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american standard toilet seats

Still, searching for the question of what is the best American standard toilet reviews? Not sure which model to pick up? Then you NEED to see this list. Keep reading for more information from NousDecor.

Best American Standard Toilets has been a customer favorite since 1967, although it did not take on its present brand identity till 2008. Chances are you already know you need one of the versions on your toilet. However, they’ve hundreds accessible, and that is only in 1 hardware shop.

With all those choices, how can you make sure which one suits you? First, take a look at a valid provider. You do not want to purchase a knock-off inadvertently. Additionally, check the length of the guarantee, and affirm what fixes it covers. Now let us check out a number of their best American Standard toilet models.


Before American Standard was born, it had been known as Standard Sanitary, based in 1875. Standard Sanitary was among the first few to drive the progress of technologies for bathroom products such as one-piece toilets, built-in baths, mixtapes, and corrosion-proof chrome finishes. Standard Sanitary became the world’s biggest producer of bathroom fittings in 1929.

That same year, the business merged with American Radiator Company to make the American Radiator and Standard Sanitary Corporation. The company was renamed American Standard in 1967.

American Standard Toilet

Buying Guide

Before you set out to purchase anything, of course, you have to go through a checklist to find out whether the product satisfies your expectations. Listed below are a couple of variables you Might Want to Consider before Purchasing a new American Standard toilet:


Not only for a toilet, when you set out to purchase anything, but you also have to get a budget in mind. In the end, you can’t move to splurge without taking inventory of just how much you can invest.

Toilets can be found in many different price ranges, from a builder’s caliber to luxury models. American Standard has an extensive price range in which its products match. It’s all up to you to choose your budget so you can narrow down to the appropriate American Standard product that fits inside.


What’s the manner of toilet you’re searching for? You will find an assortment of different styles you may select from appropriate height bowls, regular height bowls, elongated noodle action bowls, etc. Some provide PowerWash technology, though others have bigger flush valves.

Additionally, there are various colors and styles which you may select from so that you can fit your brand new toilet to the décor of the toilet.

After the day, it’s all up to you to choose which features and fashions you need, which might be acceptable but not mandatory and also fit in your financial plan.

Customer Reviews

What are folks saying about the product in the industry? The producers will speak well of the product. However, the actual feedback would be from customers.

Have a peek at user testimonials on various sites and forums request among acquaintances and friends to determine which products they’ve had a fantastic experience with. When you visit a physical store, ask all of the questions that come to mind to explain everything beforehand.

Best American Standard Toilet

Best American Standard Toilets Brand Of 2020

1. American Standard H2Option Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard toilets have a collection of optimized features. These features exist in each of their versions. They comprise EverClean bowl glazing, which prevents mold, mildew, algae, and stripes. Besides, they possess sanitary dams on their two-piece bathrooms to boost the cleanliness and reduce leaks.

So what is unique about the H2Option Siphonic? Most bathrooms use gravity to push water out of the cistern into the bowl and then down to the sewers. H2Option utilizes a joint system. A power jet in the snare drives water to the pipes, developing a spiral siphoning effect. This sucks waste out.

Simultaneously, water melts to the bowl, forcing a high-pressure atmosphere within the rim. These air molecules are pushed around by the water, scrubbing the bathroom boil at a power-wash. This works with EverClean surface to scour any stripes or stains away from the toilet bowl.

Glazing is not only for polished surfaces. The scent is particulate, so once you smell something, you inhale a microscopic bit of it. This usually means the tiniest part of dirt can leave a stubborn odor on your bathroom. An odor even deodorizers can not elongate. EverClean stops this.

The H2Option can have a round 16-inch chair or an elongated 18-inch oblong one. Round bathrooms are better for smaller toilets because they won’t obstruct the doorway. But elongated bathrooms offer better cushioning and placement to your bottom. This version has double flush buttons.

It utilizes 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush) for solids and 0.92 GPF for fluids. The drawback is that this bathroom does not ship with a bathroom seat. You are going to need to purchase it separately. Check that it is the correct shape (round or oval) for your preferred bathroom. Double-check the color choice too.

