Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet 2020: Top Brands Review

Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet

As soon as I was renovating my very first residence, I encountered a few substantial space problems in one of my bathrooms. The room hardly had some room to move about in, which makes it feel tight and bloated. While baths are utilitarian distances, relaxation remains significant. My answer to this problem was supposed to receive a toilet using a 10-inch rough-in.

The very best 10 inch rough in toilet can perform a whole lot to alter a tight toilet. Those few added inches of distance in the front of the toilet might make all of the difference in relaxation and interior layout. Additionally, you do not need to sacrifice functionality or efficiency.

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What’s a 10-Inch Rough-In Toilet?

A toilet’s rough-in is vital since it can help a builder install a master drain tube to get a toilet before it arrives on sight. It’s something you need to do the first time, as it’s not easy to change once it has been completed. Consequently, you have to plan it as you decide on your toilet design and its particular requirements.

Most toilets include a rough-in that’s 10″, 12″, or 14″ with 12 inches being the most typical one. The rough-in space is measured from the horizontal portion of a wall in which the toilet is moving out toward the middle of this space. The rough-in is vital because if you do not measure it correctly, you might not have sufficient space to put the toilet in the drainpipe properly. Therefore, you need to make the vital dimensions to create the most of your toilet thoroughly.

Inside our toilets here, they will have a 10″ rough-in; that’s not the hottest size rough-in. It is a rough-in dimension found mostly in elderly houses or utilized in new construction to spare a tiny space. A 10 inch rough, so the middle of the primary drain tube is situated 10 inches from the flattest place on the wall where the toilet has been put.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a 10-Inch Rough-in Toilet

  • Does this have some water-saving features (double flush, 1.6 GPF, or even less)?
  • How successful is your flush?
  • What colors is it accessible?
  • Is there a certain kind of décor it has to match?
  • Do you desire a one-piece or two-piece version?
  • Is the setup of it simple?
  • What is the guarantee period on it?

If you consider all the items on this particular list, it must get you a 10-inch rough-in toilet design that will fit your needs just fine.

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Top Rated Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet Reviews


The Cimarron’s comfortable elevation makes it simpler to sit down when you want to use the toilet and get up with no discomfort in your body. That height also makes it convenient for use in baths intended for all those who have disabilities. They can easily slip from a device such as a wheelchair.

This collection includes both another base using a bowl indoors in addition to a tank, and the two bits have the identical layout and complete. Though it doesn’t include a supply line or a chair, it will have a rounded bowl that occupies less space than bowls do.


  • ​Comfort height makes it easier for you to stand back up after sitting down
  • ​It comes with both a separate bowl and tank in a matching finish
  • ​Chrome handle is larger in size and easier to use


  • ​The round bowl is tiny
  • ​It does not come with a matching seat


Whether you currently have a tank on your toilet or wish to purchase a tank, then this Drake bowl out of TOTO will operate on your toilet. Though it doesn’t include a chair or even a tank, it will have a three-inch flush valve that matches the bowl quicker with water in the tank that is attached. It’s also compatible with TOTO’s other products; for example, its Washlet incorporated products and its own soft, close chairs.

Most clients adore the G-Max flushing system located with this version. This system lowers the sound you hear through and the following flushing but provides the energy required to flush down mass waste.


  • ​G-Max flushing system provides the powerful flushes that you need without producing a lot of noise.
  • ​Compatible with the Washlet systems and soft close seats that TOTO makes
  • ​Features a wider three-inch flush valve that fills the bowl faster


  • ​Requires a separate tank for using
  • ​Lacks any seat


Nice and Dual Flush is a One-Piece toilet. The Dual-Flush is exceptionally Efficient with 6lpf. The toilet is produced out of premium material, which has a glazed coating and trapway.

The glossy surface is an extra feature that can help keep the toilet clean with every flush. The glaze material does not allow residue remaining and is removed in the trapway, preventing the dilemma of clogging.

The chair used for this toilet is similar to the conventional toilet chairs that are noisy and may get annoying, especially if it keeps slamming. The lower portion of this toilet seat is tender, so there are absolutely no sounds when you close the lid.

The soft final toilet chair works well with families with little children that typically slam near the lid. The flush is double and will help save water. With this flush, you tend to save a great deal of water and get the work done nicely. In this manner, you’ll have the ability to decrease your water bill too.

The manufacturer quotes to store approximately 4000 gallons per year.


