Bear vs Casper Mattress: Full Comparison Guide 2021

Bear vs Casper Mattress

Are you having difficulty deciding between Bear vs Casper Mattress? We are going to help you close your buying journey by comparing Casper vs Bear mattresses based on their construction, firmness, Sizing & Price, Shipping and Returns, and a whole lot more.

Casper and Bear are rated online mattress manufacturers famous for their approachable mattress choices, ranging from budget-friendly to lavish.

Whether or not you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, or whether you’re debating between foam or a hybrid, both Casper and Bear have choices to select from.

Continue reading as we proceed to a detailed comparison of both of these flagship mattresses.

Comparing Bear vs Casper Mattress

Comparing Bear vs Casper Mattress


Selecting the proper mattress means understanding what substances will best fit your requirements. Below, we will examine the construction of the Bear and Casper mattress.

The Bear mattress utilizes four layers of polyurethane which increases in firmness from the surface towards the bottom. Designed to assist busy individuals with muscular recovery, the substances from the bed that will help you sleep trendy and provide comfy pressure relief.

The cover onto your Bear mattress is thin, soft, and breathable. It utilizes stress, a patented fiber believed to boost oxygen regulation and keep you cool.

The top layer of this Bear mattress is a graphite-infused memory foam, which is intended to ease the pressure when controlling temperatures. The center of the mattress has two receptive layers of foam that prevent the sleeper from sinking in many. Considering those layers are quick-responding, you ought to have a simple time-shifting position in the evening.

The bottom layer of the Bear mattress is a compact, firm foam that provides the mattress its own contour and provides support. Even the foams used in this mattress are pressure certified, meaning that they were tested for dangerous levels of toxic compounds and shown to be safe.

The Casper mattress cover is made with a soft polyester mix fabric that remains in position and includes a zipper for simple removal to wash. This mattress’s top layer is a latex-like foam that gives the mattress a reactive feel, followed by a memory foam coating for stress relief. Even though the bed employs memory foam, you won’t sink too far or feel trapped at the bed.

The coating under this includes a Zoned Service ™ system, which easily cradles and supports your shoulders and wrists to improve alignment. The mattress utilizes cushioned, open-cell foam to keep you from over-heating, together with a compact foam to provide a firm, supporting core. All those four layers used in this mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified, also demonstrating they are free of damaging levels of ozone-depleting substances.

Firmness Comparison

The firmness level of a mattress will be quantified on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being the lightest and ten being the firmest. The perceived firmness level of your mattress is highly subjective and depends upon your size, weight, and sleeping fashion.

If you’re petite, then a mattress might feel firmer for you as you won’t sink as far as a heavier individual. At the same time, a substantial man will sink deeper and perceive the same mattress as milder than a smaller person.

Sleep positions are also a factor for selecting the firmness level you would like for a mattress. Blend sleepers will discover either the Bear and Casper to be inviting and comfy.

The Bear and Casper signature mattresses are medium-firm, making both mattresses popular and versatile with couples and many sleepers of typical dimensions. If you know that you enjoy a soft, plush texture, you might come across both these mattresses a bit on the firm side. If you weigh over 230 pounds, you will discover these middle-of-the-road mattresses somewhat too tender.

The Bear has a firmness level of 6.5 to 7 based upon your size and contour, on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the firmest. Bear is a flexible mattress using a moderate firmness level, making it a superb selection for couples. If you’re highly petite, you might come across that the Bear slightly firmer than you’d like.

Casper’s 2019 variant is somewhat firmer than in the previous two years, moving out of a four in 2018 into some five to 6.5 from ten firmness level because of its 2019 version. Again, just how firm the Casper will sense to you depends on how you sleep and how much you weigh.

Together with the zoned coating of foam, you’ll find a difference in softness determined by how low or high you position yourself at the mattress and what position you sleep in. Heavier sleepers may discover the Casper somewhat too tender.

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Other Factors To Consider

Bear vs Casper - Other Factors To Consider

There are various considerations to take into consideration when picking a mattress. How firm does the surface texture? Does this sleep trendy? Are the substances lasting? Will the edges elongate once you get off and on the mattress? Since you’ll discover, every mattress version is equipped to carry out very well in specific categories and much less in others.

Our evaluations for every Bear and Casper mattress are all given below. These evaluations are based on confirmed owner and client testimonials, together with our very own product research and investigation. To begin with, we will have a better look at exactly what these categories mean and how they’re assessed.


