An Insider’s Guide to “AirBnB”-ing Your Spare Room For Summer

Looking to be the most awesome host on AirBnB this summer? We bet—with all the perks that come along with renting out your space on the site, if you’ve got a spare room ready to be fixed up for guests, there’s no reason not to take advantage of all the travelers that’ll be searching for someone to host them this summer. Plus, if you’re a great host, it’s good karma for you to find a place you’ll love on AirBnB when you’re traveling, too (well—in a perfect world, in any case). When you put your room up on AirBnB, obviously you’ll want to smoke the competition on the site and make your guest space the most covetable in your area. There are the tried-and-true methods of making your hosting skills worthy of a five-star rating—from providing bath towels to setting up a tray with little amenities and a nice note. And then there are ours, also tried-and-true, updated for hosting in the modern era (and, to be frank, ratings-grubbing). Snag that “best host ever” award by “AirBnB”-ing your spare room for summer using our insider’s guide, and get ready to watch your ratings go up a few extra notches.

lovely signage

It seems like such an obvious, yet genius little addition. By purchasing a delicate sign to hang above the guest bed or somewhere else in the room, you’ve added that perfect extra touch for making travelers feel welcome. This one-time purchase will reap benefits for multiple guests throughout the summer.

local magazines and travel guides

Setting out a few stacks of local magazines (such as, if you’re in San Francisco, 7×7) and local travel guides will not only help your guests get a feel for the area, but, if they’re from abroad, an idea of the local culture as well. Plus, if you aren’t able to provide a TV in the room like most hotels, offering some light reading about your region for when you’re not around to be asked questions directly will be a great amenity for making guests feel less out of place.

nespresso machine

This is the next-level version of setting out a tray with some coffee cups. If you are able to invest in a Nespresso machine for your guest room, your ratings on AirBnB will start to climb faster than you can say, “And, there was a Nespresso machine in our room!” Perfect if your guests would prefer to stay in for the morning after a long day of traveling.

cooling and on-the-go

If the summer is hot in your area (and, unless you’re in Alaska, no doubt it probably is), then providing some comforts to that end will definitely make you a memorable host. Outfitting your spare room with a fan (ceiling or standing) if you don’t have air conditioning will be one for the books on a hot summer night in a guest space. And rather than providing glasses for guests to use for water, if you can score a deal on mini water bottles at Costco, providing a few of those for on-the-go travelers ready to explore your area every morning is a gesture that will assure an awesome rating.

light linens

Another piece of summer prep? Making sure your guest bed is suited for the weather, too. Switch out the down comforters for lighter linens. Plus, white linens in summer make for such a refreshing feel that won’t be overlooked by your guests.

pillow mist

That’s right—pillow mist. Totally unexpected, but also an awesome amenity. While we don’t recommend pre-spraying the pillows (in case of allergies, etc.), providing the mist on the nightstand will be a lovely little touch that, should they want to use it, will help your guests sleep in a bed that’s not their own.

local flowers from the farmer’s market

Okay, so we admit this isn’t a brand-new idea. But giving your out-of-towner guests a glimpse of some summer flowers from your farmer’s market will not only lighten up the room, but will allow them the opportunity to enjoy some local flora that they don’t get back home.

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