waste, or germs and make them airborne. Though it’s heralded as one of the ideal mattress covers, it’s among the thinnest and lightest covers, too, using a noiseless substance made from 100 percent cotton.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very soft and thin
  • 100% cotton
  • Ten-year guarantee


  • A Little More pricey

HOSPITOLOGY PRODUCTS Sleep Defense System-Zippered Box Spring Encasement

This Hospitology box spring cover is part of the brand’s “Sleep Defense System,” specializing in providing you with the top products for your sleeping. It includes a”high thread count and additional demanding seam construction.”

This encasement is sugar-free, vinyl-free, and manufactured from 100% polyester woven material that’s light and breathable.

It’s most appropriate for thinner mattresses which may be too little for the regular bed insect covers.


  • It kills and prevents bed bugs well.
  • Soft polyester (does not feel like vinyl)
  • Breathes well and cleans simply
  • Strong seam and quality zippers


  • No waterproof, just semi water resistant
  • Not as comfy as other manufacturers
  • Not quite breathable

Linespa Zipped Encasement

The slim waterproof barrier protects your mattress from many sides, using a vinyl-free material that’s safe to use on your loved ones.

It may fit just about any mattress that’s around 12″ deep, with all the cover completely encasing it with a lightweight cloth.

The zipper is fortified using a cloth rib to ensure that any bed bugs, liquids, and allergens don’t depart or enter the mattress. One of the annoying features of several mattress covers is that it produces a crinkly sound whenever you sit or put on it. The Linenspa mattress protector is tender, feeling like a regular blanket.

Among the byproducts of bed bugs is discharge waste which may easily be a part of your home’s dust. Here is the inconvenient fact – dust bunnies and dust particles will be a regular event in almost any home, irrespective of its cleanliness.

But, there’s a particularly gross facet of understanding that the dust can also be blended with these bed bugs’ stool. The mattress cover is sterile, with carefully woven cloth reducing airborne mattress bug waste.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof


  • Can tear readily
  • Polyester material

BedSure Zippered Waterproof Mattress Encasement

BedSure creates another fantastic product. It’s a premium excellent laboratory-tested cover, made especially to be “remarkably waterproof” and insect-proof-ed. It includes six side protection along with a zipper having a pad cover that prevents dust mites and bed bugs from annoying your sleep.

Produced from 100% microfiber polyester, this product is lightweight, soft, and does not cause you to feel as though you sleep using a plastic casing.


  • It is not noisy or wrinkly.
  • Extremely breathable in comparison to other covers
  • 100 percent waterproof and airtight seals
  • Simple to set up


  • Inaccurate mattress cover dimensions
  • It may not have the Highest Quality zippers.

Sleep Defense System Zippered Mattress Encasement

The Sleep Defense System from Hospitology Products is surely a top competition for bunk mattress encasements.

They have a very well-researched and recognized dwelling merchandise product line – they did not disappoint their lineup of mattress covers that match queen-size beds and California Kings.

These premium polyester encasements provide lasting protection, and millions of homeowners are delighted with the outcomes.

All in all, the Sleep Defense encasement is quite similar to SureGuard. Based on what size you desire and what is presently in stock, don’t hesitate to catch this alternate selection, and you will not be let down.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Water-resistant
  • 5-Year Restricted Manufacturer’s Warrant


  • Must make sure your mattress size is in stock
  • Different mattress thickness sizes may be perplexing to Locate the correct dimensions.

Safer Premium Zippered Mattress Encasement

The Safest premium zippered mattress encasement is a laboratory-tested and insect-proof certified hypoallergenic instance that will protect you from allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs. The cover includes a zipper with a flap that completely encloses your mattress from all six sides, making it impossible for the bug to escape after shut.

SafeRest went all the way and developed a thin waterproof, poisonous-free, machine washable cover to groom your mattress while providing you with a ten-year guarantee.

It’s manufactured from 100% cotton, and it is light to the signature and watertight without compromising quality.


  • Waterproof and airtight seal
  • True mattress cover sizes
  • Simple to use and maintenance


  • Possible poor zipper caliber

Red Nomad Encasement

Red Nomad presents detailed, adaptable protection.

Its healthcare grade cover completely envelops your mattress using a waterproof casing to decrease any allergens and stop some bed bugs from finding refuge in your property.

Red Nomad is a renowned manufacturer which uses a patented breathable design that will not increase body temperature. Inferior mattress covers are inclined to be crinkly, create sound, and feel hot after a while. Red Nomad utilizes soft polyester knits without a crinkling, potentially compromising its capacity to wash out any contaminants coming out of the bed bugs.

The Red Nomad Encasement can be used with specific TempurPedic versions. The zipper positioning might well not make it the most straightforward cover to put in, but once on, it is going to protect your mattress from spills, allergens, and even bothersome bed bugs.


  • TempurPedic harmonious
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Medical grade
  • Waterproof
  • 15-year replacement warranty


  • Can be difficult to wash

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SafeRest Premium Zippered Bedbug Proof Mattress Encasement

Wong notes while purchasing a bedbug mattress cover is chiefly an issue of personal taste and budget, ” he constantly urges Safer’s mattress covers for his customers because of their elastic material, washability, and well-designed zipper shield.

According to him, “what distinguishes quality encasements from poor ones would be your zipper,” along with also the very best bedbug covers, such as Safest’s, should avoid bedbugs from crawling through the zipper teeth, also, to possess a zipper cover which prevents bedbugs from entering the zipper seams.

SafeRest’s covers will also be completely waterproof, watertight, and machine-washable, he adds. Bedbug mattress covers are usually made from cotton polyester or vinyl, all of which will keep bedbugs from your mattress, Wong says.

But the specialists we talked to indicated sticking with cotton, noting that the latter is usually the lightest and most elastic material. “Vinyl covers are not breathable and tear very easily as they don’t have any stretch,” Moers explains, adding that vinyl covers “frequently has glued tiles” To get the maximum from your investment, Wong also proposes purchasing encasements that protect against both bedbugs and dust mites, such as this one promises to.


Considering all the alternatives available, it may be a bit tricky trying to select the very best bed bug mattress protector. And that is when we develop our list of the most incredible insect duvet mattress covers. Every one of these choices will create the bedbugs debilitating and provide you with a fantastic night’s sleep.

If you are thinking of buying the best bed bug encasement, check out one of our reviews.

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