When you are in the bathroom waiting to get a stubborn Amount 2, the tiniest things can frighten you. And any anxiety is only going to harden your physiological functions. It is no opportunity to burst a vein because your spool covers are several shades off. So make that color-coded accessory record and check it twice.

The H2Option is water-efficient and fashionable, particularly with its color-matched bolt covers. It’s a 5-year guarantee on its moving parts and a limited lifetime guarantee on its ceramics.


  • It comes in multiple lengths and colors to suit your style.
  • It has a generous warranty for both aesthetics and mechanics.
  • It passes WaterSense, so it’s perfect for socially conscious consumers.


  • You have to remember to order the seat separately. It’s not part of the original package.

2. American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet

If guests use your toilet, they snoop. It is not subtle, but it is a natural human impulse. They’ll appear on your medicine cupboard, research your beauty products, and examine the patterns on your tile. So why don’t you get a triangle-shaped cistern and give them something to check at?

This two-piece has all of the standard features of this brand. EverClean provides anti-microbial protection, preventing undesirable residue from adhering into the bathroom bowl. The bathroom exterior is glazed also, which means that your toilet cleaning routine is considerably quicker. Plus, it resists substances.

The flapper is corrosion-proof. Therefore it may be safely used with all the harshest bathroom substances. But as a result of this power-wash and bathroom glaze, it is possible just to utilize green soap and water. You won’t even require a toilet brush. Additionally, this bathroom is exceptionally resistant to clogs as it is a Cadet 3.

In the base of the toilet bowl, there is a 3-inch snare, so more water may get in if you flush. This strengthens suction, meaning debris is not as likely to get stuck on your toilet trap. Blend this with pressurized flushing along with your bathroom stays reliably pristine.

The very best choice American Standard toilet aspect is its shape. It is unusually fairly and eye-catching; however, it’s also convenient and practical. The triangular tank fits snugly into a tight corner, making little toilets feel larger and airier. Additionally, it is around the bathroom, saving even more space.

Therefore, if you’ve got one of these bizarre sections in your residence, you might quickly turn it into a toilet. It may be an awkward market from the loft, a new shed from the trunk, or even a forgotten part of your entrance hallway. You can tuck your triangle bathroom into that wasted space’.

Please do not put it flat against the wall, though. The faces of the triangle tank will collect grime and soak up the floor area. Additionally, while it is called right-height, it is just 16.5 inches tall. The 19.25 inches recorded in the specs include a toilet seat that does not have the bathroom kit.

This bathroom catches attention, saves space, and eliminates waste efficiently. It is best suited to a corner quarter-bath or even a guest toilet close to the front entrance.


  • At 1.28 GPF, it’s a great tool for water conservation.
  • Its Cadet 3 valve provides additional clog-free powerful flushing.
  • The back tip of the triangle tank is rounded so that it won’t scratch your wall.


  • The tank and bowl sometimes ship separately, and the seat isn’t included.

3. American Standard One-Piece Boulevard FloWise Toilet

One-piece bathrooms are considered space-saving since their size tends to be smaller. This one is not. At 117 lbs, it is heavier than a two-piece. However, it’s sleek looks, sturdy construction, and LXP (Luxury Performance) flushing. This includes a 2-inch siphon jet snare.

The snare is standard for many bathrooms in the business; however, the 3-inch diameter of the flush valve provides greater powerful flushing. This implies it flushes ‘tougher’ while still utilizing minimum water, just 1.28 gallons. Despite being one flushing system, it preserves EPA WaterSense compliance.

It’s an elongated layout, such as an oval toilet chair along with a taller, thinner, more compact look. However, since it preserves a conventional 12-inch rough-in, it may be easy to install in smaller bathrooms. Its snare is elongated also, but it is hidden behind a sleek, linear block.

The smooth, horizontal sides of the hiding block imply no curves and crypts where dirt may conceal. The toilet seat is included, and it’s simple to remove if you wish to wash out the bathroom. It’s a slow close lid to reduce banging and banging. The chair is made of Duroplast.