  • One-Piece toilet saves time, and energy is cleaning behind the toilet in the nooks and crannies.
  • Glazed surface – Keeps away residue, mold, or any fungus and reduces the frequency of washing the toilet.
  • Maintaining the hygiene of the toilet doesn’t get easier than this.
  • Dual-Flush- This flush helps save up to 4000 Gallons of water a year, making it an efficient way to save water and reduce your water bills.
  • Glazed Trapway – This feature prevents clogging and keeps away dirt, fungus, and molds that can be potential health hazards.
  • Soft lid- This lid is unlike the traditional toilet lids and keeps away the annoying slamming noise. Most families with kids prefer this lid.


  • If you are installing it on your own, the instructions could seem complicated; however, you can find a video on YouTube that is very helpful.


Though like another Highline on our listing, this one is somewhat different. However, it has the same relaxation height, which raises the chair’s height to 16.5 inches. You will want to put in your seat because this version doesn’t include you, but that chair enables you further to increase the space from the ground for extra comfort.

Two leading features of this product include its canister valve and its own Class Five flushing technology. Those two features work together to eliminate waste and leave the bowl as blank as it was before you used the toilet.


  • ​It has a height of 16.5 inches from the floor to rim that you can increase with your own seat
  • ​Canister valve provides the smooth suction needed for bulk waste
  • ​Has smoother sides on the tank and base that you can easily clean


  • ​Smaller trapway is susceptible to clogs
  • ​Water can build up inside the base and cause damage to the wax ring
Kohler K-3999-47 Highline Comfort Height 1.28 gpf Toilet, Almond
11 Reviews


This product, the American Standard Cadet 3, includes a wise layout resulting in higher performance in addition to fewer cubes, all this coming at a great price. This product has a fantastic aesthetic layout and will add excellent face value to your toilet. This model is sleek, and its sight is gratifying to your eyes.

The Cadet 3 toilet series is fabricated in many different layouts; one-piece models and a two-piece, curved front and elongated bowl, ideal height variations, and compact variants. You will find water-efficient ones that flush using only 1.28 gallons for every flush. The Cadet 3 has a reputation of being a hard-working and versatile series providing exceptional performance.

The construction of the toilet is created in easy to wash and durable vitreous china. Additionally, it includes an antimicrobial surface. It’s a flush valve of 3 inches from the oversize range using a flapper that’s chemical resistant.

This version has ADA curved front toilet layout, acquiring a bowl and tank. The chair isn’t part of the product sent.

In regards to the Standard Brand; Outstanding performance, as well as great looks, are satisfied at the comprehensive lineup of taps and fittings for the bath in addition to a kitchen. There is outstanding reliability in the products provided. There’s a presence of a fantastic assortment of coordinated collections. The products have innovative characteristics.

The very first American Traditional product worthy of inclusion on the list is your 270AB, which includes the organization’s patented clean surface that is clean. This surface is more resistant to the most common dangers in most baths, such as germs and mold. It prevents mold and mildew from growing anyplace on the product and retains bacteria and other germs from spreading to different room areas.

As one of the only ADA compliant versions in the marketplace with an elongated seat and seat, this version is perfect for those using disability devices such as a wheelchair or a walker. In the tank is a more oversized valve, which operates with a flapper that’s larger also. This flapper won’t break down if exposed to the chemicals you use to wash out the product or the minerals from your water source.


  • ​One of the only ADA compliant models for sale with an elongated bowl
  • ​Ever Clean surface resists the growth and spread of microbes and bacteria.
  • ​The large flush valve has a flapper that resists chemical damage.


  • ​Bowl has a shallow water level when filled.
  • ​Cracks and scratches can develop with regular use.


The Highline Classic includes a more classic look than other KOHLER versions do. This features a tank around the shirt with sharp borders and lines and a foundation that sits closer to a toilet wall. This foundation has an elongated silhouette on the bowl, which supports your lower body. Still, also, it has a comfortable elevation that allows you to sit closer to the ground while using the restroom.

Among its best features is that it utilizes Class Five technologies, which generate the effective suction required to eliminate bulk waste out of this extended bowl. This prevents streaks from sticking and stains from forming the surfaces of the bowl.


  • ​Class Five technology ensures that it flushes bulkier and larger pieces of waste.
  • ​Features a chrome flushing handle on the right side of the tank
  • ​It has a comfortable height that reduces the distance between the seat and floor


  • ​It comes in a slightly darker finish that might not work in your bathroom
  • ​It May did not come with a seat that works with the elongated bowl.


The St. Tropez toilet is a One-Piece toilet having a glistening finish. The toilet was made to satisfy modern-day requirements. The toilet has a universal elevation that provides the seniors and children in your family a comfortable experience.

The sleek and clean design makes it much easier to keep the hygiene of their toilet. The One-Piece toilet does not have any nooks and crannies to wash. The design makes it effortless to clean and keep the room clean.