The regular mattress will do for six to eight years before you will want to substitute it. With time, the elements will begin to break down and deteriorate. This may reduce support, and profound body impressions, which produce the surface feel irregular. Excessive sagging across the perimeter can also merit a new mattress, particularly if you’ve got a tough time getting off and on the mattress. Broadly, hybrids continue more than all-foam mattresses because of their powerful spiral systems.

Motion Isolation

Lots of men and women experience sleep disruptions because of their spouse’s movement moving across the mattress. Beds with gentle comfort layers react gradually so the body can absorb movement and stop it from spreading to other places, which might assist you and your spouse sleep soundly. On the flip side, mattresses with firm, reactive surfaces – like many hybrid versions – will not decrease as much movement transport.


When it comes to romantic activities, many couples prefer a balance of contouring and springiness. The mattress should conform sufficiently to provide adequate grip, which may heighten senses for you and your spouse when assisting you to maintain a predetermined position. The mattress also needs to be marginally responsive and durable along the borders. Otherwise, you might not have the ability to move across the surface as readily.

Temperature Neutrality

Several men and women sleep hot irrespective of which mattress they select. These people need to consider a bed with cooling system elements like open-cell foams, coil layers that promote airflow and cooling infused to the cover.

Mattresses with thinner layers tend to trap and absorb body heat, making them feel too warm. All-foam mattresses tend to maneuver hotter than hybrids, but that mostly depends upon relaxation layer composition.

Pressure Relief

The ideal mattress for stress relief will conform to your system to any specific sleeper when encouraging the shoulders, lower back, and buttocks. Individuals who weigh less than 130 pounds generally require a softer mattress that will shape closely and not feel too inflexible.

Those weighing greater than 230 lbs frequently favor the contrary – a firm mattress that supports the backbone without sinking beneath thicker regions. A mid-level firmness is generally perfect for men and women in the range of 130 to 230 lbs.


When you reverse a new mattress, you will notice some faint odor. That is perfectly ordinary. All new mattresses discharge off-gassing particles, which take a chemical odor. Most mattresses will reduce their first odor in a few days.

But some substances – especially memory foam and polyfoam – are connected with powerful, persistent scents that may stick around for a week or two more. Off-gassing doesn’t pose any significant health risks, but it could be an issue for individuals having an increased sense of smell.

Ease of Movement

In case your mattress also sinks much below your entire body, then you might have a challenging time going across the outside if getting in and out of bed. Firmer mattresses together with stronger support methods promote easier motion. Nonetheless, this is just another category where body weight is a variable.

For example, someone who weighs over 130 pounds will not sink up to a softer mattress and might proceed across the surface more readily than a person who weighs over 230 lbs.

Edge Support

Mattresses with powerful edge support don’t sink too over the perimeter. You will have a relatively simple time getting on and off the mattress and will probably feel much more secure when lying near the borders.

If the mattress has feeble border support, sitting sleeping or along close to the perimeter might be problematic – particularly in the event that you weigh over 230 lbs. Coils normally offer better advantage support than high-density foundation foam.

Sizing & Price Comparisons

Mattress Size  Bear Price  Casper Price 
Twin Size $595 $595
Twin XL Size $695 $695
Full Size $895 $995
Queen Size $995 $1,095
King Size $1,195 $1,295
California King Size $1,195 $1,295

Shipping and Returns for Bear & Casper


Bear ships all its mattresses into the 48 continental United States at zero cost to the client. After placing your order, you can anticipate your new mattress to arrive in 4 to 7 business days.

Your new Bear Mattress will include a 100-night sleep trial interval, which means you can examine your mattress up to 100 times to find out whether it is perfect for you. If you are displeased with the mattress, you can return it for a full refund.


Casper mattresses are sent for free to the continental United States via UPS. Your package will arrive compressed at a box within two to seven business days after placing your order. For an extra $100, you can purchase the White Glove Delivery alternative, including installing your new mattress and removing the packaging.

You have 100 days to check your new mattress to find out whether you prefer it. If you are unhappy within that period, you can return the mattress for a full refund.


Even after considering these variables, it may be challenging to determine whether to decide on the Bear or even Casper mattress. Which one is ideal for you?

Even though both mattresses might have comparable firmness, they’re created for different sleeping styles and tastes. If a person enjoys a timeless memory foam texture with a little more firmness, I believe that the Bear is your better option. If a person is a mixed sleeper and enjoys a balanced foam texture, the Casper should be the best way to go.

We hope you found this helpful comparison. Thank you for choosing to spend time together with Nousdecor. We appreciate your support.


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