The cistern is set up flush against the walls, but it’s a slight curve to the bowl’s base. The angle produces a gap in which dirt can hide since it is too tight to wash easily. You would need to stretch your elbow or utilize skinny vacuum attachments to get inside there.

This will make your toilet-cleaning process quite uncomfortable. You are going to be on your palms and knees, contorted at bizarre angles, and hammering a mouthful of bathroom scents. You might need things that gap with plaster or foam filler to prevent this unpleasantness.

This bathroom indeed makes a statement. Its combination of edges and curves makes it rugged and manly. It supplies a minimalist contemporary aesthetic, and it is perfect for the environment too!


  • The power-wash rim and EverClean glaze keep the toilet spotless.
  • It has more lines than curves, which makes its outer surfaces easy to clean.
  • It has a MaP rating of 35 ounces water per flush.


  • It’s on the heavier side and has an above-average price point.

4. American Standard Fairfield One-Piece Toilet (Budget Picks)

The reason EPA began WaterSense was going to conserve water sources. However, while many bathroom makers shrunk their tanks, they did not change how their bathrooms worked. They used less water. However, they forfeit flushing power. This version does not have this problem.

The American Standard Fairfield enlarged its regular flush valve out from two inches to 3 inches to compensate for the water reduction. Additionally, it included a siphoning water jet in the base of the bowl. Both of these improvements imply more water flows quicker and with improved pressure. Therefore it disturbs less.

The toilet trap is elongated too, so it siphons more than a vast space, covering a broader surface area. This helps boost your flushing energy. On the downside, the additional drops and curves depart more outer surfaces to wash. And it is an old version. Therefore EverClean is not standard.

You might not see the difference since the bathroom is shiny. However, EverClean surface goes past sparkly whiteness. It provides a safety film on the toilet that prevents germs, fungi, or other germs from adhering to the surface. Without it, you might see streaks more frequently.

Additionally, while the lengthier bathroom trap raises flushing strain, it retains water levels reduced in the bowl. This usually means the toilet bowl remains drier than you would enjoy, and that could lead to streaks. It is possible to lessen this impact by pre-wetting the bathroom before your Amount 2s.

Fairfield is a one-piece bathroom with a single-flush side lever. It is a bulky toilet, however, therefore restricts it to more giant baths. It’s going to dwarf your powder room but functions nicely in a full-bath. Its shape is appealing, given its sudden stripes and grooves. The bathroom stands almost 19 inches.

This dimension involves the toilet chair, which rises nearly 3 inches away from the rim and can be contained on your bathroom installation kit. It is 16.13 inches with no chair. The toilet seat itself is elongated for additional comfort. You are going to need to keep a spray bottle handy for pre-wetting, though.

This bathroom appears excellent, but as an old version, it lacks crucial brand new technology. If you can not set up a bidet, utilize your hand-held shower head along with a bathroom cleaner spray bottle to avoid streaks.


  • It has extra height, making it comfortable for older users with weakened backs.
  • The widened trap makes your toilet less likely to clog.
  • Its side-lever flush is glossy and is more convenient than a front-facing lever.


  • If you live in California, Colorado, or Texas, this toilet doesn’t comply with state requirements of 1.28 GPF, so you risk paying a fine if you install it in your home.

5. American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet

A good deal of bathroom brands promotes themselves to the older. You will see features like additional height, grab bars, and booster chairs. However, what about the small ones? American Standard includes a distinctive version for your height-impaired if you are a little or a short stature man.

Baby Devoro functions for residents that are below average elevation. Additionally, it may be an excellent touch for primary schools, pediatric wards, or potty training your children. Its chair is simply 10.25 inches high, and its rough-in is 10 inches too. Meaning it’s going to fit into your pint-sized toilet.

This chair is excellent for children and shorter customers too. It is an an-up-front design, which means that the front rim is available. This prevents clogs and slams while incorporating a decorative touch to your toilet. No lid, however. And this FloWise bathroom only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, so it is EPA-compliant to boot.

As it is very likely to be employed by children, the bathroom is flush-tested more extensively than the American Standard bathrooms. In the end, you do not need a kid becoming traumatized with their floater’ and regressing their potty abilities. Or worse, attempting to fish it out because it is within easy access.