It’s a Dual-Flush attached to it. The Dual-Flush will help to make use of limited water. This flush is both environmentally friendly and financially conscious, together with higher performance. Based upon your condition, the toilet flush lets you flush wholly or partly. It’s an intuitive feature that allows us to conserve water and save our cash on large water bills.

The toilet comes with an attached chair that’s soft. Contrary to the conventional toilet seats, when closed, this seat makes no sound in any way. It’s excellent for a home with children and seniors with no or less control over their grip.

The toilet seat has elimination hinges, which are simple and easy to eliminate. It’s quite convenient to wash between the toilet seat region without using any specific tools.


  • One-Piece toiler makes cleaning and maintenance easy
  • The lid of the toilet is soft closing reducing the annoying noise made by most traditional toilet lid
  • The toilet has a universal height that gives children and seniors a comfortable experience


  • The holes at the bottom of the toilet to fix the flange are small. I would prefer bigger holes at the bottom


The Colony is an excellent pick for anyone seeking to spend less and save cleaning time. Not only is it a much less expensive alternative from the producer, but it includes a power wash system made by Western Standard that puts holes all over the rim of this bowl. These holes permit the water which boils to push waste to wash out the bowl at precisely the same moment.

The tramway along the flush valve with this version are just two inches and operate together once you flush to make more activity. Gravity causes water to move in the valve and then push any waste and water from the tank to the trapway.


  • ​Uses 1.6 gallons of water with each flush you make
  • ​It comes with a flush valve and trapway of the same size that produce more jet action
  • ​Power wash system scrubs and cleans the bowl interior with one flush.


  • ​It runs loudly when you flush
  • ​It does not come with the seat you see in images from the manufacturer.


The elongated bowl form located on the Transitional makes it appropriate for use with any child or adult. This shape extends out the bowl of the tank and out of the wall to save you from feeling restricted if you sit down. As it’s a more significant elevation from the ground, you won’t have some problems standing back up after sitting.

Situated on the other side of this tank is a chrome flushing deal that matches the stainless and chrome steel hardware and decorations on your toilet. This lever pushes with nominal strain and contributes to its initial positioning as soon as you launch it. This product is accompanied by an E-Max flushing system that uses only 1.28 gallons of water but leaves the bowl appearing clean.


  • ​An elongated bowl offers more comfort and allows the water level to climb higher.
  • ​E-Max flushing system removes more of the liquid and solid waste inside with less water.
  • ​Uses only 1.28 gallons to flush the bowl and fill the tank


  • ​It comes with holes for mounting a seat but no seat
  • ​The Flushing handle turns down easily and then moves back to a center position.


With this edition of the Aquia, you can create the appearance that you need on your toilet because this includes only the bowl rather than the tank. It’s a thinner design that allows it to sit nearer to the tank which you select or into the wall. Even though the elongated bowl provides you a bit more distance, this version cuts on this bowl and the seat’s size.

You will also enjoy the double flush option located with this product. One button allows you to utilize either 1.6 or 0.9 gallons of water to flush off your waist.


  • ​The dual flush button uses more or less water when flushing liquids or solids
  • ​An elongated bowl gives you more space while reducing the size of the seat
  • ​Can sit close to both a separate tank or a wall


  • ​We, Will, need a new or existing tank
  • ​It May take some practice to figure out how much water to use

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Below are a few frequently asked questions so much as 10-inch rough-in toilets are involved.

Whenever I want to conserve space in a toilet, should I pick a toilet with a 10-inch rough-in?

No. The only time you should consider installing a 10-inch rough-in toilet is when saving a few inches towards the front of the toilet will get you the additional space you need or if the current toilet which you’re replacing already includes a 10-inch rough-in. Most of the time, a streamlined toilet with a typical 12 inch rough in will save you more room than a toilet with a 10-inch rough-in. To conserve space, you might consider a top-rated wall-hung toilet or a top-notch corner toilet, only too.

Does each plumber know the best way to put in a 10-inch rough-in toilet?

The reply to this question must be yes, but sadly, it isn’t. Request a plumber to understand how to put in a toilet having a 10 inch rough before you agree to employ them to perform the job.

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We have discussed several toilet shopping thought-starters and appeared at the critical features of favorite brands. Of the ten versions we have assessed, our taste would be that the Toto Drake Two-Piece. It is a company favorite across several toilet categories, and we think it’s the very best solution for 10 inches rough in the toilet.

Both the old and newer models are perfect since the extensive profile CST744SF has improved gravity flushing, whereas the upgraded CST746CSMFG has double flush and Cefiontect. Both versions are low-fuss and streak-free. However, they both need different seating, so add this to your funding!

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