The flush lever has been coated in chrome to protect it from smudgy hands. And since it is mostly directed at children, it’s one flush system. Potty-training children have enough to be concerned about. You do not need them wondering which side is large flush’ and that side is small flush.’

Marketing to children has worked for toy shops and fast food outlets. However, this is one time when targeting children is beneficial to your parents. Plus, it helps these small ones feel large.


  • At 1.28 GPM (gallons of water per flush a minute), it refills fast enough for impatient children.
  • Its water consumption is 1.28 gallons as well, so it complies with WaterSense.
  • It has a 1-year warranty, which is plenty of time to finish potty-training.


  • The toilet seat has no lid, and with such specialized dimensions, finding spare parts can be an issue. Also, it needs a matching pint-sized sink, so be sure to buy one.

6. American Standard Champion-4 One-Piece Elongated

Having a tank that almost appears to curve away from the foundation, this toilet has an elegant appearance that many will love.

American Standard additional it’s EverClean surface coating to allow you to use the toilet daily without worrying about visiting mold or mold growing indoors.

Additionally, it will come with a more oversized flushing valve, and the American Standard Champion-4 Elongated toilet flushing system melts all of the waste and water within the bowl.

This product, the American Standard Cadet 3, includes a wise layout resulting in higher performance in addition to fewer cubes, all this coming at an excellent price. This product has a fantastic aesthetic design and will add excellent face value to your toilet. This model is sleek, and its sight is gratifying to your eyes.

The Cadet 3 toilet series is fabricated in many different layouts; one-piece models and a two-piece, curved front and elongated bowl, ideal height variations, and compact variants. You will find water-efficient ones that flush using only 1.28 gallons per flush. The Cadet 3 has a reputation of being a hard-working and flexible series giving exceptional performance.

The construction of the toilet is created in easy to wash and durable vitreous china. Additionally, it includes an anti-microbial surface. It’s a flush valve of 3 inches that comes from your oversize range using a flapper that is chemical resistant.

This version has ADA curved front toilet layout, acquiring a bowl and tank. The chair isn’t part of the product sent.


  • Water-saving 1.6 GPF
  • ADA compliant seat height – 17-1/2”
  • EverClean antimicrobial surface
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy to clean single-piece construction
  • 7x the power of the standard toilet flush
  • Large 2 3/8” glazed anti-clog trapway


  • More weight to handle during the installation
  • The shallow water level in the bowl
  • A little tall for children and smaller stature people

american standard toilet tank


What’s the distinction between partial and complete flush?

A partial flush from Western Standard bathrooms is the purpose that’s employed for removing liquid waste. On the flip side, the complete flush function is best for eliminating solid waste. Whereas the semi-flush consumes 0.8 GPF, the full flush employs the conventional 1.6 GPF. The best American Standard toilet with a dual flush method unites these functionalities, which assist greatly in conserving water.

Which kind of toilet is simpler to install?

One-piece bathrooms are easy to install in comparison with two-piece versions. The one-piece toilet is sent how it is, and all you need to do is ground it properly. There are not too many bits to install.

What’s the “right height”?

Most bathrooms’ ideal height is 17-19 inches high, although routine bathrooms follow the typical size of 15 inches. A 17-19-inch elevation is regarded as significant for the knees and back also, and it has the edge over taller men, the elderly, and people with mobility problems. Factor in the children, and the”appropriate height” might not be the greatest anymore. If possible, sit on the version that you wish to purchase then determine whether it suits you.

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The H2Option Dual Flush gets our ranking as the best American standard toilets to buy for home. WondeConsidering these variants and standards, we get exactly why you would be confused. Its water use surpasses EPA regulations around the nation. It’s multiple styling choices for height, shape, and color, and its EverClean glaze is a time-saver.

The power-wash pressurized system also assists in maintaining your bathroom clean. It is a favorite version, so it’s easy to locate spares. Give yourself sufficient installation time, however. The bowl and tank often arrive in separate shipments, and you need to go searching for your toilet seats.

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